Franklin, Birmingham, Royal Oak Spa

Franklin, Birmingham, Royal Oak Spa

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32751 Franklin Road, 1226 e. 11 mile Royal Oak
Franklin, MI 48025
United States
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(248) 626-1772

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Mon: 12am  -  3pm Tues: 11am  -  4pm Wed: 11am  -  4pm Thu: 11am  -  4pm Fri: 11am  -  4pm Sat: 11am  -  4pm Sun: 12pm  -  3pm
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Customer Reviews for Franklin, Birmingham, Royal Oak Spa (21)

July 15, 2014
Terrible Experience
I had a very unpleasant experience at the Birmingham location. My feet were "smoothed down" with a nail file during my pedicure. The woman doing my pedicure got nail polish on my new sandals. During my pedicure, another woman was getting a massage in the next room. About 20 minutes into her massage, a man came in and said he was her friend, and went into the massage room. After the massage was over with, the massage therapist came out, and the young man and woman were in the room for another 15 - 20 minutes. This didn't make me comfortable at all, knowing that my massage would be in that very same room... not very professional. During my "massage," someone came into the spa, and my massage therapist had to leave mid-massage, to help the guest out because no one else was out there. The 60 minute massage that I paid for ended up being only 30 minutes. I didn't complain at the time, because to be honest, I wanted to get out of there. The girl giving me my massage did not seem trained at all. It was the worst massage I have ever had. I wrote an email, letting the manager know of my experience. She replied, telling me I was wrong. Fantastic customer service! I will never be back to any of the Franklin Spa locations.
Response from Franklin, Birmingham, Royal Oak Spa
Cannot help but notice the multiple sites you have tried to defame us on because you were denied monies (not purchased through us) back for services that were rendered with no complaints at the time and actually tipped well for. Not sure what your agenda is with this incorrect review. Please be clear that while you were receiving your service in one room another room was booked for 2 guests. the husband arrived late for their appointment and was allowed to join his wife when he arrived for the rest of the time they were scheduled. Had you mentioned any concern to us we would have told you why but you did not. we do still wish you luck and hope your agenda changes.
April 26, 2013
I went here with my sister-law and that had a wedding party booked this day we felt we were rushed thru our pedi and messages so they could ccater to the wedding party.
October 27, 2012
Shouldn't have given them another chance!
My first experience was fair enough, massage and facial. I chalked up the skimpy services (no extractions with a European facial- told I had to book a special extraction facial; rushed partial body massage; no introduction of technicians, etc) due to my using a coupon. My next visit resulted in a nail fungus and another partial massage - no quad work if you book a relaxation massage??? Who ever heard of such a thing. I wanted to ask to see the techs license, but ultimately, I just wanted it to be over. I understand the techs travel between the locations, so I doubt the experience would improve.
March 22, 2012
Unique and Powerful Experience
If you want a massage with deep pressure, you'll get it here!! I have 100's of massages over my life and here you will have a unique and powerful experience!!!
March 12, 2012
Love It!
My sister introduced me to Franklin Spa, and I love it. I will definitely be coming back here regularly. It's wonderful, and all of the staff is just great! Thanks.
February 20, 2012
Thank you
The staff is very nice, very clean and well kept spa. Great services, I have been to the spa for waxing and hair services. Both experiences were great.
Response from Franklin, Birmingham, Royal Oak Spa
As you know most will review only when unhappy for various reasons. We sincerely appreciate clients as yourself who do take time to review when they have enjoyed there services. We will continue to do what we do best. Thanks in advance.
February 13, 2012
Don't get what you pay for
This review is in regard to the Franklin location. We purchased the couple's Gold package which is advertised as a 1 hour hot stone massage, a 30 min facial and a reflexology followed by chocolates and champagne, approx 2+ hours. First I had to call 3 times to get someone on the phone who could book the appt. We arrived on time, but They had us down for 30 min later. The reflexology was 1 at a time: 1 person gets the treatment while the other waits. I got a 10 minute foot rub while my hubby got about 5 min. We each got about 30 min massage and 15 min facial; we were in and out in just over 1 hour. They gave us the champagne and chocolates up front but when we asked for another glass we were told that they were out (this is 1 pm in the afternoon!) and they didn't have time to "run to Kroger for more". This place is very disorganized, with extension cords running everywhere, no where to hang your clothes; its simply not a professional or relaxing spa.
Response from Franklin, Birmingham, Royal Oak Spa
We sold a lot of these specials and in order to accommodate these deals for you we cannot refill champagne through out the day, we are a spa. Your package suggested 1 glass which you had so sorry that was inadequate for you, as far as timing goes please realize that to accommodate these deals we offered the pkg at 90 min total with massage facial and reflexology included therefore it could never be an hour massage. we do appreciate your business but must be able to allow for our specials as you too wanted. I was told they used extensions one day when they had to however this is not a norm and my apologies for that. Every treatment area has an area to hang clothes. Please try to be a little more sensitive to our busy phone response delay at times, as we do try to accommodate all but in order to keep specials you enjoy we appreciate a little patience if that occurs. Do hope to see you again as we will continue to do our best to accommodate deals for you when at all possible. Feel free to buy full service sessions that are hours long.
January 26, 2012
rip-off without relaxation
My wife and I purchased the Romeo an dJuliet package and confirmed service tmes with the management in advance a 50 minute massage and foot soak bath. After waiting in the lobby for about 10 minutes were led into a back waiting room for approximately 10 more minutes, finally escorted into a foot soak area. We were left in the foot soak are for 50 minutes while the water went from a relaxing warm temp to quite cold. I actually drained and refilled with hot water during the long wait. We were finally led to the massage area and we were told to disrobe and lay on the table and cover with the sheet..great...The massage techs arrived after 10 minutes and gave us a 10 minute back massage followed by a 5 minute front, foot and head massage...and they left . We not only didn't get the 50 minute massage we only got a quick 15 minute massage. We felt truly ripped off. I addressed the management the following day and was rudely told that we should be happy with what we got. We hope you will avoid this establishment.
Response from Franklin, Birmingham, Royal Oak Spa
Unfortunately this review is fully exaggerated and fully incorrect, not sure why but do understand that we cannot please everyone but will continue to try.
January 18, 2012
Looks better than it is...
I received a massage and facial at the West Bloomfield location. The staff didn't ask me anything about myself before the services. Nothing about my skin, my health, my expectations, they just put me in a room and asked me to get on the table and wait. They use the sirius radio through out the spa. During my facial I got to hear a sirius ad and during my massage there was an emergency alert. Relaxing? The facial table was pushed into a corner and when she tried to massage my feet, she could barely reach one of them and it was obvious that she didn't really want to anyways. The most disturbing thing about the facial was that she didn't do any extractions or even look at my skin under a magnifier. The massage was rushed. She only worked on me for 45 minutes, it was supposed to be an hour long full body massage. She skipped my gluts and hips entirely and only worked on the the balls of my feet, completely ignoring my arches and heals. Overall this was a very disappointing day at the spa.
Response from Franklin, Birmingham, Royal Oak Spa
Upon entering our spas, you fill out a waiver and there is where you note any restrictions or concerns. Unfortunately, your special did not include extractions and was also not an hour long massage. XM spa was used that day and of course they occassionaly may interupt to do an alert but as all knows this is truly occassional and not long at all. Sorry your special was not as you would have liked. We do hope you will visit again in the future.
November 5, 2011
Ambiance is everything
This is my second visit to Franklin Spa. The first was with me and husband for our anniversary and he thoroughly enjoyed it as well as did I. The ladies, Maria and Sveka gave us facials and half body massages BFF was wonderful...i went back today for a full body massage and facial and i feel like a million bucks. The ambiance (which is everything-not bright and clinic like but dark and romantic) aromas, the sounds, the service all was wonderful. I can't wait to go back!
August 9, 2011
I was very unimpressed with the Franklin Spa. It was very difficult to get ahold of them to confirm the location of my services. I left messages two days in a row and it was not until a half an hour before my appointment did someone finally call me back. Luckily I took a guess and was going towards the correct location. If I was not then I would have missed my appointment. I recently went there for a facial, manicure, and a pedicure. The facial was very poor, I have had facials at several other places and this one was not memorable in the least. The pedicure was fair, nothing to write home about. The manicure was very bad. My cuticles were trimmed so harshly that they bled. I asked about buying the nail polish to fix chips and was told that it is not for sale, which is fine. However when I inquired the name of the polish I was told that she did not know. At the end of my manicure I felt very rushed, it was nearing closing time and the manicurist had her bag packed and I felt as though I did not have ample time to let my polish dry. I will not be back.
December 28, 2010
Warm and Fuzzy
I have been back to visit my daughter on several occasions and we make it a point to have some spa time. Each visit always makes me want to come back. The personel are very friendly and professional. I love going there ~ SMS ~ California
December 15, 2010
Always an oasis
I have been going to the Franklin Spa for close to 7 years now. The atmosphere is always calm and relaxing, the service is top notch and I am treated like a queen. When I went on my honeymoon, I stopped at the spa to get a mani and pedi and they gave me a bottle of the polish - just in case I chipped a nail (which I did) in St. Lucia! Irina is an excellent technician - I will only trust my arches to her. I would highly recommend this to my friends - and have on multiple ocassions!
Response from Franklin, Birmingham, Royal Oak Spa
Thanks for your appreciation of what we strive for always, a great spa experience. Look forward to your return. Again,thanks in advance for your business.
May 27, 2010
worth the drive!
I had been having muscle pain in my shoulder for several weeks and decided to try having a massage to see if it would help. The staff were so kind and caring. The next day my shoulder pain was gone!. Very nice atmosphere and relaxing waiting area, too. I would definately go back and recommend this spa.
May 21, 2010
Great Experience!
My sister and I had en excellent experience here. The service was wonderful as well as the staff. We plan to go back soon.
February 11, 2010
Franklin Spa
Every visit that I have made to Franklin Spa, (Franklin and Bloomfield locations), have been enjoyable experiences. When I Need to de-stress or if a special occasion presents itself, Franklin Spa is where you can find me.
February 1, 2010
Worst pedicure I have ever had ....cannot comment on any of the other services offered as I would never return based on my initial experience.
Response from Franklin, Birmingham, Royal Oak Spa
Unfortunately Jennifer your 15 min express pedi sample is as stated an express service, a basic soak and polish change. The time and price you paid reflected this. Your technician suggested an essential pedicure which I was told you needed. We do hope you will consider the difference and return.
October 27, 2009
Just wanted to thank the staff at Franklin Spa for such relaxing experince. The day was just wonderful,the staff so warn and attentive to my needs. I will recomend this spa. Good job, keep up the great work
October 20, 2009
OMG, October 20th was my birthday which is today and i had a gift certificate for almost a year that i have not yet used. I drove 45 min to the spa. Once i arrived i realised i didnt have the gift certificate with me and had forgot it at home. I had a few hundred dollars in cash and my debit card but really wanted to use the gift certificate. The reason i chose this spa in the first place was because I liked there website and had worked in Franklin. I told the girl at the front desk " Today is my birthday i drove 45 min to get here and realised i forgot my spafinder certificate at home, would i be able to pay today for the service and send in the certificate once i get home and be reinbust at a later date? The girl went back and forth a few times trying to speak to the manager, the manager didnt even have enough professionalism to come and speak to me himself or herself and kept sending the worker back and forth. The girl said no im sorry its against our policy but you can pay for it today and come back next time and also pay for it? Like she was trying to make fun of me! i was so upset at how rude and unprofessional the facility was. I left and drove 45 min all the way home. I know many many people in the Franklin community and do a lot of promotional/ advertisement work in birmingham and will def make sure to tell everyone about this rude unprofessional experience i had at this spa.
Response from Franklin, Birmingham, Royal Oak Spa
Unfortunatetely, I was off-site at our West Bloomfield location when this transpired but was informed by phone of the problem. My staff tried to be as accomodating as possible. However they are trained to explain that without your certificate on hand payment should be taken by other means after any service. I do regret your inconvenience but as you stated the girl said she was sorry it was against our policy for you to leave without paying as you suggested and return at another date with the certificate. That hardly sounds unproffessional or rude. Our facility aims to please but do have rules we too must follow. Hope your experience with the service they said you enjoyed will be enough for you to change your mind and return.
January 2, 2009
Best Massage EVER!
I had 2 treatments done - one of which was a pedicure and it was the best I have ever had. The massage was wonderful and I was so relaxed after leaving. The staff was friendly yet professional.
September 10, 2006
Personalized service at its best
I could not have been more please at my experience on my recent visit to Michigan. The spa and its staff were warm and friendly...
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