The Wellness Spa, an RN Holistic Day Spa

The Wellness Spa, an RN Holistic Day Spa

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717 S. Boulevard,
Edmond, OK 73034
United States
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Customer Reviews for The Wellness Spa, an RN Holistic Day Spa (21)

May 15, 2013
Fantastic Stay-cation
I really enjoyed my experience at the wellness spa. The staff was kind and friendly. Riann was super awesome. I highly recommend this business to everyone. Its an experience you will not want to end. Perfect destressor.
April 7, 2013
The Wellness spa in edmond,ok is my monthly go to for all my beauty needs. I get my monthly facials there. Riann is amazing. She evaluates my skin and keeps me looking young. I often get body wraps done as well, especially before special events. They know exactly what is best for your body. I wouldn't trust my youthfulness nor my health to any other spa. They are knowledgable, they have over the top customer service and the spa is so clean and beautiful. If you want to relax or keep up with your bodies health, this is the place to go.
April 1, 2013
Stunning Results
This was my first time at The Wellness Spa and I was so amazed at the results of my treatments. I had the Turbo Sonic Body Wrap, the Eye Wrinkle RN, and the Lumiere Vita C Face Treatment. My husband commented on how refreshed I looked. My pant suit is much more flattering and I feel energized for the first time in a long time. Thank you for spending Saturday helping me look and feel better on my birthday..
March 15, 2013
Expert Facialists, Beautiful Results
I wouldn't trust my face with any other spa. I have been going to this spa for years. The girls there are experts! I receive compliments on my skin constantly, especially from other moms. My skin looks luminous and fresh. I give all the credit to the technicians, their amazing treatments and effective products. I highly recommend The Wellness Spa.
March 15, 2013
Wonderful Caring Ladies
If you like being pampered, and getting the best treatments money has to offer please visit this spa, they are so great to make sure you are comfortable and treat you like one of the family. They will also make sure you are completely satisfied with your visit. Please go and have a wonderful relaxing day.
March 12, 2013
Tranquil space and younger-looking face
I adore the ladies at The Wellness Spa! When you visit, expect to be greeted with warm hearts, given great advice, and lavished with VIP treatment suited for a goddess. The facial? Heavenly! The body wrap? Purifying! The micro-facelift treatment? An absolute miracle! Mary Ellen and Riann thoroughly explain what to expect during your visit, including the services you will be receiving, personal recommendations, payment options, and at-home care techniques. They have a way of making you feel like you deserve to look and feel good. Every time I leave The Wellness Spa, I feel improved inside and out. Thank you so much for being so wonderful, Wellness Spa Ladies!!!
March 12, 2013
Relax, Renew, Glow
And that is exactly what I did. The wonderful Seaweed body wrap was so relaxing. A session on the Shiatsu bed helped with my aches and pains. Then Riann did an amazing face treatment. What a wonderful way to begin spring break.
March 9, 2013
Rip off.
$250 for 2.5 hours of bubble gum type spa treatment..foot rub, hot stones and a "hydromassage" After paying you are presented a piece of paper that you are expected to initial saying that a 20% gratuity is expected. Not worth the money and then they try and guilt an extra 20% out of you. Not worth it.
Response from The Wellness Spa, an RN Holistic Day Spa
Mr. Dobbs, Our MOM2BE Treatments are described on our website, with each treatment clearly explained. We were happy to reschedule your girlfriend after she cancelled her first Saturday appointment at the last minute, due to illness. This is not usually an industry standard but we were accommodating and sympathized as mothers ourselves who have dealt with pregnancy related illness. Upon arrival, each client fills out a health questionnaire, so we can modify treatments if necessary i.e. "pregnancy", and other major health concerns. We are very careful with our pregnant clients. We only use organic, safe products so as not to introduce anything to the mother that could have any side-affects when carrying a child. This is our standard to meet the needs of each of our clients based upon their current health and to make each treatment as enjoyable/relaxing as possible. Our form also states "If there are 3 more or more in your group you will be charged 20% gratuity. Average gratuity for spa services is 15-20% on the regular price of the service". This is listed because in our 17 years in this business, we have found that many clients are uncomfortable asking if a tip is customary, especially clients that have never been to a spa before. We do not make clients sign anything trying to "guilt an extra 20% out of you". We are sorry if your girlfriend felt as if the treatment was not long enough, and wish she would have expressed her concerns at the time to our staff. For a two and a half hour spa session, $250 is the industry standard, especially for qualified therapists and high quality products such as ours. Our treatment times are based upon client comfort as well so each client is relaxed and not rushed through as we have had reported to us by clients who have had services at other spas. We hope you can find a spa that suits your needs/budget better in the future and we appreciate your business while you were here. Wishing your family the best on this new blessing! Please call and speak with me personally if you have any further concerns. All the best, Mary Ellen, Owner - The Wellness Spa
October 14, 2012
Posh spa with friendly atmosphere
If you feel like being pampered in an innovative spa with friendly estheticians, this is the place. I loved the fact that they have years of experience and continue to keep current in the field resulting in cutting edge treatments for clients. I loved the whole experience and Riann is amazing. PS - the eyelash extensions really are as fabulous as they sound on the website. Think mascara model, really!
August 9, 2012
Wonderful Spa Experience!
This is a wonderful spa! I had the most amazing anti-aging facial today. The esthetician Mary Ellen was great, she is very knowledgeable and customized the products she used on my sensitive skin. She even gave me samples to try at home. Even though I have only had one treatment, I can already see some improvement, my face looks refreshed. These treatments are done as a series, so I am looking forward to seeing my skin continue to improve. I have already scheduled my next appointment:)
July 21, 2012
Wonderful afternoon!
I purchased the 24k gold Radiant Glow package on Groupon, and while there, added the Shiatsu massage and Aquamassage table sessions. I was there for 3 hours of bliss! Soooo relaxing, and my face feels wonderful! I really can see improvement in the fine lines around my eyes from the Lumiere light treatment. (as well as on my neck). I can't wait to go again!
February 6, 2011
Valentines Gift
I just booked a couples retreat at The Wellness Spa after enjoying some very wonderful treatments. My husband purchased the "Gold, Diamonds and Champagne" facial for me as a surprise this was amazing; the best facial I've have by far. I decided to try their new Thai Clay Bodywrap while I was there. The girls graciously were able to work me in. It was delightful. My skin feels wonderful and I feel almost "lighter". So, I am surprising my husband for Valentines day with the couples Chocolate Wraps and Aquamassage. I know he will feel very comfortable here...and enjoy his Valentine's Also.
January 26, 2011
Mom2Be treatments
My husband scheduled a "Mom2Be" day for me. I was feeling pretty tired and miserable at seven months. When I arrived, I was greeted by two very sweet ladies, who then escorted me to my own private suite. The treatments were wonderful. The esthetician was very attentive, making sure that I was comfortable the whole time...lots of pillows :) The facial was divine! It even helped with some the the puffiness around my chin. The foot treatment was also amazing. My favorite was the "Baby Bump facial". It was a scrub and special mask for my stretched skin. Ahhhh....Best three hours ever! Bought a gift certificate for my mom for the "Relax, Renew, Glow"and "Mom2Be" package for my expectant sister-in-law!
January 26, 2011
Great experience AND results 1/4/20011
I booked the couple's retreat for my husband and I shortly before he deployed. As a new mom, I liked the idea of the massage experience without having to get undressed in front of a stranger. It was a wonderful experience. I have been going back for the last few weeks for vibratrim sessions and bodywraps. (Which, by the way, was not intimidating...the girls make you feel very comfortable there)... I have already shrunk two dress sizes, and am starting to feel like myself again. I wish I would have heard about The Wellness Spa sooner! Camille
January 26, 2011
Amazing Spa
I have used my Spa Finder gift certificates in many places...even the Mandarin Oriental in Miami...and have not been disappointed. I think it is especially important to say good things about the small businesses. We loved the the Contempo Spa features of the Wellness Spa. The Shiatsu Far Infra Red Massage Bed really takes away the aches and pains, The Aqua Massage with the jets of water is so relaxing. The Whole Body Vibration made my legs especially feel wonderful. We have an appointment there on Valentine's Day to use our Living Social Voucher. I cannot wait!
January 23, 2011
Overrated, Overpriced, Do NOT take Spafinder gift certificates!!!
I found the Wellness Spa on and booked my husband and I for a couples relaxing package. We started off with a heated shiatsu body massage. It is just like the chairs you see at the mall where you put $1 in and you get a 3 minute massage, except it is for your body. Then we were moved to a hydromassage where you lie down and you are massaged by water jets. I saw this same machine at the mall about 7-8 years ago. We were told that we would be able to get a good hard massage that we could control the intensity of by remote, but the remote didn't make any difference. We were then escorted to a "fitness machine" that apparently is pretty popular with celebrities. You stand on a platform and it shakes, supposedly giving you a workout like you went on a 1 mile run. (think "Blast from the Past") I had a gift certificate for $100 and the entire package was $179. I definitely didn't feel like it was worth $179, but I thought that it was worth about $60-$75 so I could deal with spending $79; however, it was so inconveniently posted at the very END of the process that they no longer take the gift certificates! I felt so cheated and used. This experience was not very relaxing and was extremely overpriced, I do NOT recommend it.
Response from The Wellness Spa, an RN Holistic Day Spa
You and your husband both said you had a very enjoyable time when you were here. Your husband left a very generous gratuity. You can imagine the surprise to see your review a few days later. Think: Buyer's Remorse. We sent you an email as soon as we saw your dreadful words. It is unfortunate that you did not let us know that you were expecting to pay with Spa Finder when you made your appointment. We do accept Spa Finder.
Melody S
August 3, 2010
Worth my Day Off =)
I needed this, I had the heated Shiatsu and WOW. Staff was very pleasant and attentive, even gave me a tip for my headaches, ordered some peppermint oil that next week =) Plan on coming back to try to aqua massage for me and my boyfriend who suffers from chronic back pain, would recommend this spa to anyone and everyone, thank you for a wonderful experiance =)
July 18, 2010
The Perfect Girls Day Out!
As a stay-at-home mom of two young boys, the Wellness Spa was the perfect Girls Day Out get-away!!! The staff was so friendly and tentative. The rooms were so cozy and relaxing, I did not want the day spent there to be over. The Aquamassage released all the tension in my lower back and legs, the Hydromassage worked out all of my kinks in my neck, shoulders, and upper back from carrying my young boys and everything that goes with them in their day-to-day activities. The heated Shiatsu bed and foot rub was so perfect for getting rid of any excess stress that was there from my daily jog sessions I fit in. The delicious crepes filled with strawberries and drizzled with chocolate and whipped cream to go along with my chocolate and hazelnut tea was the perfect way to end the experience. I cannot wait to go back and try the facial treatments and body wraps, I have already started giving my husband ideas for my birthday in September!
June 28, 2010
I wouldn't even tell my enemy to go there.
This place is horrible! The services they offer, you could get at the mall or while you get a pedicure. They are very rude and snotty. The parking is horrible and I couldn't believe my husband wasted our money on that place. Take my advice, find a better spa!
Response from The Wellness Spa, an RN Holistic Day Spa
This hateful review is from a woman who was unhappy because her husband called and made an appointment to use the Shiatsu. It is pictured on the Website. This equipment cannot be found "at the mall". It is being used in contemporary medi spas and by Physical Therapy. It is unfortunate you did not give it a chance. Many people are finding relief from pain and stress with the Shiatsu.
February 2, 2007
Like being back in santa fe
What a wonderful experience! I've not been to a place as 'spa-like' as The Wellness Spa since I visited Santa fe....and they're only a few miles from me... Actually, they offer more advanced treatments also....i'm addicted to the ultra sonic skin has Never looked this amazing....ever!
December 29, 2006
Wish I could go every week
My husband bought me a day at the Spa package was wonderful...two weeks later i received another gift certificate from him for Christmas!!! Thanks honey!
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