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About Medical Spa at Nova

The Medical Spa at Nova provides spa treatments and restorative services in partnership with a fully staffed medical center, Nova Medical Group. Spa practitioners collaborate with conventional Western and complementary/alternative professionals in order to offer a full range of preventive, rejuvenating, and aesthetic options. Both Eastern and Western modalities are available and can be employed in concert for optimal results. Nova Medical Group features a highly personalized, patient-focused approach to health care.

Board-certified practitioners at Nova include one naturopathic doctor and two acupuncturists who specialize in integrative medicine. Holistic and mind/body modalities such as biofeedback therapy are available. Nova Medical Group's founder, Dr. Grace Keenan, M.D., provides medical supervision. In addition, Nova's guests have access to the expertise of certified massage therapists, a certified personal trainer, an acupuncturist, and a dermatologist, among other experienced professionals. Fitness and exercise programs at Nova include yoga, Pilates, and kickboxing classes. Though the medical spa area has its own soothing Asian-influenced decor, the spa is connected to the medical offices by a single hallway.

Nova's European-style spa treatments for men and women incorporate high-quality products and are administered by highly trained therapists and practitioners. Medical doctors perform all Botox® and Restylane injections. IPL photo rejuvenation and microdermabrasion are popular anti-aging procedures performed at Nova. Nova also offers a variety of stress-reducing and beautifying body treatments (hydrotherapies, scrubs, and wraps), as well as Eastern and Western massage techniques. The spa's Kur treatments involve the application of natural, mineral-infused materials such as algae, essential oils, and herbs in series to optimize rejuvenating results.

Medical Spa at Nova

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Medical Spa at Nova
21785 Filigree Court, Suite 100
Ashburn, VA 20147
United States
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Customer Reviews for Medical Spa at Nova (12)

March 27, 2015
Wonderful Experience
I had a wonderful facial and massage at Nova Medical spa. All the staff is very warm and welcoming. Most of the staff has worked at the spa for an extended period of time and it is nice to know that you can expect to see the same therapist, even after a years time. Ken and Tish are amazing and show extreme professionalism concerning their craft. I like this spa because they listen to me. When ever I voiced my concern they do their best to address the problem.
Tricia R
April 7, 2014
Bad Massage
Very disappointed in my massage from Sonya. First off, she took me 20 minutes late, which is no big deal to me, but at the end when it ran 20 minutes over, she tried to tell me she gave me an extra 20 minute massage, like I paid for 50 but got 70. She doesn't know I graduated elementary school and can do math. For the most part my massage was me being pet like a dog. There was no pressure, she tried telling me I stand all cockeyed and she would release my hips, which meant me lying on my belly and her holding up my leg... she spent prob 8 minutes on that. then she forgot one side of my back. she spend 10 minutes petting my right back, then told me to roll over... and my left side is the side with the tension bc that's the side I carry my baby on, so that got completely neglected. Then when I flipped over, I think she was attempting pressure points on my neck, which amounted to her barely making skin contact with one finger and holding it, for no lie, about 3 minutes on each side, 4 times. Then she finished with running her fingers over my face. I wouldn't have paid more than $8 for that massage, and that is just being nice. On a positive note, my friend had Ken for her massage and LOVED him. She came out feeling like a new woma
September 1, 2011
First Time
This was my first massage and it was AMAZING. I've had some recent medical issues which is why I picked a Med Spa. I have had some extensive surgery and I needed to feel comfortable that I had the expertise to work on me. I picked the right place. Ken was wonderful and took the time to explain so many things. I booked my next massage right away.
June 15, 2011
KEN & NANCY are the best!!!
If you want the ULTIMATE massage, go see Ken!! He is a master at this art. I felt like I was floating 25 feet off the ground when he was done and all my knots and kinks were gone!! Ken also has a very soothing voice and personality which lends itself well to his expertise!! If you want Botox, Juvederm, Laser treatments, etc~ go see Nancy. She will explain all the fine details of the procedures, she will recommend which ones that YOU are interested in would be best, she takes her time and it pays off in amazing results!! She is also one of the sweetest people I have ever met!! All the staff is polite and friendly. Check this place out!!
April 14, 2011
Relaxing and Inviting Spa Experience
I really enjoyed my facial at Medical Spa at NOVA. The waiting room was a relaxing Asian-inspired room. I felt comfortable and at ease. Especially nice that they do not accept tips.
February 1, 2011
I've been to this spa a few times.
Each time it was a good experience. I especially LOVE the jetted shower they offer. The masseuses were very professional and made me feel like heaven. I print out the spafinder coupon and go- It was such a good deal! Because it's a medical spa, they don't accept tips. It cut my costs down and made it more affordable yet the service was still exceptional!
June 16, 2010
Combs cost too much?
I had a massage and facial here. The facial was very good. I had planned to shower and go to a meeting afterward - however - there were no amenities provided. When I asked, I was told that other customers took extra amenities and it was too expensive. So there I am with wet, uncombed hair. I had to drive home just to comb my hair! C'mon Northern Virginia - it's about time someone opened a REAL spa here. If you've ever been to Burke Williams in California - you know what I'm talking about. Huge roman bath-type spas, steam rooms, saunas and real quiet rooms that are just part of the experience, in addition to amenitiy packs, lotions, makeup remover, face creams, hair dryers and curlers, brushes. Sigh. Maybe I should just relocate.
March 11, 2010
One of the Best Medical Spas I've visited
I received a gift certificate to this spa and although I live in the area I never visited. What a shame I wasted so much time at other spas. This spa has it "ALL". It is a true spa, (no hair & Nails). It has Hydrotherphy, wraps, laser, botox, fillers, massage facials and then I find out they have a workout area, yoga, etc., sauna, steam shower....I could go on and on....and besides receiving the best services I have ever received. THEY DO NOT ACCEPT TIPS>>>>>> THAT IS AN AUTOMATIC 20% SAVINGS RIGHT THERE for a 5 * facility. Patrick, please get me another certificate soon......... Sophia
January 13, 2010
Overcharged without advising me
I scheduled a swedish massage and received a disjointed average massage - which I was then charged for as a deep tissue massage. The therapist never asked me if I wanted a deep tissue instead of a swedish, and did not advise that she was charging me $20.00 extra. When I brought this to the Spa manager's attention, she ranted and raved and talked at me for several minutes without acknowledging that I was charged for something without my consent. I spoke to the operations manager and she too wanted to focus on something other than the fact that I was charged without my consent. I'll never go back there and would not recommend it to anyone. AND they didn't even have the decency to refund the $20. For goodness sake - if the massage was any good I would told them I didn't mind paying but they should have consulted me,
January 5, 2010
One-stop Spa
I have enjoyed every experience (facials, massages and laser hair removal) I've had at NOVA Medical Spa. The atmosphere is relaxing, the staff is friendly and the accommodations are plush. I intentionally get there a few minutes before my apoointments just to relax in the waiting room with a cup of tea. I highly recommend this spa for a full beauty day or quick pampering.
November 20, 2009
Poor service
A 1-hr massage session only lasts 43 minutes. 1hr for them actually means 50 minutes because of "set up" time (???), but it's not even so. I had massaged several times and they consistently cut them short by about 5-7 minutes, and this is done by all massage therapists, so you can tell it's a company policy. I finally brought this to the manager's attention and they didn't like to hear it. They supposedly ran an investigation but always being skeptical of my argument. At the end the manager called me to tell me they'd give me $20 credit to my account, and no apology. Needless to say I never went back for a massage there. I used the $20 to get some products and that was the last time they saw me. Do not recommend it.
November 7, 2009
Relaxing & Refreshing
I have been to the NOVA Medical Spa on mutiple occasions for wraps, waxing, and massages when in the NOVA area. Best experience: I was in NOVA on business one day and had extra time to use. This day the staff was extremely accomodating even when I walked-in to inquire about scheduling a service same-day. The staff even helped me find a service that I would enjoy and fit into my time schedule. I never want to leave when my service is done as it is so relaxing. I always have a relaxing and refreshing experience at NOVA Medical Spa. I also like the chamomile tea and that they send specials to my email box ;0)
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