• Shane Diet, Weight-Loss & Fitness Resorts
  • Shane Diet, Weight-Loss & Fitness Resorts
  • Shane Diet, Weight-Loss & Fitness Resorts
  • Shane Diet, Weight-Loss & Fitness Resorts
  • Shane Diet, Weight-Loss & Fitness Resorts
  • Shane Diet, Weight-Loss & Fitness Resorts
  • Shane Diet, Weight-Loss & Fitness Resorts
  • Shane Diet, Weight-Loss & Fitness Resorts
  • Shane Diet, Weight-Loss & Fitness Resorts
  • Shane Diet, Weight-Loss & Fitness Resorts
  • Shane Diet, Weight-Loss & Fitness Resorts
  • Shane Diet, Weight-Loss & Fitness Resorts
  • Shane Diet, Weight-Loss & Fitness Resorts
  • Shane Diet, Weight-Loss & Fitness Resorts
  • Shane Diet, Weight-Loss & Fitness Resorts
  • Shane Diet, Weight-Loss & Fitness Resorts

About Shane Diet, Weight-Loss & Fitness Resorts

Notice: SpaFinder Wellness Gift Cards may be redeemed for a maximum of US$500 per person, per stay, at this property, excluding the US$250 registration fee.

The property's summer program is one- to 12-weeks and begins on June 8 –August 31, 2014.  A year round program is run in San Antonio, Texas.

Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts offers affordable and highly effective weight-loss programs dedicated to promoting a sustainable, healthful diet and a continuing fit lifestyle. The summer program is held at Honor's Haven Resort & Spa, located on 250 acres in the Catskills, a 90-minute drive from New York City. The year round program is run at La Cantera Hill Country Resort in San Antonio, Texas.  Programs are tailored to adults 18-65+ and offer guests the opportunity to lose weight, focus on making lasting healthy lifestyle changes and have a fun vacation to boot. 

Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts, created by the owners of Camp Shane, the longest-running coed weight loss camp since 1968, features all-inclusive packages that include lodging, nutritionist-approved meals, special fitness programs, small group behavior change coaching sessions and a complimentary private nutrition and personal training session. Group activities such as yoga classes, led by a team of fitness gurus, nutritionists and life coaches, create an upbeat, motivational atmosphere.
Program guests also have discounted access to Honor's Haven's facilities, including its Asian-inspired spa, a nine-hole golf course and nine tennis courts.

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1195 Arrowhead Road, at Honor's Haven Resort & Spa, Ellenville, NY 12428 United States
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Menu of Services

Typical mornings at Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts begin with invigorating morning stretches or hikes. Daytime agendas may include kickboxing, circuit training or spinning, followed by tennis or exercise of choice such as soccer, volleyball, hiking or swimming; customizable fitness regimens cater to guests' skill levels and abilities. Yoga classes, cooking demonstrations or food shopping excursions to the local market with the Shane Diet & FItness Resorts' nutritionist highlight the afternoons, while in the evenings, Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts provides movies, games, and educational nutrition classes. Additional offerings include water aerobics in the indoor swimming pool, dance classes, softball and workouts in the Cybex-equipped fitness center.

Weekly off-site excursions include hiking in Mohonk Preserve, long walks and lake swims at Minnewaska State Park, or going into town for a movie, dinner or bowling.

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Customer Reviews for Shane Diet, Weight-Loss & Fitness Resorts (11)

April 24, 2014
A life changing experience...
The time I spent at Shane Diet Resorts was without a doubt one of the best experiences I've had in my life. I initially signed up for 3 weeks, but loved it so much I extended my stay to 6. I've lost over 60 lbs since attending SDR and have kept it off thanks to the life skills the wonderful staff taught me. I would recommend SDR to anyone, whether you have a significant amount of weight to lose, or you just want to live a healthier life. I have never felt so happy, healthy, and confident in my life. Thanks SDR :) !
August 28, 2013
Shane Diet Resort
I went to Shane hoping to jump start a healthier, more active lifestyle. In just one week, I lost 12 lbs and 4 inches off my waist! I was blown away with the success I had under the care of the most amazing group of caring, passionate, dedicated people I've ever come across. If you are ready to do what they say, you WILL get results! I went there hopeful but somewhat skeptical, I came home thinner and totally motivated to continue my journey to health and wellness! I promise, whether you have a short stay or a longer one, these people care about what they do and they care about your success!
April 17, 2013
Life Changer
I spent 4 weeks at Shane Diet & Fitness Resort in Ellenville, NY and it has completely changed my life for the better. I struggled with my weight my entire life, loosing, gaining and feeling sick. SDR tackles not only the physical, but also the mental and emotional side of being overweight and weight loss. That was the key that I had been missing over the years and almost two years later, I am 84lbs lighter and the healthiest I've ever been in my entire life. If you are able to, sign up today! I promise you won't regret it!!
April 17, 2013
No Regrets!
I went to Shane Diet Resorts last summer for the full season (12 weeks). I live in London and had only just turned 19 when I arrived. As I was alone and wasn't entirely sure of what I was getting myself into, I was extremely nervous. However within literally about half an hour of being there after meeting other guests and a few members of staff, I knew that I would be okay! I lost over 40lb at Shane Diet resorts and have lost a further 25lb since (my story and photos are on their website) and there's no way I could have done it alone. I would have to say that the best thing about the program is the staff. The individual care that is provided to each guest is incredible and they are all wonderfully passionate about what they do. It is a year on and although I live abroad I am still in close contact with some members of staff who I now consider good friends. The schedules are varied and can be tailored to suit all needs. My advice would be to try to go earlier in the season as everyone was in the same position at that point. The numbers grew smaller as the weeks went on and people were at increasingly different stages in their fitness and weight-loss journeys and with this the schedules became less full. The food is also good and easy to replicate, the staff provide you with any recipes you like from the meals and I still often make some of my favorites now. They are healthy without being plain or boring and are satisfying enough - despite all of the exercise! The location is also great as each week we went on an excursion out of the resort and the hiking was incredible. Not only did we get a full day of exercise but it was a lot of fun and the views were spectacular. I was in a room of three at the resort which I was skeptical about at first, especially knowing that other people wouldn't be staying as long as I was and so my roommates would most likely change often. I was also concerned that I would be the youngest! However, the rooms were big, the beds were comfortable and more importantly my many roommates were all amazing. They provided great support and entertainment and were always a similar age to me. Almost all of the guests from the whole season still keep in contact through facebook (from the 19 year olds to the 60 year olds!) and those that feasibly can, still meet up regularly. Sharing the experience with others in the same position as you is so valuable and the friendships made provide a great support network of familiar minded people. Overall I'd definitely recommend Shane Diet Resorts. If you go with the right approach there's no way you cannot be successful there. In fact, I enjoyed it so much and am so grateful for the change that it has made in my life that I am returning to work for Camp Shane! Go for it, you won't regret it!
October 6, 2011
Can't wait to return next summer!
I was a camper at Camp Shane over 30 years ago for many summers. Through Facebook I reunited with many of my fellow campers at Camp Shane and some very dear friendships were rekindled. When I learned about SDR I thought it would be a blast to spend a week at the resort with my best friend from Camp Shane . We had an incredible experience at SDR. While it was somewhat different then Camp Shane 30 years ago, the genuine love and caring was still present. I found the program to be extremely comprehensive and educational. What I loved most about the program was not only trying new activities such as yoga and spinning, but the emotional support and guidance provided through SDR classes. This program does not only address diet and exercise, but also the emotional aspects that cause us to overeat. If you are looking to go to a spa for pampering and massages, this is not the spa for you. If however you are looking to regain control of your life this is where you want to go. I am only sorry that my work schedule would only allow me to attend SDR for one week last summer. Hopefully next summer I will be able to attend a little longer. I am however counting the days until I return next summer.
October 5, 2011
From Experience..
I am a former camp shaner. Ten years ago for three consecutive summer I attended the kids camp which is a half an hour away from the spa. When deciding I needed to go back I came across SDR, and thank god I did. At first I was skeptical about the program in itself but I decided not to doubt it since Shane has a great reputation to begin with. I signed up for three weeks and I wish i was able to stay longer. The experience of meeting life long friends is great, as well as learning how to make lifestyle changes for your future. I would recommend this to everyone who is ready to take control of their life. The best part is when you ask yourself "how am i going to continue this when i leave and go back to the real world?" the trainers and nutritionists work one on one with you to come up with a meal plan and exorcising plan that work FOR YOU! I definitely suggest this place to all.
September 28, 2011
Life changing experience!
I spent an amazing four weeks at Shane Diet Resorts this past summer. The staff is first rate, and they really care. That is what shocked me so much...how much they honestly and truly care about the guests there. Their program is not a "boot camp", they don't scream in your face, but they do get you to work, and work hard. The food was fantastic, I could not be happier with my experience. I strongly suggest that anyone that wants to take control of their life and get in shape call them and GO!
January 14, 2011
Shane Diet Resort
The road that led me to SDR was a somewhat long and emotional journey. With that being said, I am truly thankful I arrived. The experience that I encountered has been life altering, both mentally and physically. As this 42 year old, single, fairly confident and intelligent woman drove up the long driveway into the SDR ranch, all her fears and concerns began flooding in her head. Oh my goodness, what I have done, I have to get on a scale, someone else will know that number, they will think I am such an overweight loser, I am so ugly, I can't do this. I wanted to drive away, but I couldn't. From the moment I walked into the ranch, I felt welcomed, normal and able. I attended SDR during the first two weeks that it opened for the season, so I was on equal ground with all the other guests. No one knew what to expect, therefore we all needed each other. I had some huge concerns being one of the older guests. I was part of the +26 group, which was fairly small, approximately 8 guests. I would highly recommend attending in the beginning of the season for two reasons; the first being that you have a great start to your summer and second being everyone is in the same boat as you.
January 4, 2011
How Shane Diet Resorts Changed my Life
I guess I can start here with how incredibly life changing my experience at SDR was to me. I had a very unique summer when compared to the rest of my friends. I was only going to stay for three weeks, and before I got to SDR, I was trying to weasel my way out of even that (I had originally only signed up for two weeks!). I was so ashamed of the fact that I was having to resort to a weight loss camp to take hold of my life again but my view of weight loss, nutrition, and myself changed dramatically and I ended up staying for a combined 7 weeks. I must remark on the importance of relationships during my time at SDR. This took many forms, from the trust I allowed myself to give to my trainers, to the love and reliability I found in my friends who I still keep in close contact with today, to the most important relationship of all- the one with myself. It was the one I needed to work the most on and I found myself redefining my potential and the possibilities I had. To anyone who is thinking about coming- do NOT allow the stereotype of a "fat camp" veer you away from coming to SDR, because those words do not describe the program at all. SDR is a summer of learning and having fun, all the while changing yourself for the better.
November 18, 2010
The good the bad and the skinny
I intend to post a review everywhere I can find a place to for SDR as I truly want to promote the program but I also want to make sure guests know the pros and cons before they attend. Also keep in mind that this is a relatively young program that if the reports of previous guests are correct can change significantly from year to year so there is nothing to say that my few problems will not be improved upon and nothing to say that the things I found best will still be so. First let me say that this program definitely works, if your intention is to improve your physical capabilities and gain knowledge to loose as much weight as you want then this is definitely the place to go. That being said do not expect to loose eighty pounds in two months as some places advertise, it is impossible not to loose some weight while you are there but rapid boot camp style weight loss is not what SDR promotes. I spent six weeks at SDR and lost thirty-five pounds but this was not typical of the average guest most lost less and some more, the proof of concept as it were was not my weight loss while there but more the fact that I have in following their program at home (far less than perfectly I might add) lost another thirty-five and counting. The problems I had with SDR are not really related to the fitness and nutrition they teach you but more with SDR policies. If you attend and are under 26 do not expect a lot of freedom in fact theoretically you are not allowed to leave the resort at any time, except in the presence of one of the older guests or the trainers. This led to many problems with night trips outside the resort and such. You might ask how this is enforced with the mindset "I'm an adult how can they stop me," keep in mind that all "rules," for SDR are based on the threat of expulsion from the program which for at least one person was carried out during my time there. Keep in mind that this resort is located in a remote area outside of a very small town and though the trainers keep you busy for most of the day there is a lot of down time. (there has to be no one can work out for ten hours a day.) You will be bored and you will be looking for things to do, we probably went to see a movie at least once a week. This led to many logistical problems as; not many people brought cars, anyone under 26 had to ask for permission to leave the resort and be in the company of someone older, and to get anywhere interesting is at least a forty minute drive. The trainers are top notch, though many were young they all were very qualified my year and worked well to collaborate their lessons, the management of the program however did not seem to be in frequent contact with the trainers at the resort. Ziporah spends most of her time at camp shane and as such does not deal with the day to day of SDR very much after the initial few days of the summer. This definitely caused discrepancy between the rules given by her and the rules given by the trainers. The trainer who was put in charge so to speak was brand new to the program as were all the others my year and though they spent a lot of time preparing for it this still caused a few problems. As far as the day to day exercise routine that the resort promotes I have no complaints at all, it is difficult and rigorous but rewarding, varied, and easily modified to account for fitness level and injuries. On the subject of injuries though keep in mind that SDR does not employ any medical staff whatsoever so the two nurses and an AT student who were guests basically turned in to the medical team during my stay. I definitely suggest trying all of the classes at least once and you do have options while there, you have some gold standard classes that are taught almost every day like yoga and spin and then you have alternating morning classes which are usually a boot camp or a ready, set, go which are sprinting running based. Then there are options if you want they even have a class to learn how to swim if you don't know or learn new strokes and improve your form if you do. The nutrition program that I was taught during my stay was sound, logical, maintainable and not based on a "diet," but on changing the way we even think about eating and food. The program they support is based on good science and basically amounts to; count your calories, watch your portions, and watch how much fat your eating. It's simple, easy and it really becomes so automatic that you don't even have to think about it. I cannot emphasize enough how much you learn during your time there. Not to dampen it but Ziporah tried to sell us on a program they have joined up with called Vtrim which is completely unnecessary if you attend SDR especially cause you get the first four lessons anyway. Ziporah really does care about the success of everyone who attends and fitness really is her passion but never let it be said she is not a shrewed business woman who knows the bottom line. If you attend be prepared to be on camera at the exact moment you are upside down, red-faced and contorted in the middle of a previously unimagined yoga pose. They'll leave you alone if you tell them to but if you don't say anything they are going to film you a lot. Last but definitely not least one of the best parts of this program is that you really do make good connections with the other guests and trainers, I can not tell you how many people I saw balling when one of the guests left and many ended up coming back or extending their stays. One of the best aides in continued weight loss is that you have lots of other people that you are still in contact with supporting you and promising physical violence if you "fall off the wagon." The last part was a joke, but seriously.
Response from Shane Diet, Weight-Loss & Fitness Resorts
We greatly appreciate the review of our program in 2010 and respect the reviewer's point of view and input. For 2011, we have modified our procedures to give guests under 26 no restrictions differing from our over 26 year old guests. However, we will encourage all our guests to get the most out of the program by participating as fully as possible. Also, we wish to point out that video or photography of guests is not taken often and that we of course will respect any guest who objects when there is occasional filming. Any photography that is done occurs so that prospective guests deciding whether to attend this program can see what actually occurs rather than take our word for it! Finally, Vtrim is offered as a way to give guests access to a nutrition support program after their stay at SDR. We believe many guests felt they had learned so much at SDR that they did not need the support, but others thought it an excellent option, particularly as it allowed them to stay in touch with other SDR guests. The program is offered at a very modest cost and intended solely as a support option for guests who would like to have it. We look forward to an amazing 2011!
June 3, 2010
Sign up NOW--It's a great experience and you will definitely lose weight!
Spa Finders Review - Marcy Eskanos I had the amazing opportunity to spend last summer at Shane Diet Resorts and want to share my experience with anyone considering attending this summer either as a guest or a member of the staff. I found Shane Diet to be the perfect place to learn a healthy lifestyle. Anyone who may be afraid or intimidated by the gym and group fitness classes will get over it at Shane Diet because you can try out every aspect of being at the gym in an unintimidating environment and find what you love to do ... personal training sessions, group fitness classes of all kinds...group cycling, step aerobics, water aerobics, Pilates, Yoga, and strength training. And that's just in the gym! We also did hiking and biking and spent a great amount of time outdoors. Everyone saw the difference...from the time they started to the time they left. They lost weight, gained strength and flexibility and did it with people who were there for the same reasons. People also formed deep friendships that are evident on Shane Diet's facebook. It wasn't all hard work. We had a lot of laughs during evening activities (my favorite was the talent show), weekly excursions (including shopping for smaller clothes!) and we really enjoyed hands-on learning healthy cooking classes. I think everyone's favorite activity was walking into town for low fat frozen yogurt and then walking back as evening started to fall. I found the accommodations to be extremely comfortable, spacious and well maintained. And the food was awesome. Not too fancy but delicious, filling and dishes I could make at home. I wish I could come back this summer! 
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Facilities & Amenities

Facilities & Amenities

Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts' guests are welcomed at all Honor's Haven resort facilities, including the resort's 3,212-square-foot spa, a Zen-like environment comprising wet and dry saunas, a steam room, and locker areas with showers. The spa menu features an extensive offering of organic facials, and massage modalities include deep-tissue, Swedish, reflexology and reiki. Fitness facilities include a 1,692-square-foot exercise room, nine tennis courts and access to volleyball, softball, basketball, bocci and shuffleboard; hiking is available in the surrounding Shawangunk Mountains. Additional offerings include Pilates, spinning, aerobics, tai chi, body sculpting and Zumba. Following a workout, guests can refresh with a dip in one of the indoor and outdoor swimming pools or unwind in the Jacuzzi.

Discounted rates are available to Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts guests for activities such as a round of golf on the Robert Trent Jones, Sr.-designed course, golf lessons, horseback riding and indoor tennis.


Steam Room


Changing/Locker Rooms

Retail Shop



Toiletries Available


Changing/Locker Rooms


Retail Shop

Rooms & Dining

Rooms & Dining

Guests have their choice of three- or two-person accommodations and private, single rooms. Room sizes vary from 272-square-foot to 356-square-foot Deluxe rooms; 406-square-foot to 459-square-foot Executive rooms; and 510-square-foot to 934-square-foot Suites. All feature private baths.

Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts' menu, created by registered dieticians and food service experts, emphasizes healthful meals that are low in calories and portion-controlled. The all-inclusive program offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as two nutritious snacks each day. Vegetarian options are available at each meal, and specific diets, including kosher, can be accommodated upon request. Shane Diet Resorts' participants eat in a private dining area of the resort, which offers expansive mountain and golf course views.

Food Options




Portion Control