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10793 Tierrasanta Boulevard, Suite A
San Diego, CA 92124
United States
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Customer Reviews for Pure Spa & Chiropractic (10)

April 19, 2010
Affordable and Convenient
So far, I really like this place for location, the massages, and the customer service. =) I first came here about a year ago. It was great because I was pregnant at the time, so they were nice enough to let me switch from a swedish to a maternity massage with a special they were having. I had Lauren and she was so sweet. They had a special pregnancy pillow (has a hole in the middle for the big belly) to lay on while I got my massage.... and boy did I need a massage! I booked my mom a massage later that day with Lauren as well and my mom loved it. When we completed our appointments, she even gave us a little coupon for 15% off our next one! yay! I didn't even know there was a day spa so close to my house, so I am in love with this location! During that same special last year I had booked a facial for another day. The facial was good... average. I felt relaxed, but probably would have liked better hands on the extractions. I felt like it was a good facial, but that I may have had better elsewhere. The place is actually a lot bigger than it looks from the outside. The waiting room is fabulous! Two huge massage chairs you can sit while you wait. Some refreshments as well to help yourself to. The service rooms are all nice and big! Great ambiance. =) I signed up for their mailing list and last fall, there was a deal for 25% off a massage... so I booked one for my mom for her birthday (great timing).... she went to the massage, but when she got home, I asked her how much she paid, and it turns out she was charged full price. Hmmmm... I swear that I mentioned that deal when I made the appt ( i mean, it was my whole reason for booking to begin with)... anyways... the person I spoke to was very friendly and said that she didn't know it was booked for that special... so she would credit our account for next use. In the end, my mom did enjoy her massage, so that's all that truly matters. =) So we'll definitely be back again.
January 5, 2009
Nicest Staff, Hands Down
My mom, mother-in-law, sister-in-law and I visited this spa over the holidays for the first time. The staff was so nice!!! We were pampered for 3 incredible hours. We talked about how great everyone was the entire way home. I would recommend this spa to EVERYONE!!! We will definetly be back!
April 1, 2008
So Relaxing & Calming!
Dr. Z's is excellent! It is so relaxing and calming. I enjoyed a facial, massage & paraffin treatment- all in the same day! Dr. Z, Dr. Russell, and the entire staff were so courteous and accommodating. I will definitely be back!!!!!
February 26, 2008
Our Women's Club recently held a "Spa Day" at Dr. Z's. The staff went out of their way to make us relaxed and comfortable. The services were administered in quiet, beautifully decorated rooms! The staff was very friendly and professional!
February 12, 2008
felt like a queen
From the moment I stepped into Dr. z's the staff made me feel like a queen for the day. I was pampered so much that I spent 6 hours there and actually did not want to leave!
August 8, 2006
I have been a return client to Dr. Z's for years now. The services and people there are great!
August 8, 2006
Great place!
I love the clean, warm, healing atmosphere. The staff is very courteous and kind.
August 8, 2006
My treatment utilized an advanced adjustment table and electric pulse therapy which has not been offered by other chiropractors I have visted. My pain relief was immediate and long lasting. After my treatment, I left the spa able to walk easier and with improved posture. My wife noticed immediately!
Spa Hopper
May 5, 2006
Day spa getaway
Being a recent mother of one, I rarely get the chance to spoil myself. As soon as I walked in, I was greeted and offered a seat in the massage chairs while I filled out some information. Soon after, the massage therapist introduced herself and brought me into the massage room. The room was relaxing, candles were lit and there was some music playing. I told the therapist that I was a massage therapist as well, and what I needed work on. Not only did she know what she was doing, she was attentive to me the whole time, turning the bed warmer down and making sure the pressure was ok. I received a full hour massage (when usually, most spas do 50 minutes) and was told to take my time. When I made it back to the reception area, I was offered something to drink and was checked out pretty quickly. I told them I didn't want to leave, and they put me back in a massage chair, and brought me tea!
April 27, 2006
Look elsewhere for a professional spa staff
Last night after work I went to Dr. Z's Chiropractic Spa for a massage. I booked a 1 hour massage for 5:15pm. I arrived about 5 minutes early (traffic was bad). Overall impression: Not favorable. Their retail area had some MLM juice/protein/vitamin hoo ha, Mary Kay and a brand of hair care stuff you could get at Walmart. They had no skin care to support their esthetics practice (the menu looked good, like they used dermalogica. I really needed to refill my cleasner and I was hoping they had) and no retail to support their massage or chiropractic services (not even lumbar pillows- which I need!!) The massage therapist seemed really rushed. We started at 5:17 (I checked the room out for the clock). She asked if I had any areas of concern, and I told her that I had slept funny the past couple of nights so my right clavicle area hurt when I turned my head a certain way, and my traps were achy. And if she could avoid my sacral area, that?d be super. She was quiet for a minute and then cautiously asked how I knew those terms. I told her I work in the healthcare industry. We ascertained that I wanted light to medium pressure and she dug in. Seriously there were a couple times when I almost jumped of the table. She slacked on my legs, expect the lateral (outside) edge of my shin, which on about 85% of the population is a very delicate spot. Youch. The arm massage consisted of her mostly doing a pinch like move on the fleshy (read fat) part of my arm. The hand massage- she pulled on my fingers. That was it. My 1 hour massage lasted 45 minutes. The receptionist was clueless. I wasn't asked to rebook. I wasn't thanked, and as I was paying the MT put on her coat and went outside to leave for the day.
Response from Pure Spa & Chiropractic
I am sorry that you had an experience that was less than perfect. Since 2006, we have made some incredible changes to our service menu, staff and product lines. We have a truly wonderful staff and we guarantee a fabulous experience! I truly hope to see you again and allow you the chance to experience pure luxury!
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