Supatha Yoga and Personal Fitness

Supatha Yoga and Personal Fitness

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11 Seventh Street,
Frenchtown, NJ 08825
United States
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(908) 996-9642
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(908) 996-9642
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Mon: 6am  -  8:30pm Tues: 6am  -  8:30pm Wed: 6am  -  8:30pm Thu: 6am  -  8:30pm Fri: 8am  -  3pm Sat: 6am  -  3pm Sun: Closed
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Customer Reviews for Supatha Yoga and Personal Fitness (2)

October 22, 2012
As soon as we met LAKSHMI…we felt comfortable
For the last ten years my wife and I have gained weight, not exercised and basically fell into poor health. Along with being seriously overweight we both suffer from other debilitating issues. My wife has Osteoporosis and a very bad back. I have Diabetes and many joint ailments. We both started losing mobility which resulted in us getting more and more lethargic. We knew we had to do something fast. My wife suggested Yoga. I'm usually not the kind of guy who buys into things like Yoga but I said I would try it. We met Lakshmi and right away we felt Comfortable just by looking at us and asking a few questions she knew exactly what we needed. We were amazed at her ability to asses our capabilities and tell us in plain language what we had to do to get better. Lakshmi's tailor made plan/routine is great. It is low impact but really works all areas of our body. After the first couple of classes we started feeling much better and mobility started to return. I would suggest Supatha for anyone, whether you are in shape or extremely out of shape-Lakshmi will address it all.! It is a testament to her skills and abilities that my wife and I have been working with her every week for 2 1/2 years. So Glad we found her. -Jon- Hampton, NJ
Response from Supatha Yoga and Personal Fitness
Thank you for your kind words, but it takes you the individual to be dedicated to your the practice invest the time and energy into keeping your practice alive and present...always knowing each moment we have a choice...a choice to move forward on the path of mindfulness and compassion for yourself and others. Each moment to choose to be here now and the reward is being fit, healthy and happy...Om Shanthi... Sri Lakshmi Devi of Supatha Yoga and Personal Fitness in Frenchtown NJ.
August 14, 2012
Lakshmi is truly a Master...
I have been practicing Supatha Yoga with Lakshmi since the beginning of 2012, enrolled in her Personalized Yoga Program. In that relatively short period of time, I have developed a different outlook on life. Devotion to the integration of body and mind, which Yoga teaches, can truly be life changing. Lakshmi's inherent understanding and her ability to convey the true meaning of Yoga has been inspiring to me. She truly is a Master. Physically, I have increased strength and gained flexibility (no small achievement). Mentally I have become much more focused, although she does gently harass me about alignment at times. I must say it is all with love and caring; in that it pushing me to achieve inner balance... I had practiced Yoga in the past, or so I thought? If you want to attain a truly meaningful Yoga Practice, there is no better guide on that journey than Lakshmi. -Richard W- Readington, NJ.
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