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7202 North Keystone Avenue,
Indianapolis, IN 46240
United States
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+1(317) 257-8994

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Customer Reviews for Mode Salon & Day Spa (7)

January 4, 2013
Eyebrow tint just okay
Had my eyebrows tinted and it took a really long time to be waited on. I've heard that eyebrows are hard to tint so I wasn't surprised that I had to sit there for a while for the color to develop. However it was just an uncomfortable experience because I had to just sit there and wait. Just wasn't fellin it.
August 8, 2012
Never again !!
Manicure June 2012. Greeted by "i-have-no-clue" because my stylist never introduced herself !! When chosing my color i had to walk out into the light to see it because the mani (also shampoo) area was so dark i couldnt see!! Mani station is a very small table where the customer sits on a FOLDING CHAIR !! The girl cut me 2x doing my cuticles (they barely needed touched because i care for them), and mis-shaped most my nails even though i was very specific about how i like them. She did the Shellac process very POORLY. Ive had this done elsewhere & have loved it when done right !! This girl missed polishing the side on 8 of my nails, and left the edges very bumpy..... to the point it was so noticeable that various people commented how bad it looked !! I purchsed the SpaFinder giftcards for myself (and the friend that went with me) and feel like it was a HUGE WASTE of my hard-earned money !! Will Never return to Mode !! **My friend had all of my same complaints, as the same stylist did her mani before mine. I unfortunately didnt get to see her horrible results before getting mine done.
October 25, 2011
Will be back!
I get massages every so often as my back sometimes bothers me after a hard workout. Mode was advertising a sports massage on facebook so I decided to try it out. It was great! A simple swedish for me would have been too soft. Hanna didn't rough me up! But she meant business and really helped me with recovery this time. What's really cool is they offered to touch up my makeup after the massage for free! I really like this place.
October 12, 2011
Had a wonderful time
I had a long summer with the kids at home. I really needed some down time. I called around and Mode had a very wide variety of services without breaking the bank. I was able to get in within the week so I booked for a swedish massage, a facial and a spa pedicure. My facial and massage were done in the same room by different service people. Let me tell you, with the music and masks of the facial, I almost went to sleep! They had to wake me up for the massage! The massage was relaxing too. The therapist Hanna found a couple of rough spots, so I upgraded to a Deluxe massage so she could work them out for me. It was relaxing and I feel a big difference. Then we went up front for a pedicure. They have this cool room called the Pedicure Lounge with three chairs, music and a flat screen tv. They even gave me a smoothie! My feet needed it Bad! But the atmosphere is what took me over the top. I felt pampered. I will be back and will bring my girlfriend next time. Can't wait to get back into the pedi chairs!
March 30, 2011
Never Again
I've been to this spa twice for facials and both times I was disappointed. If I pay for a 60 minute service, I expect to get 60 minutes of service. The first time I had a facial, the therapist put steam on my face and left the room for like 15 minutes. The second time, the therapist put steam on my face and sat behind me in silence for 15 minutes. Other spas I've visited use this time to massage your feet, shoulders, etc. I was disappointed on both visits and I don't believe this spa is comparable to other area spas where I can get a full 60 minutes of facial for my money.
August 13, 2010
I went for a massage and ended up sick and in pain for several days. The guy said he was detoxing my tissues, he applied heavy pressure that hurt. Never did get a massage. And the pedicure was nothing, she did not turn on the chair and I couldn't find where to turn it on myself - not sure they do anything. Then there was not any leg massage, she didn't clean under my nails. For forty bucks(and they call it a "Spa pedicure") I expected a great pedicure. You get more for your money at a regular nail salon. I will never ever go here again and wouldn't recommend it to anyone. I called and complained and they agreed to give me back my money for the massage - I've been waiting three days and still no refund has shown up in my account. It won't submit unless I give them a star, I will give them one just so i can submit, but really I would give them none to negative.
September 9, 2009
Stay Away From Mode!!!!
The ultimate spa experience is not here. This is a salon that has LIMITED spa services. I got a wonderful price on a package but...The massage therapist asked what I was used to. I shared that with him and he said that wasn't part of the package. Then half way thru he asked again, and I stated again. He again said it wasn't part of the package. Very disappointing massage and the noise from the salon as the massage rooms were right off the salon was very distracting. The facial was the highlight of the afternoon. Great technique and results. However, she shared that I could have gotten the massage I wanted in an upgraded package (why didn't the massage therapist offer that???!!!) The nail tech was not as skilled as I have seen. The choices of nail color were dismal. The manicure was basic and the pedicure was less than that. She didn't even try to remove dead skin nor clean underneath the nails. While I do understand that this was part of a reduced package, 1.) I wouldn't have minded paying more to get what I wanted & 2.) wouldn't you put your best foot forward to a new customer to get them back??? This was a horrible experience and next time I'll spend a bit more to get what I need.
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