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Customer Reviews for Salon Milano and Spa (15)

February 16, 2013
Not up to Aveda standards
I was a long time customer at the Gary Manuel Studio in Seattle. When I moved to this area I started to check out the Aveda salons around Olympia and have been to all of them now.I saw these reviews and wanted to add my own.I see they have changed locations and their name. Hmmm...I wonder why? My consultation with a stylist at their old location was good. I booked an appointment with her. When I came back for my appointment they put me with someone else because the stylist that did the consultation had booked one of her "regulars" and moved my appointment to another (new) stylest. She reassured me that she had explained what I wanted to the other stylist. I should have turned around and walked out. I didn't. The experience did not meet my expectations and I left with a haircut I could have done myself, blindfolded, with pinking shears. Aveda "trained" stylists? I think not! I now drive back to Seattle and I tried 2 of them more than once. I wish Aveda monitored the salons in the Olympia area that carry their productas and claim to have Aveda trained people. I think they would be surprised.
July 21, 2012
What a let down
I have been here for a massage that was very nice, a facial that was great, and a wax that was ok. What ruined this place for me was the hair care. I had been there several times getting my hair cut and was never thrilled but thought it was average. Then when I decided to get my hair dyed and highlighted..... This Salon did a horrible job, it was the wring color and my coworker thought I was trying to dress for halloween. When I went back to get it fixed, they stripped out the black that they had put in and then told me that I would have to pay to get color over my now fried and brassy hair. I tried to contact the manager many times with nor response and went in many times and was treated poorly. I would not recommend this salon for haircare to anyone. Maybe get your aveda product here but to not trust them with you hair.
I Live inO
March 29, 2012
Interesting experiences
I chose this salon because I liked the location since it is close to my house and I like Aveda products in general. I have frequented the salon about 5 times, seeing 3 different stylists. Stylist 1 was nice, seemed confident, and the first couple of times listened to my requests and seemed to "get" me. The third time I went to her, I don't know where her mind was, but she completely ruined my hair with chunky platinum highlights (I have always requested "minimal, tiny, natural, sun kissed highlights). She readily fixed it by coloring the highlights to a darker blond, which I appreciated, but was disappointed since I try to keep the amount of color in my hair minimal. I waited a few months, called back to request stylist 1, but she was no longer there. Cue stylist 2. Really bad experience. She was SUPER nice, but my haircut/color was awful. Cue stylist 3. I made another appointment to fix my last haircut but due to travel was outside the window for a free fix. Stylist 3 wondered who in the world cut my hair last, and apologized profusely when I admitted it had been done at this salon. She did a great job and I even hugged her in gratitude. I called back a bit later, but she was no longer there. I give up and won't be back.
March 5, 2012
Watch Out for Pricey Add-on's
I booked a $45 facial using their weekly email specials and was excited because I'd be able to use half of my birthday gift certificate and come back another time to use the other half. I was shocked when I came out to pay and was told it was $85. The girl had asked me what kind of facial I had the last time I was in and I told her it was one of the mini facials. She started naming the different facials I may have had-making it seem like I must have had one of them. I told her I couldn't remember there being a name for it and she continued asking which one it was and that if my concerns were miniaturization and fine lines then it was probably the "Green Science" facial. I said I couldn't remember but if I had to choose one then they must have used that. She offered a chemical peel but said it would be an extra cost. I declined that option. She never once mentioned that the different kinds of facials she was talking about were all add-ons and the "Green Science" was $40. When the receptionist saw how shocked I was she apologized but didn't offer to do anything about it. I emailed the manager but never heard anything back from them. Although the facial was relaxing, the mood was completely ruined by the stress at the end.
July 22, 2011
Beautiful, Professional, and Always a Treat
I have been going to Tuscan since 2008. Another salon in town had really fried my hair and I called and was fit in quickly. They did a great job fixing the problem. I have also loved the cuts and color that I have gotten from Mindy and Starr over the past few years. I have highlights and a trim every other month or so and they are always exactly what I asked for and am expecting. I had my hair done for my wedding here, as well as mani/pedis for the bridesmaids on the big day. I have also had my eyebrows waxed and a facial done with the staff at Tuscan. The facial was awesome, they started off with a foot bath that was particularly extravegant and a great relaxing way to jump into a spa treatment. Tuscan Sancuary Salon and Spa is great. I always feel welcome, known, and well taken care of by the staff at the salon. Their emailed specials are great deals too! The salon/spa has moved into a new location on the Westside of Olympia in the past year or so and it is even more welcoming and open feeling than the old location at Indian Summer. Thanks Tuscan!
July 11, 2011
Horrible customer service...
I have been to this spa about 8 times for hair service. I usually see my normal gal, and she does a wonderful job. but on the rare occasion she isn't available or I am looking for a service she doesn't provide, it is like pulling teeth to get someone to return my phone call, or show up for a consult. Twice, my consultant didn't show up for the Keratin treatment, and when i finally got it done, and forked over $200, my hair was frizz free, but no straighter than before. I could have gotten deep conditioning for 1/4 the price. What a waste of money. I have also called regarding pricing for hair extensions. After the receptionist never called me back, I left a message... and was never called back. Also, even though i've 90% loved my hair afterwards... expect to pay full prices even for touch ups. I paid full foil price for partial foil retouch. The products are great and the girls are really nice, but that's about it. Too expensive for kinda crappy service.
Response from Salon Milano and Spa
While we appreciate comments and ways to improve. Also, we do not want anyone to leave unhappy. I would have welcomed a call from this person and given a chance to may her happy. This is our challenge to be given a chance to improve our service. If you wish to call the salon again at 360.459.7779 ask for Gerald as I am one of the owners and let me help you feel better about our salon. Thanks.
July 3, 2011
This salon and spa was absolutely amazing. I went in to get get a facial and a massage that i had received as a present and it was absolutely amazing! The girls at the salon are all so nice and bubbly and their attention is only about you. The tea that they offer is amazing and not many salons offer any drinks so that was a nice relaxing touch!
June 3, 2011
Very Nice
I normally get my hair done by a friend, so I am use to a cheap cut and color, so the prices are higher than I am use too (prices are listed on the website). However, it was well worth it and around the same price as everywhere else. Everyone on the phone was very friendly, I even got a call from the hairdresser to tell me that she was running about 5 minutes behind schedule and wanted to see if I was ok with that. They offer you tea, coffe, or water while you are waiting for your appointment. While with the hairdressser I never felt she was rushed and while doing the shampoo/conditioner I was giving a very nice scalp massage. Also, my hair looks wonderful and I get compliments every day!
December 4, 2010
Elegant and professional
12/3/10...I have taken my niece to Tuscan two times this year. Hair treatment and styling...over $200 each visit....for over 3 hours the excellent beautician--Breklynn..both times--plies her skills in a precise and friendly fashion. Niece, age 24, loves her time in the elegant atmosphere, and is very pleased with her hair. I also met the owner and chatted with him for 20 mintes. A very pleasant gentleman. My niece will definitely return in a few months. My name is Craig Montag. I am on Facebook. Feel free to contact me to verify my story about "Tuscan."
September 27, 2010
Horrible is right!
Man oh man. Wish I would have read the reviews before going in to this place. It was not so great and yes the girls here smelled like an ash tray. Customer service was not what I had expected. Need some improvements there ladies. The facial was less than what a typical Aveda aromatherapy facial service includes. I have had many and it seemed she was either very new or perhaps skipped over some of the finer points of the service. You can tell when someone lacks confidence and she certainly had very little. She was trembling over me, very strange. I was on time and had no other place to be, I could have spent more on wax services but I was feeling that she had other places to be. It felt very rushed all around. I tried to be patient and relax but she made that difficult. I was disappointed to say the least but I'm hopeful that this feedback will encourage change.
Response from Salon Milano and Spa
We were very sorry you had a unpleasant experience. Please understand that we want every experience at Tuscan Sanctuary to be a awesome experience. We welcome feedback and we appreciate those who take the time to write a review to give us a chance to change your mind. We look forward to providing a Facial that is 5 stars. Kind Regards. Tuscan Sanctuary.
September 1, 2010
Rather have had a root canal!
HORRIBLE experience, NOT relaxing at all. I saw the name "Aveda" and was so excited, but Aveda would be so so disppointed that their amazing products are being used at a place like this!!!!!
Response from Salon Milano and Spa
We encourage reviews and welcome learning new ways we can improve our quality of service. However, we are saddened when a review is posted that is direct to someone personally. This review is not real.
February 1, 2010
Awesome facial & waxing
I have been getting my brows waxed here for a few months and finally found a place I will continue going back to. I love the way Courtney shapes them! My husband bought me a Spa Finder g/c for Christmas so I decided to get a facial from her-it was the best! She is very thorough and gives a great massage. I love the atmosphere and the staff is all very friendly. Can't wait to go back. I've already hinted to my hubby for Valentine's Day!
November 4, 2009
My sister & I planned a spa day of haircuts, massage & facials using our spa finder gc. When we got to the salon they told me that one of their massage therapists would not be into work that day. They apologized and gave me a gift certificate for a "free" massage. Since I got one free massage, I decided to get my husband a gc for a massage also, so that we would be able to have a couples massage. When I called to schedule our couples massage, they said that they couldn't do the couples massage because they only had one massage therapist, but stated that they were working on getting a second one. Disappointed, I opted to wait for another date to reschedule. When I called still only one massage therapist, & when I called a year later NO massage therapists. I decided to just use our gc's and we got couples facials. Although, it was a good facial, my husband would have rather had a massage. Wish I would have been able to get what I paid for....
Response from Salon Milano and Spa
While is was true we had staffing challenges in the massage department for a while, we feel that the facials were done excellent. They were Aveda facials and we are always asking our guests if they liked them and how we could improve. To rate the service and quality and atmosphere poorly because of not having staff seems like venting and not accurate. She did get what she paid for..
June 14, 2009
unpleasant salon day
I have made two prior visits to this salon and was not completely satisfied, I was hoping that it wasn't my perception, so I decided that I would go again hoping for a different experience. I was wrong and very sorry that I cannot recommend this salon to my family and friends. This was an unpleasant experience from beginning to end. The staff was unfriendly and seemed to whisper about their customers in a way that was not appropriate. I was uncomfortable and could only imagine what they may have said when I left. I question if they were friendly to one another. It was very awkward at times. I wanted to feel good that day and to be pampered so that I could relax from a hard work week. The staff was tense and uptight and the service was equal to their attitude. As expected, most salons are priced on the high side, this one is no exception. I must have come in after the prices had increased. I paid much more for what I received on the last trip a couple of months ago. I'm very sorry that I have no positive feedback or any advice to offer to help help the customer service improve. Honestly, I would not know where to even begin.
Response from Salon Milano and Spa
I believe that this review was not real. We strive to make ever visit special. Please know that if a person was not pleased for 3 visits we would have known and have made every effort to fix whatever was the problem. No, I am sure this is an ex employee, competition, or the like. If not, please contact the salon as ask for Jerry.
May 19, 2008
Pleasantly surprised!
Upon entering the establishment, staff is friendly and greets patrons right away. The atmosphere, although located at one of the area's finest golf courses, is very relaxed, not one of those day spas where the staff and patrons have thier noses in the air! Finding out they carry and use all Aveda products and are directly trained by Aveda reps ensures the staff is well trained and knows their products and services inside out. I had the Caribbean massage/wrap which was fantastic and was preceded by a very relaxing foot soak/scrub. Afterward I went over to the salon area and had a great highlight foil. I admit I was very nervous as we all are when we try out a new stylist, but knowing she was trained very well with the products they use put me more at ease, and it came out great! The stylist also was so friendly and made me feel extra pampered with a mini hand massage featuring an Aveda lotion and special cup of tea as well. I am definitely going back again!
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