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Customer Reviews for Positive Touch Triad (11)

July 2, 2013
Wonderful Experience!!
I am 56 and my feet and hands are crippled from a degenerative nerve disease. I tried the reflexology massage with Donny Frazier. Not only did it reduce the pain in my feet, but almost completely took away the pain in my back. I sleep better now and am more relaxed. Reflexology really works! I am now a regular client, and have seen my overall health improve. Donny Frazier, who is the owner, is kind and compassionate. I have had to reschedule a couple of times, and he has worked with me every time. I highly recommend this spa and Donny.
October 3, 2012
Spa is improving
When I first visited this business at their old location, I have to agree with a lot of the other posters on this site about the dirty and cluttered rooms, thin, torn and mismatched sheets, etc but since moving to their new location behind their old one, things have improved somewhat. Nicer atmosphere, cleaner, water is available, etc. If you go, ask for Verrick, the new male therapist. He applies a lot of deep firm pressure if that is what you are looking for. Donnie, the owner, and other therapists talk all the way through the massage. Very unprofessional. Didn't they ever tell you in massage school that you are only supposed to be talking about what is going on with the massage and not anything else? - Ex: too soft, too hard, etc. First time I went, Donnie ran on about how the air conditioning went bad and how much the bill was. Hello, I came here to escape from my problems for awhile, not hear about yours. I know you like to talk, but not during my massage that I'm paying for. That's why I ask for Verrick now. Only reason I go is because I have the Groupons. They keep running the Groupons every 3-4 mo or so. I think they sold way too many when they first opened, like over 1000 so I think they over sold them.
August 14, 2012
Not even going to use my second Groupon
I bought two Groupons for massages at this spa - one for a couples massage and one for just me. We booked the couples massage online, so the booking went smoothly. But that was all that went well. The location was hard to find because there was no clear signage. When we arrived, no one greeted us. We sat in the waiting area for 40 minutes. We looked in the back areas for a person (the areas were cluttered and dirty). Finally, I wrote a note to leave on the front desk. As we were leaving (40 minutes after our appointment time), the therapists arrived as we were walking out. They talked to each other for about another 15 minutes before showing us to the massage room. They didn't consult with us at all on what we wanted to get from the massage. Almost a full hour after our appointment, our massages started. And the therapists spent the whole hour talking to each other. They never shut up. And they were talking about things that made me uncomfortable (visiting strip clubs, for example). The experience was the worst I have ever had at a spa. I will never go back here, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone else (regardless of how cheap the Groupons may be). Groupons are all that is keeping this place in business.
August 14, 2012
Bad experience
I would not recomend this place to anyone even for free: very dirty place, poor customer service and not pleasant massage at all.
August 14, 2012
Spa has gotten better
I have been here a few times. Getting the first groupon booked was a bit rough, but after that I had no issues getting an appointment. The staff had been overbooked with groupons for a while, but seems to have learned to manage them better. Thh service itself was wonderful and the staff surely knows what they are doing in their profession. A receptionist would go a long way.
July 20, 2012
I had a wonderful time with Varrick. He hit all the right spots and I walked out completely relaxed and totally satisfied. I'm looking forward to my next visit!
June 3, 2012
This could be soooo much better.
If this business would only get its act together and take itself seriously, I think the potential is there for a quality spa. As it is now, it took me 3 months to book my Groupon appt--no one would return my e-mail requests or my voicemails to their business phone. When I went in for my visit, there were several women waiting, not enough chairs and many of us were overbooked. My reflexology was great, but prior to it I was left in a foot soak for 20 min while the owner took calls on his cell. I liked the space and decor, but among the pretty furnishings and quality products (dottera oils and diffuser--very pricey), the sink area, massage room and foot room are all cluttered and messy with items. It doesn't seem like any care, precision or intent is placed on the owners to have quality and professionalism here. I see potential, but little focus.
March 15, 2012
Worst experience ever!
So I purchased a Groupon deal for 70 min that included Reflexology (the reason I bought it). I called them to setup an apt, no answer, so left them a message. A week later I called again and this time I was able to book one. 1- so I went to my apt, and my bad only two men were working there...So I asked for a female therapist and was told I had to reschedule, so we did. 2- I go in there 5 min early and no one is be seen. I waited 25 min then left them a note and left. The therapist called apologizing that she had left me a message few hours earlier at home but of course I was already gone. No big deal, she promises me a 90 min because it was her fault. 3- I get there 10 early to get my extra 10 min, I give the forms already filled they were put on the table and never looked at! Once inside and the massage started, I found out I was only getting a 60 min and no Reflexology...but that's included..right? So apparently when I asked for a female, they it took out and reduced my time to 60 without asking me!! When I tried to talk to the owner to get my 10 min of reflexology, he said that I paid only this much in the groupon and noway he would add it because it would cost him! AND I got pink eye at night from the unclean sheets!
March 10, 2012
I will never ever ever again in my life visit this place or even recommend it to anyone ever. First of all when i got there no one was there. I walked through the whole building, no one inside, then i walked next door to confirm i was at the right place. My appointment was at 3:00 and no one showed up until 3:25. By this time i was already pissed. If i didn't purchase a deal from groupon i would've left after 5 minutes. The guy came in asked me if I had been greeted, hello do you see anyone in here. Then after he greeted me he gets on the phone. Finally get back to the room, all the things the guy said he was going to do as part of my deal i already paid for didnt even do it, then when he remembers he asked me why didn't i remind him. I couldn't even enjoy my massage because he talked to me the whole time so i never got relaxed and i honestly think he touched me in places that he wasn't supposed to. I paid for a Swedish massage and i don't think he should've had his hands on anything past my back, so that really pissed me off. The service was awful and i will never go to this place again. O and the guy tried to get me to tell my friends about this place, but said not to tell them about the wait. I was like are you serious. Do not go here
November 13, 2011
HORRIBLE Experience!
I would recommend that you greet your customers when they walk in (one man on the phone & a woman just hanging around/cleaning didn't speak to me for 10 mins.). Finally, I was given a really pitiful intake form to fill out after 15 mins. of MY massage time had passed by. Then your massage therapist didn't even discuss the client intake form with me before beginning the massage. Supposedly she "looked" over it while I was undressing, which is too late to be discussing contraindications/preferences, etc. with your client. The massage therapist applied way more massage cream than was needed, so she had no grip on the muscle tissue & then I was all greasy when I got off the table. The treatment room was dirty & haphazardly decorated. Cream or candle wax on the floor, mismatched art on the walls (what little there was), too much unnecessary clutter on the side table, the linens were torn & mismatched colors/fabrics. I was never offered an extra blanket to go over the thin, cheap, torn top sheet, so I was too cold throughout the massage. The massage ended after an hr. & 15 mins., so I was cheated of 15 mins. of my massage time I payed for. I was never offered any water after the 75 min. massage & never had it suggested to me that I would need to drink plenty of water afterwards. I would suggest you setup a water cooler at your front door, at least then your customers would have something there that made them feel welcome & cared for. When I left, the therapist was on her cell phone but not too busy to receive her tip of course & the woman who never greeted me to begin with was sitting up front & still didn't say anything when I left. But then again, at that point, I really didn't care, just wanted to get out of there! Would I recommend your place of business? Of course NOT.
Kiki G
August 24, 2011
I booked my massage through Groupon for a wonderful price. Once I arrived, the customer service was wonderful. Due to having small children, the normal day to day activities can be overwhelming. However , the service did me justice and rejuvinated me back to normal. I love the professionalism this company shows and will definitely be a regular customer. Thanks again Positive Touch !
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