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Customer Reviews for GreenLeaf Day Spa (27)

June 19, 2014
Just Saying...
I normally don't do reviews...but I was visiting for baseball season and I needed a good therapeutic massage because our massage therapist wasn't helping so I got a referral for a Michelle at the Green Leaf Spa. I went ahead and tried her out for the pain I was having in my neck, shoulder and back. Let me tell you I never felt better and after my massage I was able to move again without the shooting pain I was having. She focused on getting me the relief and flexibility I needed to move my shoulder again. Just saying...
Jamie M
May 11, 2014
When I walked into Green Leaf spa, I was greeted with smiles. The place was super cute, quant and clean. The staff went out of there way to make sure everything was perfect. I enjoyed a wonderful facial and I left with my skin looking and feeling absolutely amazing. I will definitely be going back to try more of their services but I highly recommend their facials if you want to leave with a glow.
November 1, 2013
Massage and Facial
It was a little hard to get in but left a message and they called me right back. Best Massage & facial in town and the membership is amazing! So glad I signed up because it makes me take care of myself. Love these girls!
July 12, 2013
Beautiful place with great couples services
Beautiful place with great couples services. My husband and I did a couples massage and facial and it was so wonderful! The therapist and esthetician made our experience perfect in every way. Not stuffy at all and the staff were so warm and thoughtful of our day! We will be back when we are in town again and recommend this to others.
July 9, 2013
Great New Place!
Wow this was an amazing experience for both my husband & I. This place is highly recommended!!! We came in on our anniversary for a couples massage & facial and left on cloud nine. The ambiance was spectacular and I didn't feel like I was being pushed in & out like most spas. The services were amazing and so are the people that work there. I felt like I was family. We just relaxed and enjoyed every minute of it. I can definitely tell you that we will be back & I can't wait! Oh & I checked them out on Facebook & they have some really good specials that I will be taking them up on...
May 11, 2013
Deep Tissue Massage and Facial/Problem
I went to the Green Leaf Spa for a deep tissue massage and facial. The massage was for 90 minutes...the normal amount of time it normally takes to work out the knots in my back, shoulders and neck. The problem was that the person giving me the didn't know it was for 90 minutes. She stopped the massage after 60 minutes. She left the massage room to inform the facial professional, owner, that I was ready for my facial. However, the massage lady returned and said she had 30 more minutes of massaging to do. Rather odd. She massaged my arms and hands for half hour. My facial was okay, my skin felt great. However, as I was paying for both services, I said that I'd like to give the massage person and the owner, facial professional, a 20% tip. As in 20% to the owner for the cost of the facial and 20% to the massage professional for the cost of the massage. Instead, the owner charged 20% for each professional for the total of both services. $55.00 to much. I paid with a card so a tip could be added to the receipt. The card machine failed to supply a receipt, the owner wrote the total on a piece of paper and gave it to me. I didn't realize what occurred until I got home. I hope this can be fixed. DMarino Ft.Myers 5/11/13
April 29, 2013
Poor experience, will not go back
A took a girlfriend for a spa day as a gift to help her through a tough period. This was the most stressful spa day either of us ever had. Cute place, looks like a cottage. The spa was running very late on appointments and did not call to let us know or we would have skipped it entirely. When we arrived and had waited 20 minutes, I asked if we would be seen soon since we had dinner reservations. The owner informed us it would be any time now. After waiting over an hour we finally started our spa services. The massages were much less than the hour we paid for and were not very good. The mani/pedi person went on about customers over the past several days, saying they did not tip well and complained a lot. I wanted to complain, but was afraid we'd be added to the list. The "spa pedicure" was a quick 15 minutes or so and looked it. I did complain to the owner about the late services. She was unsympathetic and very unapologetic-- and went on to describe how hard it is to run a small business and the many problems she experiences.
April 18, 2013
Great Place!
Loved the facial, body scrub and body wrap! This experience was so different and relaxing. I've had these services at other places and they weren't nearly as good as they are here. The products are amazing I left with my entire face and body feeling so incredibly soft. The people and atmosphere is warm and inviting, not stuffy! Definitely recommend! *****
February 18, 2013
Wonderful Facial!
I loved my facial! Thx so much my skin feels so soft and smooth. Cute place a little tough to get in but well worth the wait!
August 9, 2012
Healing Hands plus Great Service
I visited the spa late afternoon for my appt. I am not much for pampering myself but after this experience I quickly signed up for their membership. The massage therapist there was just so attentive with me. She made sure I was comfortable and her techniques were astounding. Being an athlete, I have so many aches but leaving that place definitely refreshed before my game. From the cute decor to the simplicity of their genuine service. I cant wait for the months to roll in to fully take advantage of my membership. A MUST VISIT for yourself!!!
July 23, 2012
Best Spa In Ft. Myers, FL
I am surprised by the lack of respect some of these reviews have for a hidden gem like this spa. I enjoyed every aspect of The GreenLeaf Day Spa and my experience was absolutely delightful. It seems as though there are people that want small businesses to fail. Well, I would like to give the up most respect to the owner of this spa! Very well done and customer service is number one priority, in which most places lack now a days! Definitely Recommended @ 5 Stars...
June 5, 2012
Worst Experience I Have Ever Had
I booked an appointment when I planned a vacation to Florida recently. Unfortunately my itinerary changed and I needed to cancel. I called them several times days before the appointment to cancel, always getting a voicemail. I left numerous voicemails and did not get a call back from them. The next call I did get was the date before the scheduled appointment confirming for the next day - which I responded to leaving another voicemail saying I had cancelled. Then they call the next day and tell me they are charging my card over $250 because I didn't cancel the appointment within their 24 hour policy!!! Excuse me?! Listen to your voicemail!! When I contested this they (the OWNER) refused to refund my money saying "product was wasted and employees have to get paid" because I didn't cancel and they always answer their phone (yeah...okay) and I had to file a claim with my bank to get it back. I also e-mailed them my phone log so they could see how many times I DID call. TERRIBLE customer service. Spend your money somewhere else lest you get your money stolen from them, this place is not worth it.
June 4, 2012
I'm Glad I only listened to the GOOD reviews and NOT the bad ones!!!
Wow amazing experience! I wasn't real sure about going to this spa but it wasn't that far from the hotel and I needed a massage and facial so bad, so I thought what could it hurt to try it and I'm so GLAD I DID!!! The Spa was super quaint and the staff was amazing! I really enjoyed the experience because I have been to many spa's and this is the first one to make me feel at home. The spa was very welcoming and waited on me hand and foot not to mention my massage and facial was amazing!!!:) I guess you never know until you try it yourself. I have no idea what some of those other people were saying??? Maybe they just had a bad day or they are cheap and trying to get there money back??? Who knows???...But IT WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY and more!!!!:)))
June 1, 2012
Using Groupon didn't save any $$
My son had purchased the Groupon for me for mother's day. I have never been to a spa so I didn't know what to expect, but it is not what I would expect. It cost my son $135 and then myself with tip $55 and an additional $25 for a "wet" manicure which I would have thought would have been part of the deal or at least discounted instead of the "dry" manicure. The massage was nice and that is about the best I can say, but then I have nothing to compare it to and from what I see, I can get a massage for a lot less than $135/plus $85 (I guess the extra $5 was more toward the gratuity). The exfoliant was simply a brush on procedure and when it was time to shower that off, the bathtub was quite an adventure. An older person would have a great deal of difficulty getting in or out of! The manicure didn't last a day. I guess what I am saying is I would not recommend it. I had a difficult time getting the appointment made in the beginning; that should have been a clue I guess. I feel bad my son spent the money, but I do appreciate his attempt to pamper his mom for a day! I could use another massage, but somewhere else!
May 9, 2012
More stressed now then when I came in.
First for the positives the spa is super cute it's small and looks slightly Victorian very nice and that's about it it. I purchased a groupon for $135 3 hours it was valued at $275 but I opted to change the package to just a 1 1/2 deep tissue and 30 min body scrub . New total for the deep tissue 90 min $120 and body scrub for $37.50..(On there web site it list 60 min body scrub for $75, I only did 30 min so I divided it in half ) grand tot $157.50 so it was well under the $275 value . Now on to the 20% gratuity, the owner left a note to charge me $55 don't know where that number came from...last time I checked 20% of $157.50 is $31.50. But since the owner had left for the day and the therapist working the desk looked as frazzled as I felt I left her $40. Long story summed up I did not save any money and actually ended up over paying. Oh and a side note... If you purchase a groupon you are paying the 20% gratuity. on the original price. like for me it would have been 20% on $275... would have equaled $55....youch!! My guess is that is where she got that $55 tip price for me but if that was what she was thinking then she needed to compensate with a discounted new package price other wise its a rip off scam. groupon = saving not add more money to price! On to the the therapist massage skills, The therapist was a very nice lady but I could tell she had little to no experience with deep tissue...A light Swedish massage with light to moderate deeper pressure in a couple of areas does not a deep tissue massage make, As for the body scrub...I felt like it was just quickly swiping oil and salt on my skin thin swiping it off.. I've had body scrubs at several different spas and what they usually do is lightly massage it into the skin just enough to exfoliate. I didn't feel much exfoliating happening. Over all I am a very dissatisfied person and would not go back or recommend anyone to go there. I'm more stressed now then I was before I got there! Very disappointing.
Response from GreenLeaf Day Spa
We went out of our way to adjust the service to customize it for her and also adjusted the gratuity. So we really aren't sure why the complaint was made? We did everything to accommodate this client...
May 2, 2012
Worst Spa Experience Ever!!!!!! BEWARE!!!
I went to the spa using a Groupon. This was the first spa I have ever been to where I had to beg to ask for shampoo to use in the shower. The owner stated "you can use body wash to wash your hair." She finally acquiesced and allowed to let me use shampoo from their salon which they stated would stay in the shower. The girl working on me initially informed me that the owner was in a "bad mood" and appeared like an abuse victim with the owner being the perpetrator. I had initially asked the girl doing the body scrub and wrap if she was a massage therapist just making small talk. She told me she was not a massage therapist. After the shower she started doing what appeared to be a very poor massage that clearly not an hour at which point I asked her if this was the one-hour massage promised in the groupon. The owner told me that the 1 hour massage "is a misprint." When I questioned that as a business owner she did not read the agreement that she committed to with Groupon she yelled at me, "you are getting a $275 value for $135 dollars, and you are going to complain to me..really!?." She also stated, "you are the first one to complain." Bottom Line: she is using an unlicensed massage therapist to give inadequeate massage.
Response from GreenLeaf Day Spa
I am the owner and I would never treat anyone in this manner. All of our licenses are up and visible to any client who is looking. We tried to accommodate this client in every way possible but some people you just cannot make happy no matter how hard you try... I really do hope that this person finds happiness.
March 8, 2012
A friend gave me a gift certificate for this salon and let me tell you, it was amazing! Rose did my hair and it was exactly the way I wanted it, both the color and cut were perfect. It looks so great. I originally just went for my hair but she talked me into a manicure and pedicure and she did a great job on those as well. It was so relaxing, I left looking and feeling great!
January 21, 2012
I enjoyed every second and the place is just lovely. Thank you so much. I signed up for the membership so I will be back every month. Definitely recommended!!!!
November 18, 2011
Dissapointing facial
I never post reviews, but I really had to for this place. I am very disappointed. The place is cute, but the service horrible. I was schedule for a facial, and the Owner/esthetician decided last minute to take the day off. My facial was a disaster. The girl that did the facial had no clue on what she was doing. She did not use steam on me before the extractions and she did not use the magnifying light. The extractions took like 20 seconds (4 spots), and that was for the Acne treatment. I do not recomend this place to anyone, unless you want to be charge a lot for a poor quality service. Please go elsewhere, there a better places than this one for the same price.
October 28, 2011
The 20 hour manicure
The location/facility was NOT luxurious, and not impressive. All I wanted was a manicure, which peeled off in sheets the next morning. When I called the manager I was told it was because I arrived late. (got lost on the one-way streets) If they could not accomodate, I think they should have cancelled me, not accepted payment and tip, and given a very sub-standard manicure. I was also told "some people are impossible to please'...REALLY? Who else would accept this rude customer service, and manicure?
December 23, 2010
Most Beneficial Facials!
The skin care specialist Barbra is amazing. My skin had some hyper pigmentation & adult acne and she helped lighten it and clear up the blemishes. After several treatments my skin is so soft & smooth. The facials are very much recommended!!! Thanks...
November 16, 2010
Great day at Greenleaf
For our anniversary my boyfriend and I came in and received the best couples massage and facials. We were greeted with warm friendly hellos and they were all very attentive. The facials were amazing and the specialist was very knowledgeable on what my needs were for my skin. The therapist have magical hands, I havent felt that relaxed in a while! We will definitely be back!
October 25, 2010
What a Lovely Time...
My daughter and I had a wonderful time here. The place was so cute, kinda like a bed & breakfast. It is an old cottage from the 1920's that they made into a spa. My daughter & I got mani/pedi's & facials that were the best I think I've ever had! We had hot tea and muffins (that were homemade), while our services we being performed. I felt like I went on a mini vacation. Thank you GreenLeaf Day Spa for making our day so special!
September 22, 2010
I loved my experience here it was so cozy & the staff went above and beyond to make my experience wonderful. I loved, loved, loved my massage, facial , and mani/pedi... There wasn't a thing that I would change except make an even longer day out of it with more services... :) VERY HAPPY!!!
July 19, 2010
Less than I expected
My spouse gave me a gift certificate for this spa. The place was comfortable and the massage I had was adequate. I have had much better services at other spas.
June 30, 2010
Great Day
I came in January (from Tampa) for a wonderful day of relaxation! I had a pedicure, a massage and to top it off, the best facial I have ever had. Loved the hydraydating moisturizer she used - even bought a bottle! Can't wait to go back in the summer.
January 18, 2010
This spa is WONDERFUL!!!
This spa has a quaint cottage setting that makes you feel very relaxed and comfortable. They have a variety of services they offer that are different from other spas. The staff was sweet, helpful, and made my friend and I feel so pampered. I would recommend this experience to everyone...
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