Donna Marie's: A Massage Wellness Spa

Donna Marie's: A Massage Wellness Spa

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754-756 Boston Post Road,
Milford, CT 06460
United States
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Customer Reviews for Donna Marie's: A Massage Wellness Spa (14)

May 24, 2013
Unprofessional!!! Time-waster
I booked an appt for my mom. My mom showed up, the door was locked. There was a note on the door saying the therapist may be in session, so wait. She waited outside for 20mins, called twice. Left a message. No answer, never called back. Totally disrespectful of others time. Seriously, is this how you run a business? Understand you may miss an appt but atleast have the courtesy to callback and explain. Please dont waste anyone's time. Now I can understand all the bad reviews. You have no respect for your clients-to-be.
June 27, 2012
Bad Business! Inconsiderate!
I had been going to the spa for facials and waxing specifically to see Mardi for several years. I have been very happy with her service - although i was never impressed with the atmosphere - She has always done a fantastic job and I swore by her service... She is amazing! I even had a monthly standing appointment to see her. However, When Mardi had apparently left the spa and moved on to a new location, the person confirming my standing appointment didn't even bother to tell me it would be with someone else!! How rude! I had expected to see MY esthetician - whom i had developed a relationship with .... it was completely unprofessional to spring someone new upon me without even mentioning it in the conformation! I searched the internet and was able to find Mardi at her new spa. I will NEVER go back to Donna Marie's!
Response from Donna Marie's: A Massage Wellness Spa
On behalf of Donna Marie's we would like customers and guests to know that unfortunately someone is writting false reviews on our Spa. We always inform our clients if they will be working with someone else. This is the proper thing to do. It's the clients discretion if they want to be with someone else. Mardi is no longer at Donna Marie's and all her clients were told this. Some have continued on at our Spa and some have decided to follow her. That is the clients decision. We have no reason not to tell the client(s) of an ex employee not being with us anymore. So please stop with the false statements about our Spa. We are here to help our clients feel Relaxed and Pampered! So please whoever you are please find something else to do and stop trying to write untrue things about our BUSINESS!
May 18, 2012
Not what it used to be... What a shame
I recently went back to Donna Marie's for a day of relaxation and was shocked to see the space downsized by half. when you walk in, u have SQUEEZE by the corner of the reception desk then there is hardly room to fit by other clients trying to pay or that are waiting also. The lobby was filthy with leaves and cobwebs and dusty grime. When i went in for my session, the sheets were worn and had a tear in them! i asked my therapist if they were even clean.... the massage wasnt bad, but the facility was a disgrace. You can hear people talking outside the rooms and in the next rooms. I was expecting a similar experience as i have had in the past which i did not get. A lot of the staff i remembered was not there anymore, the place is no longer fun and friendly and relaxing, it is a really half hearted attempt at being a day spa in my opinion. i will not be returning.
Response from Donna Marie's: A Massage Wellness Spa
Being the owner of Donna Marie's I can't believe that someone can go to the extremes and write such an awful thing about my Spa. Back in October of 2011 I had downsized my Spa. We are smaller but still give excellent service to our clients and take great pride in all our Spa Services. We have eliminated some staff due to poor performance and negativity that they were bringing into the Spa. Due to this change Donna Marie's has greatly improved and will continue to give our clients the best services that they deserve! Unfortunately sometimes when an employee has been let go of their job due to unsatisfactory performance they attack back in a negative way. I just want everyone to know that Donna Marie's is a Professional, Caring, and Clean Day Spa offering the best in all your pampering needs.
October 24, 2011
Above and beyond Facial experience
I love my facials and love them even more when the person I have is skilled, professional, friendly, and gives good results. My face looked and felt better and I had gotten what I came for. Foresee myself coming back...soon
March 16, 2011
Frequent Customer
I have been going to Donna Marie's Spa for over 5 years, I am a standing Nail Client of Mardi Fletcher. I have read the reviews of two other clients and i am not sure who they had seen when they were at the spa, but I see Mardi specifically on a bi-weekly schedule, and have NEVER had any problem with her service quality or cleanliness....she even unwraps a brand new file at every appointment. i know there were a few short term manicurists that had come thru working at the spa and never lasted very long, so i assume that those appointments must have been with one of those random fill in manicurists. Mardi is great and does great work. Donna, the owner, and her additional staff are wonderful as well. I have had massage with several of the LMT's and facials and waxing with Mardi as well as my nails done every other week with her. I am a very happy customer and will continue to be at the spa on a frequent basis! the atmosphere is cozy, relaxing and i feel very comfortable there. The receptionist is very attentive and I am very well taken care of. I recommended any service at Donna Marie's, the price value and quality is wonderful!
Amisha K
August 24, 2010
I got a gift card from SpaFinder and used it to get one of the massage/facial/mani/pedi packages. The massage and facial were good, but the manicure and pedicure were easily the worst I have ever had in my life. The manicurist had no idea what she was doing or where anything was, they had a terrible selection of nail polishes, and all of the tools they used were dirty - not even an attempt to clean them!! I literally had to tell the girl not to perform some of the pedicure procedures because it was grossing me out. And then I promptly returned home and had to re-do my nails because they came out so bad. Overall, the mani/pedi ruined my experience. If you want a massage or facial, go there. If you are planning to do anything with your nails, stay away!
August 22, 2010
Bad experience
Bad experience-First time there to get a maincure. Technician didn't know what she was doing, and it looked terrible. I won't be back.
December 26, 2009
Here's a keeper!!
I live in New York City, however my boyfriend lives in Connecticut. I decided to give him a Spa finder gift card for a back massage. I picked this spa based on the reviews and the location. I must SAY (and I've been to many Spas in New York city) this is one of the best I visited so far here in CT as well as New York city. Customer Service is really good and the staff are really nice. The environment is calm and soothing, the employees are focus and polite. During my facial one of the employees even asked me if I wanted something to drink( a little of this goes a long way believe it or not!) I've been to spas for a WHOLE day of treatment(Spending more than $200.00 and if I don't ask, they would not offer . Here I spend less than $80.00 and they offered. The location is very convenient, the establishment is not very big and when you first see the outside you might say to yourself "Is this place a spa?" it looks more like a beauty salon but believe me this demonstrates that looks are deceiving. The services are great and the prices are AMAZING!!! A++++++ WOULD DEFIANTLY GO AGAIN. When I came on I noticed they didn't have their website on here I found it, this is it ....take a look at the prices they are great!!!!
August 28, 2009
Everything about Mardi is True! Spa is Very Nice too!
I visited the spa based on the reviews i read here on spa finder and a recommendation of a friend. Mardi Fletcher was apparently the girl to see and I am glad to report all the good talk is backed up by good service! Mardi is a delight! She is very skilled technically and a treat to converse with while having my Pedicure. My Facial service was also wonderful and relaxing. Mardi gave me product recommendations for my skin, and never pressured me to purchase anything, even recommended things her spa doesn't even retail but gave me websites and store names where I could go to purchase. It is obvious that She really cares about the client and what their needs are. I will absolutely be back to see her and I am pleased to pass on the word about Mardi! The Spa is quaint and cozy with plenty of parking. I met several massage therapists and look forward to exploring the spa menu further!
February 27, 2009
Mardi Is Fantastic! Excellent Waxing!
It has to be said that Mardi Fletcher is just wonderful. I have been to her 3 times now for waxing and it is always a pleasant experience. Mardi discusses and pays attention to my needs and moves fast while keeping up a fun conversation. I am in and out in what seems like no time at all! Even getting a more "personal" waxing done, Mardi is very professional and never makes me feel awkward. Her wax service lasts me almost 4 weeks! Money well spent! I definitely recommend Mardi Fletcher. I am very happy with her services so far, I am planning on trying out her other services at the Spa too!
May 6, 2007
Relaxing and Rejunvinating
While on vacation I got to visit the spa, I had a facial and a massage. The facial was to die for. I've have had facials, as I have worked in the spa business, but this was amazing. I was so relaxed from the minute I was put in the room, the music, the atmosphere.. it was just what I need and it literally made my entire vacation. Mardi Fletcher is the best aesthetician I have come in contact with. She knows what she is doing and makes the whole experience wonderful. I was also able to recieve a chair massage, which was honestly one of the best I have ever had.
March 23, 2007
Waxing Quick and good!
Mardi has a way to make, the" Brazilian" waxing experience, a peace of cake and that is an art ! The Manicure and Pedicure sessions are very relaxing and well done too.
November 30, 2006
Supreme Facial!
I have been to many a Spa for facials and waxing over the years, From here on, I will only see Mardi Fletcher..... I recieved antiaging firming facial and I loved the results. Her Facials are absolutely to die for! Mardi is very much focused on my comfort and my individual service, and She is educated to know exactly what needs to be done to achive it. Her extractions are gentle and thorough, Her touch is amazing! The neck and Shoulder massage included in the service is a fabulous finally. I reccomend her to anyone seeking superior Service.
October 7, 2006
Very Pleased
I am not sure where to begin.. is it from the friendly voice that calls to remind you of your schedled appointment 1 day in advance, is it the warm and cozy atmosphere of the facility and the cheerful greeter that awaits your arrival, or is it the fact that there is ample parking, or that the owner is very visible at the facility and genuinely cares about your satisfaction.. well, I think for me its all of that and it is topped off with the exceptional nail experience that I had. Mardi Fletcher, took my dull looking short nails and gave me a full set of BEAUTIFUL french manicured organic nails. I was so excited that while shopping in Macy's (immediatly after my nail appt), I told the clerk that she must go to this place and gave her one of the business cards. I will be taping OUR LIVES TV show today and I am so proud to be sporting a beautiful, well manicured set of nails. Thanks for making me a very happy client. I will be back and so will others.. Word of mouth is the best advertisement. Again, much thanks to Mardi and the staff.
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