The Karate Academy of Bethpage

The Karate Academy of Bethpage

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4072 Hempstead Tpke,
Bethpage, NY 11714
United States
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(516) 796-3200

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Customer Reviews for The Karate Academy of Bethpage (5)

July 29, 2014
iLoveKickboxing Bethpage is Awesome!!!
I love iLoveKickboxing Bethpage!!! The instructors are so encouraging and they really care about how we feel about ourselves! The workouts are intense and no matter how in shape you are there is always room to push yourself even harder! Best and most fun workouts I've ever had! I am addicted and cannot wait to continue to see results! No matter what your reason is for exercising, you will better yourself in so many ways at iLoveKickboxing Bethpage!
June 26, 2014
I have only been going to kickboxing for a few months and I am already hooked! The instructors are fantastic and so motivating! And every workout is different which makes the classes fun! I used to go to the gym by myself a lot and I was barely motivated, struggling with the same boring workouts day to day. ILKB has changed the way I view workouts because now my workouts are so much fun!!!! I literally drip with sweat every class and I absolutely love it!!! ILKB Bethpage is the last workout you will ever need! You gotta try it you will not regret it when you start seeing results!!!!
March 3, 2014
Great workout
Forget the gym Ilovekickboxing Bethpage is a great place for an awesome workout! The first 1/2 hour is jam packed with cardio-from jogging to push-ups, jumping jacks, burpees and mountain climbers just to name a few of the moves. Just when you feel you can't move another muscle you get a break-yes that's right you get to glove up and take it out on the bag. For the next 1/2 hour you will learn a combination of punches and kicks. Finally it's time to cool down and stretch out. This is a workout that will make you sweat, ache yet still crave more. I go 3 nights a week and actually look forward to each workout. No matter what your Fittness level this is the program for you. The instructors are great teachers. They take time to show you the proper moves and make sure your doing it right so you don't hurt yourself. I highly recommend The Karate Academy of Bethpage. Try just one class and you'll be hooked like me Linda M
February 18, 2014
Karate Academy of Bethpage Awesome ILKB
I have been kickboxing here for over 4 years and it is an awesome way to stay fit without the boredom. Instructors are motivating and always changing up the classes to keep it fresh. Karate school is great too!
November 21, 2013
its a yes
I have been involved with I love kickboxing in Bethpage for about 4 months now and I could honestly say that it was one of the best workout decisions I have made since I've stopped playing sports. I've been out of the loop with sports for about 2 years and my eating habits stayed the same but my exercise was rapidly decreasing. I've tried it all to get back into shape such as running on my own, joining a gym, taking zumba and nothing seemed to keep a normal routine. I got lazier and mentally I wanted to work out but i chose other things over it. I finally got recommend to this program with the intensions of really wanting to get back into shape and sticking with it like i did with any other program/gym I've joined. The first thing that drew me in was how genuinely nice the staff/ instructors were. They were very welcoming and was just as excited as you were to join the class. The other thing that caught me off guard was the hours of the classes. There are morning and night classes, earliest being 10am and latest being 9:15 with classes in between as well. At that point i really had no excuses on why i couldn't go! The instructors are very motivating and know how to mentally beat your mind on feeling tired which i believe is the mo
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