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7375 S Peoria St, Centennial Airport Tac Air #10
Englewood, CO 80112
United States
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(720) 628-6497

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Mon: 9am  -  9pm Tues: 9am  -  9pm Wed: 9am  -  9pm Thu: 9am  -  9pm Fri: 9am  -  9pm Sat: 9am  -  9pm Sun: 9am  -  9pm
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Customer Reviews for Simply Magical Massage (9)

February 6, 2014
Amazing Facial
I went to Simply Magical thinking they only did massages, but boy was I wrong! Not only did my facial include reflexology, aromatherapy and lymph drainage, but also a hand and foot massage that made me feel like my whole body was cared for. I did a plant peel which deep cleaned and exfoliated like a 30% glycolic peel and I went out to dinner right after with no redness or peeling and smooth firm skin. Amazing! I highly recommend Denise. She was extremely knowledgeable and has an amazing touch. An all around fantastic service :}
February 6, 2014
Amazing Stress Relief
I had major ongoing neck and shoulder issues and chronic pain from a past injury. Denise set me up on an affordable and viable treatment plan. My migraines have almost completely gone away and I feel a million times better! I highly recommend Denise. She is approachable, knowledgeable and her techniques really work! Five Stars!
July 29, 2013
The Best
After reading reviews, I thought I would give this place a try. To my supprise Tammy had a special going and I got free upgrades! WOW. I have never had cold stones before but always hot stones. Amazing at how I couldnt tell the difference as she had me so relaxed! I am going back again and telling my friends. Buying cards for my family too.
July 24, 2013
Finally I found a therapist who understands my needs in a session. I always get energy work and find a therapist and well get disapointed. I thought I would try the type I never heard of. I did my research and tryed another therapist in the denver area and then found Tammy. Its called lastone. I read about the hot and cold rocks that would be used, sage and aromatherapies. Tammy was the only one who gave me the full meal deal. WOW! Talk about AMAZING! I felt like I went to another planet. After the session I got my own special design. Nothing like getting spoiled for 2 hours, feeling balances and like the stress has been sweeped away. I would say go give it a try! Its worth every penny and more.
July 24, 2013
Massage Snob
Yep that is me. A Massage Snob and proud of it. I went to Simply magical massage because they seemed to have the most senscere reviews. I used spa finder because I travel a lot. Very happy to say I travel to Denver most of the time and glad I found this place. Each therapist has their own speciality and I tried each therapist. I was in some way hoping to find a dud. NOPE, I never did. They are all spectular. My Favs are Carol, for her deep tissue, Rhonda for the face lift, Renee for reflexology combo and finally Tammy for the special hot stone/cold stone she does. You will not be dissatisfied.
July 22, 2013
I have been in the Denver area for nearly 2 years now. I have looked and looked for a therapist who specialized in the type of massage I usually get. Found some but, I was not happy. I found Simply Magical Massage and very pleased I didnt give up. Tammy was superb! I get LaStone treatments from her monthly. She is very in tune and makes for a magical experience. I have also seen the other therapists there and they all are excellent. Each has their own expertice. I would highly suggest going here. It is affordable and you are treated like a person and not just a body.
June 29, 2013
I have found my new massage therapist!
I have been looking for a great massage therapist, ever since I moved to Denver, three years ago. My husband spoils me with gift cards and I have tried many, many therapists. I saw the great reviews, so I tried Simply Magical Massage. Holy great massage, batman! Carol was my therapist and I left feeling relaxed and she worked out all my massive sore spots. I don't have to search anymore. I know where to go to receive the best massage around!
April 25, 2013
I needed this!
I travel a lot and get so stiff and sore from airplane rides, strange beds and stress. I had the THE BEST massage from Rhonda. I felt like I could take on the world again! If you live in Denver, I am jealous, you have the opportunity to feel better at any time.
April 25, 2013
Best Massage Ever!
I have so many massages is my life but have never had such an amazing experience as the one at Simply Magical. Renee had me so relaxed that I almost felt like I was dreaming. I had some knots in my shoulders and back that she found and worked out. I felt so good for many days after my massage. Studio was peaceful and comforting and I was treated like her most important client. I am so happy for my Giftcard and for finding the best place in Denver for a massage.
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