Reve Spa Salon

Reve Spa Salon

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241 S. Mateo Drive,
San Mateo, CA 94401
United States
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Mon: 9am  -  8pm Tues: 9am  -  8pm Wed: 9am  -  8pm Thu: 9am  -  8pm Fri: 9am  -  8pm Sat: 9am  -  8pm Sun: 9am  -  6pm
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Customer Reviews for Reve Spa Salon (6)

July 9, 2014
Had a couple of massages here a while back. I get massages regularly and know a good therapist when I find one. My massages here unfortunately left me wanting another massage. Didn't work out the kinks in my shoulders/back. Service us lacking. Won't ever go back
December 17, 2012
Worst Facial Ever... Never Coming Back
I had the WORST facial of my life here. First, the lady didn't leave the room when I undressed. She just stood there the whole time. Then when she started working on my face, she had very poor, jerky technique. She didn't even reach the edges of my face, but only "dabbled" here and there randomly. During the facial, she lectured me endlessly on how bad my face looked and said my facial hair had to be waxed. I declined politely, but she continued to scold me and forced me to add a wax service with her to my appointment that day. She made me extremely uncomfortable because she wouldn't give up, but I continued to decline. Then when she did my extractions she commented the entire time that it was gross. She then said she used to own her own spa but had to close it down because of not enough business (I wonder why?). And she demanded to know if I would follow her elsewhere if she left Reve, or if I would remain with Reve. I told her I would probably remain with Reve, and she yelled at me AGAIN. She also left the room a few times without explaining where she was going, and she never washed her hands when she came back. I wish I could erase this nightmarish facial from my memory. I'm never coming back to Reve again!
December 9, 2011
Coughing and Phlegm and Police
Coughing and phlegm during a massage? Wish I was kidding. My wife and I show up for a 1 hour massage and 1 hour facial under a Living Social deal. Before we get to the story, realize that this company has run a deal with almost EVERY deal site (Groupon, Living Social, Yelp Deals, TravelZoo) and are clearly either trying to drum extra business/revenue, but are overextending themselves with 'one and done customers'. The masseuse, Ruby, was SICK and coughing every 30 seconds. After a few minutes of this, included one real loud gurgly cough, I'd had enough and asked for the massage to stop. She just WALKS OUT without apologizing or saying another word leaving me there on the table. Was she getting a manager? Was she coming back? Who knows!! I just got dressed and went to the waiting room. Had it not been for my wife currently enjoying her facial, I would have obviously left! I had to wait for her to finish when the manager Mustafa Karim begins to chat. This is where things went from bad service to a WEIRD, BIZARRE situation. He talked to Ruby about the incident, he let me explain what happened, and then I asked Ruby if she could apologize for walking out (because I was honestly more upset about the walking out than the coughing..
May 23, 2010
First time experience
I called in about 3 hours ago to get a massage and fortunately they had a time slot available. I wanted to maximize the value of my gift certifcate worth $100 and found the express sampler package to be just what I needed. It has 3 -30 minutes of different types of services (facial, massage and manicure). I did not want the manicure so I decided to switch it to the 30- minute rosemary body wrap. Since this is my first time, I wanted to make sure I get the full value of my gift card (even if I pay additional charge) and the service that I am seeking. The owner was very helpful. I came in earlier than my scheduled appointment and was told I can use the steam and sauna. After my massage and body wrap, I used the ammenities-and even showered. It felt wonderful. I feel rejuvenated and energized. Yes, I will defintely recommend the spa to anyone. I will be back for my facial.
May 19, 2010
Fantastic Facial
I had a facial by Ya Lee. I loved it. My skin was so refreshed and hydrated feeling. My face tends to break out and she was very knowlegable of what type of Aveda treatment I needed. I actually purchased some of the products she recommended and my skin hasn't looked this good in a long time. Will definitly go back to see her.
April 19, 2010
Reve was wonderful
I had a massage at Reve today. I am so glad that they have a very good Aveda Concept facility very close to me now. I also enjoyed the steam room, sauna afterwards. Great place, wonderful staff!
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