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Customer Reviews for Bergamos Spa Retreat (18)

February 12, 2014
Not good. My wife booked and paid for a Valentine's Day couples massage before Christmas as a Christmas present for me. Bergamos called two weeks before Valentine's Day to let us know that unless we would pay an additional $50, they would be cancelling our appointment that was scheduled two months in advance. It's shocking to me that they are willing to treat their customers this way. As a bonus, they also will not refund the money paid as it was applied to a gift card - and they don't refund gift cards! Thanks for doing your best to ruin Christmas and Valentine's Day in one fail swoop! I hope the massages here are outstanding because the customer service is horrible...
January 19, 2014
Gift card scam
My daughter gave my other daughter and myself gift cards for a spa day. We planned and scheduled our day almost a month in advance. My daughter even called four days prior and confirmed our appointments. We arrived today at our scheduled time only to be told that our appointments had been cancelled by the manager. The manager said that though her name is on the cancellation, she was not even there when the appointments were cancelled. Bergamos can not give us an appointment today and will not refund the gift cards. The manager, offers no solution. The owner is supposedly out of town and unavailable. So based on this experience, I can not recommend Bergamos for anything. We are out over 300 dollars, and have wasted our time, and money. At this point you could not pay me to go to Bergamos. This was supposed to be a special day for my daughter with cancer, and now it is ruined. I give zero stars.
Response from Bergamos Spa Retreat
We are very sorry for this booking error. It was completely our fault, this party was accidentally grouped with another party with the same first name. When the other group cancelled it cancelled these ladies appointments too. Totally our error and we are very sorry for the great inconvenience. If we could have made room for the appointments we would certainly have done so and again are very regretful for this situation. A full refund of the gift card was given with a full apology.
May 31, 2013
First Impression Bad
I booked online and wanted the mani/pedi. Today is my only day off as I am a manager for a big company. My daughter gave me a spa gift card to use. I wanted a mani/pedi with refill on mani. Once in, I would have added on services and would have paid the extras. I am an excellent tipper. Based on the website, I could only book the gel manicure and did (book), with hopes of receiving an email and/or phone call to verify services requested. Instead, my booking was cancelled. I was in the bathtub when the call came. I did call when I noticed on email that appointment was cancelled. They should have called first prior to cancelling the services to find out my complete needs and not base it on one service clicked on. I could not add on services through spa-finder. It immediately took me to the final page to submit. Bad impression. Not even a foot in the door and dejected by this company. Not a recommend. Ladies work on your website and phone contacts. Those cards are a good find to build your business. You could have had another satisfied customer with another 5 - 10 potential clients to build on to your business. I do big networking and people do listen.
Response from Bergamos Spa Retreat
The appointment scheduled online was for a gel nail addition and a manicure was necessary to complete the full service. That full service was not available, because other appointments were already scheduled both before and after on the day she wanted. We called the guest to let her know and left a message then cancelled the service. We cancelled the service because there was not enough time to complete the full service, this appointment was schedule in the next few hours and didn't want the guest to be inconvenienced by coming into the spa to find we didn't have enough time to complete the full service. Because we could not get a hold of her by phone, we thought that cancelling the service, prompting an automatic email, might help to relay this information to her. The guest did call back after she received the email, which was what we hoped would happen, but we were unable to find another day to meet her needs. The gel add on is listed on our online booking with notes that a full manicure or pedicure must be booked the same time as the add on. We have left the add on for online booking because many of our other guest enjoy the benefit of booking this service online. FYI, SpaFinder is the software provider of our spa software, SpaBooker, the reason she could not add on more services is because there was no availability. We normally do not cancel a service without notifying the client first, but felt in this situation, since we could not reach her, cancelling the appointment might help get the message to her another way.
February 23, 2013
I've been to Bergamos too many times to count. This facility has gone downhill. Today was a bad experience. My robe was still damp, the bathrooms had no toilet paper, no paper towels to dry your hands, the faucet handle was broke for the hot water, it was freezing in there and in the massage room. The massuese burned me with the rocks 3 times. Didn't massage my feet or my hands and didn't ever work on my complaint areas which was my shoulders. I'm so disappointed in Bergamos. It use to be the best place. Did I mention the steam room is broke and has t worked in months! The best thing about this place is their employee Donna. She does the best facials in the city!! I just recommend this facility at all if you are looking for some luxury and relaxation.
Response from Bergamos Spa Retreat
We apologize for the bad experience you received, there is no excuse for not having the bathroom stocked! As for the massage therapist burning you, we have addressed the issue with the therapist. We wish that you have told us, as we have a spa guarantee and would have happily redone the service at no charge to you. If you would like to call and set up this service at no change please feel free to do so. As for the steam room, during your visit it was being converted to a dry sauna. We have had many problem with our steam room over the years, as it was never installed properly and decided in 2012 to convert it to a dry sauna. Because of the shape and size of the room, it had to be custom built and took several months complete. The sauna is operational now.
January 31, 2013
Always a wonderful experience
I have been going to Bergamos in Friendswood for years and was excited when a friend of mine gave me a spa finder gift card. Of course I used it at Bergamos. I recently ran the Houston marathon and injured my hip. I have been seeing a chiropractor for a couple of weeks but have still had considerable pain due to a muscle squeezing my sciatic nerve. I told Carla, the massage therapist, this and she worked on the problem area. I have been pain free for two days now! I have also gotten facials and waxing and both were great!
February 3, 2012
Horrible Customer Service
My initial visit was nice. However, the cashier person made a mistake when processing a gift card and gave it back to me because of a remaining balance. I received a phone call 2 days later stating that they had a problem with the transaction because for this particular card, they needed to have the physical card in order to process. Asked me to swing back by. All fine and good if I didn't live 40 milles away. I told them that I could not just "swing by." When I did make a special trip just so they had the gift card, they were going to give me store credit. I asked for product instead since I live so far away. Well, it seems they couldn't find a product that was the same price as the remaining balance on the card. I asked for the Manager's name so that I could speak to them and was told: "We can't disclose that information" and there was nothing they could do. What kind of business can't tell you the manager's name? Needless to say, I won't be returning to this establishment.
Response from Bergamos Spa Retreat
We are very sorry that your transaction was not handled properly. The SpaFinder Gift Card that you used requires us to keep the card and put any remaining balance on your account within our system, so that we may receive payment from SpaFinder. This is quite different then a Bergamos Spa Retreat Gift Card, which we can take a portion of the balance for payment and give you back the card for future use. We do not process a lot of SpaFinder gift cards and the spa coordinator that checked you out make a terrible mistake. Had we not called you back and collected the card, we would not receive any type of payment for the services you had that day. When you returned with the SpaFinder we have no record of a complaint. Finding an exact match to the remaining balance of your card was not available and you decided to pay cash of less than $5.00 over the balance amount for the purchase of the product you wanted. We are a very small company, and we work together as a team, so there is no "manager name" to disclose. The coordinator you worked with was very capable of taking your concern or complaint. Our policy is to take your name, number and complaint, then work within each department to find a resolution for you. In your case there was no documentation that you were upset about returning and you made no indication that you lived so far away. We do apologize for your inconvenience, and hope that you will give us an opportunity to service you again.
November 16, 2011
Love Bergamos Spa!
I have been to Bergamos Spa Retreat a few times now and I absolutely love this spa! I usually get the same treatment, the Invigorate package (scrub and 50-minute Swedish massage), and have yet to be disappointed. The massage therapists are friendly and cater to your needs. I also love the ambience - you can arrive as early as you please to utilize their hot tub, showers, and waiting area. I will continue to use Bergamos as my spa of choice!
July 19, 2011
I just had the new Skin Clearing Facial, which includes a peel and acne mask, and WOW! Donna, my facialist, is amazing. She has over 30 years experience and has been with Bergamos for over 7 years. She told me that all facialist go thru extensive training and that skin care is the companies focus. My skin looks and feels wonderful. I have been getting faicals by donna for about 5 years and never had a poor service, it's always excellent. I have had also had massages, body treatments and pedicures and they are wonderful as well. I don't have to worry about seeing the same therapist if i don't want, so i get to try different techs, which is great. They have a hot tub and steam room and great relaxation lounge. I travel all over visiting spas and Bergamos is the best!
May 22, 2011
The WORST ever.
I have been in good spa's and bad spa's, and this is the worst experience ever. I've lived in Friendswood for over 25 years and decided to visit the wonderful spa that I've driven past so many times. I wont go into detail ... except to say, I wish I had kept on driving ... I spent $400 before Christmas for a gift card and what a mess. The card is good for one year, then it starts to decreaseby 25% after the first year and 50% until the card expires. What a rip. My money in their bank account doesn't decrease. I've had one pedicure and one manicure and what a mess both were. I plan to use the remainer on a couples massage. By reading the reviews, I wish I had read the reviews before the gift card was purchased. Not sure how this business is still around. Must be under new management? Customer beware.
Response from Bergamos Spa Retreat
Our gift card policy is that gift cards start to depreciate after the end of the second year by 25% over the course of the third year, deducting a little each month. Then 25% each year thereafter on a month to month basis until the gift card equals zero. This is an industry standard on most gift card purchases. We have a spa guarantee policy, so if you had a bad service experience I would ask that you give us a call making a formal complaint and we will happily redo your services at no charge. We have been owned by the same company (and owners) for over 10 years and have had a great service record and work hard to make sure everyone has a outstanding experience. We are very sorry that you had a bad experience; please allow us the chance to make you happy. Thank You, Bergamos Customer Service
February 16, 2011
Not the Same !!!
I have spent a couple thousand dollars maybe more with Bergamos in Friendswood. I started by purchasing spa packages for my wife every year for her birthday and valetine's day and our anniversary and sometimes for christmas. Then we started getting the couples massages and going in on our own from time to we were very satisified with the people and services.....but as happens all to often when a business stops taking the time to listen to it's customers or taking there experiance serious they start giving less and less of what brought you to them. Things started to change for my wife sometime in the 3rd quarter of 2010 when she purchased a facial package that included a discount on products. About half way through the agreement they stopped honoring the discount even though we had paid as always up front and in full. My wife made two more purchases and was told each time they could not honor the discount that came with the package she purchased. She ask to speak to the manager and the managers hands were tied, not her fault that she is in a position where she is not trusted to make the right decision for this company and customer. So my wife ask to speak with the owner and she was told the owner would call her back, after many attempts to follow up she just gave up still no phone call to make things right, keep in mind my wife and I have spent a few thousand dollars with Bergamos and HAD recommended others as well. So my wife has a gift card that I had purchased for her with several hundred dollars on it and we decide to just use it up.We set up a time for her to get a facial and the the both of us to get a couples massage. With the couples massage package you can use the hot-tub jacuzzie before and after, well no one called to tell us there was a problem with the hot-tub and to make matters worse when we arrived they still didn't let us know there was a problem so when we were ready and moved to the hot tub the water was barley warm and the jets were very very weak. We brought it to the attention of the nice lady working the counter and she said manigment was aware of the problem and had been trying to get it fixed for a few days now. I was shocked and felt I should get some sort of a credit since every time we come in we take advantage of the hot-tub it's part of the package we buy. The counter help nor the manager once again was unable to make a decision to do anything, at this point I ask for a phone call from the owner after a few follow ups I just decided never to use or recommend bergamos again. Several weeks have gone by and I'm still waiting. Beware bergamos is no longer consistent it will be a roll of the dice with your money. There are MANY choices out there I would encourage anyone considering using this place to go somewhere else, there are people else where who will meet or exceed your expections every time without the guess work. I'm still waiting for someone to call to work out my wifes and I sisuation with the false advertising of the package and the over charging of a package that everything that was promised could not be delivered. Mark Grant 281 808 3529 and yes this is my number and what happened is sadly true
Response from Bergamos Spa Retreat
The package that his wife had purchased had always had a onetime discount on product purchases, but because of the miscommunication we allowed the discount several more times. We were very sorry for the amenity problem, which happens from time to time due to the nature of mechanical failure with equipment. We work very diligently to have the equipment repaired as soon as possible. Mr. Grant’s issues were resolved to his satisfaction and he and his wife do return to our spa for services.
January 1, 2011
I just came from my Self-Healing mud wrap! Annette thank you. It was amazing. I had the most relaxing time. The atmosphere and people were great. The only reason I gave it a 4 star overall was because the robe was too small. Maybe a few robes for plus size customers would be awesome. Other then that I would truely recommend this place to my friends.
November 11, 2010
Best Kept Secret in Friendswood
I have lived here for 10 years and had no idea that this spa was minutes away from my house. From the minute I walked in; I knew I had found heaven. The atmosphere was so serene. The people were so friendly. I actually just sat back and read my book for awhile while enjoying the peacefulness of the spa. Then there was the massage by Tai. OMG!!!! It was the greatest! What I liked the most about my experience is that the therapist actually seemed interested in my concerns and made recommendations for my next visit. I took her advice and have recommended this spa to all my friends.
July 6, 2010
Wonderfully relaxing
My boyfriend and I went to this spa to destress and it was the most wonderful experience! The atmosphere was so relaxing and inviting. They give you these wonderful robes to change into and you can even sit in a hottub while you wait (other spas I've been to did not give you this option). The actual massage was so great that I wanted it to last forever. I definitely recommend this spa!
March 9, 2010
Best mani and pedi EVER
The atmosphere of this location is so profession and relaxing at the same time. The staff catered to all my needs. I was scheduled with a wonderful lady named Anne who gave me the most relaxing manicure ever. It felt good, but even better was the fact that the polish looked great with just a little chipping even after a week and a half. That is the longest a mani has ever lasted on me! The pedicure was also divine. Both services included hot towel wrapping that made me float away from all my cares. I highly recommed Anne for all your nail needs.
July 20, 2009
Great Experience
I've had several massages here and have had great experiences each time. The atmosphere is great-loved the plunge pool and the facility. It is nice to be able to shower afterwards as well.
January 4, 2009
The best massage
I would highly recommend this spa. The atomsphere was great, employee were very pleasant and the spa was very clean. Dallas did an excellent job with the Swedish massage.
November 26, 2007
Dirty Spa!!!
I went for a day of pampering with my friends and made a terrible discovery!!! Not only was the hot tub and sauna broken, but there was MOLD ON THE AIR DUCT (VENTS)!!!!! NASTY!!! Would not even send my dog here for a day of glory!!! Someone needs to shut this place down!!!
Response from Bergamos Spa Retreat
We do not have a sauna at this location so Im just guessing that this client confussed us with somebody else for this review.
Nina T
March 1, 2006
Great Spa off the beaten path!!
This spa is tucked away in Friendswood, TX and it is a great find!! The ambiance is very soothing and the relaxation room had jacuzzi tubs (both hot and cold!) as well as a steam room.They also had retails products you don't find everywhere which is nice for a spa-goer like me who has seen most spa retails products.I had a 50 minute massage with scalp massage and it was wonderful! I brought wine for me and my girlfriends to drink after our services and it was uncorked and waiting for me after me and my friends services. I would recommend this spa to everyone.
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