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Customer Reviews for Essential Essence Lifestyle (11)

January 26, 2013
Excellent Experience!
I visited Ava in her new location after being given a gift certificate. It was my first massage and it was out of this world! Ava is AMAZING and so pleasant and genuine. She is very knowledgeable and really encourages healthy living. I will definitely be going back and recommending her to any and everyone. Thank you Ava!
June 23, 2012
Great Day-I will definitely become a repeat customer!!
I am a spa snob moving to the DC area from Phoenix, AZ. Phoenix/Scottsdale is famous as a vacation spa destination. I've also had numerous spa vacations at high-end spas at different locations around the world. I normally go to Elizabeth Arden's Red Door when traveling around the country for consistent quality. After I moved to the DC area, I spent several months making inspection visits to over a dozen spa's listed on SpaFinders. My criteria was: easy access from DC Capital HIll area with parking; Pleasant and skilled personnel; attractive, clean and soothing ambience, comfortable massage/facial tables and pedicure seating; reasonable pricing. I was getting very frustrated with many of the SpaFinders listing. Most appeared substandard as soon as I walked in the door. I was so pleased and very pleasantly suprised when I first walked into Essential Essence and met Ava. She gave me a tour, I explained my specific needs and I felt that Ihad finally found my new "SPA HOME" I just had my first services June 22, 2012 and I was thrilled with every aspect of the service and environment. Facial, Pedicure and Reflexology were perfect. I know that I will be a monthly regular-my long search for a SPA Home was finally over! Maria
June 9, 2012
Great Day Out
Essential Essence was a perfect day out for my girlfriends and I. It was the total package. We made a full day of it with a variety of services and had one of the optional catered lunches. They are also a good community partner and offered discounted and gratis services to deserving healthcare workers at a local hospital. I have used this spa on more than one occasion and refer others there as well.
April 9, 2011
Body Wrap
The Body Wrap Was Great. I Totally Enjoyed My Experience There. The Staff Was Very Knowledgable The Atmosphere Was So Relaxing.
November 17, 2010
Simply Awesome
I have visited this spa on a number of occasions. I was pleased with each of my services (hair care, makeup consultation, various types of massages, and facials) every single time. I have never left disappointed. I had the opportunity to visit what would be considered a "high-end spa" as I'd received a gift card. I was surprised that the attention to detail, customer service, quality of the service, or tips on "healthy living" paled in comparison to Essential Essence. I would without hesitation recommend this spa to anyone who is looking for pampering in a very relaxed atmosphere. Sedelle R. Odenton, MD
August 31, 2010
Nice little place
Very homey - I felt like I was hanging out with friends while getting my hair done. Almost like a neighborhood salon. Very relaxed, unlike some places that feel a little uppity. I also got a free "preview" massage - it was amazing!
Angela P
August 13, 2010
Support for the Sistahs
I went to Essential Essence after hearing about them on WHUR-96.3 FM. I enjoyed my experience there. The women are professional and I love to support Black-owned businesses. Essential Essence provides a variety of servies. I had a facial, mani/pedi and loc maintenance. Ava, Patrice, and Royce were a joy to be around. It's like visiting your girlfriends in a homey, day spa atmosphere. I like the fact that the women act as a team, so everyone is well-rounded in the services provided.
May 6, 2010
My experience was horrible. I asked for a french pedicure and manicure. The nail tech did a horrible job on my pedicure and when I pointed it out she and the owner offered to do it again. The tech acted as if she was suprised that I thought my toes look bad. She obviously lacked the skill set to provide a quality french pedicure. The french paint job was so poorly done, that it looked like a child had done my toes. I even had polish on my skin. I was so disappointed that I left and immediately drove to another salon and had the pedicure re-done. It was so embarrassing because the techs at the new salon all came over to see how poorly my toes looked. The owner of Essentials apologized, but if you can't provided the correct service the first time, I'm not going to wait around and waste my time hoping that it's done right the second time. I will never visit this salon again or recommended it to anyone.
Response from Essential Essence Lifestyle
Hello Mrs. MiyaJ, I would like to offer again my sincere apology. The Nail Therapist that rendered your service doesn't usually render a service that looks as yours did. It was very surprising to me as it was to you. I do pride myself and my business on rendering quality. That's why I wanted to give you my personal attention. Unfortunately, I can't change what happen with your polish however I tired to make every attempt to correct the situation. By not charging for the service, offering to redo the service and calling you back to offer you a complimentary service in the future. I understand that in today's world guest who are not happy spread poor service faster than they do great service. Being a business owner who strives to provide great service and great customer service I tried as best as possible to make your experience better. So that it would not be a negative impact on my business and I whole heartly wanted to make sure you were happy. Thank you for calling me back and thank you for coming to Essential Essence. Once again I apologize and hopes that one day you would reconsider coming to Essential Essence . Best Regards
February 4, 2009
very bad make up
I do not recommend this salon for any special event. Very poor make up. Very expensive. Good waxing but surprise you with high prices.
Response from Essential Essence Lifestyle
Dear Toz1, I do recall speaking to you and making your appointments. I also was one of the service providers that performed the waxing service for you that day. I was under the impression that I explained the different levels of service as far as the trail makeup applications and our bikini waxing services. When performing your trail makeup service you requested more than was included in the service price point you choose. The service provider informed you of the price difference and you opted not to receive your additional upgrade request. When I performed your waxing service you decided to receive more than a basic bikini waxing. At that time I also explained that you were requesting more than a basic bikini waxing and you opted to receive the upgraded service. If there was a communication bearer that day I do apologize that we did not provide clear enough service fee explanations for your understanding. Because we strive to provide optimal guest service, please contact us with any suggestions on how we could have or could communicate more effectively. 301-317-9333 Thank you
August 14, 2008
Out of this world
My girlfriend gave me the best b'day present of my life. The massage was out of this world. All the aches and pains I felt before are all gone. The staff are absolutely wonderful, so kind. They made me feel so welcome and relax. I would definately recommend them to all my friends and family. If you are looking for a good massager you have to go there. You will be a different person when you leave. I am looking forward to my next visit. Thank you Pauline.
April 15, 2008
Wonderful service
Wonderful service!!! Definitely the best haircut I have ever had. Patrice listens to you and gives you a haircut and style that will work. All of the staff is friendly. No one is a stranger in this spa!
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