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Lori Karl @ Varo's Salon

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19420 n. 59th ave Ste.120,
Glendale, AZ 85308
United States
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Customer Reviews for Lori Karl @ Varo's Salon (13)

May 1, 2013
Terrible Experience Before I Even Walked in the Door
Bought an online deal and called to make the appointment. I distinctly remember confirming the appointment time as 1:30 because many arrangements had to be made to accommodate "their busy schedule" When I walked in to my scheduled appointment time, the lady said I missed my appointment and she tried to text me. (she did not call the right number-I gave her my cell and she called my house). Her response to the mix-up. Aww sorry. She did not even try to make an accommodation. Her response "I am all booked out" Did not earn my business and I have not even had service yet. Hesitant to go back to use my deal as the place looked gross and I was not impressed with her on a professional standpoint.
Response from Lori Karl @ Varo's Salon
Lori is an indepenent stylist no with this salon.
December 22, 2012
I have never had such a horrible experience!!! What a dump..... Paid for hair cut and deep condition and only received a hair cut that was all chopped up.... Super old and dirty place! Avoid!!
December 2, 2012
Ditto to all previous negative reviews. They hit the nail on the head. Crappy manicure and pedicure, grungy salon, poor service. I can do my own manicures far better and will save myself the money in the future.
November 17, 2012
great Pedicure
I had bought a groupon. as they had sold quite a few it took a day or two to get in but well worth it. Tersea explain in english why she was doing things. She had told me that they were getting bad reveiws for not using the foot baths but they used the portable so as they didn"t circulate the water throught the pipes like the chairs do, that way they can clean and sanitize them better after each client. Also did a great job on my callous removal as I wear heels alot and have a lot of build up. close to my house so I rebooked for next month and plan on staying.
November 4, 2012
Very old, outdated, dirty salon. The footbath chairs don't work so instead they put a portable tub inside the footbath. As I walked in & had to wait for my appointment (that I had already paid for through Groupon), I almost left! I sat there looking around the waiting area thinking it was not clean, it got worse as I entered the back area for my pedi. To top it off (or not) my nail polish started chipping within an hour! The polish was so old it was goopy & never dried. The staff is very friendly however their appearance is also not very well kept!
October 23, 2012
Horrible Experience
This was the worst service I have ever gotten at a nail salon. I walk in, there are extension cords everywhere and the place, including the pedicure seat/tub looked dirty. They didn't even use the tub at the bottom of the pedicure seat for the pedicure: they used a dinky "home foot massaging tub" filled with warm sink water that looks like it can be bought from a store like Walmart - I could have done that at home. The tools she used on my finger and toe nails looked dirty as if they were used on a previous client and not cleaned. She was eating her lunch throughout my pedicure. The french manicure was a joke: As someone stated earlier in these reviews, my left hand could have done a better job. The nail polish was old, and it started chipping the next day. The lady didn't even paint my whole nail, there are sides of my nails that have no paint on them, and the parts with paint on them are all bubbly and not smooth at all. These people here, and the service is a joke. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY HERE.
October 18, 2012
Please don't bother!!!
Cluttered salon with hair dryers in corners and two nail chairs that don't work. They had to use a basin inside the chair for soaking my feet. Then I had to listen to the nail tech's drama during my mani/pedi and how she had been taken advantage of, which was not relaxing in the least. Nail polish that she used was obviously old because it was stringy and bubbled on my nails. Horrible experience altogether!!!
June 23, 2012
Great Experience
I had a deal that I bought online. I had a pedicure first, Barb took her time and worked on my callous' and explained everything she was doing, I was offered a beverage but was told the liquor board came in and stopped the champagne. Leg massage was great and was offered the same deal thru the salon and booked for next month. Lori did my hair, she had a private room which was quiet and she talked to me about the style I wanted and helped me with the redken spray and tools that needed to use. I booked a color with her for next month also, I love being able to do my hair and nails in one day and they also have massage and tanning. I will be back!
May 15, 2012
The reviewer that explained the place as dingy had it right. Even if the treatment was phenomenal (which it wasn't), the atmosphere would ruin it. The employees were friendly for the most part, but I almost felt uncomfortable at times based on some of their conversation. Their "scheduled" appointments were a joke. It is not okay to leave a client with dye in their hair or their feet in a pedicure tub for an hour. The pedicure was so-so. The mani was awww-ful. I think my husband or my left hand could have given a better French manicure. Not only did it look like a 3rd grader did it, half of my nails are chipped 2 days later. Champagne was supposed to be offered with the mani/pedi, which it wasn't. And after being there for 10 minutes I don't think I would have wanted to drink out of a glass there anyway.
May 1, 2012
Just what I needed. A great atmosphere, with total professionalism. Love my new nails. Did such a great job I rebooked for 2 weeks.
April 21, 2012
Worst Pedicure I've EVER had!!
The place was dingy and cluttered. I paid in advance for a spa pedicure with paraffin wax through an Amazon online special I found and I expected something great for the price. Wrong! I really got nothing more than a toe nail trimming and really bad polish job. Granted, they did do a scrub and lotion massage, but the tub my feet went in looked like it wasn't cleaned well, and she only used one tool on my toes that I could swear was used on the person before me. I got no cuticle work, nail filing, or any of the normal stuff you expect with a pedicure and the polish job looks like my 4 year old did it. Seriously, there are places where the nail isn't even polished, and one is even lumpy. I didn't even bother complaining because no amount of complaining was going to make her better at it. I just sort of quietly left. I will NEVER go there again for anything.
October 20, 2011
Joe George cancelled my appointment 45 mins prior. I was already on my across town! He had over booked himself, then yelled at me for asking him to reschedule, hung up on me, then butt dialed me! I had planned my whole day around this appointment, which i had scheduled three weeks prior. I hope this business goes under- what poor service!
Response from Lori Karl @ Varo's Salon
I am so sorry this happened! This not our practice and as an independent contractor I was not aware of the situation. I would really like for you to give the salon another chance. As the manager, I would love to see what I could do to fix this. Please call me @ 602-292-1196
May 20, 2011
best color of my life
i went to this salon and im hard to make happy when it comes to my hair but my norm girl was on vac and i live down the street from this place so i decided to go in for a haircut and ended up gettin a color to and omg i love it so much im goin there now and not my old place I also got dirty cheap tanning package and this week i have a massage hope its as good as my hair lol
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