• Modern Enhancement Salon Day Spa
  • Modern Enhancement Salon Day Spa
  • Modern Enhancement Salon Day Spa
  • Modern Enhancement Salon Day Spa
  • Modern Enhancement Salon Day Spa
  • Modern Enhancement Salon Day Spa

About Modern Enhancement Salon Day Spa

This salon and spa's goal is to enhance the lives of women and men by offering quality services and products in an upscale, elegant atmosphere. The spa's staff strives to pamper guests with results-oriented treatments such as hair extensions, hair color, skin care, massage, eyelash extensions, nails, waxing, and makeup. The 4,100-square-foot spa has an open reception area and salon featuring a modern design and up-beat music. The spa is tranquil with contemporary decor in light blues, greens, and neutral earth tones. Treatment rooms are dimly lit with candles, and spa music plays in the background. A water fountain, fireplace, and complimentary snacks and beverages can be found in the relaxation room. Showers and a steam room are available in the locker room, and the spa also features a multi-jet hydrotherapy tub and shower. Complimentary consultations are offered for hair extensions, eyelash extensions, skin care, hair color, and body therapy.

Modern Enhancement Salon Day Spa

Address & Info
Modern Enhancement Salon Day Spa
8320 Litchford Road, Suite 166
Raleigh, NC 27615
United States
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Mon: Closed Tues: 10am  -  6pm Wed: 10am  -  7pm Thu: 10am  -  7pm Fri: 10am  -  6pm Sat: 10am  -  5pm Sun: Closed
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Menu of Services

Dry Brushing
Salt Scrub
Sugar Scrub
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Acne/Deep Cleansing
Back Facial
Fruit Acid
Glycolic Acid
Microdermabrasion Facials
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Food/Beverage Available
Locker Room
Meeting Facilities
Retail Store
Robes Provided
Slippers Provided
Steam Room
Toiletries Available
Whirlpool, Jacuzzi
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Eyebrow and Lash Tinting
Hair Extensions
Hair Styling and Care
Lash Extensions
Makeup Instruction/Application
Sunless Tanning
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Back Massage
Deep Tissue
Hot Stone
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Customer Reviews for Modern Enhancement Salon Day Spa (9)

March 19, 2013
Best Spa in the Triangle!
Hands down the best salon and spa in the Triangle. The main reasons this place is the best include the staff, the ambiance and the treatment variety/treatment price. The staff are courteous from the second they pick up the phone. You hear a voice when you call them, not an answering machine or computer. The ladies who I spoke to were so peppy and excited, you could just tell that they loved their job and where they worked. They put me at ease and were accommodating to my schedule and what I wanted. Once I got there, they brought me cucumber water with grapes speared on a bamboo toothpick to sip on while I filed out some brief paperwork. Throughout all my treatments the staff was fun to talk to, understanding to my needs and you could obviously tell they loved their job and believed in what they did (facials, pedicures etc), which made it easier for me to relax and enjoy my stay. The spa itself can be described in one word...soothing. The lighting, the music, the snacks, even the soft robes all combined into the perfect concoction of rest and relaxation. If I had known it was going to be so relaxing, I would have booked more treatments so I could stay longer. I will definitely be coming back to spoil myself more. Modern Enhancement has an amazing list of treatments for every desired form of relaxation. I had the chocolate pedicure and microdermabrasion facial, pure heaven! The prices were beyond reasonable, especially considering that the steam room, showers, robes, slippers, relaxation room snacks and wine are all included for your enjoyment while at the spa. I had an amazing time here and don't have one negative thing to say about this spa and salon. Everything was perfect and I can't wait to go back to get spoiled again!
January 16, 2012
Disappointed Spa Day
When appointment was made, I believe I requested a female massage therapist. A male massage therapist did my massage and he was not very experienced. Then I had a facial and peel. The esthetician was not friendly and I inquired about peel frequency and she said she would discuss with me after the procedure. Never happened. When checking out, I asked if the esthetician had left any recommendation and she did not. The girl checking me out said she would have her call me later that day. That was two days ago. The spa itself is beautiful and I thoroughly enjoyed the relaxing room, glass of wine and steam room. I so wanted this to be a wonderful spa day.
Response from Modern Enhancement Salon Day Spa
We sincerely apologize for the lack of experience that you expected and so deserve. We have had a female Massage Therapist on staff for more than 1½ years now and whenever a female massage Therapist is requested specifically, we do whatever it takes to meet that request, as we fully understand its importance. Our male Massage Therapist has been well received by many of our clients however; we fully understand how each experience can vary between one therapist to another. In regards to the Esthetician not meeting your expectations, this issue has since been addressed and will never happen again. Before any of our staff is even hired, we explain that customer service always comes first – to do whatever it takes to make your client happy. Unfortunately, we cannot be in the treatment rooms at all times as this would obviously be quite disturbing however; again, this issue has been addressed and I assure you will not repeat itself. Lastly, I again sincerely apologize for the front desk specialist not returning your phone call in a timely fashion. Estheticians do not work full-time per say (40 hours a week) and therefore may not have been available to address the question with the specific front desk specialist within the first two days. This is certainly no excuse however; an explanation as to why this may have happened this way. Being that you seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed the spa itself and its environment (and our complimentary glass of wine), I hope this will not sour your taste buds so much that you will not give us another chance. We assure you that you will NOT be scheduled with a male Massage Therapist, the issue with the Esthetician has been rectified, and the front desk has been retrained accordingly. Again, our true apologies and we would love to be given a second chance. Please call and ask to speak with our Spa Manager directly to ensure your expectations are exceeded.
October 15, 2011
Cordial, professional and tidy!
Thank you for the lovely day of pampering. Many thanks to Tonya and Dustin for their expertise and courtesy dealing with my thin unruly hair. The Experience was a great treat, everyone was so hospitable and considerate. Throughout the day, the rest of the staff were cordial, professional and meticulous in their tasks, the spa/salon is comfortable and restful. The yummy lunch was a very nice touch! Also, I appreciate the tidiness and thoughtful amenities. In all, it was a fun experience. I look forward to my upcoming hair appointment. Thanks again!
October 2, 2011
Amazing DAY SPA...
This salon and spa is something I've visited on vacation, not in my home town. I'm so happy to have this place right down the road! Everytime i have an out of town guest i make an appointment here for us. LOL cause i always sure to impress my guest! They have so many extras! #1 having good wine! been to many spa who have cheep & nasty wine! ugh! They also serve a great lunch! I had the summer rolls. ummmm....and my facial and massage was GREAT!!!! The decoration in this place is so tasteful, i just stare everytime i go there.
September 29, 2011
Considerate Owner
I made a 2 hour apt. that I had to cancel due to a sick child, I wanted to reschedule but I expected to pay a no show fee-so the receptionist very politely put me on hold to speak with the owner about the less than 24 hour cancelation policy. She came back on and said the owner said there would absolutely be NO FEE, that they understand things happen. Also, she looked forward to seeing me again and hoped my child felt better soon. This place cares! They have the best customer service; always greet me with a smile! I just had to share this because there are so many people out there who just want to make an unearned dollar. Thank you modern enhancement!
April 26, 2011
BAD experience
My daughter, a chemo patient, went here to get her wig serviced. Using a hard bond glue, Tonya placed it crooked. It was uncomfortable so we asked to have it fixed. She said there was nothing she could do with a hard bond - it would have to wear off and when it did, she would fix it. When we tried to come back, we were told that was not something they really do and we should go elsewhere. We then went to a place that specializes in wigs for cancer patients. The stylist there told us that hard glue should never be used on a lace wig and that the wig was badly damaged from it. I called Tonya and repeated what I was told. Her response was "It's not my fault your daughter has no hair. Take me to small claims court." I feel that was extremely rude and unprofessional.
Response from Modern Enhancement Salon Day Spa
This client initially came to us for a consultation.She was a candidate for a lace front wig. She shared that she had a job interview in NYC and needed a piece ASAP. We do not stock lace front wigs.So,we referred her to Elizabeth Ashley Wigs.They carries a large selection of lace front wigs for walk ins.We've worked with them before and they do professional work. She needed the piece asap,Tonya called and made the appointment for the client. We gave them all the information needed to accommodate her that day. Later that day the client returned to our Salon.The client was crying.She did not like the other Salon because it was an "all black salon," She said, "I only want to see Tonya. She was the true professional and I felt she truly had compassion for her." Tonya was completely booked with clients,but graciously worked her in.She felt bad that they had a bad experience and really wanted to help.Tonya looked at her piece.The piece had come loose(they used soft bond adhesive).Tonya listed options for her and they decided to use a hard bond adhesive instead to hold the piece in place.It was very important that it stay in place for her interview.Placement is very important when using pieces, Tonya is always very accommodating and allows clients to be involved when placing the piece to ensure that it is placed exactly where the client wants it before it is set with the adhesive.Tonya knew she was inexperienced so she gave her advice as to where to place it, but the client wanted it closer down on her forehead(you can give advice but it's ultimately up to the client). By doing this ensures the client is happy with the placement. They have to see it every day and know how they want it to fall. 30 minutes after the new placement, the client said she wanted to move the piece up a bit.Never was the piece "crooked".Tonya advised against this, as removing hard bond adhesive after it has just been placed can damage the piece and advised her to wait until the adhesive started to wear down and loosen up a bit (normally 7 days) she would then be able to remove it and reapply it in a different position.The client agreed and left. Tonya really liked her and her mother and wanted to be sure that she had all the information that she needed and that all her questions were answered. "I remember seeing the client hug Tonya when she was leaving and saying thank you over and over...because Tonya had written down a lot of information for her and personally made the appointment earlier that day. I remember this because I was working at the front desk," says Teresa. The next day the mother called in frustration and began shouting at Abby, our manager.She said that her daughter had been soaking her piece in pure acetone for 3 hours to remove the adhesive and that the piece had been ruined by doing so.Tonya had previously advised the client not to do that.Tonya called to see if she could offer her assistance.The clients Mom was so rude and demanded a refund for the application which we gave her, but also requested a payment to cover the hair piece. Saying she was going to take us to small claims court for it. As far as the comment regarding her daughter not having hair.Tonya, would never say anything like that.When talking to the mom there were 3 other people present.We strive to build strong relationships with our clients and we deal with clients who are experiencing varying degrees of hair loss on a day-to-day basis.Tonya has built a hair replacement business on being compassionate and knowledgeable about hair loss and would never say such a thing."It's just not in her vocabulary," one client stated. The "Hair loss" subject is always sensitive and dealt with in a very professional manner.We do not want anyone unhappy.We strive to please and give women and men the hair they have always dreamt of having.We truly hate that a client of ours was so unhappy, but we honestly tried to make things better.We just feel that maybe the mother was just under so much pressure and hurt because her only daughter had gone through radiation and, unfortunately, a salon she saw prior to coming to us told her to go ahead and shave her head because she was going to lose it any way. NOTE: she did not lose her hair, so we just feel she had enough! Tonya said- "I feel like I was her last encounter and she needed to vent to someone, and it's okay. 'Cause if I had been through all she had with my son I'd be ready to vent too."We as moms protect our children even if they're 27 years old. It's been a year and I just hope the family is doing better. This case was also turned into the better business bureau a year ago.They dropped the case after 4 days. We all have feelings and, yes, we feel hurt by her, but it does not compare to what her daughter has been through. We hope that one client's complicated situation does not affect your coming to see us.We have been in business since 1998 and we promise we are extremely professional and compassionate.
April 11, 2011
Very Pretty Spa
This place was so pretty and clean! The staff was very kind and helpful. I live about 1 1/2 hours away, so i made a day of my services. I got hair extensions, massage and facial. I also picked up some Soytes face products that the hair extension lady was currently using and loved. I'll be back soon!
March 6, 2011
A day of pure heaven!
My girlfriend surprised me with a spa day here! We had side by side facials and massages that were incredible! We ate a delicious lunch and drank a glass of wine while we were in our bathrobes lounging in their gorgeous relax room! Then we had pedicures together and our makeup applied! It was quite possibly the best day of my life! Everyone there treated us like royalty and made us feel fabulous! It was truly a memorable experience and the most relaxed and pampered I have ever felt! Thank you to all the girls at Modern Enhancement!
February 2, 2011
I love this spa!
I've been a long time customer of Modern Enhancement way back when Tonya was just doing extensions, and I can't imagine going anywhere else. I also go to Sarah for Lash Extensions, which I love!! The staff is just so personable, they truly are the best around!
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