Jasmine Spa

Jasmine Spa

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6020 West Flamingo Road, Suite 4
Las Vegas, NV 89103
United States
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Customer Reviews for Jasmine Spa (5)

September 26, 2012
The Jasmine Spa has undergone many changes over the years in response to changes in the economy and regulations. It has matured while other spas open and close. It has the right look (atmosphere), for the right price, and the experienced staff go out of their way to insure each customer receives the personalized care they expect so that they leave with the right feeling (good). I highly recommend Jasmine Spa. If you try it, you won't be disappointed.
December 28, 2010
Great Deep Tissue
I have been a regular customer at this spa for sometime. I have never been disappointed and have found it to be the best place in town for a strong, deep tissue massage. I also highly recommend the foot massage, it is very relaxing.The staff is friendly and always make me feel welcome.
January 4, 2010
bad massage
I am not sure the people do the massage job there have legal license. They are not professional. Hope the Massage Board pay attention their duty to check that. I will not recommand any people go there.
Response from Jasmine Spa
Not sure why this person thinks our staff are not professional or are not properly licensed, all our staff are licensed professionals. We have received no complaints about our employees from our many regular customers.
November 11, 2009
Needs sanitary inspection
The technicians spoke little english, The instruments were not sterlized they were used and placed back in a drawer to be used again. The towels were reused and either dirty or dingy. Someone needs to do an inspection and tell them what sanitsry precautions need to be in place. The nail polish was old and thick. With cleaner tools the technicians would be great.
March 19, 2009
Stay Away!
I would not recommend this spa to anyone unless you like pain! I went in for Swedish Massage and Reflexology. When I got to the location only one person was there and it was a man. I requested a female for both services. I waited for about 5 minutes then he said he would do the reflexology. I was okay with it. It started out good until he massaged my shoulders. He was very rough and pressed way to hard. When he did my feet it was okay until he would rub over the same area like five times and it would start to hurt. So then on the the Swedish massage. The girl i had was very nice. Before the massage started she told me to tell her if it was to hard or not. So when she started it was WAY TOO HARD! I told her it was and if she could use less pressure. So she did for a little bit then she was right back to way to much pressure. I asked her 5 times within the hour to please not so hard. I was sore when I left and have been getting worst as the day goes. I know come tomorrow I will be even worse. I went to go relax and all it did was stress me out. So I tell you don't go to this spa unless you like to leave with pain.
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