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Customer Reviews for Le Petit Spa (10)

January 13, 2012
Best Brazilian wax ever!
I did a lot of research before choosing Le Petit Spa, as I have had some bad experiences with waxing in Vancouver, despite the prices being high, and there is nothing worse than someone who does not know how to do a Brazilian wax properly! As soon as I made the appointment at Le Petit Spa, I was greeted with professional and friendly staff. The actual waxing was almost painless with the wax they use (I had full leg and brazilian, and it was all done in an hour). The girl (I had Georgia) was fast, professional, and really knew what she was doing. I have had many Brazilian waxes before and this definitely was the best place I've been to. The whole experience takes the pain out of waxing! I will definitely be back.
July 13, 2010
How to lose all future business in fifteen minutes, coming from a spa regular
I have thick unruly eyebrows which, when shaped, are so beautiful. But I figured I would grow them in for a couple of months and have someone else wax them for me. I found out about this spa on Google and when I called and kindly explained that I need to have someone who is very good with eyebrows and how my eyebrows take patience and time, the receptionist wasn't listening to my needs, and instead told me that everyone was good at it. I probed further and she gave me a few names. When I went in, I got there on time and they had me fill out a form, then fifteen minutes later, my esthetician took me in the room and after looking at a couple of pictures, she proceeded to wax my brows. She handed me a mirror and asked me what I thought. Hmmm...well my eyebrows were still thick and certainly not like my picture so I showed her the photograph again and before proceeding she looked at her watch. I asked her if she had someone right after me, and she said exactly this, "Yah, like now". She plucked a few more strands, and then told me that she would have the other esthetician come in and finish me off. OK...not impressed. So the second esthetician came in and didn't even introduce herself. She looked annoyed that she had to finish my eyebrows off. I told her not to worry about it as I could finish it off myself at home. Then as I proceeded to pay at the cash desk, I asked the cashier if they only give fifteen minutes for an appointment. She replied, "No one has ever had any issue with having their eyebrows done within the fifteen minute time frame," with a rather nasty tone. Why would a spa employee argue with me about my experience. This is my experience and I did not come in for a fifteen minute service, regardless of whether it was complete or not. I came to have my eyebrows done to my liking. I am so disappointed at the attitudes of the workers, and I would rather not give their names, as I hope they'll read this post and have the opportunity to improve their behavior.
May 1, 2010
I've been to Le Petit spa 4 times now and other than the first time have had only mediocre service quality. The staff I've had seem inexperienced and tend to rush through the service. The atmosphere is not relaxing as you can here any talking in the waiting room/shop in the rooms. They push the products hard so that you leave feeling less relaxed and a bit manipulated. I'm not sure I'll give them another chance...
April 2, 2010
If you want Lash Extension, do not have them done here...
I have been to Le Petit Spa in the past for a manicure, which was well done. The staff seemed friendly enough and based on my past experience there, I decided to book an appointment for lash extensions so I could have them in time for a wedding I was going to be in that same week. I called and booked the day before, and I was surprised that they were able to accommodate me on on such short notice. I arrived about ten minutes early (as you should always do for any spa service) and patiently waited. They were running about 30 minutes behind, but they didn't seem too concerned. Finally, I met the Esthetician that would be doing the lash extensions. I told her I knew a bit about the treatment and that it was great for a special event. I told her I didn't want to look like a drag queen and so she said that she was going to do some thickening and filling in and add some longer lengths to make it look more natural. The process itself was fine, the glue does smell and your eyes do water as she had warned me, and this was all fine. After she was finished, she advised against steam, rubbing my eyes, or using an oil based make-up remover as this will weaken the glue. After she searched for an appropriate eye makeup remover for me to buy, she basically just left me there and didn't tell me whether the one she had picked out was not oil based; she didn't seem to know herself. I paid my bill, and the owner (who rang me through) was very nice. Once I got home I thought that the extensions just didn't look that great, even after I applied my regular eyeshadow and pencil. But I could really see the bases of the lash "bundles" and it just looked like I had cheap and badly applied strip lashes on. They were very hard and bristly; not what I had read about or expected at all. All in all, I wasted $100 and an afternoon to have this done. I removed them the next morning as they looked no better than the day before. In the future I would only ever have this service done at an actual Lash Bar that specializes in this, because honestly I am not sure that what I had done was even how it is supposed to be done. Very disappointed.
January 12, 2010
Not a great spa experience
My partner gave me a g.c. which I requested so I could try a new spa. Went for a facial which was pretty nice and a massage. For some reason they rushed my into the massage after my facial, even though I had booked it an hour and a half after my facial and then my massage ended way too early. When I brought it to the attention of staff they were quite dismissive and flat out disagreed with me. I'm sure they don't care that I will never go back there.
December 17, 2009
There are much better spa options in Vancouver other than this place.
I found this place to be small, but figured I would give it a try anyways. I should have gone with my gut feelings about the place, and passed on booking with them when I had the chance. I found management to be short, abrupt and curt. The experience as a whole was less than spectacular and nothing unique. Well, at least I know where NOT to go again - lesson learned. With all the other amazing spas in Vancouver, I'm glad there is much more to look forward to than this.
June 22, 2009
Amazing Service!
My friend brought me in for a massage and pedicure a couple months ago and it was the best spa experience I've ever had! The massage was relaxing and just what I needed. The staff was super helpful and accomodating. I live on the Sunshine Coast and I travel all the way to Kits to get my monthy massage and pedicure! I would highly recommend this spa to everyone!
May 13, 2009
I made an appointment for 8 hours worth of services for my partner and I, one week before valentine's day. Our appointments were actually booked for monday the 16th, in order to avoid the rush. I booked facials, manicures, pedicures and massages for the both of us. On the saturday before our appointments, they called to say they couldn't do the massages or only one of us could have it all done. I kept the appointment knowing I couldn't book anything else. I actually cancelled at another spa to book with these guys instead. Nothing was offered for the inconvenience. I canceled the appointments the next day. When I called, they didn't seem to care that they would be losing a whole days worth of business. I find it shocking that a spa which had been voted one of the "Straight's Best" wouldn't have better customer service. Perhaps in the future, Le Petit Spa should go that extra mile, word does spread quickly, and I will be sure to tell all of my clients about their horrible customer service. to be cont'd.... Ok, so I called after a few weeks to speak to the owner to let her know what happened. She guaranteed that this never happens, apologized profusely and offered a discount to come back or else mail out some gift certificates. She took my name, my email address and home address. After waiting over 1 month, I realize nothing is coming, they simply do not care. I work in the salon/spa industry myself and this type of customer service is completely unacceptable!!! DO NOT SUPPORT THIS ESTABLISHMENT!!!
February 12, 2007
I beg to differ
I have been a loyal customer of Le Petit Spa for over 2 years now, and heres why: They take the time to understand your needs, they are always friendly, and I've never had a bad experience there as I have at other big spas in Vancouver. Le Petit Spa has made it a priority to stay small which means clients, such as myself get one-on-one service, it is a more intimate experience compaired to other spas I have been to. It truly is "just around the corner" I know every staff member by name as they know me. I wouldn't choose any other spa in Vancouver.
September 7, 2006
Worst Spa Experience
I thought that I'd try a different spa so I decided to go to Le Petit Spa. I ended up having a really bad experience there. The manicurist was ok and was friendly, she gave me plenty of water but for what you pay for in the services you don't get that much (it's not half as nice as the one I usually go to or some of the other spas in Vancouver.) Plus, my polish didn't even last two days. My nails last longer if I do them myself and the experience is a lot more relaxing. The worse part was that the people up front were (in my opinion) rude. When I arrived (early) I was told in a short manner to fill out a form before I did anything. When I finished my forms, I waited while the girl helped another customer. After she finished with the customer, she looked at me and the went on to do other things. About 5 minutes later someone else came out and helped me. Something had been misbooked and there was a misunderstanding - I wasn't happy about it. I requested to speak with a manager and I was told that there was none in. Since there was no manager in, the girl at the counter said that she would make a note and that a manager would call me the next day. They never called. I didn't rate Service Quality or Variety because there was no Service. Not much of a pampering experience.
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