Oasis Ultimate Spa & Salon, The

Oasis Ultimate Spa & Salon, The

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640 Harvest Park Drive, Suite F & G
Brentwood, CA 94513
United States
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+1(925) 240-6274

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Mon: 9am  -  2pm Tues: 8:30am  -  8pm Wed: 8:30am  -  8pm Thu: 8:30am  -  8pm Fri: 8:30am  -  8pm Sat: 8:30am  -  8pm Sun: 10am  -  3pm
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Customer Reviews for Oasis Ultimate Spa & Salon, The (13)

January 25, 2012
Greatest Massage EVER
I received a SpaFinder gift certificate for my birthday and was not sure where to go. I went onto the SpaFinder website and found The Oasis. I read their reviews and decided to book an appointment. Best choice EVER!! From the parking lot the spa doesn't look very big and doesn't look like it has a lot to offer but looks are deceiving. This place is great! This was my first time ever getting a massage but I'm so glad I went to The Oasis. From the moment I walked in, to the moment I walked out, it was a GREAT experience. The receptionist was very friendly and professional. She explained everything to me and gave me a tour, made me feel very comfortable. I went into the locker room changed into my robe and slippers and waited in their relaxing and beautiful lounge area for Jackson who would be the person to give me my massage. For my first experience I have to say Jackson was GREAT! He asked me about my problem areas, which was my back. He worked out all the kinks. Great work Jackson! Thank you!!! I'm already letting my family/friends know that this year for my birthday I want an Oasis gift card. Can't wait to go back!!
May 13, 2011
First vist
I went to get a masage it was my first time from the minute I walked. The receptionest was friendly and made me feel welcomed. the atmosphere was warm and the people i talked to very friendly. will defenitly go back again
September 30, 2010
I love the Oasis
I first went to The Oasis for a massage six years ago. I was a stressed out bride-before-the-big-day and this was SOOOOO awesome. I have since been back for several other massages and am planning to call and book another one today. I've had their prenatal massage two or three times with different pregnancies, whirlpool bath before a massage, I love this place. Everyone is courteous and professional and you can hardly even tell from the waiting area that they do hair here as well. My only two issues are that I always seem to get lost in their maze of back rooms (although I get lost everywhere anyway!) and the whirlpool bath was WAY HOT!!! I have NEVER had a bad experience here and I have been visiting for a long time although not as often as I would like!!! Go to The Oasis. You will never want to spend your massage money anywhere else.
February 5, 2010
Great day spa
Oasis Ultimate Day Spa is a great place to relax for the entire day or just for 1 service. This day spa is nice with it's full service salon, massage and Facials. Love going there!!!
January 11, 2010
sketchy mani/pedi
i have been a customer at this spa several times in the past for many services, however, im basing my review soley off of my last visit in august for a mani/pedi because im fuming. i decided to treat myself to something nice because i was going thru a really rough time in my life... oasis was under construction when i went in, and instead of my normal relaxing private room experience, i was set in a wicker chair right where the rinsing bowls for hair were. there werent any colors to select from, and the girl did a terrible job on my nails... i ended up redoing my toes when i got home. the kicker? They charged me FULL price for half the experience! I then emailed the owner and explained how unhappy i was, and NEVER got a response which i find extremely rude and unprofessional for such an "upscale" salon and day spa. I was very displeased with this experience and spent way too much to be ignored.
December 26, 2009
Spa Finder Facial
I applied for and received a couple of SPAFInder cards; one for $50 and one for $100. I was really looking forward to a nice facial. I called this spa and booked an appointment. I was told my facial would be with one person (I can't remember her name.) When I arrived, I was greeted by a woman sitting at the desk. She spoke with a baby talk kind of voice. She seemed really superficial. I told her I was here to see so-and-so and she said that woman was not here today. The person doing facials was another woman and was that ok? I said it didn't matter to me since I hadn't been there before. She acted like it was my mistake that I had the wrong name. I sat and waited and as I sat, I listened to the people in the hair cutting area. There was a lot of gossip going on and some bad words. I have no idea if customers were speaking or employees, but it didn't put me at ease. I got my facial, which was good, and I proceeded to pay with my spa finder card. The service was $75. I was going to pay with my $100 card and save the balance for something else. The receptionist told me I had to use the entire balance (which was news to me.) Then she asked, "Did you just want the rest to go for tip?) $25 for tip on a $75 service? I mean I usually tip 20%, but that would still only be $15. I was taken aback. I didn't have a good experience and I was very dissappointed.
June 25, 2009
Nirvana, Yes much better second time around
I wrote the review below about "Nirvana not even close". One of my girlfriends told me why don't you call them and tell them how you weren't happy with the service and when I called them they told me they read my review here and the manager and owner were great and offered me to do that same massage again for free but with the girl that normally does the Nirvana and let me tell you it made the greatest difference the two services were nothing alike. The second time around was wonderful and great and what a massage treatment should feel like. It was actually one of the best I've ever had.
Response from Oasis Ultimate Spa & Salon, The
Thank you so much for taking the time to come and experience this treatment again and write another review. It truly means alot to us to keep our clients happy. Hope to see again Tony Klotovich (owner)
March 21, 2008
Wonderful Experience!
My daughter and I were given a Spa-Finder gift certificate. We decided to take a chance on this spa because it was fairly close. I'm happy to say that this spa was an excellent choice-wonderful experience!! I loved the facial and my daughter totally enjoyed her massage. The only problem that I had was in trying to find the place.
March 7, 2008
Out of all the spas in Brentwood, Antioch and Discovery Bay, this is by far, truly a SPA. I have received many services there (massages & facials) and refer all my friends. They have a great couples suite that has a big private jacuzzi tub & after your service you can relax in their lounge that is equiped with a sanua for as long as you want! GREAT PLACE Also "Lola" is the BEST esthetician and "Veronica" is the best massage therapist.
January 29, 2008
Nirvana, not even close
A few girlfriends and I wanted to have a great spa day together. The service I got was the nirvana, and it left me feeling far from that. My scrub was applied like nothing, I didn't get my massage, and the oil dripped all over my eyes. It left me wanting to go to another spa to actually feel the relaxation I'm suppose to feel from leaving a spa. My girlfriends got a facial and thankfully their's were great. The girl that did my treatment said today was her massage day but she normally does facials, so I guess that is why it wasn't so great. That's for sure I won't do that again, maybe I'll try the facial from the girl that did my girlfriends they were happy. Maybe they should stick to one thing, whoever does massages stick to massages and whoever does facials stick only to facials.
July 2, 2007
I found heaven here!
I have visited this spa about 6 times. Christina is the best with Mike trailing not too far behind. Christina has years of experience and can diagnose medical problems related to pain. She is the best on neck/shoulder area. Mike is great on the legs! I will take either one of the two for an awesome experience.
January 13, 2007
PREGO massage
I have been to this spa on a few different occasions. The most recent was for a pregnancy massage and it was WONDERFUL. HOWEVER, I do recommend not going at a time when the dance studio next door is having a class. I was able to hear their music through the walls.
Spa Newby
April 22, 2006
Good Service, Snobby atmosphere
I went the oasis for a facial. Lindy, the woman who did my facial was very nice. The spa did not do a lot to make me feel comfortable and since this was my first spa visit I was unsure of what to do. My problem with the spa was the rest of the staff was snooty and rude. The receptionist was incredibly rude and I do not think I will return to this spa anytime soon.
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