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SkinSpa Institute ~ Day Spa, The

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2201 East Willow Street, Suite H
Signal Hill, CA 90755
United States
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Customer Reviews for SkinSpa Institute ~ Day Spa, The (17)

July 21, 2010
My Favorite Local Spot
I found this spa a couple years ago when I worked around the corner. I now live over 80 miles away and it is still my favorite spa to visit. Everyone there is very friendly and professional, and they go out of their way to make you comfortable. I have had several manicures, pedicures and massages and have also had a facial done here. Each time I have left feeling spectacular! The technicians always give me helpful tips for things I can do between treatments to keep looking and feeling my best. I am so happy that I stumbled upon this place. I can't wait to try a facial again.
May 9, 2010
I took my mom here for her birthday last June and it was her very first time EVER to get a massage. She absolute loved it! We each had aromatherapy massages and it was nothing short of amazing! The service is impeccible and they definitely take care of you. I highly recommend this place to everyone! Can't wait to come back for facials and massages in the future!!
May 7, 2010
This place is reasonably priced!
April 8, 2010
Best Secret in Town
Best Facials in Long Beach! Since they customize your facial based on your skin type and personal goals, you really get your money's worth out of the experience. My FACIAL appointment included a soothing eye treatment followed by an incredible hand and neck massage. Christal (the esthetician) was very knowledgeable and explained the steps in the treatment as well as each product's purpose. Unlike other spas, she kept a nice, steady pace throughout the appointment and allowed the product to sink into my skin. I never felt like she was watching the clock or rushing the treatment. My skin felt so good by the end of the appointment; I couldn't help touching the smooth skin repeatedly. Upon exiting the room, I was greeted with water and a warm smile. The whole experience of Skin Spa left me relaxed and renewed. Thanks
March 12, 2010
inlamed RED bump on my forehead and chin after extraction
I am a little disappointed with my facial, although cleansing, exfoliation, and mask was ok experience, but extraction was a bit rough for my sensitive and fair toned skin!! Again, it left me with inflamed RED bump on my forehead and chin after extraction which wasn't there before!! And It seems like she was trying too hard to squeeze something that clearly wasn't ready to be squeezed!! Why didn't she leave those areas alone!? I don't think it is fair after spending nearly $$$ to develop more skin problems and it will take a while now for my skin to clear up!
Response from SkinSpa Institute ~ Day Spa, The
Dear lillyy, We are very sorry you were disappointed with your facial treatment at The SkinSpa Institute. While it is never our intention to leave the skin pink or inflamed after a facial or acne treatment, it IS a Natural part of the healing process after extractions are preformed. The blood platelets rush to the area to facilitate healing, creating a temporary red mark which goes away after a few hours. The skin heals very quickly, resulting in a much smoother, acne free complexion. Our esthetics staff is expertly qualified in performing extractions as well as specializing in and eradicating severe to mild acne. For patients who have never had a facial, extractions may be a bit scary and uncomfortable at first. However, It is the fastest way to clean out a clogged pore and clear up pimples. Furthermore, we respect ALL our patients and ones with sensitive skin may request no extractions during a facial if they do not want any residual red spots. Our ultimate goal is to exceed ALL our guest's expectations. We apologize again for not leaving you completely satisfied with your experience. We welcome you to come back to the spa for a free treatment so we may win you over to become one of our many satisfied facial fans.
February 9, 2010
Outstanding Boutique Spa!
Outstanding Boutique Spa I scheduled a facial and massage at this spa and decided to book a pedicure at the last minute. I am SO Happy I did. Everything was well laid out, with the goal of relaxation and guest satisfaction in mind. It's not as sumptuous as some overpriced spas I have been in, but the decor and facilities were well kept, clean and well worth the price. The additional bonus of a rainy day discount made it a great value. The staffs were all very courteous and the aesthetician (Chrystal) and massage therapist (Jenifer) were especially welcoming, solicitous and exceptional at their craft. They both took extra time with the services and I didn’t feel like they were watching the clock the whole time. I wasn’t expecting much from the pedicure but was amazed at Tamara’s attention to detail and how much time (over an hour) she spend pampering my feet. I booked everything online from the spas website, so the booking receipt e-mail through to appointment confirmation went without a hitch. I received a great little thank you card two days later for visiting the spa which was a great touch. It’s really nice to visit a spa where they truly care about taking care of the customer. I can’t wait to go back and I am defiantly visiting this spa for my monthly retreat.
September 3, 2009
More Than A Spa
OMG! I have to disagree with anyone who is against The Skin Spa Institute. I found the spa online about 2 years ago and I have been addicted every since. No its not a large resort type of spa, but its just right for a getaway with an at home feel. They still offer full services with monthly spa specials. Not to mention their $50 spa weeks (its pretty much a steal). Starting with the staff, they are all so kind and very professional. The receptionist Alexis always has a positive attitude, and the owner Crystal is so helpful. On your first visit you complete a chart describing different factors with your skin and health, so they can accomodate your needs correctly, which I appreciate due to I may be allergic to certain products. I usually go once a month for a bikini wax (priced very reasonably). I have received my waxes from several different staff members and all of them were great. No too painful, and not too long, although the work is done correctly. Now I only go to Crystal for my bikini wax, only because theres a comfort level there. The staff members explains all of the products thats being used for my service. Any and all questions I have are always answered. Oh and did I mention Crystal is like some sort of doctor without the PHD (not sure if she has one), she is very knowledgeable of skin care and skin products for many different skin types. Crystal has helped me with many different skin problems I have come across and I have always had positive outcomes. If something didnt work, she helped me to find what was best. I am African American, an our skin tends to be more sensitive than others, but Crystal has guided me through and explained to me the pros and cons of any product or service I have been interested in. Also, I would like to mention that they are very flexible with setting appointments. There has been times when I was booking an "Emergency Wax" and one of the staff members has come in on their off day or worked late to accomodate my request. I even took my ex boyfriend to get a message, and till this day, I sometimes run into him leaving the spa. Lastly I would like to say that the environment is so relaxing, rejuvinating, its male-friendly, great products and all around GREAT SERVICES!! (Although I sound like an advertising manager, I am an actual dedicated customer) I suggest for anyone to give them a visit.
August 14, 2009
First time and LOVED it!!
I actually visited The SkinSpa for the first time and received an amazing massage and facial. I went to Jennifer for my massage and she is excellent at listening to the customer. I walk a lot so I have lots of tightness in my calves and lower back, she really worked my muscles and addressed the areas of concern. After my massage I went to Christal for my facial, I felt like I was taking an acne class. During the facial she taught me how to take care of my skin and told me reasons why I was breaking out. I've had a lot of facials and usually I feel like people are just trying to sell me product. This is the first time that I actually understood why I have to use certain products and follow a specific regimen. I really like this spa it's cozy and unique I was greeted with a smile when I walked in and they new my name. I would definitely recommend this spa to a friend I had a great experience!!!
July 9, 2009
I've really tried to like this place...
I've been to this spa at least 6x or more and can honestly say that I've yet to feel at home here. During all of the svcs I've rec'd in 2 different rooms, I had to endure an hour or longer of non-stop BANGING noises from the other side of the walls. (No exaggerating!) Also, the owner has seen me on many occasions come thru at chk-in or chk-out, even in the hallway, and not once has she greeted me or even smiled at me. This place is EXTREMELY small and tight with a waiting area consisting of 2 chairs so crammed in between the front entrance and receptionist's desk that at times I feel like the receptionist's desk is literally 1 inch away from my nose. I have even witnessed other people accidentally run into things in the retail area (also crammed between the receptionist's area) and feeling embarrassed about causing the items to collapse and fall to the ground. During my massage svcs as well, the therapist has rubbed against my arm while moving positions around the treatment table, and I've heard her back rub against the walls too! As I'm typing this I can't help but shake my head in disbelief and disappointment because I've really tried to like this place. Unfortunately, with every visit, I find yet another reason to turn away...even their promotions are misleading. I get their emails boasting about their "great deals" but in reality, they are just plain BAIT for people to spend more money. Why be on SpaFinder if you're not going to accept their GCs? And why sell GCs if you're not going to accept them for use on promotions? That's like me going to Macy's and being told that I can't use a Macy's GC for a pair of shoes on sale that I want to purchase. How does that make any sense? Unfortunately, I think this place is getting worse and worse, and I'm sad to predict that they won't stay much longer. After all, how can a place stay in business if they make their regular customers (like me) feel like they're getting a bad deal? It's just too sad, and it's about time I submitted my review for this place before it's too late.
Response from SkinSpa Institute ~ Day Spa, The
Dear spa reviewer, I would like to first thank you for visiting The SkinSpa 6x or more! Wow, we must be doing something right to keep you coming back? Second, I would like to apologize for the "occasional" noise coming from Curves our neighbor next door. They can be a little overzealous at times with the workout music but are very accommodating when we let them know it is disturbing one of our guests. Third, I would also like to personally apologize if I did not go out of my way to be friendly and make you feel at home. We try very hard to make ALL our guests feel welcome and to feel like one of the family. Our number one goal at the spa is friendliness and to always strive to exceed our customers expectations. Unfortunately we cannot accomplish this with everyone but we sure try our best. Yes, we are a small day spa but we are constantly looking for ways to create a more spacious environment to make our guests feel more comfortable. Also, I think we have some really "awesome deals" for our guests, which are promoted every month on our website and through email blasts. For example, our $49.00 massage and facial special gets rave reviews and draws a very positive response. I don't know of any other high end spas that are offering such "great deals"! I only wish I had time to get a $49 massage! I really need one! As far as accepting SpaFinder gift certificates, we gladly accept them for all full priced services but not during promotions because the value is already greatly discounted. Unlike large department store chains like Macy's, we are a small family owned business and we have to be very careful in this economy as to when and how we discount our services. We use top of the line skincare and massage products and it would be unfair to our highly experienced and trained staff to not receive adequate compensation for their exceptional services. Largely our "spa deals" are to generate cash flow and to enable our valued staff members to have a viable income in these hard economic times. But despite the unfortunate downturn in the economy, The SkinSpa is doing VERY WELL and we have acquired a vast and loyal clientele in the five years we have been in business. We are very grateful for each and every guest who supports our business and contributes to our continued success. They know how much hard work was put into creating the spa (for them) and how I always continue to strive to make their experience even more enjoyable every time they visit the spa. Lastly, I would like to thank you for your review and we will use it to help make our spa environment and your spa experience even better. While lots of small businesses are closing we are continuing to grow. And for that, I am truly grateful. Christal Petrak, Spa Director & Owner
February 11, 2009
Best spa experience EVER!!
Hey guys! So if you are looking for a fantastic salon that has just about every service aside from hair, well this is it!! I went to the Skin spa for the first time about a week ago and got a full brazilian wax, facial, and massage.. my facialist was Sandra and she was fantastic, the waxing was quick, comfortable, and reasonably priced. The facial was wonderful, she addressed my skin concerns and recommended products but wasnt pushy about it . Then I had my massage with Jennifer, as if i wasnt relaxed enough!!!! the whole day was amazing!! I would totally recommend this place to anyone looking for comfortable, relaxing, and amazing services!!!! PS.... they also do nails!!!
March 17, 2007
Wonderful Spa Treatments
The experience at Skin Spa is wonderful -- very relaxing. The staff are very friendly & knowledgeable. I've had a wide variety of facials and can see a definite improvement in my skin. I even had a pregnancy massage that felt sooo good! The atmosphere is very soothing. I would definitely recommend it.
March 8, 2007
Guy Can Feel Comfortable
I go in to get the massages; staff does a great job loosing up the muscles, breaking up the stiffness and making you feel like jello. Great place to get the eyebrows cleaned up (not obvious) and skin revitalized. Highly recommend!
March 5, 2007
WOW! The best day spa ever!!
I travel to many spas across the country and The SkinSpa is really something special. They are extremely friendly and helpful on the phone and helped pick out customized services best suited for my needs. No cookie cutter massages and facials here. The soothing music, aromatherapy and beautiful decor made me feel relaxed and right at home when I arrived. I originally booked a massage and facial but didn’t want to leave so I added on a manicure and pedicure. They were more than happy to accommodate. I must say I was pleasantly surprised with the expertise of the therapists. The massage was AMAZING! I tried a female this time and she really had a great touch and worked out all my knots. The Guinot facial was by far the best I have ever had. My skin felt extremely soft and hydrated. I can’t say enough about the nail services. I had a cozy room all to myself and not once did I feel like they were trying to rush me out. I highly recommend this outstanding spa for anyone who wants the best care for there skin and body. I was so impressed with the expertise of the staff I rebooked for next month and cant wait to go back. I’m so happy I found my little slice of heaven!!
March 5, 2007
Facial and Massage Heaven
I was fortuntate enough to receive some Spa Finder Gift Certificates for Christmas and I went to The SkinSoa Instiitute for a Hydradermie Facial and a 60min Massage. I was in HEAVEN during both these treatments. The staff was incredible and the services were outstanding. I will be going back there next month for sure. If you are looking of a great escape from your busy life I would recommend you visit The SkinSpa Institute.
March 5, 2007
Escape your stressful day here!
This is a great day spa. The staff was very attentive to my needs and comfort througout my visit. From the greeting I received at reception, the massage from Sean was wonderful, the mani/pedi from Christal and Tiffany was great, and the facial was so relaxing - and educational! They are really knowledgeable and helpful when I had concerns about my skin. I really hope to return soon!
February 16, 2007
Great Pedicure
This is a good spa to visit if you fly in/out of Long Beach Airport. It is less than 10 minutes away. Positives: Chocolate manicure and pedicure was wonderful The technician was gentle but through with the mani and pedi Very clean throughout the spa Negatives: The room that I received my service was a little cramped The polish colors were limited Front desk staff could have been a bit more friendly.
June 1, 2006
WOW I've just had a killer massage
Thank You !!!! Sean,.. Wow your a great therapist. I've never had a better massage then that one wow. You know where & how deep to go inside the muscles. A male myself I need that deep work. Cristal gave me a great facial. I thought they where for ladies only. I was wrong. My face feels great & so clean. She knows her products. She helps you find the right combo to bring out the true you. Yours Truly Johnny
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