• Nina's Day Spa and Laser Center
  • Nina's Day Spa and Laser Center
  • Nina's Day Spa and Laser Center
  • Nina's Day Spa and Laser Center
  • Nina's Day Spa and Laser Center
  • Nina's Day Spa and Laser Center
  • Nina's Day Spa and Laser Center
  • Nina's Day Spa and Laser Center
  • Nina's Day Spa and Laser Center
  • Nina's Day Spa and Laser Center
  • Nina's Day Spa and Laser Center
  • Nina's Day Spa and Laser Center
  • Nina's Day Spa and Laser Center
  • Nina's Day Spa and Laser Center
  • Nina's Day Spa and Laser Center
  • Nina's Day Spa and Laser Center

About Nina's Day Spa and Laser Center

You're invited to leave your stress at the door and replace it with comfort, relaxation, serenity and purity at Nina's European Day Spa and Laser Center. No one understands the true power of spa treatments better than our expert therapists. We offer the most advanced laser technology, including laser hair removal, laser skin rejuvenation for face and body and laser vein restoration. Our stress relief treatments, skin and body detoxification therapies and legendary European facials are designed to bring your inner radiance to surface. At Nina's, choose from a unique assortment of facials and advanced form of skin rejuvenation: microdermabrasion, body treatments, electrolysis, waxing, the unique Russian technique of threading, hand, nails and foot care and beauty packages for yourself or for gift giving. Please inquire about Nina's European Day Spa and Laser Center gift certificates.

Nina's Day Spa and Laser Center

Address & Info
Nina's Day Spa and Laser Center
5 West 35th Street,
New York City, NY 10001
United States
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Mon: 10am  -  8pm Tues: 10am  -  8pm Wed: 10am  -  8pm Thu: 10am  -  8pm Fri: 10am  -  8pm Sat: 10am  -  7pm Sun: 10am  -  7pm
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(212) 594-9610

Accepts Spafinder Gift Cards
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(212) 594-9610

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Deals & Specials

  • Body Wrap session $49
    remove excessive fluids to tighten and contour areas of the body.
    Valid Dec 17 - Dec 31
  • Laser Hair removal ( Six Small Areas for $129 )
    Choose any six small areas for Laser hair removal
    Valid Dec 17 - Jan 31
  • Aroma Massage for two $99
    A full hour of Aroma Therapy Massage for couples using essencial oil
    Valid Dec 17 - Dec 31

Menu of Services

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Salt Scrub
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Aromatherapy Body Wrap
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Acne/Deep Cleansing
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Microdermabrasion Facials
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Locker Room
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Eyebrow and Lash Tinting
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Customer Reviews for Nina's Day Spa and Laser Center (12)

October 14, 2013
Nice experience
For my birthday, I received a gift certificate for the spa and enjoyed a 1-hour Swedish Massage. My masseuse was a lovely woman named Inga and I'd definitely book her again. The staff was welcoming, friendly and professional. I feel so relaxed when I got my massage. An overall great experience! I also booked an hour facial and an hour long body wrap. I recommend Nataly, one of the best aestheticians there. She is wonderful!
February 28, 2012
Not so great experience
Today was my first time visiting Nina's day spa. I was really looking forward to a relaxing 1 hr massage. The facility was pretty nice.. but the masseuse not so nice. My first masseuse came in and started my massage. She was pretty much just rubbing lotion on my back for 10 mins. I asked her politely if she can use a little more pressure. She said okay and applied slight pressure for about 2 mins and went back to rubbing my back. So i politely ask again. Her response was, "this is the best i can do, if you don't like it, i'm sending you someone else". I said okay, she storms out. The second masseuse came in, she was much better and actually gave me a massage! 10 mins into my massage, (mind you, I'm completely NAKED, laying on my stomach) the first masseuse STORMS in the room, leaves the door OPEN and whispers to the new masseuse in a FOREIGN language and STORMS out. I've never had such a HORRIBLE experience at a spa, i felt so VIOLATED, I just wanted to cry. Needless to say, for the next 20 mins, (although the second masseuse was good), I was really tense and afraid that she would storm in again. UNPROFESSIONAL, OUTRAGEOUS, incompetent and RUDE!!
May 9, 2011
update of laser treatment
ok i promised an update of the brazilian laser treatment. I have had 6 sessions of the laser thus far and only have one left and while i still have hair in the treatment area it is thinner and scarce. Most of my treatments were with a lighter power laser because my techinician bella wanted to be sure not to burn me but on the last treatment i had she up'd the laser to a higher powered one, It kind of made me wonder why she wasnt using that one all along, but we probably could answer that. I asked her ifby my next session I will be hairless and she said i will probably need a few more sessions. after spending a lot on 7 i am a bit down about that. I am not familiar with this so im unsure how many sessions usually takes care of all the hair but i thought surely 7 would be more than enough. I can say easily that i have never been burned and that Bella has always been more than professional and skilled at her job so i guess i rather still have a bit of hair than be injured from carelessness or overlasering. I also think they need to update the room they do the laser in because of all the holes in the ceiling i always wonder if they have some kind of camera watching... but whatever. for the most part i still thing Bella is awesome.
November 17, 2010
laser treatments
I just went to this place for the first time for laser treatments in the bikini area. I dont take this place as a spa but for a laser center yes. it doesnt have that spa feel. yes you pay for your service first. Bella is my laser tech and being to her only one time she seemed to know exactly what she was doing in that area hence It settled my discomfort about the whole process. I have 6 sessions to go which is why i will return. my only complaint is that the place is very shanty. it doesnt seem professionally equipped for its procedures. you dont get the "hygenic" feel there which keeps you a bit on edge. if it werent for the fact that Bella gave the impression that she knew exactly what she was doing and the main facter of being forced to prepay, i wouldnt return. but I will update this when all treatments are finished to let you know if appearance and lack of professional materials can be looked over. ?
September 22, 2010
Great Facial Not so great Front Desk
I went to Nina's Spa today to try it out after seeing it's add on Spafinder.com. I was surprised that after making an appointment, when I arrived for it, my appointment was no where to be found. The woman who greeted me at the front desk was not friendly and quite tart. When asked where I heard of them I replied spafinder, and the attitude went further downhill from there. **Warning, although not mentioned anywhere, you are expected to pay in full for your services before receiving them** When I inquired about it the answer was I just work here and do what my boss tells me to do. Ok on to the GOOD STUFF> >>> Natalya was my lady and she was WONDERFUL. Knew what she was talking about and did a wonderful job, convinced me to continue going back. I had the deep purifying facial and added microdermabrasion process. My face was left wonderfully smooth and clear of impurities. All in all the services were wonderful, but the owners should take note that the Front Desk is the first impression of the business and that can definitely use a touch up.
August 23, 2010
Lovely escape in the middle of the city
I received a package deal bought for me as a gift. It was a wonderful experience. Would go back in a heartbeat!!!
July 4, 2010
Very nice and caring people and atmosphere!
I came here for a laser treatment for my broken capillary, and i was greeted by the owner (Nina) with a very nice and welcome attitude. She sold me the best laser package that eventually within 5 sessions made my broken capillary disappear. The staff here is very generous and open-minded to their customers needs. I totally recommend this place to anybody looking for a luxurious spa to relax in!
June 11, 2010
Great laser treatments
I'm getting laser treatments there and I am very happy with the result. The prices are a bit higher than in other places, but I hope its worth it. The only thing I did not like there is the fact that two of the stuff members were almost fighting right in front of the customers. It was not a very pleasant thing to look at.
January 28, 2010
Good massage and wrap
I have had a facial, massage and wrap here. The decor was nice and the room was nice and big. I would get the wrap and massage here again.
October 22, 2009
The Best Hot Stone Massage I ever had...
This Monday I went to Nina's Day Spa for a Hot Stone Massage. Theirs no denying they know what there doing, there technique with the warm stones and long retaking strokes to unwind my stressed muscles I felt so re-energized and re balanced. when I was done and getting ready to pay I was offered a six series package which I will use on the regular. I recommend Nina's Day Spa Because of there professionalism, there unique amount of services and there prices..
March 25, 2009
Amazing spa slaon
I have been going to spas for about five years about 4 times a year. This was the first time i brought my boyfriend with me. It was my gift for him on valentine's day. I never felt so much attention on me. Everyone was so sweet, but i acted like this is how it always was at spas i went to. My boyfriend then understood why i liked pampering myself. It was really cute he was glowing like a little boy that was the center of attention. This turned out to be a great pick to spend this special holiday. I plan on going back for all of my visits this year. I never felt such warmth surround me. the girls that work there seem to be all very close and this energy is given off when you are surrounded by this closeness. iIam happy to be a new edition to nina's spa family. thanks to everone there for makin my boyfriend's experience such a memorable one.
May 13, 2008
The best laser
i found this spa on the internet when i was looking for laser hair removal for my upper lip. I work in the area , so it was very convenient and they are open till 8 pm soi gave it a shot. Its a comfortable european setting and the feel is very relaxed . I had never done laser hr before but i did my research and they gave an excellent price. i am very happy , the treatment was virtually painless thanks to the cooling air blowing from the machine and i am now ready to get bikini area done .Thank u for a fast and painless service, i came 3 times and my hair only grew back a lil bit this time.
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