Esterel Health and Beauty

Esterel Health and Beauty

Address & Info
7 High Street,
Cheam, SM3 8RQ
United Kingdom
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020 8642 7057

Hours of Operation
Mon: 9:30am  -  6pm Tues: 9:30am  -  8pm Wed: 9:30am  -  8pm Thu: 9:30am  -  8pm Fri: 9:30am  -  6pm Sat: 9am  -  5pm Sun: Closed
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Customer Reviews for Esterel Health and Beauty (1)

April 4, 2011
Highly Recommended
Frankly, I feel FranB's review was very unfair! I have visited Esterel Health and Beauty in Cheam many times and would definitely recommend it to everyone. I have never had a disappointing treatment and I have found the therapists to be friendly and professional.The new Gel Nails are fantastic for busy people with busy hands! Having manicures and then having to do the washing up after tea is always a disappointment, but these nails are great are they haven't chipped once! I have tried many of the wide selection of facials on offer but my favourite is probably Microdermabrasion as it leaves my skin looking really rejuvenated. Charlotte
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