Coldwater Creek, The Spa in Belmar

Coldwater Creek, The Spa in Belmar

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329 South Teller Street,
Lakewood, CO 80226
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Customer Reviews for Coldwater Creek, The Spa in Belmar (16)

Simonne B
March 24, 2012
Way overpriced for the services
I recently had a gel manicure done at the Coldwater Creek Spa and while it was nice, it was definitely way to overpriced. The website says that the extended wear manicure takes 45 minutes and it costs 45 dollars. My manicure was well under 45 minutes more into the 30-35 minute range, which wouldn't be a big deal if it didn't cost 45! Also for that much money I was expecting a hand scrub or a hand massage (which you get as part of the services when you get a 10$ manicure elsewhere). So basically you come in get a warm towel over the shoulders a quick cuticle cleaning then they polish and you are done. Nice but should be 20$ for that. Overall its nice, relaxing, pretty...but I will never go there again.
November 21, 2011
I came in with two friends for a standard massage. The service was great, as was the massage. The therapist was very professional and I was so relaxed that I almost fell asleep. I read the other reviews with some surprise. I came in on a quiet weekday afternoon, so I'm not sure if that could have made a difference in the service I experienced.
February 2, 2011
Love their pedicures!
I went for a massage, and it was good, but overpriced. I LOVE their $100 pedicures! (works out to $100 after tip). Whenever I get a gift certificate, I use it for a pedicure. I like that they put you in a comfy recliner covered in towels and blankets. They put a warm towel over your eyes and you can just sit back and relax. I like that they don't try to talk to you and let you just lay back and enjoy the dimmed room. I did have an experience where the employees were speaking loudly to each other, but that was only 1 time out of 3. It is a luxury to get a pedi from Coldwater Creek!
November 2, 2010
Worst Facial Ever!
Talking throughout entire facial, the person was very noisy in everything she did. I didn't seem to get a facial massage, if I did, it was missed. She did extractions in my ears and I've had an infected ear for two weeks! I've had facials from the west to east coast and in between. This was the worst! These companies shouldn't hire for looks they should hire for talent and knowledge. Huge disappointment. I will never waste time or money at this spa again. One last irritation, was that the relaxation room was noisy with too many women chatting. I left with no sense of enjoyment, relaxation or that feel good feeling that usually happens after a spa treatment. The front desk staff didn't seem to care.
November 1, 2009
Nice but improvement needed, especially for the $$$$
I had a pedicure while a friend took advantage of another service. We were to end around the same time but I done a long time before my friend was finished. I was disappointed in the service. On check in, the staff didn't explain things very well. They asked for shoe sizes when my friend and I were expecting slippers so it seemed odd. Staff talked a lot between themselves and didn't pay a lot of attention to the customers. It seemed like they were rushing me through and didn't do their best. It felt like they were in a hurry to go somewhere else. The robes were old and not appealing. The dressing room was clean and so was the rest room. I will go back and try another service but definitely no more pedicures. Prices definitely need to come down. And staff need to not push products as hard as they do.
Karla O
October 16, 2009
Best Facial in the City!!
I just enjoyed a fantastic facial with Leigh Anne, who has been mentioned in many of the previous reviews. I thought that every step of the service was perfect, and I really enjoyed the way that Leigh Anne talked to me about the products that she was using during the facial. I have great skin, but I enjoyed learning about ways to take even better care of it--especially since I just turned 40 and really want to keep a youthful glow as long as possible. By following her recommendations, I have seen my skin look even healthier. On another note, I think this spa has a relaxation room like no other, and I enjoy sitting in there and relaxing. If you haven't yet tried this spa, you really should!
June 9, 2009
An Oasis in Belmar
I just got back from Coldwater Creek in Belmar and had to write this review. I had read prior reviews before I made my first appointment, noting that Leigh Ann ws the lady to get my massage from and also noting the several comments about staff being pushy about trying to sell products. So... being my own proactive self, I asked for Leigh Ann and I also admonished the person who booked my appointment that I was aware of prior reviews and that she should please ask Leigh Ann to not push products on me. When I first arrived about 10 minutes early, I noticed a 25% off sale on merchandize sign outside the main entrance. I casually mentioned this to the young woman who greeted me on arrival, and she enthusiastically pointed out that this was the last day for this sale and I might want to take advantage of several lines of products, but at no time did she try to get pushy about anything. She had me fill out a form in a very comfortable chair in the reception area, which was clean and very soothing. I was immediately introduced to Leigh Ann, who warmly greeted me, and took me back for a quick tour of the facilities. Everything I needed to know was pointed out to me, and then I was given a comfortable robe, a standard issue wrap and spa slippers. I was able to lock up my belongings and then sit in another room, where I was given a very nice foot soak and a glass of water, although tea was also offered. After a few minutes I was brought back by Leigh Ann to a very clean and comfortable room where I was to have my actual facial. I have some back issues, and Leigh Ann was very very concerned about making me as comfortable as possible. I had their 'standard' 55 minute facial. It was fantastic! I've had many facials before, and Leigh Ann knew what she was doing. Besides being very knowledgeable and professional, she was also very personable. At no time did she try to push any product, and only inquired as to what I had been using. Ithink that because I have fairly decent skin, there wasn't too much of a need for other suggestions. The facial was wonderful. Additionally, she offered a neck/shoulder/arm/hand massage that was very relaxing. All and all, this visit was delightful. The only awkward moment came when I was checking out at the front desk and the receptionist handed me a shopping back with nothing in it but Leigh Ann's card. I'm not sure if that was to emphasize to me that they didn't sell me anything or what. Handing me her card would have been sufficient. I handed back the empty bag and promptly made a second appointment with Leigh Ann (they offer a 20% discount if you book immediately). So... my advice is if you don't want to be badgered by sales pitches, tell the person making your appointment that this is your preference. If you don't want a lot of noise, go during a 'slow time'. The whole spa was spotless and well-cared for so I'm thinking that if a spa like Coldwater is not 'picked up' it could be that some sloppy customer just left, so give these people the benefit of the doubt. They obviously care about what they do and it shows!! Two thumbs up!!
April 15, 2009
I know what you mean...but try again
The last review is unfortunately dead on the money (at times). I have been going to this spa since it opened a few years back. It really is a beautiful place, but yes, once in a while the locker or relaxation room will be a bit messy (but not dirty). The therapists are unfortunately forced to fill your bag each and every time you come for a visit (former facial AND massage employees told me they have to or are reprimanded...this stinks!), but do not feel pressured to purchase. Their check-out process is a pain, and the front desk staff is young and at times rude, but I have had some of the best facials and pedicures of my life there. Most of the employees talk the entire treatment (about product, again I think they are told to) but I have found a couple who won't push unecessary items or talk the entire time. For facials see Leighann or Barby, they are great!!! For nails see Eliza or Yolanda. This place is weird in that they make their employees push stuff (you think the management would learn they are pushing people away) but I still go back because I found my "people". I have tried almost everyone here and you won't be sorry with these ladies. It is expensive but worth it if you find your right fit. By the way, if you are going to purchase-their skin care is great and so are their candles!!!
April 8, 2009
Not very relaxing
I came in for a massage, facial, and pedicure. The front desk took forever in checking me in and the girls all seemed very young and inexperienced. The locker room was a mess and they didn't have the size robe I needed so I had to wear one that was huge and almost weighed me down. I enjoyed the relaxation room and my foot soak and tea. The therapists all pushed the products way too forcefully. I don't like being talked to about the products constantly. Then when I arrived to the front desk to check out, there was a bag waiting for me with all of the products. I felt obligated to buy it and somewhat angry as I saw another therapist stuffing a bag and placing it upfront. It didn't help me relax at all. I felt like I was one in a million to walk through and have a service, not a valued customer. Maybe I was there on an off day but I felt like the staff never made real eye contact with me or answered my questions without pushing product. The services were fine, not mind blowing. The cost was not worth it after the customer service I received.
December 26, 2008
Such a relaxing place..
I visit Coldwater Creek Spa every other month or so. The spa is spotless. The staff is courteous and helpful. The treatments are wonderful. I recommend wholeheartedly.
November 20, 2008
Best facial and massage ever!!!
Last week I visited Coldwater Creek in Belmar for my routine massage and facial there, but this is the first time that I felt compelled to write a review. I always appreciate their beautiful relaxation room and foot soaks, and Liz my spa attendant was so sweet with my special request of a different tea. I saw Betsy for the massage and she was wonderful and professional. The sheets on the bed and the ambiance of the spa always ad to my experience, and the little extras they offer are great. I then saw LeeAnn for my facial and she was terrific! She was so warm and friendly, and gave me the best facial that I ever had. Her touch was amazing and I haven't felt that relaxed in a long time! I am going to rebook my appointment right now with both of these ladies. Coldwater is pricey, but well worth it. The only downside is the high staff turnover which makes it hard to request someone. I hope these ladies stay so I can continue to enjoy my spa days there!
September 22, 2008
Definately a Waste of Time and Money
I have visited many spas in the Denver area (and throughout the country) and this is definately a waste of money. The front desk staff were rude, didn't want to work - just gossip. They made me feel uncomfortable from the beginning - I knew I should have walked out. I got the essential massage and it was nice...not amazing, not wonderful. just basic --- my husband could of done it just as well (oh wait, he has and it was free). I asked her to apply more pressure and to work in certain areas and she didn't listen. The spa is definately overpriced and lacks experience in staffing choices. I feel as if I wasted both my time and money and will not recommend this spa to anyone.
February 7, 2008
Jewel In The City
My first visit to Coldwater Creek was a pedicure. It was the most relaxing pedicure I've had. Beautiful spa, friendly staff. Loved it all. I will definitly be a regular. You don't have to go into Downtown or Highlands Ranch or the mountains for a great spa experience. Mary was my tech. She is the best!
January 28, 2008
Once a month treat
The Coldwater Creek Spa in Belmar is my very favorite spa. I have been going for almost a year and I indulge myself once a month. The staff is always professional and very welcoming- think like a good friend excited to see you- I try to get the essentials massage with Cheryl, she is the best! They now have incorporated a parafin dip for hands and feet during the massages, for me that is the ultimate luxury. The sitting room is very plush, the sheets on the treatment tables are so soft and sensual. The tea menu is incredible and the changing room offers every possible ammenity. I have been to many spas across the county, but Coldwater Creek is where I am at my best and most relaxed. If you are a first-timer or a seasoned guest, you will be right at home. It is a little more expensive then most, but the old adage is true, you will get what you pay for here. They go out of their way to make sure that you feel indulged and spoiled the entire length of you stay. If you are looking for the ultimate experience, do yourself a favor and book an appointment.
August 3, 2007
Nice atmosphere...but not worth the price
I recently visited this day spa while on vacation and was really looking forward to being pampered. I am a frequent spa goer and have never had a negative experience at a spa. I arrived 15 minutes early for my appointment and was immediately taken into the dressing room to change into a plush robe. My esthetician came and got me and immediately put me in the bed. I was never asked once to fill out a consultation form, if I had allergies to anything, etc. I thought those questions would come, but they never did. The product line that they used is pretty aggressive and my skin felt a bit raw. To top this off, the esthetician talked the entire facial. Once that finished I had a massage. Again, no consult form, but she did at least ask me if I had any injuries. The massage was very light, but still relaxing. Next, I had the essential pedicure. This was probably the best service of the day, though the paint job was a little messy and not precise, and my nails were not trimmed. After my services ended, I was taken to the relaxation room-very nice again, but the other clients in there had tea (and this may be petty) but no one ever asked if I needed or wanted any. I finally left to pay, and the girl at the desk reminded me that typical gratuity was 20% and above, which I thought was a little tacky (though I always tip that or more without being told). They gave me the opportunity to purchase everything that was used on me (ready at the front in a bag), but I declined. I left there feeling unsure of why this spa was so expensive. I have gone to high end spas all across the country and they were well worth the price. I have also visited many small ones and they were so good they should have charged more. This place has a nice ambience, but that's not what I am paying for. The services are overpriced, and I felt rushed and hurried through my appointments (like they hadn't planned for enough time). My pedicure polish lasted one day before it chipped, so add that to my great experience. My daughter was disappointed to hear about my day because she was about to book her appointment for the same week. I was just disappointed overall and would not recommend wasting your money.
October 12, 2006
Wonderful atmosphere
The Coldwater Creek Spa at Belmar gave me the best spa experience I have ever had. I went for a package with a massage, facial and manicure, and all the services were excellent. I went there after finding the Spa on Spafinders, as I wished to use a Spafinder gift certificate, and I am thrilled to have found this gem. The atmosphere was welcoming and I was made to feel comfortable from the moment I arrived. (In fact, the excellent service started even before I arrived, as the person taking my call went out of her way to schedule my services on the day I desired.) The locker room was attractive, and even the waiting area was an enjoyable place to be. The complimentary foot soak and scrub was marvelous, and the attention to detail I found throughout my experience was immediately apparent. Items the staff had finished using, such as pitchers and towels, were immediately removed by another staff member. My massage was very well done, the room was beautiful, and music truly calming, not loud or intrusive. My facial was only the second I had ever had, and I have to say despite my limited experience that it was by far the best. My manicure was also excellent. What impressed me most at every turn was the consideration of the staff. They anticipated my needs again and again. Perhaps Coldwater Creek requires their staff members to have the ability to read minds! I truly enjoyed my visit and will be back. There are many spas closer to me than Belmar, but my experience was worth the trip. I hope Coldwater Creek Spas will expand to other locations in Colorado.
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