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25 West 32nd Street, 5th Floor
New York City, NY 10001
United States
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Customer Reviews for Juvenex Spa (11)

March 13, 2012
I totally knocked out!
This was an unsuspecting spot from the outside, but once inside, I changed my mind. It was a nice spot with a variety of services. I was so relaxed, had a terrific massage and knocked out a couple of times. It was my first experience at a Korean spa and left me wanting a repeat.
November 28, 2011
very enjoyable
very nice. i would def say go with a friend or two and not so much go alone. I found it to be more enjoyable that way. I went with me and three of my girl friends. We all got one of the spa special packages it was amazing the body scrub was great and the massage was i think the best massage i have ever got. we all cant wait to go again
May 9, 2011
True Relaxation
Juvenex is one of the best spas I have been to. The atmosphere is very relaxing, permeated with refreshing scents and relaxing sounds. The staff is very friendly, respectful and attentive to the customers. Everything I got at Juvenex from the body scrub, swedish massage, hot stone massage, and the famous Jade Journey (sauna, steam room & hot tubs) has been completely enjoyable and worth every penny spent. The serve you fresh delicious fruit and tea and never rush you before or after your services but allow you to relax. I recommend Juvenex to everyone, I travel from Pittsburgh to NYC a few times a year just to visit
August 25, 2010
Really nice spa
I had great relaxing time at this spa. They treated me very well by serving fresh fruits and courteous escorts to the areas of the spa. Very nice interior just like how a spa should feel like. This spa is different from other spas, because of its distinct interior design concepts. The owner told me that it was designed by some famous person but I forgot his name. Very detailed design. The nights are for couples and it can make you feel little sexy.I loved this spa, and I want to recommend it to anybody.
August 23, 2010
Amazing Experience
Our couple started the night with this beautiful spa, and finished off on the same block. Much fun, a lot of things to do. Juvenex spa has great location. The spa is really great, but the things you can do after the spa is really nice too. The foods are great on this block!!. Back to the spa.... beautifully designed interior, relaxing atmosphere. The nights are for the couples, where we are treated like how we deserve. I highly recommend it.
February 5, 2010
Good Couples experience open late
This is another Korean type spa and the staff can seem abrasive if you are not familiar with Korean customs. The facility is beautiful and it is open late which is a real plus. The services are fairly pricey considering that the staff really are not licensed, but lovely skilled gals non the less. I'd go again for the atmosphere as a couple but as a women there are better Korean spas to frequent if I care for the style.
February 16, 2008
Unexpected, good for midnight service
First visit was ok, the space was totally unexpected. Upon arrival we were greeted by the receptionist. she was not rude but not so welcoming, I was told to have a seat a fill out a spa aggreement. The receptionist had a problem with finding my booked appt, when she found it; she uttered the spa package I requested to herself but it was loud enough for anyone in that area to here. That made me fill a little uncomfortable. she should of known that by my name and appointed time. being that I purchased a package, I expected to be told what time services start, but the rep had no idea; It is suppose to be communicated at the door or by the spa rep. My experience from working at top firms it is very important to be organized make sure clients are comfortable most of all privacy. (the key to more spending) Not meaning to be a sticklier, If I pay my hard earn money especially over 400 or 500 dollars, I expect to be treated warmly and welcomed. I asked for water had to ask twice,also ask about the dark room to get a quick 15 before we get on the road. In which all spas I attended you don't have to ask you can just go in to relax after services. the staff member I asked, didn't know what to tell me, she had to come back to me twice to give me an answer. As of sevice, Penny was sweet and she did a awesome job, she reminds me of one of the spa staff in LA. Services is great but hospitality is definitley in question! before I left I was not sure about tip, but while waiting for the elevator the spa rep said brazenly, Are you going to give the ladys a tip for you services? Instantly, I thought what a lack of etiquette, professionalism! There are ways to ask for tips. I also, thought about the occurances during the visit then about the wonderful job by penny. perhaps I was off she had nothing to do with management Would I go there again? maybe late 4 service only. Pros: 24hr spa, great massage/scrub Cons: Unorganized, some staff not friendly, broken shower, no privacy.
May 12, 2007
Oh My Goodness!!!!
My daughter treated me to this spa for Mother's Day, and all I can say is that is was amazing! I have never been to a spa before, but I plan on making trips here every 2 months. I have never ever felt like a million bucks before, but today I know how it feels. Juvenex Spa is truly a Jewel of NY!!!!!!!
May 12, 2006
Highly Recommended
Let me start by saying that I am a guy; Usually spas are not my thing. However, after going along with a girl friend last month, my opinion has changed. While I was there for a long, full body massage, I was very impressed with the combination of the professional, yet down to earth staff. The spa itself had a high-end yet comfortable atmosphere. The spa has 3 saunas and each is more impressive than the next. The Jade Igloo is breathtaking, the Herbal steam room has a chinese medicine fusion into the steam, and the baked clay low-temprature sauna is the only such sauna I have ever seen before. It was no suprise that the owner just flat out knows how to run a business! I was given a detailed tour by this super friendly front desk girl who was extremely patient and explained everything to me in detail. I promised her I will write a good review. I love Juvenex.
April 3, 2006
Mixed feelings about my experience
I went here with some friends. The staff was extremely attentive and sweet, even if they only know 7 words of English, always asking us if we wanted lemon or cucumber water, even in the sauna. I absoluteyl loved my massage, Nana, my hard - working therapist, really got out some deep tension I had in my neck and shoulders. One of the best massages all year I've had and I've visited quite a few spas this year only to be dissapointed with the result. Afterwards the manager was rude and snarly to me and my friend since there was confusion about how much to charge us and more confusion about how to process SpaFinder Gift Certificates. Otherwise, we probably would have given higher reviews. Despite her attitude, I would still go back since a good therapist is hard to find, even with all the hundreds of spas in this city.
February 16, 2006
Great Body Scrub
I did the couples package (this spa is co-ed after 9pm) and it was so relaxing. We took our time, got the run of the facilities and were scrubed till we shined - cucumber mask smelled great. We also got access as part of the package to our VIP private tub - with champaign and fruit. We had some green tea, which I'm still trying to find, and then just relaxed in the bambo matted relaxation room. We didn't leave till 1am but they are open all night so it worked great. Hint: Don't be put off by the location and building exterior. And only downside is that the steam room runs a bit hot - but otherwise it was fantastic.
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