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Madison, NJ 07940
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Customer Reviews for Beneath The Surface Spa (32)

September 30, 2014
Horribly rude receptionist
Unbelieveably rude receptionist. I spent $130 on pre-paid services and was looking forward to booking a great day. I was told I was trying to take advantage of them, although I'm the one who spent $130 and received zero services. Bella refused to honor the expired groupon value, as well as a pre-paid gift cert I had purchased as a "customer appreciation" deal because that had also expired, although when I bought it, I was assured there was no expiration date and my receipt just says I purchased a gift cert. I was told I needed to work on my manners and I wouldn't be getting any services or my money back. Who's the criminal?
May 16, 2013
Terrible receptionist
The spa is average - not fancy and not very shiny, but OK. I had some very bad experience with the receptionist trying to set an appointment. Not nice at all.
Response from Beneath The Surface Spa
Receptionist was replaced.
February 8, 2013
Good luck trying to schedule an appt at this "spa". The phone rings and then cuts off with no anwering service 9 out of 10 times. The one time you can leave a message, it is never received. Persistence is key in order to communicate with this business. When I did end up speaking with someone and communicated the difficulty I had reaching the "spa", the person was rude and unprofessional. Turns out it was the owner/masseuse! Obviously I did not want this angry woman, Marcia, touching me and channeling her negativity into me. If you work, beware if using a gift card or groupon with expiration as they book appointments 2 months out for weekends or after work hours. Wish I had read some of these reviews before I pre-purchased a massage--was not suprised to see that others had the same experience. Thankfully I was able to get my money refunded. Lesson learned: check reviews before pre-purchasing a gift card or coupon.
January 17, 2013
An excellent facial by owner: Marcia
I purchased a groupon for a facial at Beneath The Surface Spa - and it was amazing! I knew nothing about this spa, and I've been getting facials all my life, so I hesitated to try a place I was not familiar with. Wow! Marcia was excellent. It was more than relaxing, she really cleaned out my skin, it was radiant when she was finished. One of the best facials I've ever had to be honest. I'm going to buy a package, buy 3 facials and get one free. I'm about 50, and people compliment me on my skin all the time..... It's important to take the time to care for your skin and this is a wonderful place to help you do that. Two thumbs up from me!
January 7, 2013
Excellent Visit
I used the groupon and had a one hour massage and a scrub by the owner. It was one of the best massages I've ever had. The owner was extremely attentive and the atmosphere was very serene. I would definitely go back
December 15, 2012
Best massage experience I've had!
I purchased the body buff scrub massage from Groupon and I had no problems making an appointment. I did notice that the spa was small but I didn't mind because I was treated nicely and it didn't change my Experience. I had the scrub massage with Nana and it really was an amazing experience. First was the scrub which was great and then I rinsed off in a little shower in the room. Afterwards was the massage and it really was relaxing. I honestly felt like I was there for 2 hours but it was about 1. I was really in lala land afterwards. My skin was so relaxed and soft and my lower back pain was relieved. I would recommend this spa to anyone for this service. I would let the previous reviews keep you away since they have improved.
October 29, 2012
Best tension releasing massage and value for money
I have visited BTS twice, each time with a friend, each time, we have thoroughly enjoyed the experiences. The staff were kind and created a calm, relaxing atmosphere, the general atmosphere and decor was clean, fresh and relaxing and the actual service, fantastic. Because of life's busyness, one of my groupons had timed out and Marcia was very gracious in extending the date to accommodate my schedule. I have been a big De Pascales Spa fan - it really is the whole package but since I can get about three BTS massages (via Groupon or Amazon Local) for the price of one at De Pascales.......there's no question as to how I would rather spend my money!
October 10, 2012
lovely peaceful experience!
I have visited this spa before for basics but this was my first experience with a facial. I took advantage of the facial offer on Groupon. The experience was calming, soothing, very informative! Marcia gave me great information on how to keep a youthful look to my skin and the hand and foot massage included were an awesome touch! The neck massage was lovely and not overly rough at all - which has been mentioned as an issue. While I can understand why some clients took issue with not being able to easily contact the spa by phone, I have to say that new and upcoming businesses often have staff doing "double duty" and answering phones when they are not with clients. I would far rather have my technician taking care of me in the spa and leave a message for a return call from the front desk. This area of concern has been addressed with a full time receptionist on staff now. (i take advantage of their online system for appointments - always works and you get a reminder!) BTS is cozy, warm, calming and peaceful. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of the facial there - and my skin is thanking me for it!
October 3, 2012
Poor Customer Service
I purchased a manicure off LivingSocial and left various voicemails and emailed the company to make an appointment. I want to use the manicure since I have already paid for it but apparently the spa doesn't like to return phone calls. I have even contacted LivingSocial for a refund but its past 30 days of my purchase date. At this point it seems like I've wasted money and time trying to enjoy a manicure. I am completely dissatisfied and will not be purchasing anything from this company ever again.
July 25, 2012
Wonderful experience
Recently I purchased a massage and facial on Amazon local deals. After the purchase I read some of the reviews for this spa that weren't totally favorable. I can say nothing but great things about my experience at this spa. When I called for the appt. I was given the exact time I requested and the person on the phone was very pleasant. Luciana did a wonderful facial and Nana did an excellent massage. I will definitely return to this spa and can recommend it without hesitation.
July 25, 2012
customer service
I also leave messages since no one answers the phone. I made the purchase of three facials so I need to go back since they are payed for already. The one appointment I made while I was there came to my email address for two different days and two differnet days. When I finally did get someone to answer the phone (non-english speaking) they had no record of either dates. Since there is no refunds I'm going to try and get the two last facials done.
July 20, 2012
Repeat customer and happy with service!
After reading other reviews, I feel the need to make my comments heard. I've been a repeat customer at Beneath the Surface for several months after trying them with a Groupon Coupon. Their service and expertise have been first rate. I've never had a problem with a "snarky" attitude, or shoddy work. The spa is small, yes, but clean and peaceful. I agree there is often a small staff, but these days that does not surprise me. My appointments are confirmed via email. I have, on occasion, had a bit of trouble reaching a "human" on the phone, but when i've left a number for a call back, i've always gotten one. I would recommend this spa to my friends, and have done! As I previewed my review, I notice that the star system is not rating properly. I've given this establishment 5 stars for quality of service and expertise - not 4.
July 18, 2012
They charged me without notifying me
Their services are fine and the place is clean and nice HOWEVER I booked their $45 Groupon Deep Tissue SPECIFICALLY because I had an expired Groupon Coupon worth the face value of $45. I called both SpaFinder and asked the day of my massage and was assured everything was in order and handed them my coupon. My credit card was later charged an additional $40.60 for the massage and I was told that massage listed was for some other Groupon. I never authorized this charge!!! I never signed anything. NEVER. Highly unethical and they did not seem overly concerned about it. DISGUSTING.
June 29, 2012
Wish I could have seen the reviews prior, I'm disgusted!:(
TOTAL WASTE! I have called before, they were rude on the phone the first time I called. Any time I called after I NEVER got anyone on the phone, it was always a machine, no one EVER called back for months. I finally got a call back & made an appointment. The place is WAY too small, 2 people doing everything, my manicure & pedicure had to be cut short because she claimed she had no time & yes I was 15 minutes late but for both I should have had at least an hour & 15 minutes so I don't know how 15 minutes late came down to 40? minutes. She didn't even cover my entire nail, polish is missing. The pedicure foot thing isn't even attached so it hurt me to try to keep the thing from rolling away! I was horribly uncomfortable & with back/neck issues that she already knew about & felt badly she didn't seem to help with this thing that was rolling away from me as she painted my toes. I am going to have to re-do my nails myself. She was sweet but almost like she didn't know what she was doing-I did call spa finder when I had SO much trouble even talking to the "spa" & now seeing all these comments I can't BELIEVE they are still endorsing this spa at all!! I'm very upset with spafinder.The 1 good review had nothing to do with the spa itself.
May 16, 2012
no way to make an appointment
Not enough allotted characters to even get into the full story, but basically: they don't care about scheduling appointments. They never answer the phone. When someone does, they either can't schedule appointments because they "don't know the schedules", or don't know how to use the computer scheduling system. Repeated voice mails with my information, as well as left message with those "live" people with promises that so and so would call me immediately. Went through this for about a month and finally called Groupon to complain; they refunded my money. Based on other reviews, it sadly seems this is a common occurrence for this particular spa.
April 6, 2012
Only if you find multi-tasking relaxing
on my visit there was one person running the reception desk, doing manicures, and it turns out doing my massage as well. i left after waiting an hour past my appointment time, but not before hearing someone complain about their manicure and hanging out alone in the massage room for quite a while. they did email me an offer of a free massage to make up for it. i don't plan on using it.
January 19, 2012
vitamin c facial
I recently received the vitamin c facial peel. I have acne prone skin yet it can be dry and peeling at times. I found this facial to not irritate my skin at all and my complexion has been clear thus far. I was verbally prepped for the treatment and I felt comfortable the entire time. My skin felt clean without any tight feeling! After getting the treatment I was complemented by friends who said I had "glowing skin". I was very happy and will continue to get the vitamin c facial peel. I would definitely recommend this treatment to friends and family as I was extremely happy with the quality of products and service.
December 19, 2011
Not a good experience
I have recently used a Groupon for the spa massage/facial/manicure/pedicure. The place is clean and the staff is friendly. My facial was suggested to be upgraded to orange peel with Vitamin C which I accepted. I don't know what was used as a facial scrub, but the very next morning I have found 3 large scratches on my face!! One is so deep it is still very much visible even after 4 days after the treatment.. The manii was not acceptable as well - I had it re-done the next day at a regular nail salon. I understand that Groupon priced just to get customers to come in, with hopes of future booking, but who wants to walk around with the scratched up face and actually paid for it, no matter how much it cost!
October 19, 2011
Book with Rosa!
I get about 1-2 massages a month and must say Rosa at Beneath the Surface Spa is the best massage therapist I have ever been to! She found every knot in my back and spent time ensuring that they got worked out. She listened to my needs and made sure to focus on my problem areas. She applied perfect pressure to every part of my body and I left feeling totally relaxed. It looks like there is a parking lot in the back although I parked on the street without any problems. I found the spa through Groupon and even though it's about 35 minutes from my house I will be back just to see Rosa again for an amazing massage.
October 15, 2011
Beneath The Surface Spa
Came in to use a Groupon for the spa manicure and spa pedicure. This place is pretty small yet inviting. The staff was friendly and made it a relaxing experience. However, for the service itself I don't think its worth the price tag. The mani/pedi was nothing out of the extraordinary that I could have received at a regular nail salon. I'm sure the Groupon is just to get customers to come in, with hopes of booking an acutal "spa" service. Overall, I enjoyed myself and would recommend this place.
July 31, 2011
A wonderful Sunday
My friend and I booked a Sunday afternoon together for manicures & pedicures. Making/changing the appointments was difficult as the salon was absent a receptionist at the time, but rectified to my satisfaction. I really appreciated that it was not a factory of nail stations - just 2 at a time. Appointments seemed to be made so that customers were not standing over one another, which made the experience more personalized. The service was unhurried, again, because it is not a factory. It was quiet and peaceful and the staff were extremely friendly and accommodating. Standing tubs are not used, which I appreciated as it is more sanitary. My only "criticism" is that there could have been a wider variety of polish colors, but they seemed to stock the most popular, which was fine for us. I look forward to returning!
July 9, 2011
How does a spa mani/pedi last 2 1/2 hrs? Not good.
The staff was very friendly. The place is small. Each nail was filed a different length and shape so I don't know if I had someone who never does nails. I can appreciate what they are trying to do in such a small space, but it was awkard with no real water and only hot towels to take off scrub all over my arms. The pedicure is done in a small portable tub and then you put your foot up on her lap which was not relaxing as you had to hold your leg up for the 1hr+ spa pedi part. They definetely are good at marketing, but I wish I had seen some reviews prior to purchase. Buyer beware.
July 7, 2011
I have a Groupon which I may never get to use. I work in NYC and leave Madison at 7 am. I have a government job and can not answer my personal mobile while at work. I've been leaving messages, attempting to schedule an appointment. I have NEVER been able to actually reach a live person. I only get a voice mail. I then get the same pleasant person "retuning my call." I've even left my situation on the voicemail and ask that they offer me optional appointments on their return call. Not ideal, but we could get it to work, perhaps. But all I got was the same message "we are returning your call. Please call us at..." I'm so frustrated at this point that a massage may not even do the trick.
June 6, 2011
By far the worst manicure ever
I tried this salon because I got a coupon for a mani and pedi. I absolutly will not be returning to this place. By far the worst mani and pedi I have ever gotten. First off all they only have two stations so my girlfriends and I had to split up, 2 hours apart. The lady who did my nails was rude, rushing me, seems like she has never done a manicure before in her life. She painted my entire finger nail and cleared the edges afterwards. She was extremely forcefully and the manicure was actually painful. Besides the fact that they had a very limited nail polish selection, the manicurist kept telling me she did not like any of the colors I picked. Also the fact that her table was a mess she kept blaiming me for the nicks she created on my freshly painted nails. Then we get to the pedicure where I was uncomfortable the whole time as she insisted my knees where bent as I had to lay them ontop of her instead of the traditional bench if you will. Overall my cuticles looks like a five year old did them and I will never think about going back to this place.
Response from Beneath The Surface Spa
The person who made the appointment was told that you would be split and she said that was ok with her. We are a small location and I am sorry if you were unaware of the 2 hour delay. We are currently making changes because of the bad reviews. I am hoping this will be a distant memory and we would love to make it up to you. If we can do that for you please call and ask for Marcia. You can also find my personal cell on the web site.
May 31, 2011
Nothing special
Maybe I had such a high expectation about this place after reading all positive reviews. It turned out that this place has nothing out of extraordinary esp. the service. The place isvery small and it is hard to find. well that is not really big deal to me but I cannot stand a poor service. The girl that gave me facial was rude and which was not normal for spa service place. Would I return to this place? most likely not.
Response from Beneath The Surface Spa
I am so sorry about your experience. I would like to know who was so rude to you. We can't have employees who don't appreciate our clients. Would love to redo your facial!! I have a lot of clients who come back for facials and book out the year with me. Unfortunately we are small but we like our services to be fantastic. If you would like to have another facial please call and ask to speak to the owner. Thanks!
April 13, 2011
Love this place!
So many great things to say about this spa. I have had two facials there and intend to make Beneath the Surface my spa of choice. The spa setting is small but elegant and quiet, which I really like, making it so easy to get the most out of your experience. Everyone is helpful, professional and friendly. Marcia is wonderful -- I esp. appreciate that she will advise you well on what is best for you, but never push product. It is nice to be treated as an adult who can make her own decisions! The spa also has innovative specials and programs that gently entice you in for more. Love it!
March 24, 2011
Rosa is the best masseuse. I had my first massage with her a couple of hours before an overseas flight and thanks to her great skills, I remained perfectly calm and relaxed after the airline cancelled our flight after sitting in the plane on the runway for five hours.
December 9, 2010
Lorna is fabulous
I got a facial and an eyebrow wax-my brows looked perfect and my facial was heavenly-better than the destination spa I went to. I will be returning very soon.Book with Lorna-she is amazing!
March 27, 2010
Loved my experience!
I am a new client to Day Spa. Marcia gave a great eyebrow and lip wax. She advised me well until my next appointment. I have found a new Spa and will surely be haveing many treatments there.
January 16, 2010
Great Massage
I visited this spa for a massage. The service was wonderful asnd Marcia did a fantastic job! I would recommend this spa to anyone and will be returning
June 24, 2009
Excellent Waxing Services
I visit The Day Spa at RBA monthly for waxing services and when I'm there, I always see Marcia. She is professional and friendly, and makes me feel comfortable. She is very good at the services she provides and I highly recommended her to anyone seeking waxing services.
December 11, 2006
A fabulous spa experience
I recently visited the new Spa at RBA for some waxing, but have visited Marcia (the owner) in the past for an assortment of services. As always, Marcia is professional and friendly, and the service is excellent. She offers a host of spa services in a very relaxing and comfortable surrounding. What I like most is that she treats you like a friend while still maintaining her professionalism. I have recommended Marcia's services in the past and will continue to recommend tha Spa at RBA.
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