Salon & Spa on Spring Creek

Salon & Spa on Spring Creek

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1476 S. Bryant Ave.,
Edmond, OK 73034
United States
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+1(405) 216-9200

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Customer Reviews for Salon & Spa on Spring Creek (3)

September 18, 2012
Salon and Spa Lover
We moved to Edmond from Illinois about 3 1/2 years ago. I started having my nails done at Salon and Spa as soon as we moved here. Roxanne is wonderful and I have standing appointments with her. I had tried a couple of the suppose "best" salons in OKC for my hair. Even after giving them 3 or 4 chances I was very unhappy with the end results. I finally decided that I was happy with my nails why not try having my hair done there. I have been going to Beth, who is also wonderful, for about 2 1/2 years and have a standing appointment for that too. Over the last couple of years I have had numerous pedicures and massages (Charyece) with very happy results. Salon and Spa is wonderful. The staff has always been friendly while offering great service. Couldn't be happier with Salon and Spa, and it is great to get all the services that I want at one location.
July 8, 2012
Overall Average Experience
First I must say that if it wasn't for massage therapist Charysse, my answer to "would you visit again?" would be a 'no'. The ladies at the front desk were cold and unfriendly, which was a surprise because when I called to make my appointment, and spoke with Mary Kate (I think?) she was nothing but friendly and extremely helpful! I took advantage of their great spa package of a 30 minute massage and mani/pedi. Charysse was my massage therapist and she was fantastic! My mani/pedi left a lot to be desired. The pedicure room was not very clean, the job was rushed, and my technician cut me in two different places with the pumice brush. My manicure looks like I did it (that's not saying much). I would not return for a mani/pedi - ever. I will probably return for Charysse, but here's hoping I don't have to interact with many others on my visit.
March 27, 2006
massage and manicure
This past saturday girlfreind purchased me an hour full body swedish massage and a sports manicure. We arrived about twenty min early and sat in the waiting area out front and my sports manicure was started right on time. The manicure was accomplished very well by very pleasent staff. Nail specialist was very fast but very accomplished, a great mix. No waiting after the manicure and the hour long massage was great. No offers for a facial or abdomenal massage but this did not detract from the over-all experience. A few times the massage therapist used deep pressure against the venous flow on the arms, (from the shoulder towards the hands). This can cause vein damage along the same lines as vericose veins but after being corrected, therapist did a great overall job. The spa over-all was neat, clean, and uncluttered. A few of my pet peeves. I used a gift certificate but when going to tip was informed that I could not tip by credit card. Very unfortunate for the service providers, bad planning and bad policy on the part of the spa manager.
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