Spa at Yellow Creek, The

Spa at Yellow Creek, The

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3636 Yellow Creek Road,
Akron, OH 44333
United States
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Mon: 5:30am  -  9pm Tues: 5:30am  -  9pm Wed: 5:30am  -  9pm Thu: 5:30am  -  9pm Fri: 5:30am  -  8pm Sat: 8am  -  7pm Sun: 9am  -  6pm
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Customer Reviews for Spa at Yellow Creek, The (7)

January 29, 2013
40th birthday gift
Spa day for my best friend and I on her 40th b-day. Both Scott and Amy were very helpful and knowledgeable about treatments. I changed my plans a lot, but they were very accommodating. Both our day's stared with a yoga class followed by the steam room with essential oils. She had the nature body treatment, express facial, and mani/pedi. I did the express facial, 25 min. massage, hammam body treatment, plus paraffin for hands/feet. Everything was top notch. All the therapist and body work specialist were excellent. I am a LMT, so I am very picky. My friend raved about the mani/pedi. The cheese/fruit/nut tray was perfect. I was offered champagne/mimosa but only wanted a OJ and herbal tea. The staff surprised my friend with petifores and a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Both were above and beyond what we expected. I was wary because of previous reviews but the spa was beautiful! All your amenities are at your fingertips. We had the use of the entire spa which included the weight room. The only things I could see that would help would be to fix the cracked tiles in the women's spa floor and the warm the place up somehow. I was freezing most of the time. Drapes to close off the relaxation area also. Comparable to the world's Best!!
April 26, 2011
I wanted to write to let others know what to really expect when they go to Yellow Creek. 1st, if you are looking for a total ZEN experience - go elsewhere, because it really did not live up to that expectation. The service providers that performed the treatments are amazing and really provide A+ work!!!!-besides the therapists, I was not impressed with anything else. Knowing that going in, helps when everything else falls apart. Here are some cons: Customer Service is not Mgmt's strong point; there was about 1/2 carafe of water to be found in the relaxation room and 1 dusty glass, and no one came to refill, thus having to shlep up front in my robe for water; there was no fruit or any kind of teas/hot water in the relaxation room like it shows in the pictures/website...who knows where that was?!; there was a MAN, dressed in his street clothes, reading a book sitting in the relaxation room with us ladies while we were in our robes and 1/2 dressed???!!! seriously?? RSVP messed up my one guests treatment times where the rest of the ladies got pretty upset causing us all stress. It was one thing after another, really. I didn't even say anything to Mgmt that day cause I didn't want to cause myself anymore anxiety.
March 8, 2011
Great Spa
I just moved into town a few weeks back was looking for a new spa. I spoke with a lot of different places and when I spoke to yellow creek they seemed very professional and knowledgable on the phone so I booked a massage and facial. The staff treated me amazingly well and the treatments followed suit. My massage therapist found all of my tension and spent extra time with me to make sure I was satisfied and the facial was amazing! I've had a lot of facials at a lot of nice high end places and this had to be the best facial I have ever had. The products they used felt and smelled really nice and I noticed instant results. Ive never heard of the products before but the facialist mentioned that there were only 30 places or so that carried them in the country. The girl who did my facial just started working there and had been training for about a month on all of their products and services. She was attentive and thorough and had a great technique. I fell asleep! which is hard to do since I can never seem to relax ; ) Overall they demonstrated great customer service, a really nice contemporary setting and wonderful treatments. I hope mu review helps.
October 17, 2010
worst spa
This place is terrible, I went in there for skin services and came out to see my therapist eating up front and gabbing with co-workers right up by the cashier and it completely shattered my image of the spa. The place was very noisy with chatter during my service. I would never recommend this spa unless you do not want to enjoy your service.
Response from Spa at Yellow Creek, The
Dear T, I am so sorry to hear about your experience with us. Please understand that this is not at all how we crafted this spa. I too have experienced this at other spas and can understand how it would shatter an image of not only the service provider but the entire organization. I am apolled and embarrassed. We spend countless hours training our staff and reviewing our protocols and standards of excellence. Food and Beverages are not permitted for consumption on premises by any employee. Our break room is in a completely different building away from the facility which was put into place in order to avoid a client having an experience such as yours. I am very dissapointed in this staff member and I would very much like for you to offer me the chance to speak with you regarding your experience. I appreciate the feedback and want to correct the situation on my end. We set very high standards for our staff members and have several rules in place to create wonderful experiences for our guests. Without knowing the specific details or your name, I am unable to investigate in order to correct the situation and discipline my staff. Sometimes, no matter how wonderful I invision our clients' experiences to be, it comes down to my staff. I would greatly apreciate you telling me who did not follow our corporate policies so I can take proper action. As for the chatter, while we expect that our guests will be respectful of others who are receiving services, they can sometimes get a little carried away and become very loud. I understand how this may affect your service and those of other clients. This is a common problem in the spa industry and I promise that we will take a proactive approach to keeping our clients' chatter to a minimum as well as our staffs. We focus on creating memorable experiences which sometimes involves entertaining our clients and their conversations, but we do understand how this can create a bad experience for you. We have a full staff meeting this month and I will address these issues with my staff. If at all possible, please contact me via email ( so that I may discuss your experience with you and invite you to experience The Spa at Yellow Creek as it is intended. Thank you for your honesty.
July 18, 2010
Needs some housekeeping
The services were very expensive. Expect a facial and message to run about 350.00. The spa needs some housekeeping, carpets and furniture.were very dirty. The bathroom has 1 shower which could use some attention. The gratuity of 19% that was automatically added on was terrible. I personally tip based on quality. I won't be back.
Response from Spa at Yellow Creek, The
Dear Heather, Thank you for your review. I apologize that your experience did not meet your expectations. I investigated your concerns with as much information as I have from your posting and was able to conclude a few things. Please understand that The Spa at Yellow Creek intends on satisfying each of our guest's individual needs and service expectations, but sometimes certain external factors that are beyond our control can result in an undesired outcome. Unfortunately, this is the case with your experience and I hope that your will allow us to make this up to you. I certainly value your opinion and am always honored when clients can tell us what we can improve upon so that we can continously improve which is always our goal. Things will happen and I can only hope that our clients will address their concerns with myself or my staff to allow us the opportunity to improve, and I thank you for this. Please contact me personally ( so that I may further discuss your concerns with you and allow me to offer you a better experience. Please review my comments explaining your concerns: Our spa decor includes white carpet and white furnishings which can be difficult to maintain when we see 400-500 clients each week. Most customers, unintentionally do not wipe the dirt and leaves from their feet when they enter our doors and that dirt ends up getting on our beautiful white carpet. We have regularly scheduled cleaning to combat this, however the particular week that you were in, we had a group of twenty women rent out the spa for services and catering which caused our facility to get a bit more abused then it would under normal circumstances. We always schedule a carpet and furniture cleaning following these large groups so that we may always present our spa in the pristine condition that we work so hard to maintain; however on this particular instance, our contracted carpet/furniture cleaner informed us that evening that he was double booked. We scrambled around to find another contractor and the earliest appointment that we could find was the following Monday evening. I understand how an elegant furnishing or a custom carpet can become very unappealing from wear and tear and I apologize that you had to experience that atmopshere. As far as the shower, Bath Township does not have city water in our area. We have a very large water softener system to remove the rust and iron found in hard water but it does not seem to prevent the staining of porcelain bases of our showers. We have two showers in each of our bathrooms. One is a traditional shower and out steam room may also be used as a second shower if needed, however the demand for our showers has not yet caused a problem for our clients or our gym members. In the event that we do not have showers available when our clients and members may need it, we will certainly consider expanding our facilities to accommodate our needs. You will find that most spas in our area do not offer any showers at all because they are simply not in demand. We do include an 18% gratuity with our services as a convenience to the check out process. We find that many of our clients appreciate this gesture because the last thing they want to do when they have finished a relaxing day of services is to have to calculate a proper tip. While it is customary to tip 20% in this industry, we recommend an 18%. Our clients may adjust the gratuity however they see fit up or down. We do not require a tip and we understand a tip should be based on quality which is why you are given the option to adjust it at your discretion. This is fairly customary at most spas today and we are only following the trends as a courtesy to our guests. It is not intended to force a tip or insult our guest's integrity. As for our pricing, we offer our massages starting at $55 and our facials start at $60. There are several different service options that can increase the price such as different time lengths and modalities. You can receive a massage and facial combo for $115 and the highest that you can spend with our most luxurious treatments would be about the price that you mentioned. These services will include 90 minute services using our most valuable product lines. I am genuinely sorry that you had this experience and please understand that we value your opinion. Please contact me so that I can have more details regarding your experience so that I may discuss with my staff and identify any defects in our operations to ensure that we can bring you and our clients a better service. I look forward to hearing from you and providing the ultimate experience.
April 24, 2008
Great facial and Pedicure!
The spa is very nice but priced a bit higher than others that I have been to in the area. That being said, the facial was great and I loved the organic products she used. Loved those crushed sunflowers that were used to exfoliate! My skin was baby soft afterwards and it was a great experience. I also like the pedicure because I didn't have to worry about the infections that are going around in the oriental nail salons. Nice to have the hot bowl brought to you and they kept you well hydrated during the process. Overall - best spa experience yet and I have been to some very high end resorts for spa services.
Response from Spa at Yellow Creek, The
Suzzanne, Thank you so much for your kind words. I am happy to hear how thrilled you were with our services and that you appreciate the wonderful products that we use. I am no sure if you were informed of the full story of the crushed sunflower seeds but it is very interesting. The sunflower seeds are first roasted then they are aged for 2 years in oak barrels (just like wine). This causes the sunflower seeds to develop a natural salicylic acid which is released when the sunflower seeds are cracked open on your skin. This provide both a chemical and mechanical exfoliation that leaves your skin (as you said it) "baby soft." I just thought that I would share that information with you. Thank you so much again, we look forward to serving you soon.
September 30, 2006
A bit of South Beach in bath
As soon as you enter thorugh the doors you feel like you are someplace in South Beach or LA. We have visited many spa's across the US and Mexico and I must say this is a great place. The staff is courteous and very professional. Champange, coffee, and numeous other beverages are complimentary as are fruit and a cheese plate. Overall we were both very pleased if there is any drawback to the place it is that a gym is attatched and non spa guests are in the halls and locker room. With regard to $$$ we noticed that some of the services are very expensive while others are more in line with what we have experienced in other spas. Oh yes an 18% gratuity will be added to your bill for all services. Bottom line is this if you like the feel of being in Miami and don't mind paying the price for the experience than this is your place. If you are just looking for a massage save some $$$ and go someplace else.
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