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Le Cachet Holistic Day Spa & Laser Center

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39 East 30th Street, Park & Madison Avenue
New York City, NY 10016
United States
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Customer Reviews for Le Cachet Holistic Day Spa & Laser Center (8)

October 1, 2013
WONDERFUL!!!!!! I have been getting waxed for years and it is difficult to find a place that will do a good wax clean and proper for under $50-$60. I found this place on lifebooker and the reviews looked ok. I booked an appointment for the same day brazilian wax. I am always nervous about going to a new place for a brazilian because that is not an area you want them to make any mistakes or handle improperly. I was met at the door when I arrived for my appointment by my waxer, Mila, as she had been expecting me. She was very nice and polite. During the wax she was very considerate checking to make sure the wax was not too hot, making sure I was not in too much pain, etc. She made light small talk which eased the awkwardness of the situation. And here is the best part....BEST WAX EVER. I have paid $80 for a wax and it was not this thorough. I didn't even feel sticky or anything after. If you want to try a new place for a wax go here. It is a block and a half from the subway. Ask for Mila. I was so impressed I asked for her name just so I could mention it on this review.
October 6, 2011
Thank you Le Cachet Day Spa
Just got engaged wow, finally... can't believe it, My boyfriend proposed me at Le Cachet day Spa, while sitting in the Jacuzzi massage chair with a glass of delicious vine, getting an amazing Chocolate Pedicure with my boyfriend. Than, he got up bear footed, got down to his knees and popped the magic words. I said YES!!. I am going to Le Cachet Day Spa in New York City, for over two years now, I enjoy every moment there, the staff is great, professional, makes you feel that this is your exclusive day, the best facials I get only at Le Cachet Day Spa, my boyfriend and I, received a great facial, followed by a wonderful couples massage in a cozy, romantic, private candle light room, it was great., yes my boyfriend brought my favored songs on a CD with him, so during our massage our favorite music was playing, I love you Steven!!!! It was a perfect pleace to pop the question......me and my boyfriend definitely will go back to Le Cachet Day Spa, and also highly recommended to anyone who cares about quality service at a quiet affordable prices. Thank you Julia and Mila, you were just great!!!!
November 23, 2010
Great Day Spa Service !
By ward63031 Le Cachet Day Spa and Salon has to be one of the nicest Day Spas in New York City that I have ever been. First off, the place is immaculately clean and gorgeous. I received all types of treatments from Laser Hair Removal, Facials, Skin Care, Massages, Manicures, Pedicures, etc. It was a great experience and I was very pleased with the Laser Hair Removal. The Laser Hair Removal was painless and looks great. I always had a lot of hair that grew back rather quickly, but their Laser Hair Removal Treatment was FANTASTIC!!! I recommend to anyone living in NYC or visiting NYC to spend a day at Le Cachet Day Spa and Salon and try to experience all of the services they offer. Try the Laser Hair Removal, you'll love it!! Thanks Le Cachet!!!‎ I am looking forward to my next visit.
December 28, 2009
this place sucks
if the receptionist is showing "i don't care whether or not you come" by saying "whatever" to a customer who wanted to set up an appointment, one can expect a subpar service from this so call spa
Response from Le Cachet Holistic Day Spa & Laser Center
It is hard to respond to a review when the writer doesn't really knows what she is writing. It looks to me, that the writer has never visited our spa..., or she just accidently mixed us up with someone else...???? ."WHAT EVER "its not in our Lexicon. Our clients is our priority !!! Sorry.,, But who ever you are, I am inviting you, please come and visit our Day Spa, enjoy our treatments and than, please write anything you wish, if you really a client and not an angry competition. I am really sorry, that some people can use and abuse the internet to falsely bash reputable companies just like ours. I guess that's the price we pay for Democracy.
August 19, 2009
Very good results, Laser Hair Removal for African American Skin.
I am an African American women, who was always told, that since our skin color we cannot have a successful laser hair removal. I also seen some news report where African American clients have been scarred by lasers during hair removal, and that kept me a way from doing it. I am so glad that I found Le Cachet Laser Hair removal center, I knew that in order to perform Laser hair removal for our skin it has to be laser specially designed for black skin. It is my last treatment and I have no hair nor any scaring. As a young women I had a problem with facial hair which contributed to my acne problem. At Le Cachet I felt from the very beginning that I am in good hands, I had a strong impression, that they knew what they are doing, they made me feel comfortable and secure. I had 5 treatments and I am pleased to see such a wonderful result. My laser hair removal being done by Larisa who is using a special YAG laser for black skin. I already recommended Le Cachet Laser Hair removal to my girlfriend. I also like the fact that the place is spotless clean, the staff is professional, I found them very ethical since they told me from the very beginning that I will need at least 6 treatments. In many other places they tell you, that most is 3 treatments you will need, don't believe in that , they just want you to start. I also very much recommend Le Cachet Laser Center
Response from Le Cachet Holistic Day Spa & Laser Center
Thank you for your kind words, we are very pleased that you are satisfied with our service. It's a great help, having and using our very expensive laser units
August 17, 2009
Surprised Couples Massage
Le Cachet, Le Cachet, you guys are great!!!!!, my girlfriend asked me to go with her to help her to negotiate a business deal...when we got to the place it was Le Cachet Day Spa, and the business deal was a wonderful relaxing couples massage in a private room with aroma candles. The room was a bit small, but the atmosphere, the romantic music, the aroma oils, candles on the entire wall, and the massage was superb. I thought my girlfriend actually going to be kind of jealous since my massage therapist was a really pretty, tall , blond young lady. After the massage, me and my girlfriend were escorted to a private relaxation room with candles, where we had a glass of fine wine with organic chocolate, and where we concluded our business deal. The staff of Le Cachet was professional, pleasant and courteous; I am looking forward to have an other surprise couple's massage at Le Cachet Day Spa any time. Highly recommended Relaxing atmosphere, clean, professional staff. Recommended for Couples, The spa uses a very pleasant Organic Essential Massage oils.
February 6, 2009
Amazing Customized Facial
I had problems with my skin since I was a teenager, I was told when I get married my skin will change….well I got married my skin if anything it got worst . For years I went to a number of dermatologist just to receive some temporary relief but never satisfactory. I found Le Cachet Day Spa on Line, made an appointment just for a skin consultation, they examined my skin and suggested the facials I would need. Honestly I expected a facial around $75.00 I was told that I would just waist my money, since the facial I need is a customized facial, specially designed for my skin with two different treatments, the price is $300.00 after thinking a bit, I agreed. I have to admit that I am glad that I decided to proceed with my facial treatment . I remembered my father used to tell me, you always get what you pay for in this life, he was right like always. The facial I received was an intense treatment like I never had in any doctors office nor any other spas I went to, although I am a Spa addict The aesthetician cleaned my skin using some kind of European deep cleansing techniques, it was a little bit painful, I could feel how my skin is being really cleaned. After she begin with a second treatment using an organic papaya and apricot enzyme peel. My facial lasted over an hour, with relaxing music in the background. I don’t believe in miracles, but after the first treatment my skin had a tremendous visible improvement. It’s over a week now, at work everyone realized that my skin looks so different, I am using the products they gave me, visible helps my skin. I am looking forward to my second appointment in 4 weeks. O Yes, I definitely highly recommend Le Cachet day spa.
Response from Le Cachet Holistic Day Spa & Laser Center
Thank you for having you as one of our satisfied clients. Yes, we have developed for many years now a complex of customized acne treatments. If there is anything else we can do for you, please, we love to hear from you. Thank you and visit us soon.
October 15, 2007
Day Spa of Pleasure
I am not a great writer but after visiting Le Cachet Day Spa in New York City I have to share my wonderful experience. I visited many day spas in New York as well as in other cities. I was very pleased to see a spa in the heart of New York City where the entire spa uses organic skin care and spa products. I am sensitive to all products containing any kind of chemicals. At Le Cachet Day Spa my hair was washed with organic shampoos and conditioners. I wish other spas would uses organic skin care products just like at Le Cachet Day Spa. After receiving a facial my skin became like never before, healthy and really fresh looking. I liked the fact that I didn’t had to take a shower after receiving a wonderful relaxing aromatherapy massage, because they use organic natural massage oils,my skin wasn’t greasy my skin observed the massage oil just like a moisturizer, no grease no itching. That’s what I hate about other spas, after receiving a good massage it takes a half hour just to wash of that ugly itching grease from my body. I really appreciate the service Le Cachet provided for me. I will recommend your spa to all my friends, just don’t loose your present touch.
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