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Customer Reviews for Tranquil Touch (8)

January 19, 2010
horrible experience!!
My friend and I went to this spa over the weekend and it was the worst spa experience either of us have ever had! From the moment we pulled into the parking lot of the motel (yes motel, not resort!) we were unsure whether we should stay or not. Because they already had our credit card information, we felt like we had to at least give them the benefit of the doubt... So we walked into the lobby of the motel to let them know we were there for our spa appointments and he had us have a seat. It seemed like every step of the "experience" just got worse and worse! The lobby smelled bad and old and we felt dirty just sitting there! Then the lady from the spa came to get us to take us in and we kept hoping it would get better and maybe the spa was actually a really nice, remodeled area of the motel. It wasn't! Let me tell you...they use the term "spa" quite loosely! It was actually just a couple motel rooms that weren't even remodeled. They tried to use dividers and things to maybe try to make it look nice, but it did not look relaxing or comfortable at all! Then they took us into the massage rooms... It couldn't get worse right? It did! They had us both take off all our clothes and they gave us a paper thong to wear (they also gave my friend a paper thong to wear for a bra, but they didn't give me anything for up top). We were getting "Eurpean body wraps" with our package so the first step in the process was the wrap. This was like no wrap I have ever had or heard of before! They had us wait just sitting on the bed, completely exposed, on top of a blanket that I can only compare to sitting on aluminum foil. Then they had us get up off the bed (still completely exposed, no cover up) so they could lay down pieces of COLD cloth for us to lay down on! Then they put two more pieces of cold cloth on top of us and covered us with that foil blanket...that was the "European wrap!" Then they continued with the facial, which wasn't horrible, but the products all smelled funky and it wasn't very relaxing at all. Then, without warning, she unwrapped me and exposed me yet again! Then she let me get up and dry off and move to the bed next to me for my massage. My friend didn't even get to move beds though. She had to stay on the same bed she had the "wrap" on and it was wet! I've had a lot of massage experiences, but I've never had one like this! They spent most of their time on our arms and legs and hardly any time at all on our necks and backs. Also, everytime they got our legs out of the sheets, they didn't tuck and hide the other parts like a normal massage, we both felt like we were completely exposed and had no coverage! All in all, the whole experience was horrible and disgusting. I really don't know that they are even a legitimate business, but I would love to find out! Also, after we left we realized that they never even had us sign any kind of medical waiver/release and didn't ask us any questions about what we might be allergic to, what we like/dislike, etc. Maybe the waiver isn't required in California, not sure...just thought that was weird too! Another thing that doesn't really make a bad massage, just adds to the bad experience, was how gross their bathroom was. I felt like I didn't even want to use the toilet paper because I was afraid to touch anything! Also, all their area rugs in the whole place (even the rug you have to stand on in the massage room) are filthy and look like they haven't been washed in years! And we paid %490 for this bad experience! We shouldn't have paid for it, but we were so flustered by the time the "spa treatments" were over we just wanted to get out of there! We will DEFINITELY never go back.
December 18, 2009
HA HA!!!!! I was right next to the people try to get their money back!
What a bunch of losers! I own a business and it sucks when people try to make stuff up to get their c.c. to refund them. Let me tell you that I was there when these ladies were at the "flea infested" "dog infested" lobby. What a joke! Very clean hotel and spa. Yes it is a Hotel... Big deal. If their c.c. was charged and they couldn't get their money back, that means their own c.c. sided with the spa! CLASSLESS LOSERS!!! Great mid-week specials only locals know about. I get an hr for $60. They only offer a few a day so call early. Oh, if you like a hard deep tissue, ask for the owner Ben.
December 1, 2009
Pleasantly surprised!
I gotta say, after reading some of these reviews I wasn't sure what to expect.But the staff turned out to be really nice and the massage I got was just what I needed.And my wife said her facial was pretty amazing.I chose this place because of their website and nice prices, but I was also impressed to find out about the history of this place(Elvis used to stay here!)I'll be back!
July 28, 2009
The owner of this spa is a disrespectful jackass. I was overcharged $10 and he refused to refund my money. My facial was a joke, no steam, no extractions. The MOTEL that the spa is in is about the same quailty of a Motel 6, if not worse. When my friends and I arrived for our appointment no one knew what each person was scheduled for, there was no organization. One of the women looked dirty, needing a shower an manicure. DO NOT GO HERE! Their prices are the same as a nice, reputible spa yet what you receive is a Mickey Mouse Spa at best.
January 2, 2009
I booked this spa over the phone and they took my VISA number. The day prior to going to this spa we checked it out. We waited in a flea infested, dog filled lobby for 30 minutes to talk to the front desk of this filthy hotel. Then when we finally got helped after 30 minutes, a lady took us out the front door to a hotel room where she refused to show us inside. It was a hotel room converted to a spa???? We decided this was not right for us. And I immediately gave my 24 hour notice to cancel the appointment. The pool at this place was filthy, the hot tub didn't work, the restaurant looked greasier than a Dennys. They charged my VISA $285 and would not return my calls after 4 left messages. BUYER BEWARE. DO NOT GO TO THIS SPA!
November 19, 2008
Beware the converted motel room spa
My friends and I were in the Palm Springs area and were looking for a nice spa that we could use our Spafinder gift cards. We made a reservation at Tranquil Spa inside the Caliente Tropics Resort after seeing an awesome website!! Let me tell you, the website is so misleading. I was afraid the second I drove into the parking lot and saw that it was an old motel. The spa was a converted motel room that stank of mildew and old cigarette smoke. Since they held our credit card information we were afraid to cancel and get fines, so we thought we would just take the risk and try the facials. I will never do that again!! My friends experiences were bad, but at least they had power in their room! My power went out five minutes into the facial and the women I had who Im concerned wasnt even licensed said the power problem happened all the time and not to worry. The sheet I was under didn't cover my feet and was up to my ankles! The facial was probably what gave me the most anxiety. I had lotion smeared on my face and rubbed in with sponges and this procedure was repeated until I felt like Queen Elizabeth with 17 layers piled unto my skin! My face broke out the next day, go figure! We left the spa after they tried to charge us more for the procedures, as we talked more and more about how awful it was we decided to go back. We went back to where the spa was an hour before to find no one there, no one answering the phones (two different numbers). We will never do that again. If you value your money and your body please do not go there!!
March 6, 2007
Relaxing massage but not your typical spa
The massage itself was great --- it put me right to sleep. But the location of the "spa" is not typical. It is a modified motel room at the Caliente Tropics Inn. But the service was good and the therapists were friendly.
August 9, 2006
Nice staff but mediocre massage
I get a massage twice a month and a facial once a month...I know a good massage when I get one. I requested a combo massage (sport/swedish) but all I got was swedish. The massage was not deep at all, more like a very light rub. I was never asked about the pressure. Too much time spent on my arms/hands and not nearly enough time on my back and almost none on my shoulders or neck. I also requested aromatherapy but from what I could tell I did not get any extra scent nor was I asked for a particular scent. The staff was nice, but I did not get the sense that they were massage experts. For the money I would go to a more upscale location where you are sure to get a professional massage.
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