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Customer Reviews for Om Spa (29)

Sada H
May 15, 2014
Massage Session A complete Nightmare
Terrible experience! Was VERY disappointed especially since I thought the world of this place with massages. I had a 55min massage that was only literally 35mins long. But that was not the problem I wanted to just get out of that room. The massage therapist kept farting thru out my whole session it was disgusting truly. I was nauseated and did not relax or enjoy this massage whatsoever. At first I was like what is that smell than it would go away and when she was at my shoulders I smelled it again this time stronger, thought maybe it was the oil than it came again, this lady was actually farting with no regards to me. I cant even rate this massage b/c infact there is no negative star to rate.
January 31, 2014
Om's Prenatal Massage = Happy Mommy!
I'm in my third trimester and I cannot give enough praise to Om Spa! Their Prenatal Massage is wonderful and so relaxing, it really helps make both mom and baby calm, relaxed, and refreshed! I plan on going back for a postnatal massage session!
November 16, 2013
I did not know facials were so relaxing!
I had a facial at Om Spa last week and I wish I could remember the name of the girl who did it. She did a great job and I was so relaxed. The environment was inviting and relaxing. The staff was very nice and accommodating.
February 20, 2013
i can't express the feeling that i get when i go to that Spa it's just amazing, everyone there is very friendly and helpful, very professional therapist and educated , i would recommend all my friends and family to visit and get the best service
January 27, 2013
just awful
I set my 80 minute Swedish appointment with andrew, a therapist I've been to many times and loved, but when I walked in I was told I would be with Hassan... I asked why the staff had been changed and the front desk had "no idea" because andrew "isn't even working today" - funny, because I saw him after my service. Hassan kept massaging areas that made me uncomfortable, and when I asked him to stop he replied, "massage is intimate sensual service" and kept going at it. I will never go here again. the front desk is downright rude and cocky, the workers inside just wander around aimlessly and reek of pot, and the owners are clueless - you can complain to their face about people massaging unwanted (and unwarranted) areas and they just offer you a discount and tell you to get out. I don't want a discount!! I want the problem addressed! you guys need a complete overhaul of te front desk, every single person is rude and snobby - their fake smiles just make it worst. really awful experience.
August 28, 2012
Om Spa is great for relaxation
Om is friendly, relaxing and really really good at pampering you. My favorite local day spa.
June 18, 2012
Love Om Spa
The fruit and flower facial is amazing, very relaxing and calming environment.
October 4, 2011
Can't wait t come back!!
Wow, what a great massage! The staff was very friendly, the spa was very serene and relaxing. Can't wait to come back again! So happy Southfield Fwy finally open so I can come again more often!
September 18, 2011
False Adverstising
Booked a "Fruit and Flower Facial" to use some Spa Finder gift certificates I received as recognition reward from work. Selected this service because it promised 80 minutes of service which includes both a facial and 30 minute neck, back, shoulder massage. The service ended 15 minutes early and although my arms, neck, and shoulders were rubbed, certainly didn't qualify as a massage. At $125, it's 2 to 3 times what a facial should cost and wasn't worth even half the cost. Since my session ended early, I quickly got dressed and went to check out. When I told the guy at the front desk about the experience, he made me stand there while he went in the back to speak to the person that gave me my service. There were two other clients and someone else at the front desk and when he came back he wanted to debate with me how long I was there. He was totally flustered and had no idea how to to handle the situation. It was embarassing and uncomfortable. In the end, he gave $25 off, still too much was just a facial. It was really disappointing because I've had a deep tissue massage here in the past and it was top-notch. Don't think I'll be going back there.
July 23, 2011
Different experience this time
I've previously been here for a massage and had a nice, relaxing experience. This time, I had my first professional pedicure. I found it to be very mechanical and not like others I've heard/read about. No massaging, no relaxation. The girl doing it made small talk but I kinda got the feeling she wasn't in a great mood. She did an okay job, not perfect, but not bad. I was disappointed that she didn't really improve the smoothness of my feet. I'm reluctant to come back because the prices are high and it's out of my way. Will probably stay closer to home next time I need a massage or other spa services.
July 19, 2011
went in for low back. came out very disappointed.
i had 2 spa day certificates to use. i recently started having a very low back ache & figured it was the perfect time to use them. when i made the appointment the receptionist asked me some quick questions about the back aches & pains i was having & also, i explained my husband has been massaging the specific area where the pain/knot was & that was sort of relieving the pain & THAT IS WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR IN MY MASSAGE. she ASSURED me she wrote a a detailed note so the massage therapist knew where to focus during my massage. i then went in for my appt. & had to fill out a short questionnaire, where AGAIN, i wrote a detailed description of where exactly my pain was. i went in for the massage, where YET AGAIN, i was asked by the therapist if there was a specific reason for coming in for a massage! & again, i explained, with even more detail, what & where i was feeling my aches & pains. the massage went on & i was trying to believe she knew what she was doing & surely she would come back to my "spot" that i had mentioned atleast 5 times? there was a method to her madness?? obviously, i was mistaken, she spent more time massaging my feet, spending several minutes rubbing every one of my toes. it was a waste of my gift certificates!
June 18, 2011
Top-Notch Atmosphere
I was recommended to Om by a co-worker and then read all the positive reviews on Spafinder so it was a no-brainer. The one thing that really stands out in my memory is the atmosphere as soon as you walk through the door. You definitely feel transformed. The outside world is completely gone. You want this when you are going for a spa treatment. I had a massage. It was good. It was my first professional massage so I didn't have much to compare it to. I didn't leave feeling all mushy like others have described, but I felt good. I have since had one other massage from another spa closer to home and it was comparable but the ambiance wasn't the same. However, the rates were much less expensive at the other spa. I'm going back and getting a mani/pedi+massage w/ my daughter. It's a good experience, but my chief complaint is the cost. I know they offer specials if you're a Facebook user, but I'm not. I would like to see package specials (such as for the one mentioned above.) I think the least they can do is discount grouped services to help customers defray the cost of them--which would motivate their clients to go the extra step of adding >1service. *Their website, although pretty, is a pain to use and to print off of.*
August 31, 2010
I went to the spa for my birthday. I received a facial from Ronda. I must say I have NEVER had a better service. Ronda knows her stuff, she told me alot about my skin, my products, and even a prescription for my skin that I am on. I learned that she was an educator and boy does it show! I left the room to find wonderful snacks and water. I went to the front and she had made some wonderful product recommendations for me. I will tell you this is the FIRST spa I have gone to where they did not try to force me to buy something. I liked that she put them there for me to see but then I was able to make the decision. I will go back to Om and I will see Ronda again. Om Spa make sure you take care of this girl so she never leaves!
June 30, 2010
Neem Facial- Heavenly
My daughter & son-in-law sent me a Spa Finder gift certificate for Mother's Day. I chose your spa & was delighted with the whole experience from check-in to check-out, They were very happy to take the gift cert. & gave me a credit to use the rest at a later date. Jessica gave me my facial, she was very sweet and did a great job. Even jumped up to get me a glass of ice water half way through when my throat got dry. I had the Neem Facial & would reccomend it. Sooo nice! I will be going back for another treat soon.
June 27, 2010
Very Nice Spa, Hot Stone Facial was subpar
I visited Om Spa on Friday June 24, 2010 at 6pm. When you initially walk in, the hallway is inviting with dim lights and music. The hallway leads you to the front desk. I was greeted and quickly escorted to the women's locker room. Very Nice. I had just worked out, so I had time to take a shower before my service. They have everything you need. The shower is awesome. The robes are thick and comfy and they give you nice spa shoes to wear. Next, I went to the lounge area to wait for my facial. Nice, and relaxing. Fresh fruit and other tasty treats were set out. I tried the grapes, they were not washed. The water was nice. Fresh lemons or lime would of been a nice touch. Then Jessica came to escort me to the room and provide the facial. I was a little skeptical because we went into a massage room. I did not say anything because I was not for sure if the table lifted. Also, I was not in the mood to complain or ask alot of questions, I just wanted to relax. The treatment room was small, cramped, but nice. The music was good from Jessica's IPOD. The lights could of been dimmer in the treatment room. My service lasted for 80 minutes and I must say when it was over I felt like it could of been better. I wanted a hot stone facial. She did use hot and cold stones on my face which was the best part, however I felt she wasted alot of time massaging other parts of my body...feet, legs, hands, arms. I can understand the neck and shoulders. But I really wish Jessica would of focused more time on my face with the stones, instead of the rest of my body. I had plans to get a hot stone massage and did not need the extra massaging on other parts of my body. The treatment was expensive and I would never pay that again. For that type of money the majority of the time should of been spent on the facial, which I requested, and not the massage. Also keep in mind there is no sauna, whirlpool, or other etc. at the om spa for guests to use for the expensive price for their services. Would, I go again. Probably so....I would try the massage by another therapist.
June 25, 2010
An Oasis in downtown Dearborn!
Om Spa is by far one of the better spas I've visited in Michigan. Upon walking in, I immediately felt relaxed in the quiet, contemporary atmosphere. The staff was very professional and friendly. The service was immpeccable. While waiting for my appointment in the Relaxation Room, I was offered a variety of healthy snacks and reading materials. The spa is tucked away on a busy corner, but that only enhances the the refuge-like setting- especially with a strict no cell phone policy! THe prices for services are reasonable, since most of the treatments are unique. And an awesome rewards program for services is an added perk! The spa also has great seasonal promotions aw well. I have recommended this spa to many of my friends & family members and they also have yet to be dissapointed!
April 3, 2010
what a great day!
I had a very zen time at om spa today. i decided on this spa because they accept spafinder giftcards and also because it receives very good reviews and ratings. It did not fall below my expectation! I had a Hot Stone facial with Jessica, and I've never had a facial that was so relaxing! She used stones (hot and cold) all over my face and more hot stones all over my body. I recommend this service (and esthetician) to people looking for a relaxing treatment. After that I had a massage with Susanne, who was absolutely amazing. Great time!
March 30, 2010
Best spa experience!
Everyone there was lovely! The staff really made me feel welcome, even though I was in sweatpants when I arrived :) They have a neat rainfall shower fillled with wonderful products, so I freshened up, put on a luxurious robe and waited in the relaxation area for Andrew, my therapist. Andrew gave me the best massage I've ever had - who knew Dearborn, MI would trump Las Vegas in terms of massage?! I highly recommend him!!
January 9, 2010
Great Spa Experience
I've been to so many spas all over the world and Om is really one of the best. For being such a small location, they really worked well with their space.
August 17, 2009
Very caring staff!
I've been to Om Spa many times, but this last time deserves a fabulous review - It was 4 days before my wedding. Sheila gave me a beautiful Vichy scrub/spray tan. I looked luminous, gorgeous, radiant!! exactly how i wanted to look. Then I drove home, and before I made it into the house it started to pour!! My spray tan was ruined!! I freaked out, called the spa and the workers agreed to stay after hours to help me out :) Sheila once again made me beautiful and even sprayed my mother's legs at no charge. Everyone at Om Spa is so nice and caring! I really appreciate it, guys!
August 8, 2009
Wonderful, relaxing experience
I visited Om Spa with my sister. We got pedicures and were very impressed with the ambiance and the professionalism of staff. Everything from the entrance, to the relaxation area (with refreshments), to the changing area shows that Om Spa makes it a point to cater to guests. The only thing that I would recommend is that there be some sort of window treatment on the windows of the pedicure room since the view is of busy Michigan Ave.
May 13, 2009
Best Massage Ever In My Life!!
Om Spa was an overall excellent experience. I took my pregnant sister there as her baby shower gift and my mom for mother's day and we all loved it. We all had a 50 min. massage, they both also had facials and I got the Floral Foot Fetish Pedicure. The spa was extremely accommodating booking all our services at the same time. The lounge area was very nice with great tea and snacks. Both my mom and sister raved about their massages and facials. I had Lorie as a masseuse and it was the best massage I've ever had! I left the spa so relaxed I almost forgot my shoes in the locker room on the way out. The pedicure was a bit rushed, but my feet were the smoothest they've ever been. I paid for the entire visit (except tips) in SpaFinder gift certificates and they accepted the giant stack with no problem. I can't wait to go back, such a gem in Dearborn, MI!
March 12, 2009
Great time!
I really enjoyed my visit! The staff was a little hurried, but the massage and facial I had were amazing. The waiting area is nice and they provide delicious drinks and treats. The only problem was that the waiting room is in close proximity to the rooms, so if the clients are loud, you can hear it. I was so relaxed when I was done. I will definitely go back!
May 6, 2007
The Perfect Gift!!!!!!!!!!!!
I want to say thank you to my sister-in-law who bought me the Spafinder gift card to Om Spa. I had a totally stressful day at work and couldn't wait to get there. After arriving, I immediately felt my tension slip away ( the long corridor is amazing!). I had a wonderful massage and a fabulous pedicure. Om Spa is worth the wait ( I had to wait a week for an appt.) and I will definitely be back. Thanks Sis!!!!
March 19, 2007
wrong day, wrong timing
I have been to this spa several times before and have throughly enjoyed myself. However, this time proved to be somewhat disappointing. I have usually gone during the week but booked an appointment last minute on a Sat. The service was very lackluster. I felt my service was rushed due to being before lunch. This was confirmed when I left the treatment room and she rushing out. After getting dressed I noticed there was still product on my face from my facial. At check out I was asked for my I.D. while paying with a credit card. I usually don't bring my purse in but I did this time . I don't mind if that is the protocol each and every time. I was given an excuse that the front desk did not recognize me. I did not expect they would but I never was asked for my I.D. before or for that matter at any spa I have frequented. I wonder what they would have done if I had not brought my I.D. inside? Now I might just have to look for a new salon to visit. Thanks OM!
December 21, 2006
The best body wrap!!!
Bravo! Bravo! Om Spa -- You have certainly outdone yourself. Fabulous decor in a Zen Chic setting Outstanding service providers -- Riccardo is an Italian God!!! Amenities are top of the line, including the tea and cocoa in the relaxation area, as well as the plush robes and sheets. I also love the retail area with stunning candles and glorious lotions and potions rivaling some of the best apothecaries around. I travel frequently and spa around the world -- this is one of my faves!!
December 10, 2006
Relaxing Experience
I visited this spa in Nov, 2006 and it was so very nice and relaxing. I had a full body sugar scrub with wrap and Vichy Shower! The shower was the best part! The only thing it was missing for me personally was more ways to enjoy the spa such as whirlpool room so that you don't feel like you have to leave right away after treatments. They do have a relax room... but it felt more like a very quite lounge. I wanted more of a longer experience but I would go here again
December 2, 2006
Best facial experience!
I have frequented many spas for facials but this has to be one of the best. There is so much to rave about I'm not sure where to begin. The ambiance to start with is so very relaxing. They have taken quite care to ensure that and it was appreciated. I only wish other patrons in the lounge area would have appreciated it too, which is in no way a reflection of the spa. The variety of services were great which only made me wish I had selected more. This gives me all the more reason to return. The staff were very, very pleasant. The esthetician was fantastic. She was very attentive to my concerns and informative in her suggestions as to what I should start using. The facial was quite heavenly. From beginning to end is was pleasurable aromatic experience. And to think it couldn't get better I was pleasantly surprised by a purely relaxing arm & hand massage...SIMPLY FANTASTIC!! Thanks Om Spa for such a wonderful experience.
Ruthann H.
March 2, 2006
I've been a patron of many spas in my lifetime and Om has been THE BEST experience I've ever had. From the moment I entered the spa and made my way down the long corridor, bedecked with subtle light and sound effects, I began my relaxation experience. The greeting staff was very helpful and courteous while getting my husband and I settled in. We enjoyed hot tea in the luxurious living room setting in our comfortable robes and slippers. Our Meoto (couple) deep-tissue massage was set to the music of our choice, via pre-created playlists on ipod's located in each room. The massage therapists were professional and fabulous! I could not have asked for a better experience from the time I entered the spa, until the moment I stepped out, I was invited into a world of healing and self-discovery. It was wonderful!!!
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