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Customer Reviews for Zero Gravity Fitness (1)

August 19, 2011
Uncalled For...
My wife has been a member at Zero Gravity on and off since they opened and loves the instructors and friends she has made there. She attended a recent Pilates class however, and upon arrival was told that she only had one session left on her current program. After checking her notes, my wife reminded the desk attendant of a conversation that cleared her of the no-show for which they had her noted. The female owner (Sara) got involved and reluctantly agreed to a credit for the error. The class was beginning to start and they all agreed to discuss the other discrepancy afterward. Instead of waiting until it was finished however, Sara chose to interrupt the group in the middle of a reformer session to deliver my wife her client record in front of everyone. Following the class, my wife reviewed the record and found that the other class, for which they showed her signed in, was one that she could not have possibly been available to attend. Our oldest daughter was overseas and we had used no sitters for the entire time she was gone. When she tried to approach Sara with her findings, she was called a liar and things escalated from there. Sara called in her husband and began to berate my wife, continuing to call her a liar and accusing her of trying to get a free session. (Keep in mind this is over $24.00). At one point the husband (Leo) actually ripped the gym towel out of my wife's hands demanding that she leave immediately and never come back. My wife said she was not leaving without a refund for all three sessions. Sara returned, slamming the money on the desk and demanding my wife to sign as proof; then yelled at her again and demanded she leave. When my wife got to the car and counted the money, she realized that they had accidentally over paid her by $20.00. While most people would have left with the extra money, my wife went back inside to return the twenty dollars in a gesture of good faith. When she turned to leave however, instead of being grateful, Sara again followed her outside and continued to humiliate my wife in public. While this behavior is out of character of what she has experienced with them over the past few years, I am amazed that any business owner in today's economy would choose this approach over a $24.00 fee. Understanding that time often allows for clearer heads to prevail, I have made an effort to contact Leo prior to this posting in hopes that he would at least apologize for the behavior. To date he has not returned my call. If you choose to do business with this establishment, I highly suggest keeping good notes. While my wife has no plans to return in the future, she will greatly miss her instructor and the friends she made there along the way. A simple apology could have kept any of this from being necessary.
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