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More than 27 years ago Mel Zuckerman had an experience that changed his life and sparked the creation of the world-acclaimed Canyon Ranch. At the time Mel was overweight and dealing with various health problems. So he went to a California spa for help. During this visit he had what he calls an 'A-ha' moment when he realised how great he could feel simply by staying active, eating right, and living healthfully. He and his wife Enid, who was already a health enthusiast, soon made a commitment to build Canyon Ranch - a haven for wellness and "living younger longer."

Brand Philosophy

Imagine tapping into your full potential, with your energy, wisdom, and passion fully engaged. That's the spirit of award-winning, all-healthy, eye-opening Canyon Ranch. This is where you'll find the inspiration and tools to enrich every day of your life through healthy living.

Since opening its first health resort in 1979 in Tucson, Arizona, Canyon Ranch has become the world's premier wellness lifestyle company. True to the vision of its founders, Mel and Enid Zuckerman, every Canyon Ranch venture is geared toward wellness and the Power of Possibility within each person.

Resorts and Healthy Innovations
Discover your highest health potential at Canyon Ranch resorts in Tucson, Arizona and Lenox, Massachusetts. In the context of luxury vacations with superb spa services, fitness and wellness options, award-winning cuisine, and lovely amenities, you'll experience empowerment through healthful living.

Guests interact with integrated teams of wellness professionals, including physicians and more than 200 allied professionals from traditional and complementary disciplines. The trailblazing efforts of these experts have raised the bar for healthy vacations, and the medical community has allied itself with Canyon Ranch expertise and programs. Physicians receive Continuing Medical Education credit for participating in the weeklong Life Enhancement Program(r) in Tucson, and the renowned Cleveland Clinic has joined with Canyon Ranch to create groundbreaking, multi-day, health-immersion programs led by experts at Canyon Ranch and in Cleveland.


Enjoy a taste of Canyon Ranch at SpaClub(r) facilities in elite hotels and at sea. Canyon Ranch SpaClub(r) facilities offer fitness classes, wellness opportunities and unsurpassed spa services at The Venetian Hotel-Resort-Casino in Las Vegas, Gaylord Palms in Kissimmee, Florida, and on board Queen Mary 2.


The ultimate expression of the Canyon Ranch philosophy comes to life in Canyon Ranch Living communities, available in select locations. You can call Canyon Ranch home in deluxe condominium residences with complete Ranch facilities and expert staff. Hotel rooms in the Miami Beach location also allow travelers to enjoy a healthy oasis.

Education, Inspiration, Support

Because healthy living should be an everyday choice, Canyon Ranch expands its accessibility with books on wellness, products that support healthy lifestyles at home, and a website with tips and educational elements.

A Lasting Vision
Healthy living is not about a holiday or any single experience. It's how you live every day. Canyon Ranch aims to inspire people to make a commitment to healthy living, turning hopes and intentions into the highest enjoyment of life.

Long before they had a name for it, Mel and Enid Zuckerman had a vision. They would build a revolutionary health-oriented resort in Tucson, Arizona. In 1977, they found the spot, the grounds of the old Double U Ranch. As soon as they saw this 70-acre oasis in the Sonoran Desert, they knew they'd found the place where their dream would come to life. Naming their baby took a little longer.

The property was just down the road from spectacular Sabino Canyon, in the Catalina Mountains. Mel had developed various properties in Tucson and always used "Sabino" in his subdivision names. They went with tradition at first, and the original legal papers referred to "Sabino Health & Fitness Resort, Inc." A consultant was hired, and logos were being developed with that name. Enid, however, had grown tired of "Sabino," and Mel agreed with her. Besides, this exciting new venture deserved a name of its own.

After many hours of discussion, they simply joined the last words of Sabino Canyon and Double U Ranch to create Canyon Ranch. And what's in a name anyway? Well, for many "Canyon Ranch" has acquired an inspirational strength as a call to good health and a reminder of the power of possibility. The importance of the name lies in the value of the experience.

Explore the power of possibility
Canyon Ranch's goal is to provide inspiration, guidance, education, and support to motivate guests to live the most healthful life possible. The Ranch's methods have evolved over the years, but its core values remain the same. Canyon Ranch has not wavered in the determination to guide guests to make a direct emotional connection between what they know and what they do. Of course, healthful living is a choice people must make for themselves - that is the power of possibility.
While the possibility for a life-changing experience at Canyon Ranch is unequalled, what really distinguishes the Ranch in this crowded spa, health, and wellness industry is the integrated programming and the genuine warmth and kindness of the extraordinary staff. That's the aspect that no other health resort has been able to duplicate, and it's critical to a total immersion, life-enhancing experience.

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