At Le Chateau de Frenche Day Spa & Private Tea Room

At Le Chateau de Frenche Day Spa & Private Tea Room

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441 Tompkins Avenue, Bedford Stuyvesant
Brooklyn, NY 11216
United States
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Customer Reviews for At Le Chateau de Frenche Day Spa & Private Tea Room (43)

November 20, 2013
No Compassion
Please for give me about the tardy review but after you read it you will understand. While the services are great and performed well, compassion was missing. I have to agree with Sarah S. Ms owner, I can't remember her name, will not refund or extend a dollar even in the case of the most horrific experience a women can face. That was my circumstance and I just wanted to extend my membership due to death and my horrific experience. I was given the same line Sarah S. In my case no service was rendered or appointment made. I just wanted an extension of 2 mos. of a three month membership which was still active at the time of call. I am not Sarah S and I have never written any review on this company. I just found your doors are closed, and I am writing this review if this lady decides to go back into business. I just want to let you know her business tactics. Moreover at the time of membership purchase, I and a friend had services rendered. We later figured out that she tipped the services and the membership. The same membership she refused to extend. She seems to be a greedy owner and I know she didn't pay the employee the full charge of services.
February 29, 2012
Still basking in my glow
One Thurs nite I went to the Le Chateau just trying to keep an open mind. I had never had a facial because of having sensitive skin and just being apprehensive about getting a facial. On the contrary everything about Le Chateau showed style and professionalism from the time I was greeted at the door by Ms Frenche till the time I left her establishment. it was a delight. The seasalt scrub was exhilarating and rinsing off with mineral water made your skin more supple. Now for the facial Ms Frenche educates you about your skin type and puts all of your fears to bed because she is a stanch professional who knows her craft. It was and experience and my face looks great..See you soon Nikima thanks for the tea what a nice touch....... Davida/Bklyn
December 16, 2011
The is a WONDERFUL place!
I recommend Le Chateau to everyone. Moving here from Northern California, I was looking for a quality place for facials. I tried other places where the quality and expertise was poor. I found Le Chateau and I could not be happier. The owner is EXTREMELY knowledgable and provides excellent service. I was having acne flair ups and she was able to get rid of the acne! I am so grateful and I am a loyal customer! The atmosphere is lovely and it is a great place to have tea service! This is a spa with real INTEGRITY.
November 19, 2011
An Army Nurse SPA Tea Sunday
On October 29th my 4 girlfriends (all Army Nurse) Enjoyed a Sunday afternoon Spa & Tea. We experienced a mini facial, massage and a spa pedicure to which all were very relaxing. afterwards we sat down and enjoy flavored teas a mini desserts! We are differently coming back! COLONEL, US Army Reserve
October 29, 2011
Excellent Start To My Relaxing Weekend
This spa was recommended to me by the B&B I was staying at around the corner (Akwaaba B&B). I am so thankful they told me about Le Chateau de Frenche. I was coming to NY to celebrate my mother's birthday and decided to start off with a trip to the spa. Me and my mom both received a massage and pedicure (no polish). Both were very relaxing. I also appreciated the fact that even though we were 30 min late to our appointment (due to traffic) Frenche still accomodated us. We started first with our tea service instead and then received our spa services. I am a frequent spa goer, but this was one great experience for both me and my mother. The next time I am in Brooklyn, I'll definitely be back to this place to try out their other services.
August 23, 2011
Heaven on earth
I had a hot stone massage and was walking on clouds. When I thought I made it to heaven I had an oxygen mask facial and can't stop smiling. Le Chateau de Frenche makes me love the skin I'm in ;)
August 2, 2011
Hidden Gem in Brooklyn
I visited the spa on July 28th and I had a wonderful experience the staff was great and very professional. LeChateau Frenche, is truly a gem in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn I frequent spa's often and I highly recommend them as being one of the best. Jay
June 29, 2011
Wow, great spa!
Relaxing, calming, soothing, friendly staff, overall great experience. One of the best in BK.
May 10, 2011
Denise M
Visited this very quint and exquisite spa on 5/5/11. This spa is a very well hidden secret in Brooklyn, located in Bedford Stuyvesant section. I received a body scrub and facial, and it was truly wonderful! Beautiful atmosphere and Ms. Frenche and her staff are there to provide for your every need. I would definitely go back for their additional services and the ones that I had.
May 6, 2011
Simply Amazing
This is my 2nd time to this spa. I found it looking through spa finder for a spa in brooklyn to take my mom. The owner, Nikima Frenche, is very professional and sees to the needs of the clients. I had a swedish massage with John and a facial by Ms. Frenche. Both were divine. Also, because she has a wellness program, my church benefited from having services at 51% off. It has been an overall wonderful experience. Looking forward to my next visit.
February 25, 2011
The new and enhanched me
I love, love, love my spa experience every month. I wish I could take the staff home with me but since I can't I am made to feel at home when I'm at Le Chateau de French Spa and Private Tea Room. I thank my friend June for introducing me to my new found love and I look forward to evey visit knowing that I will learn and be exposed to experiences and information that will help me to inhane my life.
February 23, 2011
February 22, 2011
What a wonderful little gem in the heart of Brooklyn
From the moment I entered this quaint spa I felt nothing but relaxation. The Staff and the owner Nikeema made me feel as if i was at home and made my birthday very special. I had a chocolate body scrub, chocolate massage, facial and a spa pedicure.. Talk about being pampered..The treatments were devine and left me floating on air. Anyone visiting this spa would be very pleased with the service and care received. Thank you Nikeema and it was truly a pleasure meeting you. I will be seeing you again. Denise Smalls
January 16, 2011
Total Spa Experience
From the beautiful yet understated decor, to the aromatic ambience, to the soothing aura and voice of the proprietor, this was one of the best spa experiences I have had. Even the soothing eclectic music, which ranged from world famous arias, to the soft voices of America's most longed for jazz greats, was an addition to the experience that added beauty and grace to the experience. I recommend this class act to anyone who wants to escape into a world of beauty and relaxation for a few hours. It was heavenly. I had the incredible massage; and, it was incredible indeed.
October 12, 2010
Relaxing and Soothing
This was one of the best experiences I've had in a long time. It was very relaxing and soothing. I had Nikima, she is the best and such a pleasant person. I am so looking forward to when I can go there again. Thanks again. S
September 15, 2010
One of the best spas I have ever been too
When I started frequenting Le Chateau on a regular basis, I was in dire straits. I had been breaking out with adult acne and was miserable and depressed. I had met the owner of the spa during an event she hosted earlier that year, and had a facial from her that summer so we were somewhat acquainted. She was so accomodating and caring. She took the time to analyze my skin and offer the best treatments available to help clear my acne. She also recommended products to use, and provided samples. She was always available to speak with me if I had questions, and was very patient when I was apprehensive about a treatment or product. All in all, Nikima is a very professional, caring, and trustworthy spa owner. The review submitted before mine is way off the mark. Everyone knows that all spas have a cancellation policy. I have never been to one (and I've been to quite a few), that will "excuse" a client if they try to cancel after the standard 24-48 hour timeline prior to a sevice. (even in emergencies) Spas would never earn money that way. I would recommend Le Chateau to ANYONE, and still go there myself. It is a warm, inviting, professional, and caring spa. I love it.
July 27, 2010
I made an appointment Tuesday evening for the afternoon of the next day. About two hours before the massage, I was riding my bike and a teenage boy accidentally hit me. I flew several yards and incurred deep bruises and and cuts and my bike was ruined. An ambulance came and I went to the hospital. Out of respect, I called this spa as soon as I could, about 30 minutes before my appointment, to let them know I couldn't make it. I told the owne of my circumstances and she simply said I would be charged anyway. She said she could not stop the system from billing me. I told her I understood, but asked if I could use that bill for a later appointment. She barely agreed to this, insisting that there is a 24 hour cancellation policy, but eventually, as I wept out of pain, she said that yes, I could call back the next week and reschedule. When I called back to reschedule, she told me that I would have to pay full price again because she had to pay the person who was scheduled to give my massage. I reminded her of her statement to me the prior week and she told me that she didn't think someone who was in a bike accident would have called to cancel their appointment, strongly insinuating that I was lying about the bike accident. I found this extremely offensive and told her that I had in fact been in a bike accident and had bothered to call out of respect. She nastily told me that I couldn't respect anyone I hadn't met. I personally respect everyone whether I've met them or not. When I told her I run a business as a doctor and that I would never charge a patient $100 for a cancelled appointment, no less an appointment cancelled because of extenuating physical circumstances,she told me she thought it was ridiculous that I didn't want to pay $100, assuming that it should be throw away money for me. This spa owner is beyond disrespectful, ignorant, rude and snobby. DO NOT BOOK.
Response from At Le Chateau de Frenche Day Spa & Private Tea Room
This is in response to the client above who has made are a number of false statements which I will won't bother to refute one by one. The staff of Le Chateau prides itself on excellent customer service, respect and appreciation to all client who choose to utilize our services. We would like potential clents to understand that small businesses will not make it without their cooperation. Experience spa users are quite familar with this cancelation policy as it is universal to spas as well as other appointment driven businesses. Cancellation policies are ways to protect the spa as well as its staff. Clients attending any spa must know they are responsible for their bookings. It is unfair for a client to hold the book then cancel outside of the cancelation time and expect the spa the bear the finiancal repercussion. There is no way to recover the lost service at the last moment especially if the spa hardly receives walk in clients. The spa is responsible to pay the therapist for the lost appointment. We understand that last minute emergencies may arise, unfortunately spas cannot assume finiancial responsibility for those emergencies. We look forward to serving you. Your feedback is alway of interest to us. Nikima Frenche/Owner
Dana G
April 18, 2010
First Spa day in a long while!
My appointment was at a perfect time of day-an early Wednesday afternoon. As it turns out my mother & I had Nikima all to ourselves. The entire experience was relaxing & soothing. It was great to have her attention all to ourselves.We had 3 services: the Dead Sea Salt massage,petit facial & raw earth spa pedicure. The massage was the best & it leaves your skin feeling the sofest & smoothest you've ever felt!
Angela P
February 4, 2010
Brooklyn's Best!!!
This spa experience truly made my birthday a memorable one. From the ambiance to the service, this super-clean oasis was delightful and a welcome treat to my face and body. I had the massage and a facial and I can't begin to describe what a pleasure the two treatments were. Nikima is a consummate professional and she demonstrates this with her gracious treatment of her guests. I was immediately made to feel comfortable from the moment I stepped into the spa until after my tea time following my massage and facial. I have visited other spas and this one ranks amongst the highest in every aspect. I would certainly recommend the spa and would visit again.
December 1, 2009
A piece of heaven in Brooklyn
First of all I got to the place super late. The attendant was very accommodating and made my first experience a welcoming and forgiving one. I received a heavenly facial in which I wanted to float out of the premises. Not only did I look and feel like a million bucks but I received a introduction of a new tea that they put on their menu. It was home made and by far the best chai tea I have ever had. I literally cannot drink it anywhere except this location. This tea made me feel like I was beyond heaven. The attendant was patient and I felt like a princess since all the attention was on me. I plan on being a long time client and bringing many of my close friends here to enjoy the same experience.
November 15, 2009
It's total bliss at Le Chateau De Frenche.
I was a little apprehensive in the beginning because this was my first spa experience. But as soon as I walked in, I felt a sense of calmness. The atmosphere was very serene and the music was soft and soothing. My attendant was very patient and gentle, kind and polite and had the most beautiful smile you could ever imagine. She took time to explain everything I needed to know before the session started and made me feel very comfortable. The facility was squeaky clean and inviting and I had no problem slipping into the robe and slippers that was provided. In all, I had the most relaxing afternoon ever. I truely enjoyed the relaxing massage I got at Le chateau the Frenche in the serenity room with Ms. Frenche. I highly recommend her service.
November 9, 2009
Best Spa Ever!!! Great Results!
In August 2009 I got fed up with the horrible breakout on my cheeks and chin that i have been experiencing for the last 5 months. I tried buying all types of products myself to get rid of the acne but nothing seemed to be working. My cousin whos skin always seems to be glowing recommended that I go see Nikima at Le Chateau de Frenche Day Spa. I made an appointment to get a microdermabrasion after a free class she hosted. Her spa is clean, cozy and welcoming. Her staff is are very attentive. She talks to you and really cares about making sure you get what you need. After the procedure, which did wonder but but obviously wasn't going to instantaneously clear my acne, she recommended that I do the Puracne Oxygen Clinical Treatment Series 5 sessions once a week. My acne started to clear after the first session. By the last session, my skin was glowing and all of my acne was completely gone!!! People were giving me compliments on my skin. I could finally wear my hair in a ponytail again and not have to hide part of my skin. What's also great about her is that she tells you about other factors that affect the way your skin looks like food, water, changing your bed sheets, hair products, etc etc. There is a lot that goes into having beautiful skin. I definitely recommend this spa and I will definitely continue with her on a monthly basis.
October 29, 2009
When I want to treat myself, I go to Le Chateau de Frenche for facials, pedicures, relaxing massages... Recently, I had a hectic day at work and left later than expected for my appointment. I was feeling stressed all day and then stressed about being late. The second Nakima opened the door and took my coat, the aroma and the ambience of the spa completely took over my body and mind. I forgot about my worries and stress and peacefulness took over me. You always receive wonderful service and you are made to feel special and well taken care off. I always love the way I feel after I leave the spa. The service is amazing and the atmosphere is beautiful and peaceful.
natasha E
September 25, 2009
Classy Tea for a Classy Lady -Birthday Tea Party
On September 19, 2009 I celebrated my birthday with a classy tea for 20 of my close and dear friends and to say we had an awesome time would be an understatement! It was a wonderful, beautiful, and very classy event. All of my friends truly enjoyed themselves. I was very pleased with the professionalism of the staff and how they treated my party the only thing I wanted more of were those wonderful scones! Le Chateau de Frenche Day Spa & Private Tea Room will see me and my friends again. Natasha Eastman
September 13, 2009
Bridal Shower Alternative
I enjoyed the expertise, ambience, and service provided by the staff during my girlfriend's bridal shower. The gift bags were particularly unique and included terry cloth slippers, bridal magazines, and sample sizes of the products that were used during our facials. I would definitely have a function here again.
Rhonda D
August 20, 2009
Microdermabrasion ... who knew?
I admit to being a skeptic when it comes to skin care but I trust Nikima and the team at Le Chateau de Frenche. Previous facials delivered phenomenal results and Nikima's gentle fingers have made the tip of my nose a black-head free zone, so I ventured down the road of Microdermabrasion. I was not disappointed. The painless procedure gave immediate visible results. As I gracefully accepted compliments the next day I made the firm commitment to add microdermabrasion to services received at Le Chateau de Frenche. On a final note, the effect of your visit does last beyond your time at the Spa. Regardless of the service; you leave with a feeling of boneless relaxation... Try Le Chateau de Frenche, you will like it.
August 17, 2009
The best brown stone (Spa) tucked away in Brooklyn
The service,(royal)professional one on one attention (fabulous) superlious facials and body massage i will never go any where else Le Chateau de Frenche day Spa is my forever pamper me place.
August 7, 2009
Why Go to Manhattan? Get The Best From Bed-Stuy!
This was my 1st time going to La Chateau and now I am hooked! The facial was great and the mani/pedi was relaxing. Not only will I go back, but I will bring friends!
July 23, 2009
Heaven 6 blocks from home
When I entered Le Chateau de Frenche Day Spa & Private Tea Room the fragrance in itself tantalized my senses. I knew right away that I was in for a treat that would leave me feeling well cared for. The beauty of the parlor was pure eye candy. Lovely white linens, porcelain tea cups & saucers. curtains that flow, beautiful floral photography and gracious staff. I was escorted to the changing room,I put on a lovely sarong walked down the hall to a beautiful room which was super clean and had the best facial I could ever hope for. Nakima, the ultimate professional with the golden touch, gave me that facial. I tell you the entire time I spent in the Spa was truly Heaven 6 blocks from home. By. Carolyn Hoagland
April 20, 2009
This was the best 1st time experience I ever had.
I love this spa I am already looking for the next date I can go. I am ready to take care of ME for a change. My facial and massage which was the first was GREAT. I would visit again and again. I want to do afternoon tea next time. I really really enjoyed this place. Staff was great Nikima and Donya knew what they were doing. I felt so good when leaving thanks to the both of them.
April 20, 2009
Sole to Soul Spa
There is nothing more important in a spa experience than quality of service and professionalism of staff. I felt from the moment I was greeted at the front door of this establishment, that my first impression inhaled the great ambiance, pleasant music and inviting staff. Morever, I experienced the comments of the customer before me leaving in satisfaction - taking note of the manner in which she was dealt with. Should my schedule and budget afford me to take on additional services I'd visit weekly to sample each service. And, have a spot of tea to top it off. Thanks Niki for the sole to soul service and chat. I'll be back.
February 18, 2009
Great Service and all!
After receiving a gift certificate in September I finally redeemed it over my mid-winter recess from teaching. Well, my only regret is that I didn't go sooner. I missed the opportunity to get a Kwanzaa and/or valentine's day gift cert. I will definitely go back. The service was fabulous. I had a massage, facial, pedicure and manicure; each felt exquisite. The aromas in the spa were wonderful; reminiscent of something completely comfortable and welcoming. Thank you for your gracious service!
February 16, 2009
Kwanza's Birthday at the Spa
I loved Nikima, she was knowledgeable, professional, and sweet. I wanted to feel like a "wet noodle" after my day at the spa and I felt exactly like that. I was so relaxed after my services, I could not hold a conversation upon arriving home. Nikima's establishment was clean and beauitfully decorated. I can not wait to visit "Le Chateau De French" again. She made my birthday a memorable experience, thank you Nikima!
December 17, 2008
Wonderful service!!!!!
This was my first spa experience and I thoroughly enjoyed myself!!!! I had learned about this spa when I attended a bridal expo a few years ago and signed up for the e-mail list. I brought my mother with me and she loved the service as well as the individual attention the staff showed to us. My mother and I both received the Green Tea Spa Pedicure and the Holiday Wassail Massage, and I treated myself to the Aromatherapy Facial, which my mother commented left my skin glowing!!!!!!! I will definitely be passing the word along to my family and friends, as well as coming back for more services!!!!!!!!
October 9, 2008
I've visited several other spas around the county, but Le Chateau de Frenche is a one of a kind. The professionalism and personal attention of the staff matched with an unbelievable atmosphere outdid all of my pervious experiences. I can't wait to go back! Once you try this spa you won't want to to visit any others! Best of the best!
July 7, 2008
A 5th avenue experience right in Bedstuy!!!
OMG!!! upon entry of Le Chateau de Frenche we immediately knew this was going to be an amazing experience! The atmosphere was so peaceful and comforting. our host inquired numerous times as to how we were doing. She was very thorough and really knew what she was doing. (D) "I fell asleep because I was so comfortable as did (A). A much needed experience for both of us". The Garden was AMAZING!!! Another relaxing experience within the spa. Simply put..If you live in Brooklyn and you haven't visited this spa you don't know what your missing... We cant wait to return!!!
May 12, 2008
Splendid Experience
Loved EVERYTHING! From the Exquisite French Decor, to the invigorating massage and aromatherapy to the elegant and classy teas and treats! You must take a look see you will be hooked. I know I am!! Best of all the owner is simply gracious to each and every patron (as should be but....well that's another story)
April 27, 2008
You too will become a regular!
A treat for all the senses right here in Bed Stuy! From my first visit to Le Chateau many moons ago to my most recent facial Saturday, each and every experience has been relaxing, beneficial, and personalized. Nikima was wonderfully thorough in understanding my skin’s history and my expectations from the facial experience before she ever placed hand or product on my skin. I’ve experienced noticeable improvement in my skin since the facial treatments at Le Chateau. The pedicures are icing on the cake! Her focus on the foot skin’s total health is appreciated and the hot stone pedicure is to die for. Nikima has always been accommodating, professional, timely, and responsive to my spa and beauty needs. Another exciting aspect of this spa is that it keeps getting better! There are constant new services, monthly specials, educational workshops and more offerings. This is the first time I’ve ever become a regular at a day spa, ensuring to book my next appointment before leaving the building. Do yourself a favor and book a treatment here; you’re bound to return again and again!
March 19, 2008
A Taste of French Paradise
When I walked into the doors of Le Chateau de Frenche, I felt like I stepped out of Bedford Stuyvesant and into Paris. The spa itself was gorgeous in decor, and the treatments I received were sensational. Nikima was extremely professional, and very knowledgeable. I had an amazing time and booked my next appointment before I left. This spa is a definite must to experience.
January 22, 2008
Fantastic Boutique Spa
I went to Le Chateau de Frenche Spa today for the first time and I was really impressed. I've been to mainstream spas like Bliss and I have to say the ambiance, service and personal touch of Le Chateau blows the others out of the water. Very nice and extremely calming atmosphere. The tea and cake at the end of my facial was an unexpected nice touch. I highly recommend going.
April 18, 2007
The Best Darn Day Spa in New York
Le Chateau de Frenche is a new day spa located in Bedford-Stuyvesant, highly regarded as a community undeserving of new business start up, because of some unsafe neighborhoods and poor quality service and products. Ms. Nikima French has put that stigma to rest. I walked into the lovely ambiance of her spa on a sunny Saturday afternoon in April. The lighting, floral arrangements, decorations, aromatherapy, healing music, and her warmth created a relaxing environment right from the start. She escorted me to a spotless restroom to secure my personal belongings in a locker, and then handed me a thirsty, terrycloth robe, and flip flop slippers. After a pre-evaluation of my face, I agreed on a wonderfully moisturizing facial. Ms. Frenche is a competent esthetician, whose technique and patience is calming, checking in with you periodically to see if you are satisfied with her service. After the facial she served me lemon tea from tea leaves and a tray of fruit and cookies from a gorgeous, faux, antique teapot and on beautiful dishes. I was totally pampered. The only thing I would change is to have a more affordable menu of prices so that more people could utilize her services. Otherwise, I highly recommend a visit to Ms. Frenche's day spa, especially if you are looking for pampering and bliss. You will find it there.
November 12, 2006
Fabulous spot for a mother-daugther outing!
Our day at Le Chateau de Frenche was completely transcendent! . From the warm welcome we received at the start of our visit, to the highest quality treatments we were given by Nikima and her staff, to the refreshing tea and fruit we were served at the conclusion of our afternoon, my mother and I were pampered with the finest level of care. Spa owner Nikima Frenche has succeeded in creating the ideal atmosphere for a day of total relaxation and beautification.
October 5, 2006
excellence excels
Very rarely do clients experience a business that rates an excellent rating in all aspects. I found this to be just the case at Le Chateau de Frenche, Your Personal Day Spa. The facial, massages & soothing music were pure bliss. The bunny rabbit soft/fluffy robe & slippers sooo nice. The crystal, china & silver ware for beverages & snacks - just divine. The venue is lovely, very-very clean & well maintained. Most importantly - the staff is professional, well trained & cordial. I was greeted warmly & serviced immediately & received excellent care & advice on my skin care regimen. I love the products that were used also. I felt special, pampered & relaxed. I'm recommending Le Chateau to family & friends. I will definitely return to Le Chateau at least once a month - wish my budget would allow weekly visits!
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