The Fountain Spa - Ramsey

The Fountain Spa - Ramsey

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1100 Route 17 North,
Ramsey, NJ 07446
United States
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+1(201) 327-5155

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Customer Reviews for The Fountain Spa - Ramsey (23)

October 18, 2013
Very Nice Experience
Went with my friend for a ladies day and we both had a lovely time...We chose the Spa Escape which included a private whirlpool, sea salt glow, well being massage, lovely lunch and salt glow manicure...Can't say enough as I really wasn't expecting it to be as good as it was...Very nice and we are planning to go back again...Sometimes I think people get a little TOO overboard with expectations...You will have a great time...There is a separate waiting room for all spa patrons and you never have to sit with the general public who go to the spa for other services...Enjoy!
January 10, 2013
Disappointing! Would not recommend
You are told to arrive 30 mins before .. The only thing to utilize is a steam room. There is no relaxed area to sit in the locker room no sauna. You wait for your massage in a small area where all clients entering and exiting for spa walk past you in your robe. My massage room was freezing on the second floor.Ontop on the cold room, I barely got a massage just slathered in oil. I came for a Swedish massage focused on my back. I don't know why the message therapist asked me where I would like special attention! I said my back and I think for about 2 mins at the end she slathered oil on it. There was no massage just constant oil application! She first rubbed her hands on my face where I had makeup on and than proceded to rub that all over me! The so called massage started late and ended early! That for $125? Absolutely disappointing!!! Would not reccommed ! Not spa like service awful!
September 10, 2012
Bad experience before I get there...
I recieved a gift certificate from my children and made an appointment for over the cert. price. Confirmation messages stated I "might" hear construction noise! Why wasn't I told that by the girl making the appointment who barely paid attention to me on the phone? I have spent over an hour trying to contact the spa with no answer and no callback. I read reviews while waiting on the phone; they confirm my so far awful experience. I hope the spa redeems itself as I am stuck with a well-intentioned experience.
June 22, 2011
My wife and I had a couple's massage, twice now. The environment was relaxing. Our massages were flawless. We had a light lunch afterwards, where there was no pressure to be rushed out. One of the best spas I have been to in NJ. We'll definitely go back.
March 22, 2011
always a great time
I've been to The Fountain in Ramsey dozens of times for massages/couples massage and pedicure. Never had a bad experience.
Amanda t
September 4, 2010
best spa
So relaxing. Clean beautiful atmosphere. Friendly staff. I would go back again!
July 28, 2010
I had girls night out here and it was fantastic!The staff was professional and the facility was very clean. DIdnt feel rushed.Already booked next appointment .
June 20, 2010
Spa Experience
Visited this spa for the first time. Enjoyed the pedicure. My sisters had massages which they said they enjoyed as well.
June 10, 2010
Love The Spa
Have been there several times and have only had great experiences. Staff & Massuse are extremely friendly.
June 4, 2010
Great Experience
I have been to The Fountain Spa in Ramsey several times, usually for a massage or to get a waxing treatment. The facility is immaculately clean and they service is wonderful. They accept Spa Finder gift certificates which is a huge plus too! The complimentary steam shower and sauna make the experience all the more enjoyable. I would visit this spa again any day.
May 27, 2010
Good facial
The facials there were very good. The atmosphere was very nice and quiet. Had difficulty finding the correct road to get to the spa
May 19, 2010
The Fountain, Rt 17, Ramsey
Nice and relaxing atmosphere. Staff not always that experienced and effective for my reflexology treatment. Facial good.
April 26, 2010
Couples Spa
My bf and I just want to this spa and had a couples massage. I was a little nervious at first since the description of the packages did not give much detail. I enjoyed it very much. Everyone at the ramsey location was so kind and really tried to give you the real spa experience. The whirlpool was great. We enjoyed our time there very much. The only downfall about it was that they only give you 30 minutes in the whirlpool. I would have enjoyed it more if it was an hour (especialy because we had to wait 30 minutes in the lobby before our couples massage anyway). The massage itself was really great. They literally give you a full body massage from your head to your toes. It was really great. We went for our anniversary and I actually think my bf really enjoyed it as well! I would definitely recommend the couples massage-It will be a great experience!
April 5, 2010
Spa Day
My husband and I went to for couple's massages and it was such a treat! We had a private whirlpool together and massages in the double room. A great way to spend our Anniversary. Our therapists were knowledgeable and friendly - exactly what we were looking for. We saw they have a membership and are looking into joining to be able to repeat this experience! Only downside - parking was a small challenge.
April 5, 2010
Bad Experience
Had I not received a gift certificate for this spa I would have never chosen it for myself as it is located right on a major highway next to a tj fridays... for me, not exactly a calming, beautiful environment. The experience inside, ended up being exactly like I felt it was going to be. I was first given a form to fill out like at a doctors office. Listing health issues, etc. It also requested personal info like email and age. Then, a young inexperienced girl shuffled me to what looked like a gym locker room at a health club. She told to put on the robe, pick any locker and keep my locker key and paperwork with me. Then she disappeared. Leaving me to figure out what to do next. I discovered a waiting room next to the locker room with people waiting on seats reading magazines. The experience was like being in a doctors office. I was then taken to the steam shower by the same girl and told the shower was on a timer and I had 10 minutes. I discover I was given no washcloth, which besides needing it to wash up, it is essential to my steam shower experience as I love to inhale the scents of the shower gel. Which is usually some great smelling essential oil-based product. I was really disappointed by their shower gel, which smelled like hair perm solution. Then I go back to the locker room and kind of figure out for myself where I am to go, which is back to the waiting room. I am then called for my hot stone massage. The masseuse was the best part. She was upbeat and good. The only complaint about the treatment itself was they offered me a scented oil. I chose Eucalyptus which usually is very invigorating but this one had no smell. I asked if it was an essential oil and I was told it was a fragrance oil. At the end of my treatment my masseuse told me she could take me upstairs to a calm environment to have complimentary herbal tea and muffins so I could continue my spa experience. I was looking forward to this but the experience was like being in a hotel lobby's free breakfast. Except there was only one muffin left. I got dressed and went to check out which is what it felt like, hotel check out. There were all these people sitting around the front desk area and no one could help me. They told me I had to go thru the gift shop to check out. Now I feel dooped... what a terrible marketing ploy. At the gift shop there were two girls at the register to check me out. Not one person asked me how my massage or experience was. A spa is all about the experience, and it is a sensory one. For me, this spa did not feel like a spa at all and I left disappointed... not relaxed and rejuvenated.
February 23, 2010
Highly recommended
My husband bought me a gift certificate to The Fountain several years ago. Since then, I have returned to the Ramsey location at least another four or five times. I've had a facial and several different types of massages and have been pleased every time. The atmosphere is very relaxing and the staff is very knowledgeable. The Fountain has become a regular girls only event for my sisters, my mother and I. I highly recommend The Fountain.
February 12, 2010
So great
I love going to the fountain day spa. I always say it is one of my most favorite places to go
January 5, 2010
GREAT spa experience!!
I have been to the Fountain several times in the past but my most recent experience was by far the best! The staff was warm and welcoming. My massage therapist had the perfect touch and I found myself wanting more even after the service had ended. And they now have a membership program?! Sign me up!!! It seems that the 5 star rating is more than appropriate for a spa that continues to shine year after year!
December 2, 2009
Inexperienced masseuse
At the Riverside location I had a simple one hour massage with an inexperienced masseuse. I was left feeling in pain, bruised, and rather dismayed. The counter clerk said that I could get a discount for my next massage but I wanted to speak with the supervisor instead. She also had a "shoo fly" attitude towards me. For the last four days I have called and left messages, but have not received a call back. This masseuse needs extra training and I feel disregarded as a client. I have extra money on my gift certificate but I wish to not use it out of complete fear of being hurt again.
November 9, 2009
Great PreNatal Facial
My partner got me a prenatal facial (since I don't like massages generally) and it was wonderful! I also had a manicure and pedicure! The day was wonderful. My partner had a massage and was on his own little day of relaxation, and we crossed paths in the refreshment area. I truly enjoyed the experience and thought the staff was very attentive and kind.
August 28, 2009
I had a problem with a 2 hour massage and not having any attention to my legs, complained to management and they were less than willing to help me because I won the massage in a contest (after spending $1,000 on a membership to the owner's other business). Was not looking for a free massage but some sorta discount. Will not go back.
July 11, 2007
The best facial
I had a facial by Barbara not only did she pick out the best facial for my skin she was very easy to talk to and I felt totally comfortable with her. It was an amazing treatment. I was never so relaxed it was a total de-stresser. My skin never looked so good. I had a pearl Ritual facial that was like magic. Barbara had an amazing touch . I've had facials before but never experienced such relaxation before. It was so worth the money spent. The products used were top of line and really made a difference in my skin. I truley reccomend this spa and this therapist!!!! I will be coming back asap.
March 31, 2007
The Fountain Spa, in Ramsey, NJ was excellent! An incredibly relaxing atmosphere with a wonderfully friendly staff, the spa is spotlessly clean and is complete with every amenity necessary for a day of rejuvenation. In addition to spa massage services, The Fountain offers salon services as well as specialty add-ons (such as cuisine additions), whirlpools, aromatherapy, oils and extra-special manicures, pedicures, facials, waxing and more. Available on your way out is a large variety of lotions, shampoos, contitioners, oils, soaps and other beauty tools in the spa's own store. My massage therapist was wonderful, friendly, and most importantly, gave a great massage. This place is a slice of heaven in New Jersey and is HIGHLY recommended.
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