• Deer Lake Lodge Organic Spa & Wellness Resort
  • Deer Lake Lodge Organic Spa & Wellness Resort
  • Deer Lake Lodge Organic Spa & Wellness Resort
  • Deer Lake Lodge Organic Spa & Wellness Resort
  • Deer Lake Lodge Organic Spa & Wellness Resort
  • Deer Lake Lodge Organic Spa & Wellness Resort
  • Deer Lake Lodge Organic Spa & Wellness Resort
  • Deer Lake Lodge Organic Spa & Wellness Resort
  • Deer Lake Lodge Organic Spa & Wellness Resort
  • Deer Lake Lodge Organic Spa & Wellness Resort
  • Deer Lake Lodge Organic Spa & Wellness Resort
  • Deer Lake Lodge Organic Spa & Wellness Resort
  • Deer Lake Lodge Organic Spa & Wellness Resort
  • Deer Lake Lodge Organic Spa & Wellness Resort
  • Deer Lake Lodge Organic Spa & Wellness Resort
  • Deer Lake Lodge Organic Spa & Wellness Resort

About Deer Lake Lodge Organic Spa & Wellness Resort

At Deer Lake Lodge, guests are inspired to maintain or jump start wellness lifestyles with detoxification and cleansing programs that encourage and renew. Situated on 50 acres of wooded estate, 45 minutes from downtown Houston, the holistic wellness destination is secluded, with a limited number of guests—ensuring each visitor’s personal quest for wellbeing is an attentive experience—and a sustainable, eco-friendly vibe, from building practices to landscaping to water and lighting. Self-directed, multifaceted detox programs combine with juice fasting, colonics, fitness classes, energy work, spa treatments and weight loss; guests can also spend time in the outdoor saltwater pool and hot tub, available year round, infrared sauna and yoga studio.

Deer Lake Lodge is appropriate for guests ages 18 years and older.


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10500 Deer Lake Lodge Road, Montgomery, TX 77316 United States
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Hours of Operation
Monday: 9am  -  5pm Tuesday: 9am  -  5pm Wednesday: 9am  -  5pm Thursday: 9am  -  5pm Friday: 9am  -  7pm Saturday: 9am  -  7pm Sunday: 9am  -  5pm

Menus of Services / Classes

Spa and wellness time at Deer Lake Lodge consists of treatments designed to rejuvenate and maximize the benefits of the detoxification program. Package components typically include massage and two spa services, though guests can indulge in additional à la carte therapies if they so desire.

A spa menu encompasses European and relaxation facials; massage modalities from deep tissue to hot stone to watsu; hair and scalp treatments; and body brushing; guests are also in for a treat with organic mani/pedis. The signature Magnetic Ritual offers a multisensory combination of a chakra balancing, mud application and massage utilizing gemstones and magnetic tools. Wellness services use all-natural products from Natura Bisse, Spa Ritual and Deer Lake Lodge Organic Bee product lines.

The 3,000-square-foot spa houses 12 treatment rooms, along with amenities like an infrared sauna, Jacuzzi, showers and retail shop.


Dry Brushing
Herbal Scrub
Other Scrubs
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Herbal Wrap
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Detoxification Treatments
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Chakra Balancing
Other Energy Work
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Acne/Deep Cleansing
Aromatherapy Facial
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Infrared Sauna
Meeting Facilities
Retail Store
Swimming Pool
Toiletries Available
Wedding/Event Space
Whirlpool, Jacuzzi
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Yoga Classes
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Hair and Scalp Treatments
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Deep Tissue
Hot Stone
Lymph Drainage
Other Massages
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Nutrition Consultation
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Nutrition Consultation or Therapy
Weight Loss Services
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Yoga Classes
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50 minutes/$150
(offered Thursdays only)
50 minutes/$150
(available Saturday only) 
with Chris Axelrad">Acupuncture
50 minutes/$150
(available Friday only)
50 minutes/$150 with Mark Randall

50 minutes/$150
(available Saturday only) 
with Abubakr Sory Kouyate">Healing Powers of Drumming
50 minutes/$150
(available Saturdays in December 2012; Fridays starting January 11, 2013) 
with Barbie Butler">Sound Therapy
50 minutes/$150

(Available Thursday only) with Madhavi Chalasani  

">Energy Medicine
50 minutes/$150

with Denise Leitch


(available Friday and Saturday only)

with Janaki Mayhill

">Yoga Therapy
50 minutes/$150
(available Friday only)

with Dr. Nicole Cross

with April Ree AKA Sweet Mama">Organic Consulting
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Customer Reviews for Deer Lake Lodge Organic Spa & Wellness Resort (12)

May 3, 2014
Poor Communication
I unfortunately had a poor customer service experience here. There was a miscommunication in the booking of my service and I was schedule a more expensive facial. My estetician did not do I consultation with me nor look at the form I had completed stating any skin issues I might have. Why have the form? She told me about the service I would be having and I just assumed it was the one I had scheduled. When I went to pay after such a great time my bill ended up being $100 more. I was shocked. Needless to the day the staff was not understanding or accommodating. I understood that the service had already been performed so I paid for it. Where the frustration is is I went with my friend who thought she was getting the same service. They gave me a $50 gc to return and took $100 off of her bill. This makes no sense!!! Why not be equal! When I realized this Sean told me he could not return my money because he already ran my card. So I paid $198 my friend paid $99 and I left with a $50 gc. Makes no sense and does not add up!!!! I hope a manager or owner will contact me to resolve this matter and end on a good note and make this fair. I also hope they will all work on t
May 28, 2013
Real Deer Included
During my weekend stay at Deer Lake Lodge I was thoroughly impressed with the lodge's attention detail and commitment towards be green and sustainable. The staff there was truly cared and was committed to my personal health and well being. Deer Lake Lodge was able to create an environment that was not charming and rustic but also made the entire detoxing experience pleasurable.Honestly, it doesn't get much better than their getting their signature facial. My face felt remarkably smoother and even had a glow to it afterwards. On top of enjoying their top notch amenities, I also had the pleasure of learning from experts on how to maintain a healthy body and spirit outside of the lodge. There was also nothing quite like bonding with the other guests as we went through this emotional experience together. Best of all, I love how the lodge is nestled away on a beautiful piece of property with a hike able woodsy trail and glimpses of deer and rabbits! I would definitely return to this beautiful and calming oasis.
May 26, 2013
Best kept secret in Texas!!!!!
Just spent four days pampering myself from head to toe! I was a little worried about attending a spa where juice and soup were the only thing on the menu, but Deer Creek handled it beautifully! I was never hungry and there was plenty to do. The staff was very professional and passionate what what they do. The best part of the experience was April Ree(the raw foods chef) that arrived daily to make us fresh juices and soups. I learned so much about what I put into my body that it has forever changed the way I look at food. I highly recommend this spa. Just wonderful!!!!
April 25, 2013
Can't wait to return!!!
What an amazing experience! The facility was quiet, clean and serene, just what you need when escaping the city! The friendly staff not only made our trip enjoyable but were able to educate us on many different health and relaxation tips. The magnesium wrap, massage and facial were absolutely amazing and by far the best. We can not wait to escape to this spa heaven again!
April 15, 2013
Incredibly tranquil, wonderful treatments and amazing staff!
Deer Lake Lodge is peaceful, calming -- beautifully done. There is something very special about the place that makes you feel like you are taking the first full breath of your life, as if you had been breathing shallow up until now. It could be the picturesque surroundings or comforting accommodations, but I think the incredible staff has everything to do with it. Everyone is like family, all genuinely nice and very accommodating. They created a special program catered to my needs, including a trip to a nearby Wolf Rescue Sanctuary. When I speak of staff, this includes the Lodge staff and experts who come in to teach classes and provide treatments. The classes were very interesting and I came away with a ton of great information. From raw food preparation to iridology. Each treatment was five star PLUS (manicure/pedicure, body wrap, body scrub, facial) -- not a one was "just the basics". The calming, comforting vibe made the detox experience truly enjoyable. I would return in a heartbeat.
Susan L
April 12, 2013
I want to do this every weekend!
This spa is fabulous! Everything was great... from customer service, room, food (liquid, but very filling), cabins, and even the blow dryer. And the pool setting is just beautiful. My only regret was that it was cloudy all weekend and I was not able to get enough vitamin D from the sun. Outside of the spa treatments, I think my best part was the knowledge that I gained from the staff. Thanks Deer Lake Lodge for making my stay a fantastic experience.
April 10, 2013
I love Deer Lake for so many reasons but some of my favorites are always leaving feeling rejuvenated, connecting with new people and staff, I LOVE the Signature Facial. It is the best I have EVER had! Everyone is SO kind, understanding and want to make sure you really enjoy your time there. If you are doing their detox program they want you to feel as comfortable as possible! I wouldn't change anything about Deer Lake...enough said! -Kami
April 9, 2013
Amazing at every turn
I own a spa, Bella Nova. I went to Deer Lake Lodge to experience what it had to offer. WOW! It was so educational, serene and beautiful I wanted to sign up for the next session. It is a detox for the body. They have 4,5 and 6 day sessions. One lady there had traveled all the way from Seattle. What I liked most about it was the staff. Exceptional knowledge and willing to teach and share. I also had a magnesium wrap, it's great for sore muscles! Book quickly and start with a new you from the inside out. It is amazing!!! Thank you for the lovely and educational experience.
February 7, 2013
HORRIBLE Customer Service
Deer Lake Lodge sent an email OFFERING a complimentary weekend stay. All seemed well, and my girlfriends and I planned a trip where we intended to purchase many spa options. 1 week before the trip, the Lodge canceled on us, because they had too many paying guests. While we understood, this seemed like something they should have told us was a possibility before we moved our schedules around. Then, when we tried to re-book, they were very rude and wanted to know how we found out about the complimentary weekend. We decided not to go. If Deer Lake was trying to garner good publicity by trying to offer free weekends, their poor customer service and rude attitude definitely is not the way to go. I will never recommend this spa.
Response from Deer Lake Lodge Organic Spa & Wellness Resort
Deer Lake Lodge Resort & Spa was overbooked that weekend. Due to capacity limitations at the Lodge, we were unable to accommodate all guests with confirmed reservations at the requested time period. The staff did their best to explain the situation as well as serviced the guests that could not be accommodated. We specifically invited the guest to select another complimentary weekend of her choice and extended an upgrade for the inconvenience. We regret the guest wasn't able to select another weekend, however, our staff followed-up immediately as we pride our business on our outstanding customer service and life changing experiences.
February 4, 2013
Special Place
Deer Lake Lodge is the perfect get away to rest, relax and cleanse your mind and body. The yoga, health and healing classes were interesting, interactive and fun (which is helpful when you are cleansing). The instructors and staff are passionate about health and making sure you have a good experience. They are generous with their time and knowledge and understand the realities of "life after the spa." They worked with me to come up with creative solutions to incorporate healthy habits into my routine which I am still using today. I stayed in a cabin which had the perfect balance of modern conveniences and comfort. My cabin had a screen porch with a view into the woods which was perfect for reading and relaxing. There is a real attention to detail and commitment to environmentally friendly design which enhances the enchanted spirit of this beautiful wooded location. I plan on returning and making Deer Lake Lodge part of a healthy lifestyle. I highly recommend taking the opportunity to experience this special place.
January 28, 2013
An amazing weekend
The spa is located far from the crowd, and the lodge is rustic and beautifully appointed in a wonderful wooded setting, and the amenities are great. The services are amazing as well as the professionalism of the service providers. And that is what you would would enough. But that isn't what this spa is only about . It is literally a total detoxification of body mind and spirit. It is also a total change in the way we think of our bodies and the way we nourish it. Our results was not only the 14 lbs I lost and the 10 lbs Jim lost. But I had chronic muscle aches and pains that I was taking medication for the last several years. And after the colonics, I haven't had to. We will be continuing this life style and colonics. And we will be back. Thomas Figulski and James Prestegard
January 3, 2013
No Ordinary Spa
This is no ordinary spa where you just attend to laze about and have massages all day. This spa specializes in detoxing your mind and body and they have developed a very smart way of allowing you to fast, without feeling like you want to sink your teeth into the first deer you see. Throughout the day, there are classes on nutrition, digestion, juicing and changing your lifestyle to accommodate a more holistic, organic life. They also provide colonic hydrotherapy which is extremely essential to eradicating toxins from your body via the colon. In fact, in my opinion, we should be doing this at least once per month. In addition to the focus on the body, the spa also offers a wide variety of holistic services such as Reiki, Reflexology, Aroma Massage, acupuncture, iridology and many other services. The most important features I experienced from this spa are - nutritional education, colon cleansing, excellent choice of services and a staff that seem to thrive on all aspects of a healthy organic life.
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Facilities & Amenities

Facilities & Amenities

Deer Lake Lodge offers a delicious blend of play and leisure while guests detox. Daily classes are held in the 1,000-square-foot yoga studio, and water aerobics can be taken in the outdoor heated saltwater pool (92° F); there is also a hot tub. As well, the resort’s 50-acre countryside motivates guests to walk and hike while becoming in tune with nature. A huge lake for fishing is less than 10 minutes from the lodge, and there are several golf courses in the nearby area, including La Torretta Lake Resort, Wood Forest and Walden Golf Course.



Infrared Sauna

Physiotherapy/Sports Massage

Retail Shop



Toiletries Available

Hair and Beauty


Wedding/Event Space

Nutritional/Dietical Expert



Weight Loss/Slimming Programs


Meeting Facilities


Retail Shop

Rooms & Dining

Rooms & Dining

Deer Lake Lodge’s environmentally conscious commitment is evident in its 11 shabby chic-styled guest suites and cabins. Thoughtful room details comprise organic bedding, pillows, robes and towels, as well as mattresses created with natural materials; high-tech touches like flat-screen TVs, fireplaces and wireless Internet access provide a modern feel. Private screened porches come appointed with lounge chairs, and bathroom amenities include organic tee tree oil and detoxifying bath soak products.

At the heart of Deer Lake Lodge’s detox cleanse is an all-natural liquid diet, accompanied by herbs and supplements. In the fasting lounge, guests will find juices, lemon water, tea and daily vegetable soups.


Food Options


Portion Control