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Supple Spa

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55 West 19th Street, 2nd Floor
New York City, NY 10011
United States
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Customer Reviews for Supple Spa (17)

July 6, 2014
Memorable spa relaxation experience
The hot lava stone massage is treat every time, and for such an amazing deal. Yan and Helen are wonderful massage therapists. We will definitely return for more relaxation and stress relief.
April 3, 2011
Very thorough facial
Tried my first collagen facial with Ivy and she was very thorough and competent. Everything smells great and the atmosphere was very tranquil.
February 17, 2011
Great massage
I go to Supple Spa about 3-4 times a year for a massage. I always ask for Jing, she gives a great full body massage. The place is small and the rooms are very close to each other, so one can sometimes hear other people talking softly, or the lady in the reception area. Nothing extremely loud though. Other than that, this is a great spa for a relaxing massage. I definitely recommend it.
January 30, 2011
Great for the Price!
My husband and I did the couple's massage package and we paid $150 for a 90-minute massage each. The place is nice and you get your money's worth. It's not exactly a spa "get away" but a nice relaxing time. The staff there are really nice. The con to it was our package promised champagne/wine with our massages and we didn't get it. When asked the lady didn't have the slightest idea what we were talking about, but overall a nice place to stop by.
December 8, 2010
Spa Experience
Reasonably priced, clean with great service. I love this place!
April 4, 2010
GO if you like SCARS and PAIN
I went to Supple for a couple's spa experience. We both came out of here with more muscle pain than we started out with. The women who gave us our massages didn't under stand the difference between soft and hard. At first they were too soft and when we siad you can do it a LITTLE hard, they went into tenderizer mode and pulverized our muslces. They even got on the table to rub hard with their elbow. How do you go from one extreme to the next, with no in between? We asked but they could not tone down the strength they used unless we wanted to super soft version. The next service: facials. They did these extractions that had our faces bleeding in spots and scabs in the next days to come. I have had extractions before, even by a dermatlogist, that is not how you do them. I would warn you to stay away since I now question their training.
March 14, 2010
March 13, 2009
Attention to detail
Suplle Spa trys very hard to provide their guest with a comfortable enjoyable experience. Their body massage is excellent. I look forward to returning again in the near future.
January 31, 2008
Great massage
I came in the spa stressed and with tensed muscles, and left feeling like a feather.. Kitty gives a great full-body massage.. I recommend it!
October 15, 2007
simple yet soothing
small spa but nice services - got here facials and massages, great prices, nice massage, good skills. recommend!
September 1, 2006
this is the best spa i ever been
the facial was so relaxing that I fell asleep. after a day my skin is still glowing. the massage is excellent too!!!!! i feel like releasing all of tense!! people here are really nice that make me feel comfortable though the place is kind of tiny. i highly recommended Supplespa
August 17, 2006
It was wonderful!!
"I'm so glad I found Supple Spa where I made my Bridal Shower Party with my girlfriends. As someone that goes to different spas frequently in the City and loves to try new places I really like coming back here. It's an intimate place where you feel remember and special. The staff is very attentive and I was so relaxed and comfortable after the treatment. I look forward to coming back to do my facial and massage. Thanks."
July 27, 2006
Very glad I came here.......
I was not expecting much beyond a good massage in a no - frills place when I came here since the prices so low but the atmosphere was more soothing than I would have expected and staff was very nice to us, offering to bring us tea, water etc. I liked how before the massage you could use their massage chairs which got my blood flowing. I don't have $150 to shell out for someone to rub my body but my back was really hurting and I just need to get rid of some pain and stress and I left feeling a lot better and glad I took Time Out New York's recommendation about this.. Thanks!
June 22, 2006
Do not set yourself up for a disappointment!
I do not know what the other reviews are refering to, this place could hardly be called a "day spa" The place feels more like a "low end massage parlor" . It is on the 2nd floor, the room (not 6 rooms!) is tiny . It is devided by paper screens into little areas that fit one or 2 massage tables, since there are no walls you can hear everything that goes on in the place, there is no privacy. They do have one other tiny room where the "rose bath" is supposed to be, do not get excited by the picture on a website, thats not how it really looks, the tub is a small wodden thing that doesnt look like anything i would want to lay in .There is no resting area, no lockers, no decent showers, it seems very unsanitary.The whole place is very dark, I do not understand how anyone can do a facial without direct light??? The "sauna" as they call it is a little wooden box that has to be turned on 30 min before you come in for a treatment. Me and couplle of my girlfriends booked an appointment over the phone and were told we will have use of sauna, jakuzzi, shower and the facilities. When we showed up there, it turned out they have no jackuzzi , we were never offered to take a shower before we had our massage, which is very unsanitary, there is no locker rooms so you have to get undressed in the "room"you are getting your treatment in. During the massage one of the employees on the other side of the divider was having dinner and the whole place smelled like chinese food (i guess that was meant to be aromatherapy). After we were done with the massage, they just left us there, we werent given towels, nothing. Granted the massage is cheaper then anywhere else, but i'd rather enjoy it and pay 20-40$ more then feel disgusted from having to lay on sheets that were questionable as far as cleanness goes, and go home with massage oil still on my back! All the other clients that walked in while we were there were men, which is a little strange......My advise : save your money and go somewhere else. New York has a lot of beautiful places, try Bliss or Peninsula, THAT is a spa experience. Walking out of there we couldnt help but fell disgusted and very dissapointed.
May 5, 2006
Great deal I got on a package here!
I went here last night and was very impressed with how much value I got for the price. The staff is very gracious and attentive. I had a swedish massage followed by a body scrub. ( One of the better massages I have had in this city.) Then I had an aromatherapy bath in which rose petals and lemon slices were added. While I was in the bath, the therapist continued to massage my neck and shoulders. Quite an indulgent and pampering scene. I felt like a Diva. Aftewards I sat in the massage chairs for awhile. I never felt rushed (like they do at other spas) and was able to really luxuriate in the experience. It has a modest and humble decor, with low lighting and soft music that creates a soothing and relaxing atmosphere in an intimate space. Don't be put off by the cheerless entrace to the place. The Ritz Carlton it is not, but for those that are on a budget this would be one of the top places I would recommend in this city for a pampering experience.
March 8, 2006
Best bargain in town
This is a great place to go for good body work at reasonable prices. Not a lot of frills but when I collapse on the massage table after work I come out feeling like a new person. Am grateful there is a place in Manhattan where you can get a good massage for as little as $60.
February 28, 2006
Best for the money
Little spa in the Chelsa area. Here is the deal....great prices, no locker room nor decent shower. Come ready for the massage and a great one you can expect. Save about 40% or more from other local spas....worth it. You can go twice as many times a month.
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