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Urban Retreat is a stress releif center offering a wide variety of massages including but not limited to Swedish, Deep  Tissue, Reflexology, Prenatal, Hot Stone, Aromatherapy, Shiatsu and Sports massage. We also offer top of the line facials including the popular Hydrafacial and waxing customized to your specific needs. Urban Retreat has something for everyone to achieve ultimate health and wellness. We are open seven days a week and offer specials regularly not to mention our membership program which has great savings. Call or book online to experience ultimate relaxation at our Urban Retreat.

Urban Retreat - Hacienda

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Urban Retreat - Hacienda
15886 E. Gale Avenue,
Hacienda Heights, CA 91745
United States
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Accepts Spafinder Gift Cards
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+1(626) 369-1964

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Customer Reviews for Urban Retreat - Hacienda (28)

January 2, 2014
Great Massage for a Good Price
Urban Reteat isn't super fancy, but the facility is nice and clean. My therapist was professional and attended to the areas that needed special attention. I would highly recommend Martha.
February 7, 2013
1st Class Spa
First class all the way. Facial and massage were absolutely wonderful. They did not try to push sales or products on me. Pricing is very competitive and a great value. I highly recommend this spa.
July 23, 2012
best massage ever
i was feeling very tense and needed a massage i came here to urban retreat and tanya hooked it up. left feeling like new!
February 16, 2012
One Word for this place. PERFECT!!!!
It was so nice there. The atmosphere was perfect the staff was very nice and the massages were great. The prices were great we went there for a couples massage for valentines day and they decorated the room and gave us goodie bags at the end. It was great and Tanya did an amazing job great massage. I would definitely recommend Tanya.
May 7, 2011
Great massage
I have been a client of Urban Retreat for over 5 years. Their prices are reasonable compared to other Day Spas and close to where I live. I always get the combination massage from Angelica. She is very professional and makes sure that the pressure is just right. My wife also gets her massages from here. Don't remember her massage therapist's name. Overall, a clean and comfortable environment for a relaxing massage.
April 12, 2011
Connie is Absolutely Amazing!!!
I'm not new to massages by all means, and have experienced a variety of styles from multiple therapists through the years. Despite of this, Connie is the one therapist that Stands Out and the one that keeps me returning. My experiences with Connie has been nothing less than AMAZING! Her skills, style, customer service, personality, and the atmosphere she sets is absolutely OUTSTANDING. Thanks Connie, and see you again in a couple of weeks.
February 15, 2011
Connie is a great massage threapist
Connie wil give you a professional, relaxing and excellent massage! If deep tissue is you thing then I recommend Connie. Can't wait to go again!
January 18, 2011
Great specials!
Shelly has an early bird special and they are always the best! I go there fairly often and the therapist are always running some kind of special. Just ask them. I usually get free stone massage. And Shelly gives sometimes more time or like a 15.00 discount. She does this only for her requests though. SO ask for her or maybe find your own therapist they are always able to give u something because they are independent contractors. The service beats any kind of professional hotel massage.
November 8, 2010
Connie is the Best!!!
One word to describe my spa experience here with Connie is "Awesome!" With years of experience and professional service, she is one of the best. The only complaint is she's very busy, so you need to make an appointment in advance before going. I can't wait to go back again!
August 7, 2010
Super Wonderful
I first experienced the deep tissue massage by Eric then followed it by a facial by Reanna Carter. I was so relaxed and feeling so pampered. I walked out of their feeling like I was floating on a cloud. I will be going back soon! Thanks to all the staff.
July 20, 2010
My 2 new favorite words - Shelly Mei
I've been to my share of spa's in many locations and by far this one is the best; hands down-pun intended! Everyone I came in contact with was Professional (with a capitol P), from my first phone call to the 20+ massages I've had now with the most amazing healer alive. My complaints PRIOR to Urban Retreat (UR) were many, some might say a laundry list. Topping it was the masseuse themselves. I could never find the right one. All of them had a flaw and the biggest disappointment was time cutting. If your paying for an hour massage then it should be a full hour not 45min or less even!! Not at UR; not only did I get my full hour but sometimes extra time for FREE. One time Shelly went over the hour because I was in a serious motorcycle accident and was very tight in my back and instead of cutting time on other areas of my body she went and did an hour and 15 minutes at the 1 hour price! There are a couple of things I've learned through Shelly that no other therapist has been kind or open enough to share. The first ties into the second. Talking can be good but too much can ruin the chi. Feedback during a massage or guidance to areas in need of more/less pressure is super helpful and Shelly responds very well to this. However, just talking throughout the session does nothing to help you heal and in turn just makes the therapist uncomfortable. I can't tell you how many times I laid through a session and felt to nervous or embarrassed to say "...less pressure there, or could you spend less time on my legs and more on my back.." Although I don't like the location (tucked in the corner of a shopping plaza) everything else about this place is top notch- high quality at low price. IT'S A MUST TRY. I've spent more money for a headache at lunch for an hour then I have getting an hour of absolute peace of mind, body, and soul from Shelly at Urban Retreat. Thank you so much!
July 18, 2010
this is my DREAM SPA!
Everyone is SO professional and NICE! Ive come to understand this spa, and its by far the best one i have gone to. My massage therapist Shelly was very informative and helped me understand the best way to receive a massage here. She was very skilled and was very attentive when i told her I wanted more pressure, or when i thought it was too cold. She added more pressure and turned on the heating blanket on the massage table! Each massage session is always so relaxing and different and so attentive to my needs. I love this Spa because they always offer water at the end of the session. Accept cash, credit, gift card. and shelly always offer something different for our next session. sometimes even 30 min. free. She knows have a bad back. Even tho this is not some fancy spa with a sauna or mud bath they have a shower and have always made me feel relaxed after just one session. There are some great therapist there like Reanna: the manager. Connie: the lead therapist. Angelica :great therapist if you want deep tissue. if all else fails ask for my massage therapist Shelly!.
July 13, 2010
one way to describe it - epic
Yeah, I know that the title was cheesy, but I had a great time there. The staff just makes it feel like I am at home and they are quite friendly. The massages soothes your very needs for whatever reason your there for. The rooms don't feel that compacted nor do they feel too roomy, just right. I have no doubt that I would definitely get another massage soon.
Sonia AM
July 13, 2010
Wow what can I say, my husband and I have gotten several massages at Urban Retreat in Hacienda Heights and always been very satisfied. We have had massages from Glen Ivy, Brooke Williams and many spas in Las Vegas and cannot compare the quality and prices to Urban Retreat. I can get a massage and facial for the price of an 1/2 hr in these other spas. I highly recommend everyone to try Urban Retreat for your self. Sonia & Mathew, Chino CA
April 10, 2010
I have had massages all over the world, in a number of settings from upscale cruise ships and resorts to small town day spas. I always walked away with at least some of the pain I walked in feeling. I came to the conclusion that daily pain would just be a fact of my life. My visit to Urban Retreat was an act of desperation, as I could no longer walk very far and sometimes resorted to using a cane. Then I found Connie! From the first massage I had blissful relief. I have been going to her weekly, (at $45, I happily skip a couple of lunches a week toward my massage!) and I am walking again and getting accustomed to ENJOYING LIFE WITHOUT PAIN! Of course, the massages have eradicated my stress, restored my humor, recharged my body and relieved my soul. THANKS CONNIE, you changed my life!
Christina M
December 20, 2009
Fabulous Spa
As i walked in i noticed the elegant decor and soothing atmosphere, and the professionalism that is offered is like no other i was offered teas of all types and the best facial i ever had. the bed was as soft as a cloud and i didn't want to move when the facial was finished. definitely would recommend.
December 9, 2009
Best spa in hacienda heights
I have been regularly receiving massages for the last year. I found this little spot while I was getting my car fixed next door. I decided to get a massage, and for the 45 dollar price tag for the swedish massage, it was not only cheaper than most massage institutions, but the quality of massage was exquisite. My therapist was Stephen, and he gave me a little extra by combining some deep tissue with his swedish massage. Afterwards, there was even a complimentary bottle of water provided. I will definitely come back to get a massage sometime soon.
December 3, 2009
Hypnotherapy was amazingly relaxing and worked on the long run
I was a nurse on my way to retirement. The many problems associated with this transition have left a toll. I have tendencies to anxieties and stress; both of which are not good for my fibromyalgia. Well, it is not good for anyone, period. My massage therapist, Irina, has offered me her services in Hypnotherapy. It was my third experience overall with Hypnotherapy after being a part of the large shows. Of course, in the private sessions you can do so much more then empty tricks. I am writing this review after two years have past, which shows how long lasting this session was for me. Very impressive. I learned that now she does semiprivate and small groups sessions. She has adjusted to recession prices so it is affordable too. Loved it. Cal Nurse
October 11, 2009
DO NOT GO TO THIS SPA, you face will be ruined. I've been going to facial treatment over almost 10 yrs now. Because I just moved and I saw all those good reviews, I would give this spa a try. This is my first time going to this spa and it is my last time. I scheduled for a European facial with massage after. Usually, with European facial, you will get your face clean and then have some kind of treatment to loosen your blackhead and whitehead. Then, they extract your pores follow by masque and other treatment to repair or maintain your skin. With this place, she was your face with a cleanser that has lemon peel twice and then she used some harsh brush to scrub your face. The brush feels so rough, I thought my face is going to bleed. She claims that if the brush up and down, it won't ruin your skin. Sure...Then she used a cold towel to take off the cleanser. I personally don't prefer a cold towel, but when she rub my face downward so hard, I had a huge problem with it. I asked her if there is anything to loosen the blackhead and whitehead, she said there is a papaya treatment which is another scrub. I thought it might a new thing, so I waited. Extraction: she only use to something to scrape a little and claims she already taken out everything. I told her that I don't feel that it is clean. Then, she put some oil free grease on my face and used another electronic scrapper to scrape my face. After that, my face start to burn and she said it is probably my home routine has problem. I used my home routine product line for over 5 years now, never had a problem with it. Then, she used another scrub and said it will help with blackhead which made my face worse. I told her that I can still feel the my whitehead bumps. I asked her for a mirror and she said no. I had to end the facial in the middle and cancel my massage because my face was hurting too much. I went to another spa right away and they said this place took so much layer of skin that is my face was hurting so much and they never took any of my blackhead of whitehead. Just made my skin worse and soo painful. If you want to keep your face, DON"T GO THERE, I had to spent extra $100 bucks and couple days to heal to fix whatever they did.
August 30, 2009
This is the place for a professional massage
I have a very stressful job and if it was not for Connie Zavella (lead therapist) I would be full of knots. :) She is great. When I lived in San Diego, I had a massage therapist and I miss her greatly when I moved to the Los Angeles Area. I am so glad that I have found Connie. She is great. If you are an athelete, need stress reduction or need a one day get a way it is worth the price and worth the time. Spa Girl. :)
August 17, 2009
great day spa
I LOVE this spa. It's totally affordable (1 hour massages starting at $45). I recommend booking with Reanna (I think she's the manager). I had a facial with her and she was really attentive. She explained everything she was doing, and it completely open to suggestions/feedback. Also, since my skin was dehydrated, she suggested a follow-up facial one week later - pretty much the whole facial procedure (1 hour) plus a free foot scrub for only $20. The outside of this place isn't so nice, since it's in a strip mall type plaza that is just a little ghetto. But once you get inside it's nice and clean and relaxing. Will definitely be coming back for monthly facials and occasional massages.
February 25, 2009
I'm definitely coming back :)
I came in a few weeks ago and my MT was Eric B. I had the most amazing massage I've ever had. I was so tense and all stressed out when I first when in, but let me tell you something I came out a total relaxed person. I usually prefer female MT's, but I decided to give Eric a try and I am so glad I did. He is a very respectul person and that's one of the things I liked about him. I got a deep tissue massage, he got rid of all my tension and stress. I would recommend this MT to everyone including my family, believe me you won't regret it. I will be coming back in another couple of weeks and of course I will be requesting Eric.
February 12, 2009
Ask for Mat
Mat Greaves is the best message therapist I've ever had, he is very professional, attentive, and skillful. I'm a dancer, and every time I come to him with injuries, he has always been successful at correcting the problems. I highly recommend him to all my family, friends and fellow dancers.
December 16, 2008
I keep coming back again and again
Eric B. - I have been visiting spas for approximately 25 years now. Never being content until I found this one. I tried a few Therapists at this Retreat and came to the conclusion of Eric. He is wonderful! He has relieved my knee bursitis and sciatica almost to inexistence. I always tell him something when I'm leaving like "You're just like Tony the Tiger, GRRREEEAAT". He blushes. Seriously, you need to try this guy. He applies the perfect pressure for the combo that I always get. He always gives his clients a choice of a small gift at the end or gives you promo items. I come to him failthfully once a month, only because I can't afford once a week. The prices are fair and he's always available except for Sundays (football). That's quite alright because that's the day that I can watch with my significant other also while I'm feeling 100%. I thank God for finding this guy. I have so much stress in my life and he makes it worth it.
June 30, 2008
unbelievable for the price
I just got back and i'm completely hooked. I've always stayed away from professional massage because it's so expensive, it was always more of an annual luxury than an accessible treat. Everything's changed! it's located in a strip mall so to the quick eye, it's nothing special, but open the door and it's another situation all together, it's a small place, with each room decorated in a calming, medative manner, and the staff is very friendly and informative. The best deal hands down is their "spa package" which includes a full body scrub, body masque, foot reflexology and then an hour of massage, all for a riduculously unbelieveable price. My massusse Shelly was amazing, and in one session was able to relieve a great deal of the tension thats been building in my shoulders and neck for the past six years. She was so skilled, and I was so impressed that I have decided to make this a monthly experience for myself. Thank you very much, I WILL be back!
January 8, 2008
Hello, my name is Sarah and i am an avid spa-goer. i've been to many spas all across northern california and beyond, but have never found anything close to home that truely makes me feel like i've gotten my money's worth. Now i'm sure that I'm not the first to say this, but upon my first visit to their facility, i felt the exterior was not too appealing, but as soon as i stepped foot into the door, i knew that it was a classic case of judging a book by it's cover. Perhaps that's what makes this getaway so special, not many people know of this amazing place, it's afordable prices, and welcoming staff. For someone that has a busy schedule like me, it's important that i have a place to go to unwind that is both accomodating and easy on the purse.
June 19, 2007
What a great place!
I just returned from this delightful little spa. Yes it is quite an "Urban Retreat", however that is what makes this such a charming get-a-way location. It is still in the city, but tucked away just enough so that you can forget where you are. I was a little nervous to go with a male therapist, but I am sooo glad I did. Allen did such a fantasic job on my back I feel amazing. If you do not feel confortable with a male make sure you tell them because they will not ask you.
May 13, 2007
What a horrid experience. The people misquoted both me and my mother two separate times. 1st mistake: I went in for a massage and the person who answered the phone quoted $100 for a COMBO massage (1hr deep tissue, 1hr Swedish) when it's supposed to be $110 (brochure says "prices subject to change w/o notice, but not after you've been QUOTED ON THE PHONE!!!). 2nd mistake: The person who answered the phone put me down for a 2 hr DEEP TISSUE instead of a COMBO massage. Strike 3: The massage therapist performed the 2 hr Deep Tissue massage and said that she charges $200 which is also the incorrect price for the deep tissue massage which says $125 in the brochure. So, basically, they quote you a lower price and try to guilt trip you into paying more. WHAT A RIP-OFF!!!! I must say that the rooms are nicely decorated and I rcvd a great massage. The actual session was very good, but not worth the trouble of the BAD BUSINESS.
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