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Portland, OR 97205
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Customer Reviews for Spa Sasse' (26)

September 22, 2014
Pretty Solid
I haven't used a whole lot of different services here but it seems pretty straightforward. The locale is convenient, though the atmosphere lacks a little something conducive to relaxation for me. You may be immediately accosted for spare change among walking out, so if that's anti-relaxing... sorry. That, however, has nothing to do with the service, which is fine. It's a pretty expensive spa for this city. However, it is close to many amenities and they run good deals sometimes for various services.
June 3, 2014
This is an amazing place to spend the day, went in for their couples spa day package, the bath was perfect and very romantic, the massage was literally out of this world both me and my wife loved it. The cherry on top of it all was the vichi shower treatment i have never felt anything as awesome as that. You seriously have to try it. The spa is in downtown Portland but you would never be able to tell, this really is as the owners portray an oasis of calm in the heart of the city, Just remember to turn your cell phones off so you arent as embarrassed as i was when mine went off :) the music is very relaxing and the lighting was perfect. Thank you Spa Sasse' for making my three year anniversary perfect!
March 16, 2014
Spa Lover
I work and travel internationally and one of my things is to go to spas; Barbados, Grenada, Jamaica, Morocco, Germany.... Spa Sasse is my thing when I am home in Portland. I love this spa for treatments like the LomiLomi massage and especially the photo facials and the to die for RF which they have not only for the face but also the whole body. Love this spa!
August 2, 2013
Awesome Staycation Getaway
My wife and I booked a Couples Spa Day during a recent staycation this year. Having decided to vacation in our own backyard we had an opportunity to indulge in the finer dining and services offered in Portland. On day we decided on a Spa getaway right downtown and we were blown away at Spa Sasse'. The check in and treatments were all professionally performed. Yet, if I can put into words the experience of the Rain Treatment it was the closest thing to an out-of-body feeling I ever had. My wife and I still talk about that and loved it immensely.
June 29, 2013
Don't know why this is so highly rated on this site.
For more up to date reviews on this spa - check yelp. The reviews here are a year or more older. I had the most overpriced, worst spa experience of my life. They charge to get your shellac nail polish removed as an extra to a shellac manicure and again fo the pedicure. What normally costs me 70.00 totoal for a shellac mani/pedi in a clean, hygienic environment in New York City cost me $150.00 here. I'll make it easier on every one - go to yelp for the real deal review. The staff were confused and the place needs to be cleaned and the owners need to stop taking advantage of people with their over priced services with immature/poorly trained aestheticians. VERY disappointed. T hey don't even provide robes or any niceties of a day spa. I would not reecommend this place to anyone. If the hotel you are staying at in Portland Oregon recommends this ask for another suggestion.
July 13, 2012
Downtown Spa, with OK products
Be careful of the stairs down to the spa, they're steep. At first, there was no receptionist and I had to wait around for a little bit. Someone popped out and greeted me to the couch where she offered me some nice tea. After a few minutes of filling out paperwork, I was taken to my treatment room. I did get a great microdermabrasion facial, but the mask at the end felt a bit underwhelming. Usually my masks that I get are prepared then and applied via brush. But it seemed like her product came straight out of a bottle, which I guess I could've done myself. Overall, I was very relaxed and had a great time!
April 12, 2012
The massage was awesome and the therapist did a great job throughout the experience.
April 3, 2012
Gret job with a group
My friend was looking for a place that would take a larger group of people for spa appointments so my friends and I could enjoy my birthday. After she did a bunch of calling around she found that Spa Sasse was more than happy to accommodate our group (which ended up being 6 people). We all were getting different treatments and they did a great job of keeping people moving around
March 27, 2012
Crescendo Package
I go for the Crescendo package. My hubby and I go every year when we visit and make it a couples package. The massage has been really good every time and I love the relaxing atmosphere. We had a hydrotherapy bath one time as well.
March 19, 2012
The massages and facials have truly been heavenly and left me feeling completely refreshed. Their products are of the highest quality and make my skin feel amazing. Actually, I have yet to be disappointed with any treatment/service I've received there. As far as prices go, I find their prices comparable to other spas that I have been to in the past and going there, at least I can be certain that my money is being well spent.
March 14, 2012
Couples spa day
A co-worker told me about the couples spa day, so I took my husband for our anniversary and WOW. Fantastic massage and the water treatment was out of this world! The food was great, the staff was great, the whole day was great. We will be back!
March 6, 2012
Do go in
When you walk by this spa, it doesn't look like much from the outside, but DO go in! My first sensory treat was the wonderful aromas that filled my olfactory system as I entered ~ from all the bath bombs and sea salts they sell. It's much, much larger inside than it looks from the outside. I was greeted by friendly staff and picked up a brochure. After perusing the extensive menu of services, I chose a massage, facial and a pedicure. They were able to get me in right away and escorted me into the back where I changed into a soft white robe & slippers, relaxed with some hot tea, munched a few cookies and filled out a form.
February 28, 2012
Quick and Friendly
My goal in getting a massage is to loosen up my overly stiff body. This spa has done a better job of this for me than others I have tried. The staff is friendly and quick to tailor my massage to address my issues, and I really appreciate this I find it very calm and relaxing here!!!
February 23, 2012
As promised I am writing again about my follow up massage at Spa Sasse. Once again it was incredible. I took an hour off work in the afternoon and walked down to the spa. They were on time and very friendly. The place looks great. I don't know who tied those two girl's panties into a knot but they are wrong about this place. It is clean and just what the doctor ordered for a relaxing experience. Also, the location is perfect if you work downtown. Try it .
September 6, 2011
Go elsewhere for laser hair removal
Their laser type (with a carbon rub, supposedly good for all skin and hair types) was ineffective and caused my skin to be rough and scaly. I have had laser before at other salons with good results, this is not how laser treatments are supposed to be. Go to another salon with a better laser and avoid damaging your skin! Also, the salon owner/ manager (Sara) was incredibly rude. I bought a package through Groupon that she put out as an advertisement, then tried to not honor. I wish I has walked away, instead of giving them more money to damage my skin. Find another salon! Laser treatments are great, just not here!
May 24, 2011
I have been going to Spa Sasse for sometime now. I really love it there. It is an oasis of quite in busy downtown Portland. I enjoy the facials and massages the best. I went in with a REALLY sore hip today. Sara my massuse was back from a massage training mission in Hawaii. She did the best job helping release the tension in my hip and the rest of my body. The preasure was perfect. The room was full of relaxing music. The spa was clean and nicely decorated. The only draw back was parking but I now know there is a parking lot right across the street!!!!
November 10, 2010
Portland Ladies Trip Nov '10
After a 4 day woman's retreat to Portland we booked spa appt's. As we walked down the stairs we noticed dirty towels/robes overflowing onto the floor from the cart. I am a full figure woman and the robe didn't cover me, they had no larger sizes. The towel placed over my front side on the table didn't completely cover my front side. The Cocoon treatment was a dream! My Swedish shower was cold after 2 minutes; I was standing in 3" of water due to the drain not working. 1 of the sprays didn't work. 1/3 of the mud was still on, had to use the towel to get it off since the hot water ran out. My pedicure was done by 2 different gals who argued about what needed to get done 1st. The older gal kept going back and forth between me and another gal using the same towel, foot file and didn't wash hands (which could spread fungus/warts/athlets foot etc. The gal who did most of my pedi kept talking about her dog she had to put down, a car accident and moving to AK to get out of there. I'm in a spa; I don't want to hear about their problems, I want to relax. My dog has one of the worst cancers and I don't need to hear about this lady putting her dog down. Overall not a pleasant experience. My friend didn't have hot water for her Vichy
October 8, 2010
Perfect Place for Couples
My boyfriend and I visited here for a retreat and some bonding. The staff here really knows how to make you unwind.
July 29, 2010
Should be called Spa Crappe`
My sister and I had booked pedis and manicures and while the pedis were enjoyable and felt nice, the two girls talked nonstop to teach other and complained about their boss, their schedules, and their boyfriends. It was terrible and so unprofessional. Then we went on to our manicures which turned out so horrible, a five year old could have done better. I'm serious. The color I picked turned out to be clumpy, yet the girl was using it anyway! Finally when I said, "Wow, looks like this is an OLD bottle... let's get something else," the girl insisted it would smooth out. Against my better judgement, I did not say anything more and had clumpy, thick, wet polished nails that did not dry despite the HOUR she had me sit with my hands under the lamp. She kept feeling it and obviously it was super tacky and would say, "hmmm, just a few more minutes." Well, after an hour, they were still tacky and she was DONE with me and basically ushered me out the door. Within half an hour, my nails were a complete wreck--how could they not be? It was like going around downtown and shopping and getting coffee with wet nails. I finally went back to complain to the desk receptionist and showed her my "manicure" (it has only been two hours now since I left) and she refused to give me my money back and instead only offered a gift certificate to come back. WHY WOULD I GO BACK? Terrible service. There are so many LOVELY spas in Portland--I highly recommend a different one. The whole experience was awful.
jari c
February 19, 2010
great experience
This is the first spa I ever visited and it was an excellent experience. as I have visited several more since, I found it could have been just a tad more "atmospheric", however, the treatments were well excuted and I considered going back for my wedding day treatments.
February 10, 2010
Slice of Heaven
I visited Spa Sasse on 2/6/2010 and had an Ocenage Replenishing Facial and an add-on Eye Delight Treatment. It was awesome! Enzie (not sure that's how she spells her name) was very thorough and I felt so relaxed. My hands and feet were bundled in warm wraps (an optional choice) and I actually fell asleep while my mask was firming up. The room I was in was very relaxing with great lighting (dim and soothing)--kinda old world European. The music was quite relaxing and very pleasant to listen to. My hour flew by--I was disappointed to have to go out into the real world again. And my face looked five years younger! I would definitely recommend Spa Sasse as a place to visit!! Liana
December 31, 2009
A little hard to find but worth the search. Received a gift card from my daughter in California who had heard great things from friends who had visited Portland. It was like leaving the normal world and going into my own private sanctuary. Sometimes awkward going to a new spa, the lovely staff was very welcoming and allow a little transition time which is very professional. The massage was worth twice the price. I have visited very high end spas in Hawaii and California and this met every expectation plus. Also it is local and convenient once you know where you are going : )
December 5, 2009
Awesome massage
Very friendly and accommodating. Very soothing atmosphere. My massage sent me to another plane of existence. Just what I needed! Can't wait to go back
December 3, 2009
Great place to relax in the city!
When you walk by this spa, it doesn’t look like much from the outside, but DO go in! My first sensory treat was the wonderful aromas that filled my olfactory system as I entered ~ from all the bath bombs and sea salts they sell. It’s much, much larger inside than it looks from the outside. I was greeted by friendly staff and picked up a brochure. After perusing the extensive menu of services, I chose a massage, facial and a pedicure. They were able to get me in right away and escorted me into the back where I changed into a soft white robe & slippers, relaxed with some hot tea, munched a few cookies and filled out a form. My first service was the massage. I have had many, many massages but this had to be the BEST massage ever! She was highly knowledgeable about several techniques and used a combination of them on me (I really love the stretching part!) and had a real gift for finding the sore spots and working them out. I was so relaxed! Next came the facial, and my esthetician also was highly knowledgeable. I had been feeling clogged and congested, and was somewhat worried about the facial part because I have experienced all kinds of nasty rashes and breakouts from past experiences, but am always open to try a new place. The product line she used was heaven, and my skin felt great afterwards. No pushy sales of products, either. (Which I really appreciate). Lastly, my pedicure. I was escorted to a massaging pedicure throne with whirlpool bath, very nice. My pedicurist seemed to actually enjoy giving me a pedicure. (I cannot imagine that!) My feet were soft as a baby’s bottom when she finished and my polish job was perfect. All in all, it was a great experience for me and I highly recommend this spa. The décor is nice but not over-ritzy. Even though it’s right downtown, it is very quiet and soothing. The staff is pleasant and welcoming but not overly-so. There is no feeling of snootiness or pushing of products. If you want to relax downtown Portland, this is the place.
November 12, 2009
Left a bad taste
We came here a few years ago for my cousin's bachelorette party. We planned to spend some girl time getting mani-pedis and drinking bubbly. However, it was a little difficult with the distracting staff. Most of them seemed very unpleasant with work and their boss, since they were complaining about her, while treating us! It definitely did not add any serenity to our treatments. I hope by now the dynamics of the staff have changed and they have happier employees or a friendlier boss.
July 17, 2008
Great experience with a variety of services
I first visited Spa Sasse a few years ago when my husband bought me a massage. The storefront is unassuming from street level, but walking down the stairs into their escape from the city you immediately feel like you're visiting somewhere special. They somehow manage to make it welcoming and relaxing without going overboard on the aromatherapy and mood music cliches like some spas do. I have had several massages from different LMTs (I like to mix it up!) and they've all been fantastic. The massage rooms are small but very comfortable and posh. If you arrive early, here is a quiet waiting separate from the main reception area, where you'll be treated to a drink and very comfy couch. I'm not a big chatter, and I've had LMTs at other spas that want to talk the whole time...but never had to worry about that here. The LMTs are responsive to my requests for where to focus, level of intensity, etc. One of my favorite things at Spa Sasse is their pedicure. They do a great job really scrubbing your feet smooth, give a wonderful foot & calf massage with super-silky body butter, and somehow manage to make the polish stay on my nails longer than anyone else. I'm hard on my feet - I run, play volleyball on sandy courts in bare feet, etc - and can still go 4 weeks between pedis because the polish doesn't chip or crack. Money well spent! Overall - highly recommended!
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