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Customer Reviews for Massage, Wellness, & Beyond... (16)

August 16, 2014
My new favorite place!!!!
I just recently started seeing Fredricka for facials and I can honestly say I can see such an improvement in my skin. Freddi has so much knowledge about the products that are used and what she recommends. Everyone who works here is so personable and welcoming, two thumbs up from me! Can't wait to go back for my next facial and wax!!!
August 14, 2014
Prenatal Massage was just what I needed!
Massage, Wellness and Beyond was just what I needed! It was a gift for making it to 38 weeks pregnant with twins. The prenatal massage was amazing!!!!! It was so soothing, relieved my tired sore muscles, released tension, and helped me carry my twins to full term. Scheduling my appointment was really easy and I was welcomed when I arrived. I would highly recommend them to anyone and look forward to future spa treatments there!
December 22, 2013
My husband's favorite place
My husband and I both go here. He bought a Groupon for each of us and we both fell in love with the staff and the atmosphere. Very relaxing and warm. I have a spa I have been going to for years faithfully but this one is a little better and offers more. When you call you may get the voice mail. They do have a receptionist but she is part time and they are open for appointments 7 days a week. They have always called me back right away though.
May 17, 2013
I came here for a facial and massage, and it was the best massage I have ever gotten, and the facial was so relaxing and it totally fixed my skin!!!! I recommend this place to everyone and anyone!!
May 13, 2013
Don't go!!
My sister and I purchased a Groupon for this location and we went for our appointment in March. The service was good but we purchased products and paid for additional return visits at that time. I have tried unsuccessfully SIX TIMES to contact them to find out where the products are that we ordered. I have not received a response and we are out about $300+ at this point. Save the money and go somewhere else, this is unacceptable service!!!
Response from Massage, Wellness, & Beyond...
Sharon, We are so sorry you feel the way you do. After reviewing the 4 calls you placed to us-all of which were documented and returned within 24hrs as well as showing you in the office, right on our computer that we did indeed order your products immediately after you were in and providing you with the order #s it greatly saddens myself and my staff that you feel so strongly to write a review like this. Though we can in fact show that we did what we promised, it is still our goal to have all of our customers be nothing but happy. With that said, we will replace the products you didn't receive and offer you a complimentary service with the same care and professionalism we extend to all those who love us. Again, our goal is to have you be not just satisfied but feel like we truly care.
May 11, 2013
Sun-kissed glow!
Just wanted to take a moment to Thank Fredricka for introducing me to Lumiere Da Vie skin care. My skin showed visible improvement after only two days of using this product. I now have a radiant sunkissed glow, even my husband ask what I did different! And the best part is that it did not irritate my ultra sensitive skin! Thanks again for your expertise in helping me take care of my skin.
April 8, 2013
Worst Customer Service Ever!
I purchased a groupon and scheduled the first available appointment for one month later. On the day of my appointment, less then two hours before I was to come in I received a phone message cancelling my appointment. The message continued to say that I could come in the next day if I was available. I immediately called the number back and received the answering machine where I left a message that I was available. I NEVER received a return call. I called again the following day to see if I could come in or simply schedule another appointment and I got the machine again. Six days later and I have not received a return call. As a local Lansdale Business Owner I am very dissapointed by this organization. I could have been a great referral for this company since all my girlfriends at the gym were interested to hear about my experience. At this point I don't trust the product or service offered by this company and I'm just hoping for a refund. What a shame!
Response from Massage, Wellness, & Beyond...
Tara, We are very sorry your appointment needed to be cancelled. Though we strive never to do this, life's emergencies can occur. As for rescheduling, we would need your full name to track what happened in our system. Our goal is to have everyone thrilled with us so please feel free to call us again and we will give you a complimentary massage or facial...
December 6, 2012
Simply the best!
Get ready for the greatest day spa experience ever! From the moment I walked through the door I was treated with the utmost respect and professionalism from Fredericka and Erica. The entire spa radiates a sense of peace and tranquility. Fredericka has 20 + years of experience and talent she continues to educate herself to keep up to date on current trends and educate her clients as well. I will definitely recommend her to all my friends and family.
December 1, 2012
One of the best I've had...
I am one of the Groupon people who purchased a voucher for this spa. It did take a bit of time to get in the schedule but I have had that experience with several other places who offered the vouchers too. I saw the reviews on here after I purchased and was honestly nervous, but I had to share my experience because it was nothing short of exceptional. I did have to leave a message but I received a call back the next day and I was there for 3 things on my voucher(wrap, facial and massage). Each one was truly excellent. I had both Fredricka and Erica and found them to be more knowledgeable, or at least willing to educate me than anywhere I had been before(I travel a lot and visit many spas) This tips each gave me to alleviate my hormonal acne, acid reflux and nagging should pain have all helped. I not only had a phenomenal experience but I have been back twice at regular price and on my next visit I will be purchasing 2 gift certificates for my daughters for Christmas. I think that speaks volumes. Go and enjoy :)
October 4, 2012
I bought a coupon from Living Social for a 60 mins. Signature Facial., plus a $20 off coupon for the next visit. I have been trying to reach them for several weeks now. No matter when or how many times you call during the day, no one answers. No one has returned my calls either. the coupon expires on the 10th of this month. I feel cheated, and would definitely like to take this up further.
Response from Massage, Wellness, & Beyond...
In all the years we have been in business we have never had such dissatisfaction as when we offered our first online vouchers through Groupon and Living Social due to the over sale of one of the deals by over 300. In an effort to do the right thing, we decided to honor each and everyone. We have extended expiration dates to do so, implemented addition booking efficiency through Spafinder's affiliate SpaBooker, hired additional staff and so much more. We are so very sorry you have had this experience and would love to see that you are more than satisfied in the end. Please feel free to call us and we promise to get back to you quickly if you reach our voicemail. Get to know us and see why many of our clients have been with us all 28 years.
David b
October 2, 2012
Too much trouble
I purchased 2 massages one for me and my wife from GROUPON. I called the office, got the voice mail then got a message that the box was full. I went through this experience 2 more times. I finally was able to leave a voice mail but no one called me back. I left another, no call back. I contacted GROUPON told them at this point i wasnt going to be comfortable with a massage if i ever was able to reach them so to please refund my money. I know other companies with better customer service that can give a good massage.
August 12, 2012
Don't waste your time or money! I've never been stood up for spa services before Fredricka. She has no respect for your schedule, missing appointments and not answering the phone/voicemail.
Response from Massage, Wellness, & Beyond...
Jane, we assure you that none of us make a practice of "standing up" a client or being disrespectful of anyone's schedule and are very sorry you feel this way. We have searched for a record of an appointment issue with a Jane W without success and the only possible explanation I can offer is that perhaps you where somehow missed in our new online booking set up. We have worked very hard this year to offer more convenience for all our customers and are truly sorry if you did not feel that way.
August 1, 2012
I was thrilled!! Fredricka spent alot of time with me asking questions and really getting to several issues. Recommendations were made. I also purchased the special voucher for a facial and massage and I was really happy. I will definately return and will certainly recommend them.Noproblem getting an appointment.
June 12, 2012
I would not even consider
I don't know where to even begin. From the beginning I could not reach this woman. I called maybe 20 times and finally reached her. She didnt return my calls even the two voicemails i left her. When I arrived the day of the appointment she wasnt even there. I had to call her and she told me she was running late. She then shows up with her daughter. Once the appt started I had to fill out a health evaluation. I revealed that I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome. She recommend I purchase aloe juice from her. I did and I was sick for days. I went to my doctor and and she said that peole with IBS should not drink aloe juice. I also researched this and all three websites i reviewed said the exact same thing. During my appt she also referred to a muscle in my upper left back as the "scapula." I asked for a refund on the aloe juice and she told me to come pick it up. I arrived and it wasnt there. I was furious and told her to send it to my house. She did and it took looker than it should have.
Response from Massage, Wellness, & Beyond...
Customer Feedback We have been fortunate to not receive many dissatisfied customers over the last 28 years and though we tried VERY hard to satisfy this client she clearly wasn't. For this we are sorry but please be aware that her sub-scapular muscles were referred to and we do know the difference between a muscle and a scapula. As for the health history, we do have a thorough intake form to better serve YOU. While here she eagerly sought information on alternatives to her current treatment. When she wanted a refund we explained we where at a conference for continuing education and promptly did so the day we returned. We realize we can not please every person 1000%, but it is important to us to try and address it if there has been a problem. This person did experience some delay getting her appointment due to the Living Social Voucher selling more than we originally agreed. We are currently implementing an online booking system through SpaBooker(an afiliate of SPafinder)to alleviate any future problems. Our goal is for ALL of our clients to have you love us.
May 25, 2012
Don't Bother!
I bought a Livingsocial deal with this spa, and they are not returning my phone call. I will be getting on the phone with them today to ask for a refund. Three phone calls and an email, and still nothing. If you're going to open yourself up to Livingsocial or Groupon, you need to be able to handle the amount of business that comes in, and apparently they cannot. I will never come back due to how I've been treated thus far, and I haven't even spoken to anyone yet! Good luck getting a return phone call!
Response from Massage, Wellness, & Beyond...
MeghanC we are sorry. You more than likely did have a hard time getting through. When we agreed to run our online voucher we agreed to sell 100 and LS sold over 400! We were absolutely thrust into voice mail and reception overload. As mentioned above though, we are working on online booking and virtual reception services but this takes time as every single item, service and client has to be entered. Had we known the ad would sell the way they sold it, we would not have done it so please forgive us for this shortcoming. It will be fixed and should you like to give us a try a the half price we will honor that in-house for you. .
January 11, 2007
Awesome wax job!
I had a brazillian wax for the first time. Wow! Now I know what all the buzz is about. LOL The owner herself did it, was super nice and instead of being torture, it turned out to be a relatively pleasant experience. I booked a facial and I can't wait! It's nice and private too. I didn't feel like I was going to run into a bunch of people who might wonder what I was having done.
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