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1440 N. Federal Highway,
Delray Beach, FL 33483
United States
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Customer Reviews for Eleven Spa Delray (22)

February 23, 2014
Rude staff
My boyfriend and I paid $120 for two pedicures. The lady who did my pedicure did not even greet me with a hello or speak one word during the service. She did not buff my feet with any tools, her massage was extremely weak and the service was rushed. She even messed up my polish and as soon as she noticed the brush was dry and streaking, she got up and walked away without saying a word. That is how my service ended. Upon speaking with the front desk about my experience, they suggested PURCHASING a gift card to come back again for a better experience and offered me nothing. We posted our review to the website and Facebook and gave the spa an opportunity to contact us, however we ended up calling a week later to complain. Instead of apologizing the manager accused us of not paying with our spa wish gift certificates that we had provided to the front desk. She said that the owner or someone else would be calling us, and it has been another week since then. They clearly do not care about their customers. You can go to any nail salon on the street corner for $20 and receive better service than here.
April 1, 2013
Super chic, fabulous treatments and staff!
If you're looking for a chic, SoBe feeling spa in Palm Beach County, this is the place. From amazing facials and massages to colorful clothing and gems, Eleven is really a sanctuary. I had the Nikki's High Heeled Pedi with a facial and it was amazing. The service and therapists were kind, walking you through exactly what they were doing. They also gave me suggestions on how to keep my skin looking fabulous. I just couldn't have had a better experience and would definitely recommend this spa to others.
March 23, 2013
A Repeat Customer Over and Over Again
Although I don't live in Florida, I do visit the South Florida area often (2 a 3 times a year). Each time I plan my trip, the first thing I do is make my massage appointment at Eleven Spa in Delray Beach. I've been a client for over 6 years and have never been disappointed with any of the various services I've received. The nail technicians are wonderful and very personable. The massage therapists are all top notch and very sensitive to what type of massage suits me best. I am very happy with Eleven Day Spa and recommend it highly!
November 20, 2012
Pricey & Not so Special
I had a good pedicure but the room was noisy. The girls at the desk were nice and helpful. I had questions about the make up and they were very responsive. The services were pricey and I thought the atmosphere would be more relaxing.
September 12, 2012
I treated myself to a massage at Spa 11 months ago. The spa is nicely decorated and the staff seemed friendly. All was well until I sat in the "relaxation room" as I waited for my massage room to be ready. While I was waiting, in my robe, men kept passing by. This made me feel very uncomfortable as I am a woman, feeling naked with just a robe on. I guess a couple of men own this spa so they are always wondering around, from what friends have told me, but that's just not ok with me. To top it off, I totally busted my massage girl texting while she was giving me my massage. She would rub me with one hand and text with the other and her rubbing got more intense after she slid her phone back in her pocket makeing me feel like she was taking out whatever feelings she was having about her texts on me! I couldn't beleive this was hapening. Because the girl who performed my service was also the same person to check me out, I had nobody to complain to and I paid, tipped, and went on my way. I felt like I had be "taken" and emailed the spa about my horrible visit. They did allow me to return for another massage on the house but it was not enough to make up for my expereince. I will never be returning!
September 21, 2010
Great experience
I was introduced to this spa through a friend who asked me of join her for the "Boot Camp Blow Out" class they were having. This was my first experience and I loved it. It was an instrucional class and my stylist was very nice and helpful. I made an appointment with her for my next cut. I have since been back for a pedicure where I enjoyed myself once again.
September 17, 2010
I recieved a gift certificate to have a mani and pedi done with my sister. We had an amazing time. The staff was very nice. I think it was probably my best foot massage ever. They really took their time and made you feel totally comfortable there and it didn't even smell like a nail salon!
September 10, 2010
First Time, Long Time
I have been a long time client of Spa Eleven but this is the first time I've been on Spa Finder and I am shocked by the Reviews. The front desk staff has always been friendly and helpful. I've tried each and every department and had a wonderful experience in each. My facial was AMAZING, my massage WONDERFUL, and I have people complimenting me on my hair all the time. Thx Joe!
May 27, 2010
Simply lovely......
I am an out of towner, and was recomended this spa by a friend. I had a massage and facial, that came together in a package special they were offering. Both turned out to be very well done and relaxing. The building was lovely, although a little hard to find, friendly people and perfect weather. I will be back when I visit next.
April 24, 2010
I am a new client, i heard that the Ken Paves hair team was very good so I wanted to try it. I got my hair colored and trimmed by Christina very friendly and knowledgeable. I would recommend her to anyone!
February 10, 2010
Not what it used to be
I've started going to this spa many years ago and it was a great experience. Not so any more. Mold in the showers and steam room....need I say more. There are much better spas in the area. Don't waste your time or money here.
February 4, 2010
Health department should help the public and close this place down
scheduled a deep tissue, staff was rude and dismissive, bathroom was gross, mold in showers, dirty floor, dead roach in commode area, therapist seemed new and unexperienced, fumbled throughout the massage, massage felt rushed, not deep, and my skin smelled funny afterward I think the creme was old or something. Health dept. should really take a look at this place seems as though nobody really in charge or taking care of customers. I would never go back and I would never recommend this place to anyone.
December 13, 2009
horrible day and waste of money
The worst experience I have ever had at a spa. The place was fllthy, cut toes nails all over the floors, mold in the steam room and showers. My deep massage was anything but that. And the front desk staff all need to more professional, joking around the entire time I was there, when asked for something it never came. Too busy "hanging out" in the office. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY GOING TO THIS SPA!
December 12, 2009
Snooty and Over-priced
I lived in Delray for a few years and Spa 11 became my regular spa. I'm ashamed at the amount of money I wasted there only to find out that a nice spa isn't stuffy, cold, and unfriendly. Spa Eleven's staff was cold and ran around with there nose up in the air. They never treated you like you were special even if you were a regular. I even went to an event once and they told me it was for the people who don't know about them, not the regulars. The mani's and pedi's were the most over-rated and the massages aren't even worth the time. Sorry to rain on everyone parade but even he staff all left and moved up to the Atlantic Ave area. If you are looking for a snooty over priced experience then you found your spa!
August 30, 2009
Beware of what you dont know!
Behind the scenes not good. Massage creme's reused on clients. Therapist not allowed to throw away excess or left-over creme from previous massage, only allowed to add new creme into jar to massage next client. Black towels on bed never changed or washed, black towels reused after every client. Cabana linen never changed or washed only sheet laid over the top to massage. Head rest covers never washed, only disposable placed over existing so if the person before you drooled all over head rest or sneezed into it (common), bon apetite, you just received a strangers germs! Room are kept so dark therapist cannot see exisitng skin disease's mrsa, necrotizing fasciitis, staph infection......etc
Response from Eleven Spa Delray
Although none of this would be possible or ethical, I would like you to know that none of the above rating actually happens here at Eleven. All of our linens, even the "black towels", are cleaned after use. They are sent to a reputable cleaning company to be sanitized and returned. No linens, robes or wash towel of any kind is ever "reused"; not that it would be unoticabley possible. Also, I would like to mention the impossibility of "reusing" a creme that is applied to the body. Also the rooms are not dark rather dimmed, in order to set a mood of relaxation; noting also that no person to my knowledge is able to see any of the above mentioned infectious disease, and as a side note to the author, necrotizing fasciitis begins, most commonly, in an open trauma; which we also would not allow on our beds. Although we here at Eleven take all credible requests to better the experience of our guests seriously, this I will have to disregard as it is lacking in the previously mentioned
August 23, 2009
Don't waste your money
I had a facial. The therapist talked so much I couldn't enjoy. The spa was noisy and had a cold atmosphere. Someone who worked there had hot pants on and her boobs hanging out. I have had a much better time at the smaller spas.
February 1, 2009
Great Place
I look at the bad reviews below and wonder if we all went to the same spa!? Let me be clear, Spa Eleven and the Ken Paves Salon at Eleven are wonderful! I had an amazing massage with Ricki, a wonderful facial with Nancy(and brow shaping) and a wonderful haircut with Frank. The staff are warm and professional..the new Ken Paves salon is very exciting and you can see it in the stylists faces. I will return to spa Eleven..so should you!
September 28, 2008
Great day in Delray
First i just want to let everyone know that this was one of the best spa experiences that I have ever had.I started my day with one of the most relaxing and stress relieving massages that i have ever had,the massage therapist had the touch!!!! But just when i thought things could not get ant better i was wrong.My manicure & pedicure proved me wrong-OH MY GOD -I THOUGHT I HAD DIED AND WENT TO HEAVEN!!!!!!!! My manicurist has the golden touch and a great personality.she did everything to make me feel like I was the QUEEN OF ENGLAND!!!!!!!! Everyone from the concierge to the maintenance guy were very professional,courteous and make you want to come back !!!!!!!!!!!
May 8, 2008
Do not waste your time or money
I am a day spa junkie. But this is by far the worst experience I have been subjected to. This is a trendy, see and be seen, pretentious excuse for a sanctuary. The massages are the most expensive in the area and the worst for your money. The woman who I had the luck of being with talked from the time I got on the table to the time it was finished. Not to mention the fact that I have had better massages from techs in training (HONESTLY). The nail spa area was loud and the nail techs were unfriendly. If you are looking to pick up a date for a South Beach event, this might be the place to hang out. But if you are looking for a true spa experience, I suggest that you drive down the road a few miles to the Maui Spa in Boca Raton. Now that, my friend, feels like heaven!
October 30, 2007
Over-rated ...
I made an appointment for a facial at Spa Eleven based on magazine advertisements and an article I read about how the owner felt she could "do better" than what was currently out there ... (ie., tens) This is what I learned ... Spa Elen may be the place to be and be seen ... but, it hardly rates as an eleven ... The spa was "hectic" ... My esthetician was clumsy, unprofessional and talkative ... (no relaxation here) The products were average ... The facial was inadequate ... As I exited the treatment area I almost got knocked over by staff rushing around ... Spa Eleven has good marketing and pr ... but, that's about it!
May 29, 2007
Amazing Spa
Book a massage outside in a cabana and make sure it's a hot rock massage. It's a guaranteed hit! It is so relaxing and you'll leave feeling refreshed and happy. I live in NJ and look forward to our visits to Delray so I can book a massage while my husband plays golf! :) Enjoy!!
October 2, 2006
Interesting Atmosphere
I went for a facial on my day off. It was very relaxing. The esthetician was very nice. She made my facial very relaxing. The room was a little warm for comfort and the staff was pretty uptight, but the experience was great. Better than any local spa around.
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