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La Bella Dona Skin Care

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8133 Forest Hill Avenue, Suite 302
Richmond, VA 23235
United States
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+1(804) 330-3300

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Customer Reviews for La Bella Dona Skin Care (11)

February 3, 2014
Tan and Toned
I tried some of the body wraps here and I thought they were going to be totally terrible. But it turned out that I did lose quite a few inches the first time and when I came back for more I continued to lose more. Although I kept up with some of the weight loss some did come back. The service was professional and I felt really good about choosing this spa. I've boughten a couple of packages of the spray tans 4 for $100 and I have used them with much happines! I love being tan but my old lady lines don't need anymore punishment. Cindy did the most amazing job. I feel like I'm getting ready to say the olive garden slogan because when you're here you're family! Love it
December 16, 2012
High quality service and products
I have been a client of La Bella Donna since its opening. It is the best thing I do for myself!! Their array of services and products are top notch! But the best is the Staff! Nikki, massage therapist, is blessed with a gift of healing! And with the addition of Randi, Hair Stylist, I have no reason to go anywhere else!!!! Love them all!
December 1, 2012
Great Wax
That was truly the least painful wax that I've had in such a long time. I mean the wax is supposed to hurt but all in all it was about as fast as I could have imagined and Nellie kept me talking so I wouldn't pay attention to anything either. Thank god no double dipping!! And omg so much cheaper then up in DC, totally worth the drive to save like 50 bucks. Thank god my parents live here and I know what to put on my Christmas list!!!
October 16, 2012
Quaint little place
This is a quaint place set up in an cottage type setting. I got a Brazilian wax because of the other reviews written about the waxing service. I was very hesitant to get this service done. The waxing was extremely sanitary but it did hurt more than any other waxing I received in the past. On this visit, I did not have the opportunity to partake in any other services. I wouldn't try the waxing again but I am willing to try some of the other menu items.
February 3, 2012
I had a bunch of old spafinder gift certificates laying around and I found La Bella Dona Skin Care through a google search and was happy to see they excepted the. I gave them a whim and i was super pleased that I did. I originally went in just for a brazilian wax, but I ended up also scheduling for a shellac manicure, a spray tan and a massage. I couldn't do the spray tan on the same day as my massage but that was ok. I came back the next day and got sprayed. It was nice. I had differen't service providers for all my treatments and all of them really knew what they were talking about. I wish they would have told me on the phone that I couldn't do the spray tan on the same day but agin, nbd. It all worked out. I'm got another appointment in a couple weeks for another spray tan, and event hen, i still have money left over. So I appreciate their reasonable prices.
November 15, 2011
Best Spa Team in Richmond
I love La Bella Dona! The staff is AMAZING. They are so friendly and knowledgeable. I have been going for years to get Brazilian waxing, Brooke is the best! No pain, no bruising, and she's HILARIOUS, it makes an awkward service really easy and enjoyable. I also recently discovered that they offer 2-week manicures. Christia is awesome. My manicure always lasts for the full 2 weeks when she does it. She is a perfectionist. If you have any spa needs, La Bella Dona is the place to go in Richmond. Also, they offer seasonal promotions on their website so you can get some great deals to boot! :)
May 25, 2010
Graduation Gift
My mom and dad bought me a spafinder gift card for my recent high school graudation. I asked some of my girlfriends where I should go and a couple of them recommended here. I checked the spa out online first so I could take a look at what services I should get. I noticed they were having some specials online and I did my best to take advantage of them as well. I had what they called their "Spa Sampler" package and a Brazilian Bikini Wax. So all in all, I had a one hour massage, their la bella dona facial, a spa manicure and pedicure and the wax. If i could do it all over again I definitely would have scheduled the wax first. But you're talking to a novice, this was my first WAX and SPA experience. THe girls did their best to make me feel super comfortable and all the services were relaxing minus the wax. The wax was so quick it wasn't anything too terrible but again I will schedule my future spa services much better in the future. It's been a week now since my spa day and my hamstrings still feel better from the massage, my skin is near perfect and my wax is going strong. I guess as young woman growing up you need to do a little maintenance here and there so fortunately I feel good that I've found such a great place to keep me looking my best. Thanks mom and dad! Love you!
November 6, 2009
I'm happy I found a place that is close by. Everyone is really good there and now that I signed up for their e-mails, i've scored some of the most amazing deals with them. I'm taking my 15 year old in next week for her first bikini wax. She's so nervous but I know they'll take good care of her>
July 31, 2009
Very nice.
I'm happy I found a place that can do amazing brazilain waxes. I'm from the DC area and I had a great waxer up there but when I made the move down here a few months ago I had a couple tragic experiences at other places. The girls are great and Elizabeth D who does my waxings now is even better then the girl I would go see in DC. It was a nice surprise.
April 26, 2008
I found this while searching for a experienced spa providing brazilian waxing services. The staff is knowledgeable and inviting. The atmosphere is quiet and relaxing. Highly recommend especially for brazilian waxing.
July 31, 2006
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