Faces European Skin Care

Faces European Skin Care

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8110 West 3rd Street,
Los Angeles, CA 90048
United States
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+1(323) 852-1166x

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Mon: Closed Tues: 9:30am  -  6pm Wed: 9:30am  -  6pm Thu: 9:30am  -  7:30pm Fri: 9:30am  -  6pm Sat: 9am  -  6pm Sun: Closed
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Customer Reviews for Faces European Skin Care (2)

February 22, 2011
Fastest, least painful bikini wax
I have been going to Faces European for about 6 years. I always book with Marina. She is the best! I always get the full bikini wax (also known as the Playboy). It is the fastest, least painful wax I have ever gotten. The price is exceptional. Other places I've gone to charge more or are more painful. At one place I went to that was cheaper, the technician had a problem with waxing "private areas" even though she said she did bikini waxes. It was a very uncomfortable experience. At Faces, they are very open about their services. I do not feel embarassed there at all!
August 5, 2006
The Customer is not always right at Faces...
The waxing at Faces is very professional and fast. Least painful Brazilian Bikini Wax I have ever received. I have always been happy with the waxing services there. However on my last visit I was informed I had scheduled a different treatment than what I had really scheduled. The staff was argumentative and would not admit to making a mistake on the booking putting all the blame for the confusion on me. I found this to be very unprofessional. Even after getting the treatment the staff insisted I did schedule at checkout the staff member kept insisting that I was the one in the wrong and not her. I was very put off by this as this staff member had always been so professional in the past. I let it go and smiled knowing I will not be returning. Overall the services there are good. I have always been happy with the waxing and facials. If you are looking for a spa type experience this is not the place for you. It is small and does not have the amenities of a world class spa..but if you are looking for more individualized treatment and a cozier atmosphere then you may like Faces. Like most places there is a push to use their products. At every visit an new product was suggested to me. Even when I said I did not need any products there was a push to try a new one.
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