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Massage Envy - East Brunswick

Massage Envy - East Brunswick

Address & Info
314 Rt. 18 North,
East Brunswick, NJ 08816
United States
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Customer Reviews for Massage Envy - East Brunswick (9)

May 22, 2012
Needs better management and customer service training
As a 2+ years member with additional family members, I am shocked at the lack of customer service and lack of management of this location. In the past 2 years, this location is on their 3rd manager/clinic administrator. Each one tells you they are looking into it with a promise to call back that doesn't happen. I have been requesting a statement which lists my usage and payments for YTD activity for the past 2 months for my FSA account. Requests just seem to go ignored. If you have a question regarding your membership, don't expect any answers or a call back. For a member that has spent $4k-$5k in total over the past 2+ years, you would think they care enough to call and get issues resolved. The therapist we go to is great but dealing with the front desk and management is negating what is supposed to be a stress free experience.
March 16, 2012
Not enough time
I didn't like my experience when I went to massage envy. Your massage time starts as soon as you start getting undressed which isn't fair
May 25, 2011
I went in for a massage recently and I was so upset to hear that my favorite Massage Therapist, Kristen left. I tried many therapist and no one compared. Not to mention any names, but alot of the staff is unprofessional. I hope I can find a great therapist like Kristen. Overall the place is ok. Hand in Stone is the same type of place but alot nicer.
May 2, 2011
Here are the pros and cons from a member's view point
Pros: -Reasonable massage rates ($59 per month which entitles you for 1 hour massage, $49 for additional massages) -Family add on's for $49 - Hours are great- 7 days a week with hours as late as 10 pm M-Sat and 8 pm on Sundays - If you find the right therapist for you, it is GREAT. The good ones are booked a tleast a week in advance if you want specific time slot. For reiki, ask for Frank. For deep tissue/sports massage, ask for Brian, Lindsey or Tom. I can't comment on the swedish, I don't care for that type of massage too much. You can get those anywhere and is much easier to find a CMT for that. - Accept spafinder certificates Facials are good- ask for Sharron - Clean rooms, heated beds are awesome. Cons: Front desk staff can be horrible. I've been charged the wrong amounts on my credit card, given incorrect information re certificate acceptance, membership add ons. On the bright side, they've resolved them but at times slowly. Getting a printout of activity is a hassle. This type of information should be easily accessible.
April 29, 2011
Massage On The Fly
Massage Envy is the McDonalds of spas. It's a huge nationwide chain and a good place to get a massage or facial if you need one on the fly. By that, I mean if you can't get an appointment at a more favored spa of your choice. They always welcome walk-ins, but then you run the risk of getting the "frat boy" therapists referenced by an earlier reviewer. She may have made an appointment, but either way, I feel bad for her! You go for a relaxing experience, not for a humiliating one! With that said, I'd go back because the prices are reasonable and I love the Murad products that they use and sell.
April 23, 2011
Not trained properly
The massage was so-so. Didn't use the kneading methods properly, and felt kind of weak and just rubbing lotion. I expected more, since there treatments are more for massages and improving physical health/muscle improvement, compared to other place that are for skin, like salt scrubs, etc. The atmosphere itself was OK, clean, nice to wait around in. But I'd prefer a more professional staff.
March 25, 2011
Entirely Unprofessional; I'll Never Visit Another Massage Envy Again.
I booked a double room for my sister and myself. The therapists who worked on us were entirely unprofessional, behaving like rowdy frat brothers from the moment we met them. After we changed, the therapists came back in and did not stop talking throughout the massage. Not only were they talking, but they were flirting - BIG TIME. Both my sister and I were incredibly uncomfortable. The guy doing my massage apparently needed more training in draping (making sure that the client is covered appropriately). Rather than lifting the sheet so that I was exposed to the wall as I rolled over, he lifted it and exposed me to both my sister and the other therapist. As if all this weren't enough, a few days later, my sister's therapist used her personal information to look her up on Facebook and ask her out. We were both livid, so I called to complain. It took forever to get a phone call back from the manager and when she did finally call, she offered to have me come back. (Right. Like I'm going to set foot in that place again.) Her attitude seemed to be, "So what?" She ended up sending me two vouchers for the spa in Hillsboro. I didn't use them. I can't say enough bad things about Massage Envy. I tell anyone who asks to go somewhere else.
March 22, 2011
I went here two times for a prenatal massage prenatal they both were kinda weak, spent a lot of time on my head. I didnt subscribe but if you do the deals are good
February 17, 2011
Great Massages
I have been a member of this spa for 10 months and it's wonderful. The therapists are able to customize a massage to focus on specific areas only. The hours are a plus (7 days a week and open until late). The value is great. Finally the knots in my back are gone!
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