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Magdalena Euro Facial Body Spa

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6535 Rochester Road, Suite 105 ,
Troy, MI 48085
United States
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Customer Reviews for Magdalena Euro Facial Body Spa (11)

June 15, 2012
Excellent Services!
I have only had waxing and tinting services at this Spa and they were great. It is not fancy, but the staff is very skilled.
January 27, 2012
I was given a gift card for my birthday and just recently used it, I had a massage, facial and a bikini wax. I just loved it. Everyone was so friendly and I loved that I was never pressured to purchase anything. My facial was great. I have always had problems with my skin but it looked so healthy afterwards. I also had the least painful bikini wax ever. I don't know if it was the type of wax used or if the lady was just very quick but there was very little pain. I would recommend this spa to anyone. Nothing incredibly fancy,ust a very low key quality spa
January 16, 2011
Great Spa
Have been going to this spa for over 10 years and they never disappoint. The facials are wonderful and the staff is very friendly. I would highly recommend. I've tried other spas and the staff treats you like a burden but not at Magdas!
August 7, 2010
Save your money
I visited this spa due to a coupon promotion they were offering, giving $100 worth of services for $30. They sometimes say 'nothing's free', and, in this instance I gave up my relaxation for discounted services. The location is near a major road, and the front rooms of the spa are unable to block that noise and that of the receptionist in the lobby. The narrow hallways lead you past rooms where guests are receiving services with their doors wide open. The waste baskets were overflowing with old toilet paper tubes, tissues, and sanitary supplies. The showers and sinks were full of mold. The sheets were stained with products, and the staff was way too chatty. This 'spa' is best compared to visiting an old woman's house that is in desperate need of cleaning. Other reviews have mentioned the plug-in foot spa available at retail stores and used for pedicures, and while I did not have the pleasure of having a pedicure, it seemed the only device available in the salon to give a pedicure. This was a disappointment, and I hope that I can help others avoid this horrific spa.
August 6, 2010
Spa Services Wonderful, Accomodations Frightening
I recently received an incredibly discounted coupon for services at this spa. That should have been the tip-off! The exterior of this building was in disrepair. I had a receptionist who was playing guess my age, and was horribly overshooting to an insulting degree. I asked to go to the bathroom, and walked past a room with someone receiving services, door wide open so I could see her services being done. I had to walk through the entire hallway of rooms to go to the restroom and load my own toilet paper in the dispenser, after reaching for it on the floor next to an overflowing waste basket. My facial was quiet and relaxing, and there were really no complaints as far as the services, except for the fact that I could hear the passing traffic, the voicemail messages being listened to, and the receptionist chitchatting. None of which made me relaxed. When I moved onto my salt scrub, the attendant what chattering away while I laid on a sheet already stained with salt scrub. I was told to put my belongings in the restroom on the upper floor. For this part of the service, I had much more tranquility from the outside noises interfering with my facial, but the "relaxing" music was blaring over head, and, as I said before, I was getting my ear chatted off. I used the shower facilities to wash my salt scrub, and saw that their shower head was covered with black mold. Additionally, the wastebasket in this room was overflowing with toilet paper tubes, tissues, sanitary supplies. When it came time to check out, they tried to charge me $10 more than the advertised prices, and the receptionist kept telling me how she needed to go home, and that once I left she would. She also couldn't remember what services I had, where my discount coupon was, or even my name. Strangely enough, I was the only one in the spa! So, while the actual services were fantastic, I feel great, the other parts of the atmosphere at Magdalena Eur Facial Spa far overrode any relaxation given.
Janet S
January 23, 2010
A Wonderful Day
I recently was in town visiting family and was treated to a Day of Beauty at Magdalena's. What a wonderful surprise. Having had many facials in my life I didn't know what to expect but by far this was one of the best facials I've ever had. I felt more and more relaxed after every service and the entire staff was very nice and professional. Looking forward to my next visit in town. Janet from Texas
January 23, 2010
Best Spa Ever
I have been to spa's throughout the US and Europe and have never had a more relaxing and best service ever. I would highly recommend Magdalenas to anyone looking to relax and be pampered by real professionals.
January 22, 2010
Lovely Day of Beauty
Over the weekend (1/16), 4 friends and I had a "day of beauty". The day was very relaxing and I never felt rushed. The staff was very polite and professional. The manicure and pedicure was very nice. And yes, the pedicure was not in a leather chair with a built in foot spa, but instead a portable foot spa. However, what was much better, was the foot and leg massage that was done before my pedicure. My french pedicure and manicure looked great. Next, was my facial. She did a wonderful facial, neck and shoulder massage with a facial steam treatment, followed by a mud mask. My dry patches felt smooth after the facial. Last was my full body massage (by Faith). She used oils and hot rocks on my back and did a lot of pulling/stretching of my arms and legs. I felt wonderful. The lunch was very nice with a large salad (with tons of fruit, variety of lettuce), roll and water. The spa is small and doesn't have the "extras/atmosphere- ie plush pillows, decor, etc" of a luxury spa. However, the staff does have the skill of any spa that I have been to. The spa is very clean. I paid 1/2 the price of the other day spas but got the same service. I would definitely recommend to friends and return again.
January 5, 2010
Spa? Day of Beauty?
Very disappointed. Went in for a $185 "Day of Beauty" and having been to quite a few spas, found many things that could have been done better: 1- Location not that great- could smell curry take-out when I got out of my car 2- building and decor (inside and out) not new or high-end quality; Building space was very small (essentially a long hallway with rooms on either other large space. Felt like I ws the only one in the building. 3- Heat was not turned on inside (they followed me around with a space heater while I went from room-to room; still froze! 4- Massage was first: It was okay, but not thorough in some areas; The relaxing "Sounds of the Ocean" CD kept skipping and stopped playing all together during the massage. The massage therapist aplogized. 5- Put my cold clothes on after my massage - was disappointed that I wouldn't be in a luxurious pampering robe the entire time (after all it is a $185 Day of Beauty right?) 6- Pedicure was next: I was taken to back of building (i.e. "hallway") into another cold room (with my space heater) and sat in what seemed like a large recliner (but it didn't recline at all - sat straight up). The chair was covered with a white sheet (who knows was ugly or old maybe?)....then I put my feet in a hot foot bath (the footbaths that you buy at Walmart for $14.99 that vibrates a little) except this one looks 15 years old. The space heater was 5 inches from my right leg and I didn't notice that I was getting a partial sunburn until the pedicurist pointed it out and moved the heater away from me. Ouch. Pedicure okay I guess....not as thorough as I am used to. Manicure next: Not thorough. Catered lunch: After my manicure I was taken upstairs to an even colder room (with my space heater in tow) and seated in a 10'x10' dark attic-like plain room with a table to enjoy my lunch alone. Honestly the best thing I can say about the day was that the food was great (nice salad with fruit, roll, and water). Facial was last (thank God): I went downstairs to finish up with my "Euro-facial" and the skin care person was in the middle of a facial with another client....soooooooooo I sat in the waiting room for 20 minutes waiting for her. When I finally got in there, she seated me in the chair, turned some steam on my face and let me sit there with my face staeming for 20 minutes. I was very irritated with this and just told her to quickly wash and moisturize my face so I could go. Do not waste your time or money here. Nothing luxurious or pampering offered.
Tim H
January 5, 2010
I want my money back
I bought a "Day of Beauty" for my girlfriend for a Christmas present. Paid for it via Debit Card. I guess they figured, since they had my $185.00, that they could shut the heat off, and heard my girlfriend thru like an inconvenience. She will post the ugly details later tonight, but I felt bad that I had subjected her to this nonsense. It was low rent, unfriendly, uncomfortably obvious that the services and amenities were sub standard, and she glad to leave. Left early as a matter of fact. Do not go here. You can get better treatment from a little girls teaparty than from this gaggle of hags.
April 15, 2008
Best facial ever!
Magdalena personally does the best facial I have ever experienced. She does a very personal analysis and is very patient and gentle. I literally fall asleep during my session.
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