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282 Railroad Avenue,
Greenwich, CT 06830
United States
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Customer Reviews for Hands On Massage (6)

April 16, 2011
I came to Hands on Massage for reflexology and neuromuscular therapy which was referred by my physician. Not only did the therapy eliminate my various pains and injuries, I became so much more aware of how to take care of my mind and body with the fitness and life coaching offereded. I never thought of putting it all together. My life has been transformed and I still continute my work and sessions with Melissa and Patrick, the owners. Thank you!!!!
April 8, 2011
Great Massage!
We had one of the best massages here. I would not compare this to a "spa" since it seems they are focused more on the treatment and making you feel better. I have tight muscles in my neck and shoulders due to desk work and he really focused on this. I felt so much better after my visit. Very personable. I would recommend this to anyone!
October 29, 2008
Fantastci Quality of Service
I am a television professional and am considering doing a show, simply for the medical and complimentary heath care knowledge that this center provides. I have learned that taking care of our bodies must be our first priority.
April 10, 2008
My outstanding massage sessions with Patrick
I live here in the town of Greenwich and travel a great deal for my business. I have searched a very large portion of the Uninted States for a massage as wonderful as the sessions I receive from Patrick, the owner. And, massage therapist refelxologist. He has helped me with various injuries and to iavoid surgery, and assisted me in making my body feel great again. Everyone should have massages on a weekliy basis. Onlly with Patrick. He is the best. The center offers a wonderful weight loss program with lympatic massage also. Amazing results.
J Darm
June 1, 2006
Changed my life
After an injury that physicians told me would never heal properly, the highly trained therapist performed specific treatment to assist with my badly injured knee. For years I made a living in the sports, yet not after my injury. After committing to neuromuscular treatments for only several weeks, I was able to return to sports. Thank you Thank you
Jen Rein
April 17, 2006
Outstanding Reflexology and Massage
I have traveled frequently on an International basis and ALWAYS receive massage and reflexology wherever I go. The owner Patrick gave the best Reflexology Treatment I have ever received . Outstanding service!
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