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United Kingdom
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November 7, 2012
Concerns on management attitude
An unusual review it seems and not one I intended on leaving but circumstances change as I feel that the Happiness Centre have not acted with as great a concern for the bad experience I had with them as they should. I had a "sports" massage booked in Sept 2012 which resulted in a complaint by me to the police for an unprofessional (to say the very least) male masseur. I booked the massage due to the rave reviews and the useful later opening time after work. The receptionist was very helpful on the phone and I understand other therapies there are v good. However, in my case, I have grave concerns ref therapist qualifications and vetting. I was not informed on th phone before that the masseur would be male and by half way through the hr I was left on my own with him in the building. He was highly unprofessional, asking me personal questions and sexually assaulted me, taking advantage of my highly vulnerable position The Management was informed that evening but took until the following afternoon to contact me. They also declined to help police follow up eir enquiries which resulted in the investigation going nowhere. I would advise potential female clients to make sure policies etc have been improved.
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