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Brant Beach, NJ 08008
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Customer Reviews for Freedom Surf & Day Spa (8)

frances c
June 13, 2012
Bad Feeling for Freedom Spa
I had a great massage on several occasions! Then I did not come back for two years because I had been ill. My kids had given me a $200 gift certificate so when I came to use the certificate the owner said it had expired. I asked if any exceptions could be made since I had been ill. The answer was that she would consult with her accountant; then she took the cetificate out of my hands and said she would not honor it. I was just amazed that she would act that way; in effect, the certficate was mine but she made sure I could not lodge a complaint with anyone since she took the certificate. I won't buy anything in that place !Oddly enough I had also been given several gift certificate for restaurants on the island; once again due to illness I had been late intrying to use them. All of the restaurants honored the certificates, like Raimondos and other. I just have a very bad feeling for Freedom Spa even though my massage was good the few times I went.
June 27, 2011
Mixed Bag - but negative outweighs positive
My 30 min massage with Jackie was AWESOME. She really applied a lot of pressure and she definitely knew what she was doing. I would go back for that any day. The reason for the bad review is, well, everything else. I had a facial with Meg, who didn't seem to know what she was doing. After complaining of break-outs, she put an oily serum and "hydrating moisturizer" on my face that made me feel sticky and oily all day. I couldn't wait to get home and wash my face. Also, she did not put a lot of effort into blackhead extractions. Finally, she seemed to be quite slow. I have had a lot of facials in my lifetime, and usually there's a lot more action than what i received. also, the spa itself isn't the most pleasant setting; it is old and doesn't give you the spa feel at all. The price point isn't too bad, so I wasn't too upset about it, but do NOT go for a facial (at least not with Meg). Save your money for a massage with Jackie.
August 23, 2010
Worst Waxing Experience EVER
I was burned (both heat & chemical) on my bikini line, left with plenty of hair after a brazilian, lost all the shape of my brow when she tried to "clean it up", and blown off for calling to tell the owner about this terrible experience. Why would she care, she just scammed me for $110. I pay half that for the same service in PRINCETON! To make matters worse, a wax that would usually come back in 5 weeks is on its way back after 5 days. WTF I would avoid this spa at all costs.
July 5, 2010
Highlight of my trip to the beach!
I can't say enough about the Freedom Spa. I have been there 3 times and was treated well each time. The people who work there are all helpful, happy, courteous people. The spa is very clean and decorated nicely. The staff helps makes you feel relaxed and pampered. My deep tissue massage was exactly what I needed and the technician was very professional. I also had a great pedicure that still looks great after 3 weeks! The other bonus is the fantastic surf shop on the main floor. They have a wide variety of surf clothes, bathing suits, shoes and jewelry. The dressing rooms are clean also. Plan on going back again next June....
June 26, 2010
excellent experience! Love this place!
My mom, sister and I had a girls weekend In June and decided to spend some time at the Freedom spa. I had a swedish massage and pedi that were both incredible. My mom and sister had massages and facials and were so pleased. My sister especially, she got a deep tissue massage, and she loved it! The owner and staff at the desk are so pleasant and professional, the shop is great, lots to look at, and the massage therapists and nail technicians were fantastic. I have been to many spas, some more expensive and some less, but this is a great place to get together and take a break from the beach. we will make this place a yearly ritual for sure!!
May 1, 2010
Upscale area, below average service
I recently went to the Freedom Day Spa in LBI for a last minute treat. The owner was more than accomadoting with an appointment. Unfortunately, lthat was the only "satisfaction" I recieved during my stay. The spa itself looked like an outdated Ron Jon's with Spa services on the upper and lower floors. I was rushed from room to room to recieve my "express" day of Spa. A swedish massage, mini facial, and manicure, all for the advertised price of $130.00. Not bad for an hour and a half of Spa down time on a Friday afternoon. I opted to upgrade my massage to a full hour, deep tissue. Prior to my appointment, I asked the owner, 2 times what the difference in cost would be, but she was reluctant to give me an exact figure. I also decided to add eye brow waxing to my package, which ran $15.00. I arrived a little early, and was carted off for eye brows and facial. Perhaps, I have high expectations for an eye brow waxing, but this was horrible. Not only did the aesthetitian barely remove any hair, but she failed to comb, trim, or pluck any part of my brows. She also failed to waxed the infamous unibrow section. I was then led to the facial room. Again, nothing spectacular. A series of dark rooms with less than appealing mood music, and a sad excuse for a 'lounge" area. My facial was "express", and that word summed up my treatment. The attendant, breezed through the session, giving me the whole "Aveda" sale pitch. She failed to massage any part of my head, neck or face region, and no extractions were involved. The session was more than lacking in quality. The attendant was a breft on Aveda, but that was about it. She had no clue what Ahava was! Sadly, this woman was the "top notch" facial gal, who was in charge of training the newbies. After the facial, I waited patiently in their makeshift spa lounge upstairs for my massage. The masseuse was far from personable. I began my deep tissue massage, targeting specific areas of concern. I am scheduled to go for Orthopedic evaluation of my cervical spine and left scapula. I made this fact very clear to the masseuse. The 50 minute session was tortureous. She was so rough on ALL areas of my body. I informed her several times that I was in pain, but she did not get the hint. I could not relax, which is the POINT of a massage, whatsoever. As opposed to giving me a full body massage, she spent 90% of the time, tormenting my back and neck. In my experience, most places spend 1/2 the time on your problem areas, then the rest of the time elsewhere. After the massage, I recieved my manicure, which, was quite pleasant. I did not recieve the typical hand and arm massage that I am accustomed to, but the cosmo was pleasant and did a nice job. I must add to this review that between my massage and facial, I was carted up and down the stairs from the make shift spa area and another area located in the "store" front. I had to walk with robe and flip flops oil glistened to this area, exposed to walk in shoppers. Very unprofessional. When finally finished, I was ready for the bill, which was a grand total of 211.00. I was charged 95.00 for my massage from hell, and 85 for the crappy facial and manicure. I certainly feel that the prices are incredibly high for the quality of service and lack of professional atmosphere. I recieved a stone massage at the cold stone in Toms River for 55.00, and the Meditteranean Spa in Toms River offers many more services for a comparable price with a much more "spa" atmosphere. Bottom line, over priced, less than mediocre service. Beware tourists, this iis the mother of tourist traps.
Jay K
April 25, 2010
Great experience
Several of my college friends and I met at freedom spa and spent the day together recently.... we had massages and some had facials, we brought snacks and books and made a day of it! we plan on doing this yearly. We had a good day, thank you too the staff of Freedom for all your hard work!
December 26, 2008
Satisfied Customer
I visit a spa in general only once or twice a year. I tend to go to Freedom Spa only in the winter time. It is the off season, therefore they tend to treat you a little better because they need the business. They do great bikini waxes, and their mani pedis can't be beat! However I've gotten better massages elsewhere. The facials are okay. I would recommend to anyone who has used this spa in the summer time, to go back in the off season and you will probably get better service (from the front desk). My experience with the professional staff has been nothing but positive.
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