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Z Salon and Spa

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9407 Shelbyville Rd.,
Louisville, KY 40222
United States
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+1(502) 426-2226

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Customer Reviews for Z Salon and Spa (16)

April 17, 2014
No Longer Impressed
Z-Spa used to be the premier spa in Louisville, KY now they should be lucky if they are even considered a spa at all! First they take away the second full service location downtown that offered most of the services the East end location offered. This in turn caused the flexibility they had to diminish all together now you are lucky if you are able to book a service 2-4 weeks in advance. When you call in prepare yourself to be on hold for an extended period of time and when you finally do talk to someone they are unable to assist you properly as they all seem extremely confused on what is going on around them. The atmosphere of this place is very nice and well kept but the vital part of it all being SERVICES have went downhill since about 2011.
April 18, 2013
Don't see Elizabeth
I have been going to z salon since the 90s and I have had increasingly bad experiences with this salon! Every time I find someone I like, they leave. I know that can be the nature of the business, but not like this. I have gone to all three locations and have had the worst experience ever recently! A few weeks ago I went in to get a hair cut and when the girl asked me if I liked my color I told her I was looking for a new colorist. She introduced me to Elizabeth and I really liked what she had to say. She had me all pumped up about her doing my hair! She showed me pictures and had all the right things to say. So, I made an appointment. I was so excited about going to see her, but man was that a let down! I drove all the way from outside of the county for her to rudely tell me my hair was damaged and she couldn't color it. She did not LISTEN or take anything I said into consideration. I sat in my car and cried afterwards because she was so rude to me about my hair. I had never had an experience like this before, but this was traumatic! I don't want to support any business that treats their customers like that! Bye, bye z salon.
Nikola A
January 22, 2013
I used to love the Z salon!
Angela L. does an amazing job with my curly hair! I can't say enough good things about her and she is well worth the $95.00 per cut... I can't say the same about my experience with their color department. I decided to splurge and have my color done there. I was told basic color was $75.00 so I was very surprised to check out at $265.00 for both the color ($170.00) and cut ($95.00). I didn't like my color at all. I have attempted to reach both of the managers (both Laurie and Denise) to no avail. The receptionists block all calls to the managers and the managers do not return your calls. I am very disappointed with my last experience. Even though I have been going to Angela for years I will not go back due to the lack of customer service I've experienced.
October 19, 2011
Taking customers for granted
I've gone to Z for so many years that I can't remember when I started going. I have loved almost every single service I've gotten there, from haircuts and manicures to massages and wedding services. However, in the last few years, it seems like they've begun taking their customers for granted. I've been put on hold for increasing amounts of time (25-30 minutes is not uncommon), and if I use their return call service, it takes hours to get a return call. When I finally get someone on the phone, I have to be ready to hear that there is no way to get my desired service for maybe 6 weeks. When I called to try to schedule a second maternity massage recently, I was told that the next available appointment would fall right about the time my daughter was three weeks old! I have learned to be willing to take any provider available and to adjust my schedule to fit their open times. I'll admit that there have been times I've avoided making an appointment just because I don't want to wait forever. I suppose this happens because so many people love their services, and we don't feel that there is anywhere else to go to get them with the same level of quality. Unfortunate, really.
July 10, 2011
The ONLY Spa for me!
I have been going to Z Spa for about 7 years now, off and on, for massages. They were the first spa I ever went to and they are the only spa that I ever want to go to. As soon as you walk in the atmosphere begins to relax you right away. The staff is very friendly and always eager to help in any way. They have a wide variety of massages to choose from, with optional additions should you choose them, and the masseurs seem to be experienced and knowledgable. Everytime I leave I just think that I can't wait till I can go back again!
March 27, 2011
Almost Perfect
I have visited Z Salon for over 6 years and fell more in love with it every visit. From hair cuts to massages, they make you feel like a star. Recently I contacted their wedding coordinator to set up a consultation for my wedding party to get our hair and make up done. We set up an appointment and I took off work early to meet her. When I arrived she was not there, but at their highlands location for some sort of crisis. The lady at the desk called her and she claimed she had tried to contact me. Although I had no missed call or voice mail. I was disappointed but gave them another chance. The next week I called everyday to get a hold of this lady, left message after message, and never heard back. Now if I'm going to pay so much for these services, I need them to be a lot more attentive and a least return a phone call. I have not been back since, and canceled all my next appointments. I had always had my heart set on getting my hair and makeup done their for my wedding, but I guess that's one dream that won't come true.
September 22, 2010
Calm and Quiet
I have been a visitor of Z Salon and Spa for years and have always had great service, if with some minor mishaps, Z Salon has gone above and beyond to meet my needs as far as customer service is concerned. The Spa has a beautiful Zen atmosphere, and carries a the natural fragrance of the Aveda products it uses.
June 30, 2010
Go see Laryssa
Go see Laryssa for a brazillian! She makes waxing not embarassing. She gives you a nice hand massage before. Z uses Aveda products, which I love. This is a really nice place, one of the nicest in Louisville.
March 9, 2010
Seelbach location - Wonderful
I work downtown and was looking for a place to get a facial and an eyebrow wax. Z Salon at the Seelbach was perfect for me - I can go on my (extended) lunch hour! The facial comes with complementary eyebrow maintenance, which is fantasic. And not having to figure out a tip makes the slightly higher price worth it! The staff there are very friendly and not too pushy about purchasing products. I'll keep going!
January 24, 2010
the perfect day. . . .
if you are looking for the perfect getaway day, this place put me in total peace. peaceful atmosphere, every little detail was thought out to make you feel absolutely relaxed. the service was wonderful, I'm definitely a regular!
November 7, 2009
Great Experience
The staff here is very warm and friendly. They always go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and relxed. I especially love the hand massage while getting my hair washed.
October 2, 2008
Absolutely wonderful!
I visited Z Spa today and it was the first time I had ever been to any kind of spa. Upon entering, we donned a robe and slippers and were personally guided from room to room. I had two services scheduled, a mud wrap and a massage and there was time in between to enjoy the sauna. The massage was by Cassie and the mud wrap by Christy. Both were wonderful not only in their technique but with their professionalism. They suggested products to use and described how to use them. All in all, I left feeling relaxed and ready to face the day.
June 10, 2007
For A Day Of Relaxation This Is The Place
I've Been Going To Z's For About 2 Years Now, and what can I say, its been great everytime, and If You Ever need a recharge, This Is the place to go :)
September 21, 2006
I have been to many spas and I was barely satisfied with Z's. I am only writing because I feel it isn't a male friendly spa. I have a hard time getting the same therapist for massage (they seem to come and go all the time). Using the same therapist once you have found one you like is a huge benefit. Does it have any male members of management? Has it ever? If it's focus is females than O.k., I am sorry, I should have gone somewhere else in the first place. I felt uncomfortable at first and out of place. I just feel that it's more for women than men and I will probably not go again. It is a nice looking spa and the reception was pleasant; maybe someday it will employ more men and use their ideas...or maybe not.
September 8, 2006
I've had several services here - from cut to color to facial to massage - & all of them are wonderful. The atmosphere is amazing, & the customer service is the best I've ever had. I refuse to go anywhere else.
Loves the Spa
March 25, 2006
The best service!
I came to Z salon and spa to get a facial and massage. When I came in the door there were people to greet me and take my coat. They went out of their way to make me comfortable in the Womans Lounge (drinks, steam shower and foot soak). The massage was very relaxing and I felt so much better after. I have had many massages where it felt great during the massage but I felt about the same after the massage as I did when I came in the door. The facial was so much more the a facial. I was very relaxed the whole time, I almost fell asleep by the end. overall I loved my trip and would come to this salon and spa again.
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